Doctor Doctor
Season 4

s04e01 / Hugh Am I?

16th Nov '19 - 12:30pm
Hugh Am I?

Hugh becomes distracted from his new daughter Eliza and his Cardiac Unit by the arrival of sexy new doctor, Tara.

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s04e02 / Don't Stop Me Now

16th Nov '19 - 1:30pm
Don't Stop Me Now

Hugh's superiority has left him without a Cardiac Unit, and without a job. Now freed from Whyhope, he will be able to return to his Sydney life.

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s04e03 / Self-Fulilling Prophecies

23rd Nov '19 - 12:30pm
Self-Fulilling Prophecies

Eliza's other grandmother, Dinah, makes a dramatic entrance.

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s04e04 / A House Divided

23rd Nov '19 - 1:30pm
A House Divided

Meryl and Ajax compete for the seat on the council, while Penny and Jarrod are planning to elope.

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s04e05 / The Getaway

30th Nov '19 - 12:30pm
The Getaway

While Penny is away, Hugh and Tara come out to play, and with a little help from Charlie their night takes a dramatic turn as Hugh loses more than his sobriety.

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s04e06 / Oh Baby

30th Nov '19 - 1:30pm
Oh Baby

April is pregnant, and not everyone is as supportive as Matt had hoped, but the netball game between the hospital and mining company takes all the focus.

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s04e07 / The Sum of All Our Choices

7th Dec '19 - 12:30pm
The Sum of All Our Choices

A pregnant patient triggers Tara's anxiety and PTSD, while Meryl and Jarrod seek Rod Eagles help, but his price may just be too high for Meryl.

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s04e08 / Cursed

7th Dec '19 - 1:30pm

Tara's party antics get her in trouble and send Hugh spiraling on his birthday. Meryl investigates Whyhope's subsidence reports.

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s04e09 / Ring of Fire

14th Dec '19 - 12:30pm
Ring of Fire

Jarrod's new job offer could mean Penny will leave Whyhope forever.

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s04e10 / Octopus Trap Heart

14th Dec '19 - 1:30pm
Octopus Trap Heart

Meryl's near-death experience sets Hugh on a journey of redemption and gives Penny the clarity she needs

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