Season 2

s02e01 / A Flight to Remember

27th Sep '99 - 2:00am
A Flight to Remember

This year's company vacation will take place on the maiden voyage of the Titanic, captained by Zapp Brannigan. To avoid his unwanted seduction, Leela lies of an engagement to Fry. Zapp isn't the only one being misled about romantic involvements. Amy's parents are also aboard the ship, and she's pressured into telling them she has a new boyfriend, Fry. Amidst all the love lies, Bender woos a beautiful robot, the Countess de la Roca. Meanwhile, Zapp's arbitrary decision to deviate from the planned course of travel might cause history to repeat itself as the Titanic hits some obstacles along the way.

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s02e02 / Mars University

4th Oct '99 - 2:00am
Mars University

The Professor instructs the crew to deliver his newest experiment to his office at Mars University. While there, Bender relives his frivolous college days with his robot fraternity, Epsilon Rho Rho. Fry also gets nostalgiac and fondly recalls dropping out of college. He's determined to prove he can drop out of college by 30th-century standards, so he enrolls at the university. His excitement diminishes quickly upon meeting his roommate Gunter, the Professor's experimental monkey. Guenter's hat is more than just fashionable; it gives him enhanced intelligence, making Fry increasingly envious.

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s02e03 / When Aliens Attack

8th Nov '99 - 3:00am
When Aliens Attack

Back in the 20th century, Fry accidentally destroyed a television transmitter, cutting off the last episode of Single Female Lawyer. Omicron Persei 8, one thousand light years away from earth, received the broadcast one thousand years later. Oblivious to the upset this has caused the Omicronians, the Planet Express crew goes to the beach for a vacation day. Their fun is cut short by an alien attack. Lrrr, leader of Planet Omicron Persei 8, demands to see the conclusion of the show or else he will destroy the Earth. With no remaining copies of the show in existence, everyone's fate depends on Fry and his extensive television knowledge.

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s02e04 / Fry & the Slurm Factory

15th Nov '99 - 3:00am
Fry & the Slurm Factory

Fry becomes obsessed with winning a contest sponsored by his favorite drink, Slurm. He goes through many cans in order to try and find the golden bottlecap hidden inside one of them, using the Professor's latest invention, the F-ray, to help. Finally, Fry is successful and wins a VIP tour of the Slurm factory for him and the rest of the crew, as well as the chance to party with Slurms MacKenzie. Along the tour, everyone becomes curious as to what Slurm's secret ingredient is. Fry, however, is more concerned with quenching his thirst. When he accidentally falls into the Slurm river trying to sneak a sip, Leela and Bender jump in after him. The three end up discovering the disgusting truth behind Slurm.

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s02e05 / I Second That Emotion

22nd Nov '99 - 3:00am
I Second That Emotion

Bender becomes envious of all the attention that Nibbler has been receiving. The annoyance culminates when Nibbler devours Bender's homemade cake before he can gloriously unveil it. To get rid of the pest once and for all, Bender carelessly flushes Nibbler down the toilet. Leela is heartbroken and rightfully accuses Bender of lacking remorse. However, the Professor has a way to make Bender experience human emotion. He installs an empathy chip and sets it to Leela's emotional frequency so that Bender can understand her loss. Motivated by misery, Bender heads to the sewers to bring back the missing pet and to put an end to his new-found regret, unaware of the dangerous mutants that inhabit the underground.

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s02e06 / Brannigan Begin Again

29th Nov '99 - 3:00am
Brannigan Begin Again

The crew is to deliver a pair of scissors to DOOP's new headquarters in the Neutral Zone for the ribbon-cutting ceremony. Zapp, who is supposed to cut the ribbon, attempts to do it from afar with his ship's laser and accidentally blows up the headquarters. As punishment, Zapp and Kif are dismissed from DOOP. They take to the streets and eventually end up on the doorstep of Planet Express. The Professor gives them their first assignment, a delivery to the high-gravity planet of Stumbos 4. Angry with Leela's constant orders, Zapp convinces Fry and Bender to stage a coup that places himself as the captain. Unfortunately, they soon find out how inept Zapp is, though it may be too late.

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s02e07 / A Head in the Polls

13th Dec '99 - 3:00am
A Head in the Polls

Election day is drawing nearer, but Fry and Bender are unmoved by politics. While Leela convinces Fry to register to vote, Bender sees something on TV that does interest him. He learns that a titanium mine collapsed, causing the price of titanium to increase. Bender sees this as an opportunity to make some cash by selling his body, firmly convinced that life without a body is worth it for the money. He visits the Head Museum but starts to miss his body when Nixon reminisces about his own. Determined to reunite with his body, Bender sets out to buy it back. He is startled to discover that it has already been sold. He's even more surprised when he sees Nixon on TV announcing his candidacy, using Bender's body as his own!

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s02e08 / Xmas Story

20th Dec '99 - 3:00am
Xmas Story

While the crew takes a vacation skiing, Fry becomes depressed by how much Christmas has changed in the future. Besides the difference in pronunciation and the extinction of pine trees, jolly St. Nick is now a man to be feared. It's Fry's first Christmas away from home, and he has no one to share it with. Leela is also feeling lonely; growing up as an orphan has left her with no family to share the holiday. Fry is determined to cheer her up, so he goes out to find her the perfect gift. Everyone warns him to be back by sundown lest he be killed by Santa. But when Fry's gift, a pet parrot, escapes, he neglects their warning trying to capture it. Leela then learns of his absence and runs out to get Fry before Santa Claus does. The two unite to confront the Xmas enemy.

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s02e09 / Why Must I Be a Crustacean in Love

7th Feb '00 - 3:00am
Why Must I Be a Crustacean in Love

Dr. Zoidberg undergoes some dramatic changes when his species enters its mating season. But, when the crew travels to his home planet, the doctor discovers he needs to learn a great deal about love and women.

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s02e10 / Put Your Head on My Shoulder

14th Feb '00 - 3:00am
Put Your Head on My Shoulder

Fry finds his flirtation with Amy heating up, until Amy becomes too serious about the relationship. Fry attempts to break things off just before Valentine's Day, but he's interrupted when the car he, Amy and Dr Zoidberg are in crashes. As a result, Fry's head becomes separated from the rest of his body. But thanks to Dr. Zoidberg's quick thinking, Fry's life is saved when his head is grafted onto Amy's body, forcing them to spend Valentine's Day together whether they want to or not.

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s02e11 / Lesser of Two Evils

21st Feb '00 - 3:00am
Lesser of Two Evils

The Professor hires Flexo -- a new robot who, despite a goatee, is an exact duplicate of Bender -- as extra security when the crew is asked to take a valuable jeweled tiara to the Miss Universe Contest. When the tiara turns up missing, Fry suspects Flexo and starts a cat-and-mouse chase throughout the pageant with Bob Barker guest starring as himself.

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s02e12 / Raging Bender

28th Feb '00 - 3:00am
Raging Bender

When Bender goes to the movies, he ends up wrestling around to get a better view. While brawling, he gets discovered and signs on as the featured attraction in the brutal Ultimate Robot Fighting League -- with some knock-out results.

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s02e13 / A Bicyclops Built for Two

20th Mar '00 - 3:00am
A Bicyclops Built for Two

When Leela discovers that she is not the last cyclops in the Universe, she makes plans to meet with Alkazar, a male cyclops who tells Leela how she became the last female of their race. When Leela accepts Alkazar's marriage proposal, Fry tries to convince her that Alkazar is all wrong for her and Fry and Bender set out to gather evidence before Leela walks down the aisle.

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s02e14 / How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back

3rd Apr '00 - 2:00am
How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back

Hermes, the bureaucrat assigned to the Planet Express, is on the fast track to promotion until he starts to crack under pressure and is sent away in vacation. In his place, Morgan Proctor (Nora Dunn), an attractive woman and orderly bureaucrat arrives and immediately becomes romantically entangled with Fry. When Bender discovers their secret and threatens to tell their co-workers, Morgan panics and disables his memory disk.

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s02e15 / A Clone of My Own

10th Apr '00 - 2:00am
A Clone of My Own

While at his 150th birthday surprise party, Professor Farnsworth is surprised by his age and that it's time for retirement. Questioning his accomplishments and seeking more in life, he revives his clone, Cubert, a 12-year-old boy. But the forlorn Farnsworth realizes that Cubert is just another failed experiment, and decides to accept his fate.

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s02e16 / The Deep South

17th Apr '00 - 2:00am
The Deep South

A day off from work, the crew aboard the Planet Express Spaceship goes fishing. When Bender fashions a gigantic hook catching a gigantic fish, he causes the ship to sink. Once submerged, the crew finds an ancient sunken city habitated by mermaids and mermen. Fry is the first to contact them - and one of them in a romantic way.

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s02e17 / Bender Gets Made

1st May '00 - 2:00am
Bender Gets Made

When Bender cannot pay the bill after an extremely expensive meal, he offers to work it off in the kitchen. While he's working he is introduced to the secret robot mafia who cooks up a plan for Bender to participate in a Zuban Cigar heist. Bender is dished a deal that hits closer to home.

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s02e18 / The Problem with Popplers

8th May '00 - 2:00am
The Problem with Popplers

When the Planet Express crew lands on a previously undiscovered plant, they find that it is covered in a new and delicious animal life form which they call 'popplers'. These edible and highly addictive 'popplers' soon become a new business venture for the crew as Earthlings just can't seem to get enough of these delicacies. The dreaded Omnicrons reveal just what these 'popplers' actually are, and seek restitution for Earth's 'poppler' consumption.

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s02e19 / Mother's Day

15th May '00 - 2:00am
Mother's Day

It's Mother's Day in the year 3000 and the robots celebrate the occasion by lavishing presents on Mom, who happens to be the beloved founder of Mom's Friendly Robot Company. When Mom enlists the robots in a revolution to take over the world and make her Queen for Mother's Day, she instructs the robots to turn against their human masters. Realizing that Mom seeks world domination, Professor Farnsworth's seductive moves are made to save the humans.

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s02e20 / Anthology of Interest I

22nd May '00 - 2:00am
Anthology of Interest I

When Professor Farnsworth invents a 'what if' machine, each member of the gang poses a question to this new machine to receive video-simulated answer. What if Bender was 500 feet tall, Leela was more impulsive and Fry never woke up in Y3K? In three separate stories, Bender, Leela and Fry each find out what would happen if their lives were different, and Vice President Al Gore, physicist Stephen Hawking and actress Nichelle Nichols join forces to help Fry.

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