Full House (1987)
Season 4

s04e01 / Greek Week

22nd Sep '90 - 12:00am
Greek Week

Teaser: Jesse, D.J., Stephanie, and Michelle prepare to welcome Jesse's grandparents. Main Synopsis: Jesse's grandparents, Gina and Iorgos "Papouli" Katsopolis arrive for a visit from Greece, and they are celebrating the 50th anniversary of their wedding. Gina and Iorgos have brought three extra guests with them - Melina, a young cousin who looks like Michelle, Silvio, a guy D.J'.s age who sweeps D.J. off her feet, and Elena, one of Jesse's former girlfriends. Elena makes Becky jealous, especially when Elena tells Jesse that Elena and Jesse are still married after getting married in a Pompadorian style ceremony - which is to walk three laps around a table - years ago, which is exactly what D.J. and Silvio have just done by walking three laps around the kitchen table, and seeing D.J. married in any way at her age is not pleasant for Danny, who wants the procedure reversed as soon as possible, and Becky feels the same way about Jesse and Elena. After the procedures are reversed, Jes

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s04e02 / Crimes and Michelle's Demeanor

29th Sep '90 - 12:00am
Crimes and Michelle's Demeanor

Teaser: Jesse shows his redecorated bedroom to Stephanie and Michelle. Main Synopsis: Michelle encourages Stephanie and D.J. to have a pillow fight with her, and a window ends up getting broken during the pillow fight. Danny punishes D.J. and Stephanie, but he fails to punish Michelle, who started the whole thing. This is because Danny is having a hard time realizing that Michelle, who is almost four-years-old, is old enough to be punished. When D.J. and Stephanie open Danny's eyes to the situation, they give Danny the courage to give Michelle her first punishment. Meanwhile, Jesse buys an expensive engagement ring for Becky, who tries to stop Jesse from selling his Elvis Presley signed guitar in order to pay for the ring.

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s04e03 / The I.Q. Man

6th Oct '90 - 12:00am
The I.Q. Man

Teaser: Michelle is in bed with Comet. Main Synopsis: Jesse and Joey have prepared a commercial for a cologne company. The client, Ms. Garland, wants Jesse to play the main role in the commercial. When Ms. Garland demands that Jesse wear less than he is willing to wear in the commercial, Jesse and Joey decide to stop working for Mr. Malatesta. On career day at D.J'.s school, the family encourages Jesse and Joey to continue to work together in the advertising business, but without Mr. Malatesta, so with the help of a loan from Danny, who wants to be a silent partner, Jesse and Joey open up their own business.

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s04e04 / Slumber Party

13th Oct '90 - 12:00am
Slumber Party

Teaser: Michelle builds a block tower with D.J'.s help. Main Synopsis: Stephanie's Honeybee troop is holding a mother/daughter slumber party, and this awakens feelings of loss in Stephanie, because Stephanie knows that she's the only girl in the troop who doesn't have a mother. Becky, who was a member of a Honeybee troop when she was a kid, agrees to accompany Stephanie to the slumber party, but when Becky's car breaks down in Placerville, Joey must take Becky's place at the party. The activities don't exactly fit Joey, so a devastated Stephanie goes back home, unleashes an angry tirade, and says that she hates the fact that she doesn't have a mother, because her mother Pam died a few years ago. D.J. talks to Stephanie, and Stephanie agrees to go back to the party, and this time, D.J. goes with her, and things turn out better with D.J., who used to be in a Honeybee troop. Meanwhile, Danny offers the attic as office space for Joey and Jesse's business, Double J Creative Services, so

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s04e05 / Good News, Bad News

20th Oct '90 - 12:00am
Good News, Bad News

Teaser: Joey teaches Michelle a joke. Main Synopsis: D.J. is the new editor-in-chief of the school newspaper, and she plays favorites by making Kimmy the editor of the sports page. When Kimmy turns in a report that looks like it belongs in the gossip column, D.J. tells Kimmy to rewrite the story, but when Kimmy refuses, D.J. fires her, and this leads to a feud between D.J. and Kimmy, but they work things out. Meanwhile, Double J Creative Services is hired by the TV station, which wants a commercial made for "Wake Up, San Francisco", but working with Danny on this commercial is anything but fun. Meanwhile, Michelle plays "echo" with Stephanie, and hearing Michelle repeat every word Stephanie says is driving Stephanie crazy.

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s04e06 / A Pinch for a Pinch

27th Oct '90 - 12:00am
A Pinch for a Pinch

Teaser: Michelle and Joey play hockey in the living room. Main Synopsis: It's Joey's week to be a parent volunteer at Michelle's preschool, but on the Thursday of that week, Joey has an appointment with a dentist, so he gets Jesse to cover for him at the preschool. When class bully Aaron starts bullying Michelle, Jesse loses his temper with Aaron and tells Michelle to retaliate by giving Aaron a taste of his own medicine. When the teacher, Mrs. Manning, sees this, she punishes both Aaron and Michelle. Jesse, who believes Aaron should be the only one to be punished, takes Michelle out of the preschool. Danny understands that Jesse was trying to protect Michelle from Aaron, but Danny feels that Jesse shouldn't have had to take Michelle out of the preschool, so Danny straightens things out with Mrs. Manning so Michelle can go back to preschool. Meanwhile, Kimmy, who is now in charge of the horoscope in the school newspaper, writes a horoscope under Stephanie's sign, and Stephanie freak

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s04e07 / Viva Las Joey

3rd Nov '90 - 1:00am
Viva Las Joey

Teaser: Michelle tells Jesse she has an "owie". Main Synopsis: Because of an illness, the Aronson Chimps, who are scheduled to open for Wayne Newton in Las Vegas, can't perform, so Joey's agent gets him booked to take the place of the Aronson Chimps. As Joey is packing, and everyone is preparing to go to Las Vegas, Jesse suggests that Joey call his mother Mindy to tell her to come to Las Vegas to see him, but Joey mentions that Mindy has a job working as Goofy at Disney World, so Jesse asks Joey if he would like to invite his father to see the show. Joey tells Jesse that he doesn't think his father, Colonel Gladstone, would be able to make it to the show. This gives D.J. and Stephanie an idea - why don't they surprise Joey by secretly inviting the Colonel to the show? The family heads to Las Vegas after D.J. and Stephanie leave a message on the Colonel's answering machine. In Joey's dressing room, Stephanie slips up and mentions that she and D.J. secretly invited the Colonel. Danny

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s04e08 / Shape Up

10th Nov '90 - 1:00am
Shape Up

Teaser: Jesse and Michelle have "Fiber Bears" cereal for breakfast. Main Synopsis: It's getting close to Kimmy's 14th birthday. Of course, D.J. is among the guests invited to Kimmy's birthday party, which is scheduled to take place at a local hotel's indoor swimming pool. D.J. is afraid to let her friends see her in a swimsuit, so she secretly begins a diet that could become dangerous. The first person to notice the diet's adverse effects is Stephanie, who reluctantly promises to keep her mouth shut, but while the family is at a local gym, D.J. collapses, indicating that the diet has become dangerous. Stephanie, who is afraid D.J. may hurt herself even worse by continuing the diet, can't keep her mouth shut any longer, so she tells the guys about the diet, and Danny helps D.J. realize that her looks don't matter to her friends as much as she thinks.

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s04e09 / One Last Kiss

17th Nov '90 - 1:00am
One Last Kiss

Teaser: Danny and Michelle help Stephanie prepare Comet's birthday party. Main Synopsis: At the 10 year reunion at Jesse's old high school, Jesse is reunited with Carrie Fowler, his high school sweetheart. They parted ways 10 years ago when Carrie took advantage of a chance to be a model in France while Jesse wanted to try to succeed in the music business. It seems that Carrie still has feelings for Jesse, and Becky is the reason why Jesse doesn't feel the same way. Meanwhile, Stephanie throws a birthday party for Comet.

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s04e10 / Terror in Tanner Town

24th Nov '90 - 1:00am
Terror in Tanner Town

Teaser: Tailcoat and top hat fitting for Jesse, who doesn't want to wear a tailcoat and top hat when he and Becky get married. Main Synopsis: Danny introduces the family to his new girlfriend Cindy, who is divorced and has a son named Rusty. When Cindy is called to the laundromat she owns, Rusty stays behind at the Tanner house and terrorizes the family in hopes of breaking Danny and Cindy up, because Rusty wants Cindy to re-unite with his father.

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s04e11 / Secret Admirer

8th Dec '90 - 1:00am
Secret Admirer

Teaser: Jesse and Michelle eat the cream filling out of their cookies. Main Synopsis: D.J. has fallen for Ricky, the paperboy. This gives Rusty the idea for his latest prank. Rusty writes a love letter and plans to make D.J. think the letter is from Ricky. Rusty tells Michelle to give the letter to D.J., and the trick backfires when Michelle gives the letter to Stephanie instead and tells Stephanie that the letter is from Rusty. This starts a chain reaction where everyone else in the house intercepts the letter and falls for it.

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s04e12 / Danny in Charge

15th Dec '90 - 1:00am
Danny in Charge

Teaser: The guys put Michelle to bed on the night of her 4th birthday. Main Synopsis: While Jesse and Joey are in the forest to try to find a fox to film for a commercial and Becky is out of town, Danny is home by himself with the girls, and he sees an opportunity to prove that he's a "superdad". Danny promises to attend a school science fair that Stephanie has entered a project in. Later, Danny promises to see "Romeo and Juliet", a school play where D.J. will play as Juliet. Danny then realizes that he has a big problem - both events are scheduled to take place on the same day at the same time and Stephanie and D.J. each try their best to get Danny to attend the event that they want him to attend. Stephanie wants Danny to go to the science fair, and D.J. wants him to go to the play, but on the big night, Danny doesn't show up. After the play and the science fair are over, D.J. and Stephanie go home and discover that Danny fell asleep and missed the play and the science fair, and th

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s04e13 / Happy New Year

29th Dec '90 - 1:00am
Happy New Year

Teaser: Michelle and a caterpillar. Main Synopsis: Joey has not yet found a date for New Year's Eve. Therefore, Danny and Jesse secretly videotape Joey and send the tape to a local video dating service. Joey's date ends up being a woman named Christine, and he and Christine fall in love at first sight when they see that they have almost everything in common. Joey wants to take Christine to Las Vegas and get married, but later realizes that they need to take the time to get to really know each other first. Meanwhile, when Kimmy and D.J. throw a New Year's Eve party at Kimmy's house with the intention of inviting "just a few close friends", they end up with more than 400 guests.

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s04e14 / Working Girl

5th Jan '91 - 1:00am
Working Girl

Teaser: Michelle plays with drums. Main Synopsis: 14-year-old D.J. desperately wants to buy an expensive pair of shoes, so when she doesn't get the money from Danny, she asks Danny to let her get a job so she can earn enough money to get the shoes. Danny reluctantly lets D.J. start working for a photographer named Jack, and her job is to make reluctant kids smile for the camera. Danny allows D.J. to have the job under one condition - D.J. must make sure her grades don't drop. D.J'.s science grade has been suffering lately, but she believes that the job will not only get her enough money to buy the shoes, but she also believes that this job will prove to Danny that she's not a little kid anymore, but D.J. ends up in a sticky situation when she brings home a science exam with an "F" on it, and when D.J. tells Danny that she thought that this job would prove to Danny that she's not a little kid anymore, Danny tells D.J. that there is nothing wrong with being a kid, and Danny also tells

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s04e15 / Ol' Brown Eyes

19th Jan '91 - 1:00am
Ol' Brown Eyes

Teaser: Jesse teaches Michelle how to do a cool walk. Main Synopsis: D.J. organizes a benefit to raise money for a new computer for the school, and Danny will be the host of the benefit show. To prove to D.J. that he's cool, Danny wants to sing a song at the benefit - "My Generation" by The Who. D.J. thinks that if Danny does this, Danny would be so dorky that D.J. won't ever be able to show her face in school again. Meanwhile, Michelle has come up with a new game - she hides an object, and whoever the object belongs to must find it, and one of the objects she has hidden is the wedding ring Jesse intends to give to Becky at the wedding, and Joey must find it.

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s04e16 / Stephanie Gets Framed

26th Jan '91 - 1:00am
Stephanie Gets Framed

Teaser: Michelle is brushing her teeth. Main Synopsis: Danny is informed that Stephanie is having problems reading at school. Stephanie is taken to an eye doctor who prescribes eyeglasses for her to use for reading. Stephanie doesn't want the glasses because she's afraid her classmates will make fun of her and think that she's a nerd because of the glasses. She feels better about having the glasses when she gets some advice from Steve Urkel, the visiting cousin of D.J'.s friend Julie. Meanwhile, Jesse must choose a best man for the wedding.

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s04e17 / A Fish Called Martin

2nd Feb '91 - 1:00am
A Fish Called Martin

Teaser: Michelle sings with Jesse and the Rippers.

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s04e18 / The Wedding (1)

9th Feb '91 - 1:00am
The Wedding (1)

Teaser: Danny tells Michelle that she'll be the flower girl at the wedding. Main Synopsis: It's the day before Jesse and Becky's wedding. Stephanie and D.J. are using Danny's camcorder to tape the events leading up to the wedding, and they also intend to tape the wedding. Becky's sister Connie Anderson has arrived and brought her son Howie with her, but Michelle and Howie don't remember each other from when Connie and Howie visited 2 years ago. Minutes later, Becky's parents Kenneth and Nedra arrive. Kenneth explains that they would have arrived earlier, had a man on a motorcycle not cut them off. Jesse shows up and explains that he would have been home earlier if he had not been stuck behind a slow driver. When Kenneth and Jesse see each other's faces, Kenneth realizes that Jesse was the man on the motorcycle and Jesse realizes that Kenneth was the slow driver. From the start, it seems that Jesse and Kenneth can't get along with each other. Later, Kenneth has a talk with Jesse, and

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s04e19 / The Wedding (2)

16th Feb '91 - 1:00am
The Wedding (2)

Teaser: A recap of part 1. Main Synopsis: A tomato filled truck driven by a tomato farmer parks under Jesse, who releases himself from the parachute, and falls safely into the bed of the truck. The farmer tells Jesse he's in a town known as "Tomato Country". Jesse then tries to use the farmer's truck to go to the church for the wedding, but that's when a cop shows up. By now, it's 10:25am, and Jesse is 25 minutes late for the wedding. The phone at the church rings, and it's Jesse, who tells Becky that he's in jail in Tomato Country. Becky heads to the jail and gets Jesse released. They make it back to the church, where they are pronounced husband and wife. After a party at the Tanner home, Jesse and Becky leave for their honeymoon.

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s04e20 / Fuller House

23rd Feb '91 - 1:00am
Fuller House

Teaser: Jesse and Becky have arrived home from their honeymoon. Main Synopsis: Jesse and Becky return from their honeymoon, which took place in Bora Bora, an island near Tahiti. Becky reminds Jesse that he needs to start packing if he's going to move to Becky's home. Michelle doesn't take this very well, because she doesn't want Jesse to move out, so Michelle starts packing to go with Jesse, who explains things to Michelle. Jesse's belongings are moved to Becky's house, but Jesse still has feelings of emptiness. Danny and Joey can't seem to cheer Michelle up, until Jesse arrives for a visit on the next morning. Becky sets it up to where she and Jesse will be spending the night at the Tanner house, sleeping on two cots in the attic. That night, Becky tells Jesse that she talked to Danny, who has agreed to let Jesse renovate the house's 1300 square foot attic into a family sized apartment so Jesse doesn't have to move out. As a result, a new arrangement is made - Joey will move into J

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s04e21 / The Hole-in-the-Wall Gang

2nd Mar '91 - 1:00am
The Hole-in-the-Wall Gang

Teaser: Michelle helps Joey move into the bedroom that used to be Jesse's bedroom. Main Synopsis: Stephanie wants to be just like D.J., so she starts dressing like D.J., and tries to act like D.J., who is getting ready to go to the food court of a local mall with Kimmy. D.J. wants to wear something "fun" to the mall, so she, Kimmy, Stephanie, and Michelle head to Danny's bedroom, where D.J. starts looking for something to wear from Danny's closet. Stephanie tries to do the same thing, but when D.J. tries to stop her, they end up accidentally pulling out the rod that Danny's shirts are hung on. This is when D.J. and Stephanie argue over who is going to put the rod back in the closet, and when D.J. tells Stephanie to let go of the rod, that's exactly what she does - and accidentally sends the rod into the wall, putting a hole in the wall. That's when Kimmy goes home. The girls go to the attic, where Jesse is working on renovating the attic and not letting Joey do anything to help him.

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s04e22 / Stephanie Plays the Field

9th Mar '91 - 1:00am
Stephanie Plays the Field

Teaser: Danny arrives home from shopping. Main Synopsis: Danny is the head coach of the Giants, a local little league baseball team. Stephanie has fallen for Brett Davis, who plays for a rival team called the Cubs. This makes Stephanie want to join the Giants and play for Danny, and her surprisingly good pitching makes it easy for her to become a member of the team. In an upcoming game, the Giants are scheduled to play against the Cubs, so Brett tells Stephanie to take it easy and not throw the "Tanner Twister" whenever Brett's at bat because Brett's father will be at the game videotaping Brett, and Brett doesn't want his father to see him get outdone by a girl, but Stephanie just can't bring herself to throw the game for Brett, and the Giants win when Stephanie strikes Brett out for the third out in the last inning of the game. Fortunately, Brett understands why Stephanie did this, and admits that he shouldn't have asked Stephanie to go easy on him at the game. Meanwhile, Becky and

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s04e23 / Joey Goes Hollywood

30th Mar '91 - 1:00am
Joey Goes Hollywood

Teaser: Jesse and Michelle play with puppets. Main Synopsis: Joey lands a part in a new comedy show, starring alongside Annette Funicello and Frankie Avalon. The family accompanies Joey to Los Angeles for the taping of the series opener, and after this, the new comedy show is turned into a cartoon with Joey, Frankie, and Annette providing the main voices in the show. Meanwhile, Stephanie wants to change her name because she's being harassed by classmates who call her "Step On Me".

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s04e24 / Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

2nd Apr '91 - 1:00am
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Teaser: Jesse plays drums and the keyboard well enough, but he needs practice on the saxophone. Main Synopsis: D.J. wants to meet a boy named Ryan at a house where Kimmy will be babysitting Aaron Bailey. Danny, who wants D.J. to stay home to do her homework instead of doing her homework with Kimmy, won't let D.J. go to the house where Kimmy is babysitting Aaron. D.J. decides to go anyway, so she asks Becky to cover for her, promising Becky that she'll be back in 10 minutes, but 10 minutes becomes 30 minutes, and Becky can no longer find a way to cover for D.J. anymore. When D.J. arrives home, Becky talks to her, and D.J. admits that she took advantage of her friendship with Becky and that the reason why D.J. was gone longer than she said she would be is because she and Ryan were really starting to get along with each other. Meanwhile, Jesse and Joey put a pool table in their office. Jesse, calling himself "The Kid", thinks he can't be beat in the game of pool, until he discovers the

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s04e25 / The Graduates

27th Apr '91 - 12:00am
The Graduates

Teaser: Joey and Michelle sing the blues. Main Synopsis: At age 33, Danny feels like he doesn't have as much youth in him as he used to, so he starts dating a 21-year-old college student named Kirsten. Meanwhile, D.J. has graduated from 8th grade, Michelle has graduated from preschool, and Stephanie feels left out because her 3rd grade year has ended without a graduation ceremony.

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s04e26 / Rock the Cradle

4th May '91 - 12:00am
Rock the Cradle

Teaser: There is no teaser in this episode. Main Synopsis: A pregnancy test indicates that Becky is pregnant. She tells everyone except for Jesse, because she can't get Jesse to listen to her because Jesse is obsessed with the fact the he and the Rippers will be going on tour for four months over the summer. When Becky finally does get Jesse to listen, Jesse is excited about the pregnancy. Meanwhile, Michelle makes up an invisible friend named Glen, because she misses her friends from preschool.

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