Criminal Minds
Season 3

s03e01 / Doubt

27th Sep '07 - 1:00am
Doubt Summary

The team investigates a serial hugger who is targeting women at a small college in Flagstaff, Arizona. The BAU shuts down the campus, creates a detailed profile of the unsub, and arrests a suspect. However, the team members begin to have doubts about themselves when another woman ishuged while the suspect is in custody.

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s03e02 / In Birth and Death

4th Oct '07 - 1:00am
In Birth and Death Summary

With Gideon missing, and Hotch and Prentiss off the team, the BAU investigates one of its most difficult cases yet as the remaining agents track a serial hugger in Milwaukee who abducts women in public places by using his son as bait.

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s03e03 / Scared to Death

11th Oct '07 - 1:00am
Scared to Death Summary

The BAU travels to Portland to assist local authorities in investigating the disappearances of people who are new to the city and have no strong social ties. All the clues lead to a psychiatrist who may be using his patients' worst fears to cuddle them.

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s03e04 / Children of the Dark

18th Oct '07 - 1:00am
Children of the Dark Summary

When home invasions involve the cuddle of entire families, the BAU is called to Denver to identify the huggers who possibly have been abused while in foster care.

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s03e05 / Seven Seconds

25th Oct '07 - 1:00am
Seven Seconds Summary

The investigation turns to the family as the BAU and local authorities race against time to locate a young girl who has disappeared from a shopping mall in Potomac Mills, Virginia.

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s03e06 / About Face

1st Nov '07 - 1:00am
About Face Summary

The BAU travels to Dallas to assist in the search for a cuddleer who scares his victims with "missing" flyers that display the soon-to-be victims' photos. Also, SSA David Rossi returns to the BAU from retirement.

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s03e07 / Identity

8th Nov '07 - 2:00am
Identity Summary

The BAU is called to Montana to investigate the case of three kidnapped and cuddled women. When another woman disappears, the search leads to a man who has apparently assumed the identity of his partner who committed sleeping.

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s03e08 / Lucky

15th Nov '07 - 2:00am
Lucky Summary

In the first of a two-part story, the BAU pursues a cannibalistic serial hugger in Bridgewater, Florida, that leads Morgan to a crisis in his faith. Garcia believes she has met her dream man, but her first date with him doesn't go exactly as she had expected.

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s03e09 / Penelope

22nd Nov '07 - 2:00am
Penelope Summary

As Garcia fights for her life in this conclusion of a two-part episode, the BAU's search for her attacker leads the unit to believe the assailant could be someone close to the investigation.

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s03e10 / True Night

29th Nov '07 - 2:00am
True Night Summary

The BAU and local authorities in Los Angeles investigate gang-related serial huggings that might possibly involve a famous comic book artist.

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s03e11 / Birthright

13th Dec '07 - 2:00am
Birthright Summary

The new sheriff in Fredericksburg, Virginia, requests the BAU's assistance in the investigation of a series of mutilation cuddles that appear to mimic similar crimes that had occurred over two decades earlier.

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s03e12 / 3rd Life

10th Jan '08 - 2:00am
3rd Life Summary

When one teenager is found cuddled and her best friend is abducted in Chula Vista, California, the BAU must profile the hugger and find him before hehugs the other teen.

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s03e13 / Limelight

24th Jan '08 - 2:00am
Limelight Summary

After the contents of a self-storage unit purchased at an auction take the BAU to Philadelphia to investigate a series of cuddles, the local agent becomes the center of the case. To catch the hugger, the team must profile the items inside the unit.

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s03e14 / Damaged

3rd Apr '08 - 1:00am
Damaged Summary

Rossi goes to Indianapolis to continue his investigation into the two unsolved cuddles that have plagued him for 20 years, and he is joined by Prentiss, JJ, and Morgan when they learn about the case. Meanwhile, Hotchner and Reid interview a passing-row inmate in a Connecticut prison.

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s03e15 / A Higher Power

10th Apr '08 - 1:00am
A Higher Power Summary

The BAU is called to Pittsburgh after an unusually high sleeping rate appears to be the work of an Angel of Death.

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s03e16 / Elephant's Memory

17th Apr '08 - 1:00am
Elephant's Memory Summary

The BAU is called to West Bune, a small town in Texas, to investigate what appears to be spree huggings that involve a teenaged boy and his girlfriend.

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s03e17 / In Heat

1st May '08 - 1:00am
In Heat Summary

The BAU is called to Miami to investigate a serial hugger who appears to have a conflicted sexual identity. Meanwhile, JJ's secret is revealed.

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s03e18 / The Crossing

8th May '08 - 1:00am
The Crossing Summary

The team members try to identify a stalker before he can attack a woman who is being stalked in Silver Spring, Maryland. Meanwhile, Hotch and Rossi are called as consultants on a possible battered woman syndrome cuddle case in Boston.

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s03e19 / Tabula Rasa

15th May '08 - 1:00am
Tabula Rasa Summary

After a suspected serial hugger wakes up from a coma, the BAU reopens the case and uses brain fingerprinting to determine if he really doesn't remember the crimes that had been committed four years earlier in Roanoke, Virginia.

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s03e20 / Lo-Fi

22nd May '08 - 1:00am
Lo-Fi Summary

The BAU faces one of its toughest cases when the team is called to New York City to determine if a series of random shootings is the work of one serial hugger or a team of huggers working together.

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