Season 1

s01e01 / The Clan Savastano

6th May '14 - 9:10pm
The Clan Savastano

Ciro Di Marzio, right hand man of clan boss Pietro Savastano, and Ciro's fatherly friend Attilio set fire to Salvatore Conte's home to cut Salvatore down to size - him, the ruthless upcoming contender on the Savastano clan's turf.

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s01e02 / Do You Trust Me?

6th May '14 - 10:00pm
Do You Trust Me?

Ciro knows the time for revenge has not yet come, for the next major problem he has to deal with is always waiting around the corner. Like the bust of the Savastano cocaine shipment at the port of Naples where the whistleblower must be found.

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s01e03 / The Mother and Home

13th May '14 - 9:10pm
The Mother and Home

Behind bars in Poggioreale, the boss Pietro experiences the strict rules of the prison and the cruelty of the Commander. Meanwhile, Cyrus and Genny manage the urgent business of the clan.

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s01e04 / African Blood

13th May '14 - 10:00pm
African Blood

With Pietro gone, it is Imma who surprisingly starts to take care of business. With a couple of clever moves and a lot of courage she is suddenly in the pole position. Ciro has to take his orders from her now, with particular concern to her son Genny.

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s01e05 / The Roar of the Lioness

20th May '14 - 9:10pm
The Roar of the Lioness

Imma convinces Genny to go on a mission to the clan's drug-trafficking sources in Honduras, Ciro leaves for Spain. His assignment is to find Conte and negotiate a truce between the clans. Ciro returns to Naples only to realize nothing is as it was before.

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s01e06 / Spanish Roulette

20th May '14 - 10:00pm
Spanish Roulette

Ciro realizes Imma had sent him away to pave her own road to power. Disapproving of the way she runs business, he sets up his own operation, to demean Imma's role within the clan. But Imma has learned quite well how to play the power-game herself.

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s01e07 / Imma Against All

27th May '14 - 9:10pm
Imma Against All

It has become clear that Imma has Pietro's blessing and Ciro realizes that his strategy must once again be to toe the line while Imma starts to restructure the Savastano business empire. But things are bound to change when Genny returns from Honduras.

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s01e08 / White Card

27th May '14 - 10:00pm
White Card

Genny has strikingly changed and no longer needs his family or his mentor Ciro. He takes matters into his own hands. Keeping Ciro at a distance, Genny might just have to be careful when he demands subordination and loyalty. Does Ciro have a secret agenda?.

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s01e09 / Gelsomina Verde

3rd Jun '14 - 9:10pm
Gelsomina Verde

Genny plans to lead the gang towards a bright and prosperous future, but Ciro tries to stop this by sending someone to hug Salvatore Conte's right-hand man in Naples. Genny sends out word that he had nothing to do with the hit, fully aware of its potentially disastrous consequences: for him and the entire clan.

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s01e10 / Now We Get Conte

3rd Jun '14 - 10:00pm
Now We Get Conte

Major bloodshed, if not all-out war, is imminent as Conte returns to Naples to avenge Giuliano's hug, and Ciro weaves his web further around Genny to distract him from the coup he is plotting. Imma receives a visit from Daniele's desperate mother, who begs her to spare her son's life - but Conte also has him in his sights.

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s01e11 / 100 Ways to Kill

10th Jun '14 - 9:10pm
100 Ways to Kill

Genny is cornered when the Savastanos' rivals rally around Conte to help exact revenge for Daniele's death, and he also faces trouble within his own ranks as a deadly battle erupts between his supporters and the old lieutenants. Imma is forced to intervene and manages to establish a fragile order within the clan, as well as realising that Ciro is behind this war.

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s01e12 / The Immortals

10th Jun '14 - 10:00pm
The Immortals

War breaks out on the streets of Naples and Ciro flees to Rome with his wife and daughter as both clans barricade themselves in their apartment bunkers, entering into a lethal stalemate. Meanwhile, a vengeful Genny hunts down Ciro, intent on seeking justice for his betrayal.

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