Season 5

s05e01 / Crimes of the Hot

11th Nov '02 - 3:00am
Crimes of the Hot

As Earth is unable to counter its rising temperature through the usual method (the dropping of a giant ice cube into the ocean), Gore leads an emergency conference in Kyoto, Japan, where Professor Farnsworth claims responsibility for the crisis. It seems love detoured him from observing proper emission standards on his prototype robot, and that could necessitate the destruction of all its 'descendants.' That includes Bender, who resigns himself to having a farewell blowout before being blown up.

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s05e02 / Jurassic Bark

18th Nov '02 - 3:00am
Jurassic Bark

Fry and Bender discover that the exact pizzeria Fry worked at before coming to the 30th century is on display as part of a 20th century exhibit at the Museum of Natural History. Fry is horrified when he sees his dog, Seymour, petrified among the artifacts in the exhibit. Fry reacts with protest and learns that there is a possibility to clone his 'best friend' back to life. Bender perceives Seymour as a threat to his friendship with Fry and gets his own Robo-puppy as competition.

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s05e03 / The Route of All Evil

9th Dec '02 - 3:00am
The Route of All Evil

Cubert - the clone of the Professor - and Dwight - Hermes' son - are suspended from school for illegal use of the AV equipment. Upon their return to the Planet Express, they form a business -- a competing delivery company that threatens the existence of Planet Express. Meanwhile, Leela, Fry and Bender brew up a batch of homemade beer.

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s05e04 / A Taste of Freedom

23rd Dec '02 - 3:00am
A Taste of Freedom

Dr. Zoidberg is accused of flag desecration when, at a Washington D.C. celebration, he cannot restrain himself from eating a large flag. After Zoidberg is sentenced to death, his people send an invasion force to enslave the people of Earth and teach them the meaning of freedom.

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s05e05 / Kif Gets Knocked Up a Notch

13th Jan '03 - 3:00am
Kif Gets Knocked Up a Notch

Amy's romance with Kif Kroker takes a twist when an unexpected pregnancy occurs -- he being the pregnant one. As Amy questions her commitment to the squishy green alien, Kif must return to his ancient, mysterious homeworld to give birth in the same muddy swamp where he was born.

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s05e06 / Less Than Hero

3rd Mar '03 - 3:00am
Less Than Hero

Suffering from aches and pains, Fry and Leela turn to Dr. Zoidberg who gives them a 'miracle cream' that he bought long ago from a traveling salesman. Lo and behold, when they try it out, it actually is a miracle cream that gives them superpowers. Fry and Leela decide to become super heroes with Bender as the third member of their team.

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s05e07 / Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles

31st Mar '03 - 3:00am
Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles

When Fry and the Planet Express gang realize that at 161 years old, the Professor has become too crotchety to handle, they decide he needs to be 'youth-a-sized'. Traveling to an asteroid, they register the Professor at a posh resort where their full-body bath in searing hot tar is guaranteed to turn back the clock. Through a series of unfortunate accidents, the bath covers not only the Professor but also everyone else and all are affected by the treatment. Back at Planet Express, a now 53-year-old Professor tries to keep a now 13-year-old Fry and other kids under control while looking for a way to reverse the effects of the tar treatment. Meanwhile, 'the kids' all react to their newfound youth, including Leela, who decides she could have a taste of the childhood she never had as an orphan.

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s05e08 / The Why of Fry

7th Apr '03 - 2:00am
The Why of Fry

When Leela gets swept off her feet by Chaz, an aide to the Mayor, Fry falls into a deep funk thinking that she could never like a non-important guy. Adding to Fry's funk, a bizarre genetic abnormality is discovered that qualifies him for a mission to save the universe. While on this mission, we learn what really happened on Dec. 31, 1999, the night Fry was frozen. Meanwhile, Chaz leaves a bad impression while on a skating date with Leela, causing her to realize that Fry means much more to her than she ever knew.

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s05e09 / The Sting

2nd Jun '03 - 2:00am
The Sting

After arriving at an asteroid field in deep space, Fry, Leela and Bender attempt to collect honey produced by vicious space bees. Leela decides to take a baby queen bee that incidentally kills Fry! While at Fry's funeral, guilt ridden Leela has a romantic dream that causes her to believe that Fry is still alive. As Leela's bizarre dreams continue to develop, she sinks into a much stranger sleep.

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s05e10 / The Farnsworth Parabox

9th Jun '03 - 2:00am
The Farnsworth Parabox

When the Professor conducts an experiment so hideous that he wants his apparatus destroyed in the thermonuclear inferno of the sun, he has Leela guard the two-foot cubic box overnight so that no one opens it and sets it off. Fry and Bender try their best to sneak a peek but it is Leela who finally gives in and opens the box. Drawn into the power of the box, Leela is thrown into a parallel universe, which has duplicates of the Planet Express gang - including Leela.

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s05e11 / Three Hundred Big Boys

16th Jun '03 - 2:00am
Three Hundred Big Boys

As a result of Zapp Brannigan's victory over the Arachnid homeworld, Richard Nixon's head gives everyone a 0 refund from the silk surplus. Leela, the Professor, Bender, and Fry find wacky ways to spend the money. When things gets too hot at Zapp's celebration dinner, Fry saves the day.

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s05e12 / Spanish Fry

14th Jul '03 - 2:00am
Spanish Fry

When the Planet Express gang goes camping in the woods for their company outing and Fry goes searching for an encounter with his favorite legendary figure, Bigfoot -- he is beamed aboard a spaceship and returned the next day without a nose. Fry learns that humans everywhere have been losing their noses and aliens are profiting for the sale of 'human horns.' A suggestion from Leela and a surprise visitor aim at keeping the human face safe.

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s05e13 / Bend Her

21st Jul '03 - 2:00am
Bend Her

Bender faces his greatest challenge when he tricks his way into the 3004 Earth Olympian by getting a sex change and wins several events, but he must endure the final and most revealing test to receive his medals. When Bender has a date with a major robot celebrity, Calculon, he sees this as an opportunity to be wined and dined like never before. When Bender realizes there's an inequity of feelings, he enlists Fry's and Leela's help to stage a 'soap opera death'.

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s05e14 / Obsoletely Fabulous

28th Jul '03 - 2:00am
Obsoletely Fabulous

When Fry, Bender and the Planet Express gang attend Roboticon 3003 - the world's largest robot trade show - the Professor purchases the new 'Robot 1-X', which threatens to render Bender obsolete. Feeling inadequate, Bender returns to MomCorp for an upgrade, but becomes terrified that the procedure will erase his robo-humanity. In desperation, he escapes from the factory and becomes a castaway on a tropical island that seems uninhabited... or is it? Violence ensues.

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s05e15 / Bender Should Not Be Allowed on Television

4th Aug '03 - 2:00am
Bender Should Not Be Allowed on Television

When a young star of the hit robot soap opera 'All My Circuits' literally falls to pieces, Bender seizes his chance for stardom. Along with Fry and Leela, Bender sabotages the auditions and secures a spot on the show. As a result of Bender's misbehavior, the Nielsen numbers rise, making Bender a star. When a new group, Fathers Against Rude Television (or F.A.R.T.) plans a Million Dad March to protest his character, Bender realizes his effect on kids.

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s05e16 / The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings

11th Aug '03 - 2:00am
The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings

Fry, in an effort to win Leela's love, makes a deal with the Robot Devil to become a gifted musician. He has tried to take Holophonor lessons, but his teacher claimed he had 'stupid fingers.' Bender realizes that the Robot Devil is the only one to help. Fry makes a deal only to regret it immediately as it comes with a hefty price.

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