Season 2

s02e01 / My Life

10th May '16 - 9:10pm
My Life

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s02e02 / Blood and Tears

10th May '16 - 10:00pm
Blood and Tears

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s02e03 / Mea culpa

17th May '16 - 9:10pm
Mea culpa

Meanwhile, in Naples a new 'government' has been set up since the Savastano clan was driven out. The strong man of the new alliance - due to his charisma and military and strategic power - is Conte.

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s02e04 / Hyena Scent

17th May '16 - 10:00pm
Hyena Scent

Scianel's drug courier gets robbed by a group of boys, including Angelo Sepono. Menawhile, the Alliance has called a meeting to address the issue of Don Pietro's return. The general consensus is to find and destroy their enemy.

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s02e05 / Eyes to Eyes

24th May '16 - 9:10pm
Eyes to Eyes

The clan of the Camorra Savastano, under the command of Peter, a boss Secondigliano feared and respected by all, is one of the most powerful and influential in the area

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s02e06 / O Track

24th May '16 - 10:00pm
O Track

The men of the Rione dei Fiori are prisoners in their own homes and every single one of them, Don Pietro included, are powerless and seething with rage.

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s02e07 / The Prince and the Dwarf

31st May '16 - 9:10pm
The Prince and the Dwarf

Pietro Savastano silently and discretely watches events unfold, ready to pounce at any moment. He is determined to break up the Alliance and has decided to target O'Principe, who is the richest and most envied of all the Alliance bosses.

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s02e08 / Divide and Conquer

31st May '16 - 10:00pm
Divide and Conquer

Ciro walks into the bar where an Alliance meeting is held. O'Nano is the only one missing, the one person everyone suspects, they are all convinced that he killed O'Principe and are demanding that steps be taken.

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s02e09 / Seven Years

7th Jun '16 - 9:10pm
Seven Years

Genny arrives back from Honduras, where he has negotiated deals to supply the Alliance. Ciro is waiting for him at the airport with some bad news.

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s02e10 / Ghosts

7th Jun '16 - 10:00pm

Ciro is increasingly isolated. Scianel has turned her back on him and gone back to Don Pietro. The Savastano side is consolidating, while the Alliance is wavering. But now Pietro's problems are coming from within the clan.

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s02e11 / In Joy and In Sorrow

14th Jun '16 - 9:10pm
In Joy and In Sorrow

Pietro prepares to take back control once and for all, as Ciro decides to go into hiding. Meanwhile in Rome, Avitable suffers a complication in his business.

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s02e12 / The End of the Day

14th Jun '16 - 10:00pm
The End of the Day

Ciro prepares for all-out war with the Savastano clan, but Pietro finds a way to get to deal his enemy a devastating blow.

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