Doctor Doctor
Season 3

s03e01 / Tell Her, It's Over!

6th Aug '18 - 12:30pm
Tell Her, It's Over!

Disgraced heart surgeon Dr Hugh Knight's plans to leave Whyhope forever are upended when tragedy strikes. Penny makes a fateful decision about her love life.

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s03e02 / Isn't She Lovely

13th Aug '18 - 12:30pm
Isn't She Lovely

Hugh faces chaos at home and work, with a mutiny on the farm and a deadly pregnancy crisis with Hayley. Meryl teaches Matt and Charlie a lesson about bribery and corruption.

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s03e03 / Shock Rock

20th Aug '18 - 12:30pm
Shock Rock

The grand opening of Hugh's new Cardiac Clinic is upset by life-changing news from his ex-wife. Charlie's life is thrown into disarray when her father makes a surprise visit. Penny makes a shocking decision about her romance with Hugh.

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s03e04 / Runaway Baby

27th Aug '18 - 12:30pm
Runaway Baby

Meryl and Carlito's relationship sends shockwaves through the Knight family. Tension between Hugh and Penny puts the new cardiac clinic at risk. Matt reconnects with his old high school crush.

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s03e05 / When We Collide

3rd Sep '18 - 12:30pm
When We Collide

Penny's personal feelings for Hugh spill over into the workplace, with embarrassing results. Charlie and Matt struggle to deal with an unwanted house guest. A high profile cardiac patient causes problems for Ken and Hugh.

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s03e06 / Call Me Irresponsible

10th Sep '18 - 12:30pm
Call Me Irresponsible

When her life starts to unravel, Penny delivers Hugh an ultimatum about their relationship. Meryl and Betty enlist Hugh as their star attraction at the first Whyhope Speed Dating night. Matt and Charlie's relationship reaches a crisis point.

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s03e07 / Don't Wanna Let You Go

17th Sep '18 - 12:30pm
Don't Wanna Let You Go

Matt and Charlie's marriage is tested when they disagree over Ivy's future. Hughs plan to leave Whyhope is delayed when he is accused of malpractice. Ajax and Meryl devise a bizarre plan to save the farm from bankruptcy.

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s03e08 / Wet Weekends

24th Sep '18 - 12:30pm
Wet Weekends

Ajax takes drastic action to prevent Hugh selling the farm. Penny finds her perfect match thanks to Meryl's dating service. Matt drowns his sorrows with April.

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s03e09 / Suspicious Minds

1st Oct '18 - 12:30pm
Suspicious Minds

Hugh tries to cancel the farm sale when he learns the identity of the new owner. Matt is torn between his feelings for Charlie and April. Meryl uncovers major corruption in the local council.

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s03e10 / No Laughing Matter

8th Oct '18 - 12:30pm
No Laughing Matter

Hugh's world is rocked after Harriet gives birth to their baby. Penny makes a fateful choice about her future with Hugh. Meryl and Ajax go to war over his plans for a cemetery on the family farm.

289 have watched this episode
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