Full House (1987)
Season 7

s07e01 / It was a Dark and Stormy Night

15th Sep '93 - 12:00am
It was a Dark and Stormy Night

Teaser: Becky and Jesse have bought a pair of new little beds for Nicky and Alex. Main Synopsis: D.J., Stephanie, Michelle, and Kimmy have returned home from a summer at Camp Lakota. Michelle tells Jesse that she no longer wants Jesse to call her "Munchkin", which Jesse has affectionately called her for years, because everyone at camp gave her the nickname "Trailmix", and she likes it. Danny feels hurt when D.J., Stephanie, and Michelle act like they didn't miss the family one bit while they were at Camp Lakota. Upstairs, Stephanie and D.J. are surprised that Michelle has brought home a rabbit named Gilbert. Danny enters the room and sees Gilbert. Stephanie explains that Gilbert had a broken leg when they found him at camp. They nursed him back to health, and Michelle was supposed to have released Gilbert back into the forest that Camp Lakota is in. Steve takes the girls back to Camp Lakota to release Gilbert, but there is a heavy thunderstorm in the area, and they're forced into the

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s07e02 / The Apartment

22nd Sep '93 - 12:00am
The Apartment

Teaser: "Doctor" Nicky and "Doctor" Alex examine Jesse.

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s07e03 / Wrong-Way Tanner

29th Sep '93 - 12:00am
Wrong-Way Tanner

Teaser: Jesse and Joey sing "Louie, Louie" with the Nicky and Alex. Main Synopsis: Like Stephanie and D.J. once did, Michelle becomes a member of a local soccer team that Joey is now the head coach of. Danny and Jesse are overly excited about it, and in her first game, Michelle kicks the ball the wrong way and scores the winning goal for the opposing team. This has Michelle wanting to leave the team because she feels like she can no longer face her teammates, who chewed her out about costing them a game. Joey explains to Jesse and Danny that if they would have let Joey do his job as head coach and not put so much pressure on Michelle and made her so nervous, Michelle would have felt more comfortable in the game and maybe a little less prone to mistakes. As this is going on, Stephanie is videotaping a day in the life of the Tanners as a project for school. Among the events she videotapes is Joey talking to the soccer team, D.J. wearing a necklace that has become stuck to Steve's sweat

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s07e04 / Tough Love

6th Oct '93 - 12:00am
Tough Love

Teaser: Joey shows Stephanie and Michelle some ventriloquist tricks. Main Synopsis: Nicky and Alex are having behavior problems that are adversely affecting the lives of those who love them. Nicky and Alex even destroy Michelle's science project, which was a model of the nine planets. An angry Michelle lets on that Jesse and Becky should start making Nicky and Alex behave, so Jesse takes the twins to their bedroom for their first punishment, which is a timeout, meaning that they're grounded to their room for a portion of the day. After doing this, Jesse feels guilty when the twins call him "mean daddy" for this, and a "mean daddy" is the last thing Jesse wants to be. Becky reassures Jesse that the twins obviously didn't know that what they said to Jesse was hurtful. Meanwhile, Danny, who fears that the girls are too finicky to like Vicky's cooking, bribes Stephanie and Michelle into giving Vicky compliments at the dinner table so they won't make Vicky feel hurt.

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s07e05 / Fast Friends

13th Oct '93 - 12:00am
Fast Friends

Teaser: Michelle gets Nicky and Alex to show Comet how to roll over, then gives the twins some cookies for it, and foreseeing a reward, Comet rolls over too. Main Synopsis: For two weeks, Stephanie has been in 6th grade at DiMaggio Junior High School. Her old friends all attend different schools now, and Stephanie is desperate to make new friends, and she meets a group of 7th graders led by Gia Mahan, and they want Stephanie to smoke with them. That's why Stephanie is not sure that these girls are her type of friends. Meanwhile, Jesse and Joey are having a special on their radio show, "Rush Hour Renegades", where they have brought in D.J., Steve, and Kimmy to talk to teenagers who call in to seek advice.

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s07e06 / Smash Club: the Next Generation

20th Oct '93 - 12:00am
Smash Club: the Next Generation

Teaser: Stephanie and Michelle watch the clouds. Main Synopsis: Jesse is shocked to discover that he has inherited the Smash Club from Buzz Markel. Jesse and the Rippers played gigs at the Smash Club more than virtually any other band, but the place has been closed down for the past couple of years. Jesse will become the owner only if he can reopen the club. If he can't do it, the club will be turned into a parking lot. After receiving some ideas from D.J., Kimmy, Stephanie, and Steve, Jesse decides to reopen the Smash Club as a place where anyone can come to hear cool new music from new bands - no age limit like the Smash Club had before, when people had to be 21 or older to get in. Jesse's plans also state that no alcoholic beverages will be served in "The New Smash Club". Jesse and Joey head to the Smash Club, which is, of course, a mess. Jesse wants to clean up the place so he can get the loan he needs to reopen it. Eleanor Cook, a loan officer from the Embarcadero Bank, shows u

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s07e07 / High Anxiety

27th Oct '93 - 12:00am
High Anxiety

Teaser: Michelle loses a tooth. Main Synopsis: Michelle, who is in 2nd grade, is growing up faster than Danny is accepting. Danny still treats Michelle like a baby, and Michelle has had enough of that, so even though she doesn't want to have to get mad at Danny, she angrily tells Danny to stop treating her like a baby. Danny realizes that he needs to let go and start letting his kids grow up as they get older, so Danny talks to Michelle and promises to stop treating Michelle like a baby. Meanwhile, Jesse is overwhelmed by the fact that he has so many decisions to make about needs for the Smash Club, which he hasn't opened yet.

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s07e08 / Another Opening, Another No Show

3rd Nov '93 - 1:00am
Another Opening, Another No Show

Teaser: Michelle, the twins, and Jesse prepare for the reopening of the Smash Club. Main Synopsis: Jesse is now ready to reopen the Smash Club, and Danny, Joey, Becky, D.J., Kimmy, Stephanie, and Michelle will be helping Jesse at the club on this special night. Jesse wants absolutely nothing to go wrong, so he starts acting cranky around everyone. The opening could be a disaster when Jesse ends up locked in the Smash Club's storage room with Kimmy. As Danny, Joey, Becky, and the girls run the Smash Club the best they can while they think Jesse and Kimmy haven't showed up yet, Kimmy helps Jesse realize that Jesse was wrong to be cranky around everyone, and this teaches Jesse that if he wants to be a good boss, then he shouldn't treat his employees the way he treated Danny, Joey, Becky, and the girls. Jesse and Kimmy free themselves from the storage room, and the club has a fairly successful grand opening. At home, Jesse apologizes for the way he treated Kimmy and the family.

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s07e09 / The Day of the Rhino

10th Nov '93 - 1:00am
The Day of the Rhino

Teaser: Nicky and Alex make the barbecue sauce a little hotter than Jesse expects. Main Synopsis: Michelle and her friends are angry at their favorite TV character "Rigby the Rhino". After seeing a commercial advertising a big, plush "action Rigby", Michelle and each of her friends order one, but instead of receiving a big, plush Rigby, they each receive a tiny plastic Rigby - a clear case of false advertisement. Joey takes Michelle and her friends, along with their tiny plastic Rigbys, to Bayview Mall, where Rigby is making an appearance, and there is a large group of kids and their parents who are there to see Rigby. Joey, Michelle, and her friends don't want these kids to be swindled by a commercial that was a lie, so they show their tiny plastic Rigbys to these kids and warn these kids that the commercial was a lie. Later, Rigby shows up at the house and apologizes for the commercial being a lie, and he gives Michelle and Denise each a big, plush Rigby, and then Rigby announces

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s07e10 / The Prying Game

17th Nov '93 - 1:00am
The Prying Game

Teaser: Joey is bowling with Nicky and Alex. Main Synopsis: While at a local public library, Stephanie sees an attractive blonde haired girl planting a kiss on Steve's cheek. Stephanie doesn't want to say anything to D.J. until she's sure Steve is seeing another girl. That's why Stephanie and Kimmy break into Steve's apartment, so they can investigate. Stephanie and Kimmy are nailed when D.J. and Steve show up. The girl who kissed Steve on the cheek was his cousin Edie, who kissed him out of friendship, proving that Steve is not seeing someone else. D.J. goes ballistic and tells a stunned Stephanie to stay out of her life, because D.J. feels that by breaking into Steve's apartment, Stephanie has reached a new low when it comes to invading D.J'.s privacy. Stephanie goes home. Later, D.J. also goes home, and D.J. is still angry when Stephanie goes to D.J'.s room and tries to talk to her. Seeing how angry D.J. still is, Stephanie leaves the room, but D.J., who is beginning to feel guilt

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s07e11 / The Bicycle Thief

24th Nov '93 - 1:00am
The Bicycle Thief

Teaser: Nicky and Alex play cowboy games. Main Synopsis: Michelle tells the family that her bicycle is missing, so the family starts a search for it. Later on, Danny, Jesse, and Joey have each brought home a bicycle that looks like Michelle's, but it turns out that none of the three bikes belong to Michelle. At the same time, the disappearances of the three bikes is being investigated by Crime Catchers, a neighborhood watch program led by Mrs. Carruthers, who works at the school Michelle goes to. It turns out that Michelle had forgotten that she left her bike at her friend Derek Boyd's house.

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s07e12 / Support Your Local Parents

1st Dec '93 - 1:00am
Support Your Local Parents

Teaser: Michelle interrupts D.J. and Steve while D.J. and Steve are kissing. Main Synopsis: In playgroups, 2-year-old Nicky and Alex refuse to play with anyone except for each other. Jesse is too stubborn to admit that this is a problem, until he and Becky attend a support group for parents of twins. After the visit with the support group, Jesse later admits that he didn't want to acknowledge the problem because he was afraid that he may discover that he's somehow the cause of it and he doesn't want to do anything to mess up Nicky and Alex's lives, but Jesse was proven wrong at the support group. Meanwhile, D.J. gets a traffic ticket for "obstruction of vision" when Kimmy decides to air out her socks by sticking her feet out the window of the car. D.J. wants to keep the ticket a secret from Danny because she's afraid Danny will never let her drive the car again. Stephanie and Michelle use this information to their advantage to force D.J. to let them borrow clothes from her whether sh

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s07e13 / The Perfect Couple

15th Dec '93 - 1:00am
The Perfect Couple

Teaser: Jesse, Nicky, and Alex wrap Christmas presents. Main Synopsis: Joey is the host of the test pilot episode of a game show called "The Perfect Couple", a show that would remind you of the Newlywed Game. The three couples on the game are a dating couple (D.J. and Steve), an engaged couple (Danny and Vicky), and a married couple (Jesse and Becky). While everyone is out, doing the new show, Stephanie and Michelle have their work cut out for them as they babysit Nicky and Alex. Vicky is out of town, so she can't be on the show with Danny, and Estelle, the woman who substitutes for Vicky, seems to know Danny all too well, and as a result of the show, D.J. thinks she and Steve don't know each other well enough. When Vicky shows up at the studio that "The Perfect Couple" was taped in, she tells Danny that her lifelong dream of being a network news anchor has come true - she has accepted a job as a network news anchor in New York City. Danny is more than a little disappointed - he wa

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s07e14 / Is It True about Stephanie?

5th Jan '94 - 1:00am
Is It True about Stephanie?

Teaser: Jesse Becky and the twins, all together now..".Have Mercy!" Main Synopsis: Stephanie's classmate Jamie, who plays guitar with some friends in a band called "Human Pudding", asks Stephanie out on a date to the Smash Club, and Stephanie excitedly agrees to go to the Smash Club with Jamie. Stephanie's classmate Gia Mahan is not as excited, because Gia also has her eyes on Jamie, and she's not about to let Stephanie have him that easily. In order to make Jamie cancel his date with Stephanie, Gia spreads a false rumor at school that Stephanie wouldn't have any dates if she didn't pay guys to date her. Gia's plan works, and Jamie breaks the date, so Stephanie gets even with Gia by hanging up a blowup of Gia's awful report card in the hallway. This makes Gia feel even more hurt than Stephanie felt when Gia spread the false rumor about Stephanie. Noticing how hurt Gia feels makes Stephanie feel guilty. Jamie tells Stephanie that the date is back on because he's not about to become Gi

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s07e15 / The Test

12th Jan '94 - 1:00am
The Test

Teaser: Stealing Joey's snack. Main Synopsis: It's the day before D.J'.s SAT, and she's so nervous about it that when she goes to sleep that night, she has a nightmare about it in which everything possible goes wrong: D.J. oversleeps on the day of the test and is late, and Ms. Twitchel, a neighbor D.J. yelled at, is the teacher, Danny and Becky come by to broadcast the test live, and with too many last-minute changes to the test, D.J. fails the test with not even her name written correctly. When D.J. wakes up from this nightmare, Danny convinces her that she doesn't have to be so nervous about the SAT, and her teacher turns out to be a much friendlier teacher named Mrs. Moffatt.

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s07e16 / Joey's Funny Valentine

26th Jan '94 - 1:00am
Joey's Funny Valentine

Teaser: The girls find a parrot named Little Sid perched in their bedroom after Little Sid flew into the room while the bedroom window was opened. Main Synopsis: After a couple of weeks of dating her, Joey introduces his new girlfriend Roxy Martin to the family. Roxy is a comedian, like Joey. Roxy is nervous about meeting the family, and as a result, she can't think of anything funny to say. After Roxy meets the family, Jesse schedules Roxy to perform on comedy night at the Smash Club, where Roxy adds insulting jokes about the family to her comedy routine. At home, after returning Little Sid to its owner Big Sid, the girls are given a choice of one item from Big Sid's store for free, and this leads to arguments between the girls, who each want a different item. D.J. wants to get a big-screen TV, and Stephanie wants to get a Karaoke machine. The decisive vote is left up to Michelle.

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s07e17 / The Last Dance

9th Feb '94 - 1:00am
The Last Dance

Teaser: John Stamos, who plays as Jesse, gives an advisory about the episode. Main Synopsis: In a special episode: Jesse's grandfather Iorgos "Papouli" Katsopolis is back from Greece for another visit. The family finds it pleasant to have Papouli around. One morning during Papouli's visit, everyone goes to wake him up after Michelle has gone to school - only to discover that Papouli has died in his sleep. His death was caused by heart failure. When Michelle arrives home from school later that day, Danny tells her that Papouli has died. Michelle is devastated, and it turns out that only one person can comfort Michelle, and that person is Jesse, who is taking it just as hard. Kimmy and D.J. argue over a pair of sunglasses, but Papouli's death helps them realize that friendship is too important for them to argue over a pair of sunglasses.

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s07e18 / Kissing Cousins

16th Feb '94 - 1:00am
Kissing Cousins

Main Synopsis: Teaser: "Cowboys" Nicky and Alex use a pile of cushions as a fort. Main Synopsis: Jesse has returned home from Greece, where he attended Papouli's funeral, and he has brought his cousin Stavros home with him. What Jesse doesn't know is that Stavros is a womanizing con artist. Stavros swindles Joey out of a watch and , makes a pass at Becky, gets Danny a parking ticket, and Stavros also makes D.J. pay for an awful-smelling goat pizza that Stavros had the money for all along. When everyone tries to tell Jesse what kind of man Stavros is, Jesse refuses to believe them. The Smash Club is the setting for Stavros's latest scam, in which he says that a severe mudslide has occured in his hometown in Greece and he is raising money at the Smash Club for his hometown's recovery from the mudslide. Becky and the girls discover that there was no mudslide, and that Stavros plans to take the money - and Becky - on an airplane flight to Florida with him. Becky comes up with a

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s07e19 / Love on the Rocks

2nd Mar '94 - 1:00am
Love on the Rocks

Teaser: Jesse, Michelle, and the twins play "Simon Says". Main Synopsis: Steve goes to a seminar in Los Angeles with his film class, and D.J. doesn't seem as excited as Steve is. A few days later, D.J. tells Becky that she's worried about her relationship with Steve. That night, Steve calls from Los Angeles, and he sounds like he's having a blast. D.J. goes mountain climbing on Eagle Mountain with Kimmy and her boyfriend Keanu. A few days later, Steve returns to San Francisco from Los Angeles, and he thinks D.J. is acting like she didn't miss him. After an arguement with D.J., Steve goes home. That night, D.J. tells Danny that it feels like she and Steve are not on the same wavelength anymore. On the next day, D.J. takes Steve to Eagle Mountain, where they have a long talk, and they decide to break up because they are no longer as passionate about their relationship as they once were. All the passion and fire has gone out of their relationship. Their relationship is now more like a f

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s07e20 / Michelle a la Cart

16th Mar '94 - 1:00am
Michelle a la Cart

Teaser: Stephanie has a broken arm because she slipped on a discarded slice of pizza outside of a skating rink. Main Synopsis: After being insulted by a boy named Kenny, Michelle decides that she wants to be in the annual downhill soapbox derby championship, and she gets Becky to help her build a soapbox car. Michelle feels like dropping out of the race when she hears comments about how girls shouldn't be in the race. Becky talks Michelle into not quitting, and the elimination heats begin. In the final race, it's Michelle against Kenny, who has never lost a race - and Kenny gets what he deserves when Michelle races past him and wins the championship. Meanwhile, Stephanie gives Joey ballet lessons as a way to help Joey improve his skills in ice hockey, and Joey ends up accidentally ripping the seat of his pants.

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s07e21 / Be Your Own Best Friend

6th Apr '94 - 12:00am
Be Your Own Best Friend

Teaser: D.J., Becky, and the twins have a "bagel situation" on their hands. Main Synopsis: In Michelle's class on parent volunteer day, a new student is introduced. It's Michelle's best friend Teddy, who moved to Texas a little more than a year ago. Michelle is thrilled that Teddy and his family have moved back to San Francisco. When Michelle tries to be a best friend to both Teddy and Denise, she ends up with no friend at all, until Danny helps Michelle, Teddy, and Denise realize that it's possible for someone to have two best friends. Meanwhile, on "Rush Hour Renegades", Joey and his girlfriend Roxy Martin make Jesse feel like the odd man out by not letting Jesse get a word in edgewise on the show.

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s07e22 / A Date with Fate

4th May '94 - 12:00am
A Date with Fate

Teaser: Jesse and the twins prepare for Mother's Day. Main Synopsis: For the first time since Danny and Vicky's breakup and D.J. and Steve's breakup, D.J. and Danny are both back in the dating pool. Stephanie has arranged a blind date for D.J., and Danny takes Becky's suggestion to date a TV camera operator named Bernadette. But then Danny and D.J. inadvertantly go to the same restaurant with their dates, and D.J'.s and Danny's partners take off together. D.J. then meets a friendly waiter, and helping an old lady in the restaurant pays off for Danny. Meanwhile, Jesse prepares Nicky and Alex to celebrate Mother's Day, and Nicky and Alex start celebrating a day early.

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s07e23 / Too Little Richard Too Late

11th May '94 - 12:00am
Too Little Richard Too Late

Teaser: Joey shows the twins how to use scissors safely. Main Synopsis: Michelle's favorite part of school, the arts program, has been cancelled because of budget cuts. At a PTA meeting, Danny and Joey stand up for the arts program, and Danny nominates Joey for PTA president. His opponent, Mrs. Carruthers, won't give up without a fight, but with the help of Denise's uncle Richard (played by Little Richard), Joey becomes the co-president of the PTA with Mrs. Carruthers, and they decide that the arts program, which is a favorite among a lot of the students, should be brought back to the school.

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s07e24 / A House Divided

18th May '94 - 12:00am
A House Divided

Teaser: Inside the house, Jesse and Becky give Nicky and Alex a playset that was manufactured to be used outside. Main Synopsis: When the family starts complaining that there is not enough room in the house for 9 people, they consider finding other places to live. Millionaire industrialist Lou Bond shows up wanting to buy the house from Danny, because Mr. Bond used to live in the house before the Tanners moved in years ago, and it's the house that Mr. Bond grew up in. Michelle is the only one who is against the idea of selling the house and moving out of it, so she tries everything to stop the sale from happening. With the help of her friends, Michelle succeeds. Everyone realizes that this house has been a part of the family for years. It's more than just walls and a roof - it's their lives, where they have had so many good times together. With this to think about, Danny decides to not sell the house.

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