Season 1

s01e01 / Space Pilot 3000

29th Mar '99 - 3:00am
Space Pilot 3000

Due to an unforeseen incident, pizza delivery boy Philip J. Fry becomes frozen in a cryogenics lab. When he awakes 1000 years later, he's more than happy to have left behind his dismal past. He meets with an alien, Leela, to receive his permanent career assignment as a delivery boy. Fry refuses to perform the same job that had dissatisfied him in his old life, so he runs away. With the help of a robot friend, Bender, he attempts to permanently escape from Leela and her reminder of the loser he once was.

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s01e02 / The Series Has Landed

5th Apr '99 - 2:00am
The Series Has Landed

The Planet Express crew receives a package to deliver to the moon's amusement park. Fry can't wait to spend the day there at Luna Park, so the crew begrudgingly caters to his excitement needs. Leela even takes him on the Lunar Rover ride for a chance to see the real moon, but this proves to be unsatisfying. Fry derails the car from its track to really experience the moon, but the two run into some unexpected trouble. Meanwhile, Bender gets thrown out of Luna Park and runs into some trouble of his own with a farmer's robot daughters.

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s01e03 / I, Roommate

7th Apr '99 - 2:00am
I, Roommate

Everyone agrees that Fry's unsanitary and disrespectful lifestyle is interrupting business, and they are forced to throw him out. He seeks refuge with Bender, whose robot apartment is far too small to be suitable for a human's inhabitance. Leela offers to help the two find a new apartment, and they find the perfect place. It has the one thing Fry wants most, a big-screen TV. However, when he and Bender sit down to watch their favorite show, they come upon a depressing revelation. Bender is pushed into depression, leaving Fry to decide if losing his best friend is worth it for his dream home.

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s01e04 / Love's Labors Lost in Space

14th Apr '99 - 2:00am
Love's Labors Lost in Space

The crew receives a mission to go to Vergon 6 and rescue the animals living there. The planet, once filled with dark matter, has been completely mined and is on the verge of collapsing. On the way, they spot Captain Zapp Brannigan's ship. Leela raves about Zapp's accomplishments, but he soon reveals himself to be a pompous jerk. He refuses to help them in their rescue mission, and when they try to leave, Zapp has the entire crew imprisoned. In order to deal with Leela and get his way, he calls her up to his room in hopes of seducing her.

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s01e05 / Fear of a Bot Planet

21st Apr '99 - 2:00am
Fear of a Bot Planet

The crew is out watching a game of blernsball when Bender notes that the robots are only employed as service workers to do the 'crap work.' He grows increasingly upset by this, but his anger is interrupted by Hermes' report of a package that arrived. The crew returns home and learns that the package's destination is Chapek 9. Because the planet is inhabited by robots that hug humans on sight, only Bender can make the actual delivery. Unfortunately, the robots discover that he came with humans. Leela and Fry must go save him, even though he might not be as helpless as they think.

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s01e06 / A Fishful of Dollars

28th Apr '99 - 2:00am
A Fishful of Dollars

Bender gets arrested for trying to steal cans of robot oil, and Fry has to bail him out. Short on cash, he visits the bank, curious if his account is still open. Not only is it still open, but his balance has reached the amount of .3 billion. After much celebration, Fry treats his friends to pizza, but he's awestruck to discover that anchovies, his favorite topping, have gone extinct. He tries to win the last can in existence at an auction. However, Mom, the most powerful person in the world, bids against him. She will do anything to get those anchovies, for they're worth much more than Fry realizes.

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s01e07 / My Three Suns

5th May '99 - 2:00am
My Three Suns

The Professor sends the crew to planet Trisol for a delivery. Bender finally fulfills his secret dream of being a chef and prepares dinner for everyone during the trip. When they arrive, Fry is instructed not to touch anything, but Trisol is sweltering and Bender's salty meal has made him even more thirsty. When he arrives at the palace, he spots a bottle of water by the throne. He quickly finishes it off as two pools of water morph into two guards. They inform Fry that since he just drank the emperor, he will be their new ruler. Unfortunately, his reign may be shorter than originally implied.

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s01e08 / A Big Piece of Garbage

12th May '99 - 2:00am
A Big Piece of Garbage

Tonight is the annual inventors symposium, and the Professor is hoping that his invention is good enough to win the prize and beat Dr. Wernstrom. He presents the Smelloscope, a device that allows one to smell distant objects. Though he is laughed off the stage by his peers, the crew tests it out back at the Planet Express. Fry discovers what is believed to be the smelliest object in the universe. They learn that the object is a giant ball of garbage that was rocketed into outer space fifty years ago. Now, it's up to the Planet Express crew to figure out how to stop the garbage ball before it crashes to the earth and destroys New New York.

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s01e09 / Hell Is Other Robots

19th May '99 - 2:00am
Hell Is Other Robots

After a Beastie Boys Heads concert at Madison Cube Garden, Bender goes on a bender and gets hooked on power surges. His life begins a downward spiral until he finds salvation at the Temple of Robotology. Having found religion, his polite behavior becomes so irritating to his friends that they begin to tempt him with his old vices. When he finally succumbs and returns to his old ways, he is banished to Robot Hell where, in a musical extravaganza, he faces the Robot Devil and endures tortures unimaginable to man.

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