Full House (1987)
Season 6

s06e01 / Come Fly with Me

23rd Sep '92 - 12:00am
Come Fly with Me

Teaser: Hair... the complete story. Main Synopsis: Jesse and the Rippers have just finished another summer of touring. Stephanie and Michelle have had a crummy summer, and they are excited when a postcard from D.J. mentions that D.J. will be bringing home a big surprise when she arrives home from Barcelona. In an hour, the airplane with D.J. and Kimmy on it will be landing at San Francisco International Airport. At the airport, the surprise turns out to be D.J'.s new boyfriend Steve Hale, who was also in the summer study program. Stephanie and Michelle were hoping that the surprise would be better than this and that D.J. would at least act like she missed them, because D.J. was gone for 8 weeks. Still at the airport, Stephanie and Michelle meet members of the International Young People's Choir, and the choir is going to New Zealand. Stephanie falls for Terry, one of the members of the choir. Terry invites Michelle and Stephanie to come aboard the airplane and see the choir off, so the

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s06e02 / The Long Goodbye

30th Sep '92 - 12:00am
The Long Goodbye

Teaser: Joey, Michelle, and the twins play with soap bubbles. Main Synopsis: Teddy tells Michelle that he'll be moving to Amarillo, Texas because his father got a new job. Michelle, who is afraid that she may lose her best friend forever, tries absolutely everything to stop Teddy from moving, but Joey helps Michelle realize that she must say goodbye to Teddy, but they can still write letters to each other and call each other sometimes. Meanwhile, Danny and Vicky re-examine their long distance relationship, and Michelle gives Nicky and Alex a doll, but Jesse doesn't think it would be manly for Nicky and Alex to play with dolls.

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s06e03 / Road to Tokyo

7th Oct '92 - 12:00am
Road to Tokyo

Teaser: Stephanie, Michelle, and the twins figure out what to do with broken toys. Main Synopsis: Fat Fish Records calls Jesse and tells him that "Forever" has reached #1 in Japan. Fat Fish records wants Jesse to go to Japan for two weeks, and Jesse takes Becky, Nicky, and Alex with him. Once Jesse sets foot in Japan, he starts letting the whole experience go to his head, and when Becky tries to bring Jesse to his senses, Jesse accuses Becky of trying to ruin his dream of succeeding in the music business. Becky tells Jesse that she does want his dream to come true, and that he can't forget about his family, and Jesse realizes that Becky is right. Meanwhile, Kimmy has been nominated for class president by the "Party Hearty" party. For the school newspaper, D.J. writes an editorial about the election, and she's afraid it'll damage Kimmy's chances of being elected, but it doesn't, and Kimmy is elected class president.

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s06e04 / Radio Days

14th Oct '92 - 12:00am
Radio Days

Teaser: Where's your tongue? Where's your nose? Main Synopsis: Danny tells Jesse that radio station KFLH 95.6 is looking for a new afternoon disc jockey. Jesse would love to have this job. At the TV station, Mr. Strowbridge sticks Joey with a co-host on "The Ranger Joe Show", and his new co-host is Jungle Jenny, who is Mr. Strowbridge's wife. At the radio station, Jesse shows up to talk to program director Julie Hartman, and just before Julie calls Jesse into the broadcasting room, Joey shows up to be with Jesse just in case Jesse doesn't get the job. Julie invites Joey into the broadcasting room along with Jesse, and Joey starts reeling off insulting jokes at Jesse. After Joey leaves, Julie hires Jesse to fill the vacant afternoon slot at the station, as long as Joey works as his partner. Jesse doesn't like this idea, because he is angry with Joey for insulting him on the air. Joey is annoyed to no end by Jungle Jenny, so Joey decides that he doesn't want to be "Ranger Joe" anymore,

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s06e05 / Lovers and Other Tanners

21st Oct '92 - 12:00am
Lovers and Other Tanners

Teaser: Planting. (Teaser includes Stephanie and Michelle.) Main Synopsis: Danny has plans to pick Vicky up from the airport, so he asks D.J. to pick Michelle up from a Honeybee troop meeting at 4:00pm. It's not 4:00pm yet, so D.J. goes out with Steve. When they return home, they are studying when they realize that they are in love with each other. Minutes later, Danny walks in while D.J. and Steve are sharing a kiss, then Stephanie arrives home with Michelle, because D.J. forgot to pick Michelle up and walk her home. Steve leaves to go to wrestling practice at the high school. Danny tells D.J. that recently, D.J. has been entirely too wrapped up with Steve. D.J. says that she and Steve are in love, and Danny refuses to believe it just because D.J. is 15 years old, then Danny says D.J'.s mind has been in the clouds because of Steve, so in order to bring D.J'.s mind back down to Earth, Danny forbids D.J. from ever seeing Steve again - a big mistake on Danny's part. It drives D.J. rig

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s06e06 / Educating Jesse

28th Oct '92 - 1:00am
Educating Jesse

Teaser: Joey and Michelle play with Nicky and Alex. Main Synopsis: D.J. and Kimmy are working together on a project that has the goal of preventing students from dropping out of school. Jesse refuses to help, because Jesse himself is a high school dropout. Jesse dropped out of high school in his senior year, shortly before graduation, because Jesse's bullying English teacher, Mr. Pearson, absolutely humiliated Jesse in front of the whole class, and Jesse could no longer face his classmates. Becky convinces Jesse to enroll in night school so he can get a diploma in a few months, but his teacher at night school turns out to be Mr. Pearson, who humiliates Jesse all over again, and Jesse once again leaves school. Michelle's problem with learning how to tie her shoes leads Jesse to realize that he and Michelle shouldn't be quitters in what they're doing, so Jesse decides to go back to the school because he wants to earn a diploma.

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s06e07 / Trouble in Twin Town

11th Nov '92 - 1:00am
Trouble in Twin Town

Teaser: Danny has a gift to show Michelle and Stephanie. Main Synopsis: Becky's snobby millionaire cousin Dick Donaldson has arrived in town from Nebraska with his wife Donna and twin daughters Debbie and Darla. They have come to town to attend a convention for twins, where a "favorite twins" contest will take place. As soon as Dick arrives, he and Jesse start insulting each other. Jesse can't stand Dick because of Dick's snobby attitude. Jesse tells Dick that if he were Dick's mechanic, Dick would be having brake problems. Dick tells Jesse that it was a smart move when he decided not to enter Nicky and Alex in the favorite twins contest and tells Jesse that Nicky and Alex shouldn't be put through that kind of rejection. That remark pushes Jesse too far, and he decides to enter Nicky and Alex in the contest after all. Becky doesn't like the fact that the reason why Jesse entered Nicky and Alex in the contest is because Jesse is on a mission to take Dick down a few pegs. Nicky and Ale

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s06e08 / The Play's the Thing

18th Nov '92 - 1:00am
The Play's the Thing

Teaser: Michelle finds D.J. and Steve kissing. Main Synopsis: Michelle's first grade class is preparing to perform a play titled "Yankee Doodle". When D.J. was in 1st grade, she played as Yankee Doodle and when Stephanie was in 1st grade, she played as Yankee Doodle. Michelle desperately wants to continue this tradition and play as Yankee Doodle. Joey and Jesse are the directors of the play, and Michelle feels hurt when they choose Derek Boyd to play as Yankee Doodle because Derek's audition for the part was better than Michelle's audition, and the way Michelle's classmates treat her, after Derrick is chosen, makes her feel left out in the cold. Jesse and Joey later admit that they feel terrible about making Michelle feel so hurt, and they convince Michelle to play a different part in the play. Meanwhile, Danny misses having a baby of his own now that he notices how much the girls have grown up so far, so he starts spending a lot of time with Nicky and Alex, even intruding on Becky's

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s06e09 / Nice Guys Finish First

25th Nov '92 - 1:00am
Nice Guys Finish First

Teaser: D.J. looks for her pink sweater, which Michelle has on. Main Synopsis: Joey is scheduled to play in the Bay City Charity Foundation ice hockey game for the Celebrity All Star hockey team at the Iceoplex on Saturday, but that's still a few days away. On "Rush Hour Renegades", Jesse and Joey welcome Hershel Binkley as a guest on the show. Hershel owns Giant Binkley Used Cars, and he'll be the goaltender for the team that the Celebrity All star team will be playing against. There is also something else about Hershel... Joey recognizes Hershel as "Stonewall", which is Hershel's nickname. 15 years ago, while Joey was in college playing in a state championship college ice hockey game, and Joey's team was down by one goal with one minute left in the game. Joey attempted a shot that would have tied the game, but Stonewall stopped the shot and didn't allow Joey to score. This absolutely humiliated Joey in front of his family and friends, and now Stonewall is looking forward to humiliat

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s06e10 / I'm Not D.J.

2nd Dec '92 - 1:00am
I'm Not D.J.

Teaser: Becky finds Jesse and Joey playing football with Nicky and Alex. Main Synopsis: Stephanie wants to get her ears pierced so she can fit in at school, but Danny doesn't want her to get her ears pierced until she's the age D.J. was when D.J. got her ears pierced. Stephanie has her ears pierced anyway, done by Kimmy, and as a result, Stephanie's ear lobes become infected, and Stephanie is forced to show Danny her earlobes after hiding her ears with a "Princess Leia" hairdo. Stephanie explains that that she had her ears pierce because she wanted to fit in at school, and also because she wants Danny to treat her like an individual instead of expecting her to be exactly like DJ. Meanwhile, it's time for Nicky and Alex to receive their first haircut, and Becky and Jesse are reluctant to let this change happen. The haircuts are done by Joey's uncle Jasper Gladstone, who runs a children's hair care shop.

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s06e11 / Designing Mothers

9th Dec '92 - 1:00am
Designing Mothers

Teaser: It appears that Nicky and Alex don't like beans. Main Synopsis: Vicky introduces Danny to her mother Liz Larson, an interior decorator who gives Stephanie and Michelle's bedroom a new look, which is OK with Danny, but Danny goes ballistic when Liz mentions the word "marriage" while referring to Danny and Vicky. It seems that Danny is afraid of any changes of that kind, and he and Vicky break up. Stephanie and Michelle don't want Danny and Vicky to break up, so they fake an emergency, saying that Michelle's head is stuck in the backyard fence, as a way to trick Vicky into coming over to the house so Vicky and Danny can work things out. Vicky reassures Danny by telling him that change is not necessarily a bad thing, and that like Danny, Vicky is not ready for marriage yet. Meanwhile, Joey and Jesse hear a rumor that Alison "The Axe" Axelrod, the new manager of KFLH, plans to fire everyone and change the station's format, but it turns out that this rumor is a false rumor.

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s06e12 / A Very Tanner Christmas

16th Dec '92 - 1:00am
A Very Tanner Christmas

Teaser: Jesse and Michelle hang up a king sized stocking. Main Synopsis: A very Tanner Christmas indeed! Christmas day is getting close. Becky tells Jesse that she misses the times when it snowed during the holidays every year in Nebraska when she was a kid. Steve tells D.J. that Steve has been accepted to Daytona Beach University in Florida. D.J. is not as excited about it as Steve is, because Florida is about 3000 miles away. Stephanie and Michelle are obsessed with receiving gifts for Christmas. On Christmas day, Danny is depressed that he can't see Vicky because she's covering elections in Sweden. Steve comes over so he and D.J. can exchange gifts. D.J'.s gift to Steve is an expensive jacket that Steve has had his eyes on, and Steve gives D.J. a Daytona Beach University sweatshirt. D.J., who feels that Steve's gift to her is insult to injury, runs to her room. Steve goes upstairs, where D.J. lets Steve know how she feels about Steve going to college so far away, and Steve accuses

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s06e13 / The Dating Game

6th Jan '93 - 1:00am
The Dating Game

Teaser: Becky and Michelle teach the twins how and where to clean. Main Synopsis: 5th grader Stephanie's friend Josh asks Stephanie if she wants to go out with him and the rest of the baseball team to a pizza parlor and just hang out. With D.J'.s help, Stephanie makes the mistake of thinking that this will be more than just hanging out - Stephanie thinks this is going to be her first date. Meanwhile, Joey invites Alison Axelrod over for dinner, and Joey may end up messing dinner up because he becomes a nervous klutz whenever he's around Alison.

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s06e14 / Birthday Blues

20th Jan '93 - 1:00am
Birthday Blues

Teaser: Becky watches Nicky and Alex wake up Michelle. Main Synopsis: It's Kimmy's 16th birthday. D.J. is preoccupied by the fact that she and Steve have been dating for 6 months, and she and Steve plan to celebrate this. As it turns out, D.J. has forgotten Kimmy's birthday because of this, and Kimmy thinks D.J. has a party planned. A now frantic D.J. gets the family to help her throw a surprise party for Kimmy in a hurry, but Kimmy is devastated when Steve slips up and lets on that it's a mercy party because D.J. forgot Kimmy's birthday, so a devastated Kimmy runs out of the house. Danny explains to D.J. that it looks obvious that ever since D.J. has started dating Steve, D.J'.s been making Kimmy feel like she's being left out of D.J'.s life. D.J. goes outside and talks to Kimmy, apologizing for making Kimmy feel so hurt, and they work things out.

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s06e15 / Be True to Your Pre-School

27th Jan '93 - 1:00am
Be True to Your Pre-School

Teaser: Stephanie and Michelle read D.J'.s diary. Main Synopsis: After talking to the parents of Nicky and Alex's friend Cooper Charles, Jesse wants Nicky and Alex to attend Bouton Hall, the prestigious upper crust preschool that Cooper attends. Jesse will do absolutely anything to make that happen, even falsifying information on the application form in order to get Bouton Hall to accept Nicky and Alex. Becky and Jesse talk about Bouton Hall, and come to the conclusion that even though they want the twins to be in the best preschool they can find, Nicky and Alex would be under too much pressure to succeed if they went to Bouton Hall with Cooper. Meanwhile, Kimmy gets her driver's license, and much to Danny's surprise, Kimmy is an excellent driver. While trying to pull a prank on the school's chess club while they are out, Kimmy, D.J., Stephanie, and Michelle end up locked out of the car they are using, which belongs to Kimmy's brother.

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s06e16 / The Heartbreak Kid

10th Feb '93 - 1:00am
The Heartbreak Kid

Teaser: Michelle and her friend Denise Frasier have nothing to do, so they jump up and down on Michelle's bed. Main Synopsis: Michelle has fallen head over heels for Steve, and she decides that she wants to marry Steve. Everyone thinks Michelle is just playing, so they throw a "wedding" for Michelle and Steve. Michelle feels hurt when she discovers that it's not a real wedding, and everyone finally realizes that the way Michelle truly feels about Steve is not something to play around with. Danny talks to Michelle and admits that sometimes adults forget that kids do have feelings, and Steve apologizes for making Michelle feel hurt. Michelle cheers up a little bit and accepts the apology, and she and Steve are friends again as Michelle understands that D.J. is the girl Steve loves. Meanwhile, Danny and Joey are cleaning Joey's closet when Danny discovers a picture of Barbara Ann Varanelli, a girl Danny dated while he and Joey were in high school 20 years ago, and until now, Danny never

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s06e17 / Silence is Not Golden

17th Feb '93 - 1:00am
Silence is Not Golden

Teaser: Michelle and Denise watch a commercial about the "Funny Buddy" riddles hotline. Main Synopsis: In a special episode: Stephanie and her classmate Charles are assigned to work together on a homework assignment. After school, Charles goes to the house with Stephanie, and while working on the assignment with Stephanie, Charles slips up and is forced to admit that his father beats him up all the time. Charles feels helpless because, like Stephanie, Charles doesn't have a mother because Charles's mother is dead. Charles makes Stephanie promise to tell no one about the abuse. Later, when Michelle becomes angry at Danny for punishing her because she ran up the phone bill by calling the "Funny Buddy" riddle hotline several times, Stephanie blows up at Michelle and angrily tells Michelle that she's lucky to have a father who doesn't hit her, and Jesse wonders where Stephanie's behavior is coming from. Stephanie breaks her promise of silence and tells Jesse what Charles told her. Jesse,

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s06e18 / Please Don't Touch the Dinosaur

24th Feb '93 - 1:00am
Please Don't Touch the Dinosaur

Teaser: Jesse, Joey, Michelle, and the twins have a reggae party in the living room. Main Synopsis: Michelle and her friends will be going on a field trip to a local museum of natural history. Danny will be in charge of half the class and Jesse will be in charge of half the class. Michelle chooses to be with Jesse's group instead of Danny's group because Michelle thinks Jesse would let the kids have fun while Danny would act like a sergeant who constantly makes too many rules. At the museum, Michelle and Denise accidentally knock over most of a ,000,000 dinosaur skeleton. This ends the field trip, and at home, Danny blows up at Jesse, and Michelle goes to her room because she believes that this situation is her fault. Danny and Jesse follow Michelle, and Jesse admits that he didn't do a very good job of being in charge of his group. Danny then admits that he felt hurt by Michelle's choice to be with Jesse's group, and that's why Danny was so hard on Jesse. Danny then admits that he

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s06e19 / Subterranean Graduation Blues

3rd Mar '93 - 1:00am
Subterranean Graduation Blues

Teaser: Collecting things to recycle. Main Synopsis: It's time for Jesse to graduate from night school. Michelle suggests that everyone rides a subway train to the graduation ceremony because subway trains don't cause as much air pollution as cars do. Everyone regrets following Michelle's suggestion when electrical problems on the subway train cause it to stall and come to a stop. Because of this, Jesse believes they are going to be late and that the officials at the school would not be surprised to see Jesse miss his chance to graduate. The family, minus D.J., who is out of town, throws a graduation "ceremony" for Jesse on the subway train, which starts moving again after the mock ceremony is over, and it's obvious that Jesse gets his diploma.

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s06e20 / Grand Gift Auto

17th Mar '93 - 1:00am
Grand Gift Auto

Teaser: A show by Joey, Comet, and the twins. Main Synopsis: Joey, who loves D.J. and her sisters like they were his own daughters, has bought D.J. a red 1977 Firebird for her 16th birthday, but the car is not in good condition, so Jesse and Joey work on it and fix its problems. Just as D.J. is about to drive the new car for the first time, a police officer, Officer Warren, shows up after getting a look at the car from the street and tells the family that D.J'.s new car was reported stolen. It turns out that Joey bought the car without knowing that it was stolen property, and Officer Warren has to have the car towed away. Joey feels terrible that D.J. lost the birthday gift he bought for her, and he makes plans to move out, but the family cheers him up and convinces him to stay.

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s06e21 / Room for One More

7th Apr '93 - 12:00am
Room for One More

Teaser: Joey and Michelle play with Nicky and Alex, who are dressed like little biker twins. Main Synopsis: While Stephanie and Michelle are babysitting a neighbor's pet pig, Jesse tries to prove to Becky that he can handle having another baby around the house, because he misses having babies in the house, but there are complications in Jesse's mission - one of the twins is sick, and chaos is on the air on KFLH when Jesse and Joey do an episode of their radio show at home, downstairs in the recording studio.

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s06e22 / Prom Night

5th May '93 - 12:00am
Prom Night

Teaser: Danny, Joey, Stephanie, Michelle, and Vicky are playing a card game called "Fish". Main Synopsis: It's time for Steve's senior prom, and of course, high school sophomore D.J. is his date. Jesse and the Rippers will be the featured band at the prom, and Becky is one of the chauffeurs. Things become complicated when it is announced that the prom king is Steve, and the prom queen is Steve's former girlfriend Rachel Taylor. D.J. is afraid she's going to lose Steve to Rachel, who wants him back, especially after she sees Rachel kiss a surprised Steve. Steve reassures a hurt D.J. that he felt nothing during that kiss, and he doesn't want Rachel back because he's perfectly happy with D.J. as his girlfriend. Meanwhile, Vicky admits to Danny that she is about a year older than Danny, who feels uncomfortable about this until Vicky tells Danny that the fact that she's a year older than he is shouldn't make him feel inferior.

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s06e23 / The House Meets the Mouse (1)

12th May '93 - 12:00am
The House Meets the Mouse (1)

Teaser: Nicky and Alex climb out of their cribs and get in bed with Jesse and Becky. Main Synopsis: Jesse and the Rippers are scheduled to do a show at Disney World in Orlando, Florida, and in a few days Jesse and Becky will also be celebrating the 2nd anniversary of their wedding. That's why Jesse reserved a honeymoon suite for he and Becky in Orlando. Everyone heads to Orlando, minus Steve and Vicky, but Vicky is on her way to Orlando to be with the family. While everyone is doing their own thing at Disney World, D.J. misses Steve and starts "seeing" him everywhere. Kimmy, D.J., Stephanie, and Michelle find an "Aladdin" setup where they stand in line waiting to rub the "magic" lamp. The lucky boy or girl who makes the genie appear from the lamp will be crowned prince or princess for the day, and is granted three wishes. Michelle is standing in line behind Stephanie, who is furious when, after a brief argument over which one of them goes first, Michelle manipulates D.J. into letting

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s06e24 / The House Meets the Mouse (2)

19th May '93 - 12:00am
The House Meets the Mouse (2)

Teaser: A recap of part 1. Main Synopsis: As everyone else is searching for Michelle, those who don't know she's missing are doing their own thing. Jesse and Joey do their radio show, and it turns out that Joey is deathly afraid of sharks, so he's reluctant to swim out of the pod with Jesse so they can get out of the aquarium. Later, Becky is waiting at the dock, and by this time, Jesse is 45 minutes late because of Joey's fear of sharks. Even while Michelle is having a tea party with all her favorite Disney characters (her second wish), she still wishes she hadn't wandered off, because now she misses her family. A few minutes later, Danny, Vicky, Kimmy, D.J., and Stephanie show up. Danny explains to Michelle that she shouldn't have wandered off by herself, and that it was wrong for her to be so bossy. Becky is fed up with waiting for Jesse so she heads back to the hotel. Jesse shows up at the dock, and Becky's not there. Jesse then goes to the hotel where he plays a song for Becky o

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