Season 4

s04e01 / Season 4, Episode 1

29th Mar '19 - 9:10pm
Season 4, Episode 1

The death of Ciro tells Genny that the time has come to change his life. Having avoided the war with the Capaccio brothers thanks to the intervention of Uncle, the powerful boss of the hinterland Don Gerlando Levante, Gennaro leaves everything in the hands of his trusted Patrizia. Meanwhile, Enzo calls himself out of the game: he got what he wanted, but he also lost more than he thought he could lose.

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s04e02 / Season 4, Episode 2

29th Mar '19 - 10:00pm
Season 4, Episode 2

A year after Ciro's death, Genny reinvented himself as an entrepreneur. He wants to carry out a great project, but moving into the 'clean' world is harder than expected.

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s04e03 / Season 4, Episode 3

5th Apr '19 - 9:10pm
Season 4, Episode 3

Patrizia is the leader of the clan that supplies the rest of the Camorra families of Naples: the Capaccos and the boys from Forcella. But she has a secret that links her to the Levant clan.

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s04e04 / Season 4, Episode 4

5th Apr '19 - 10:00pm
Season 4, Episode 4

Genny and his colleague Resta leave for London to acquire the company that will take care of his new project, but he will be obliged to confront the demons of his past.

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s04e05 / Season 4, Episode 5

12th Apr '19 - 9:10pm
Season 4, Episode 5

To avoid a new war between the clans, Patrizia will have to prove that she has learned what it means to be the leader of the most powerful clan in Naples.

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s04e06 / Season 4, Episode 6

12th Apr '19 - 10:00pm
Season 4, Episode 6

Someone in the shadows wants to use Nicola, Patrizia's right hand, to question the power structures Genny wanted and set fire to the streets of Naples.

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s04e07 / Season 4, Episode 7

19th Apr '19 - 9:10pm
Season 4, Episode 7

The general discontent of the Forcella clan begins to undermine the leadership of Sangue Blu. From whom will Enzo have to look to prove he is a real leader?

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s04e08 / Season 4, Episode 8

19th Apr '19 - 10:00pm
Season 4, Episode 8

An unforeseen event that drags Genny's new company into the spotlight is likely to blow up the construction of the entire airport.

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s04e09 / Season 4, Episode 9

26th Apr '19 - 9:10pm
Season 4, Episode 9

The Capaccos decide to conquer Forcella with harsh attacks on Blue Blood and his men. The most unpredictable of allies will help him.

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s04e10 / Season 4, Episode 10

26th Apr '19 - 10:00pm
Season 4, Episode 10

Patrizia has finally discovered who is behind all her misfortunes. Now she must choose: give in to the patriarchate of the Levant clan or start a war?

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s04e11 / Season 4, Episode 11

3rd May '19 - 9:10pm
Season 4, Episode 11

Mickey Levante now has to choose who to take sides with. Genny, who had left Secondigliano in Patrizia command to pacify Naples, begins to be no longer certain of his choice.

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s04e12 / Season 4, Episode 12

3rd May '19 - 10:00pm
Season 4, Episode 12

It's time for choices. Who will reign over the smoldering ruins of Naples bloodied by the clan war?

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