Doctor Doctor
Season 5

s05e01 / To Me, To You

28th Apr '21 - 12:30pm
To Me, To You

One year has passed; Whyhope has fallen into catastrophe having been hit with drought, bushfires, and floods, and to make matters worse, the hospital is under lockdown due to an outbreak of asbestos, while patients have been evacuated. Adamant that the hospital will remain closed, Hugh decides to return to Sydney. Charlie and Matt return from Germany when they discover that the Brewery has received negative reviews online. Hayley learns that it was Charlie who wrote the reviews, without Matt's knowledge, so that she could come home. Sharna Bahit arrives in Whyhope when the town is under investigation for corruption, and announces her appointment as Council Administrator, dismissing the entire council.

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s05e02 / It Had To Be You

5th May '21 - 12:30pm
It Had To Be You

Hugh and Penny set aside their differences to fight for the rights of a terminally ill young mother. As she faces criminal charges, Meryl ropes in Hayley to hide evidence of her corruption from Sharna.

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s05e03 / One Dozen Roses

12th May '21 - 12:30pm
One Dozen Roses

Hugh and Penny lock horns when she returns to work at the hospital; Sharna's mission to clean up Whyhope causes chaos for Ken, Betty, and Meryl.

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s05e04 / The Shut Down

19th May '21 - 12:30pm
The Shut Down

Hugh's romance with Sharna hits a rocky patch when she threatens to shut down the hospital. Charlie devises a plan to solve Meryl's legal problems and help Wess family.

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s05e05 / Scream the Impossible Scream

26th May '21 - 12:30pm
Scream the Impossible Scream

Hugh is forced to choose sides when Meryl plots to destroy Sharna's career. Ken reveals a dark secret when his parents visit Whyhope. Hayley has a crisis of faith when she breaks all ten commandments in one day.

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s05e06 / Feelings, Corruption and Taking a Stand

2nd Jun '21 - 12:30pm
Feelings, Corruption and Taking a Stand

Penny must decide between her loyalty to the hospital and her feelings for Hugh. Meryl's corruption trial takes a surprising twist, and Ajax takes a stand to win back Hayley.

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s05e07 / Promises, Promises

16th Jun '21 - 12:30pm
Promises, Promises

Penny's teenage son hatches a cunning plan to rekindle the romance between Hugh and Penny. Sharna launches a charm offensive to get Hugh a high-profile job in the city. Meryl and Michael's romance faces a major roadblock.

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s05e08 / Save The Best Till Last

23rd Jun '21 - 12:30pm
Save The Best Till Last

Hugh faces his biggest decision ever, whether he can leave Whyhope and Penny for a new life in the city. Meanwhile, love comes to the Knight family when Meryl, Matt and Ajax all find new reasons to fall in love again.

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