Hell's Kitchen (US)
Season 5

s05e01 / 16 Chefs Compete

30th Jan '09 - 2:00am
16 Chefs Compete Summary

Season five begins with Chef Ramsey ordering each contestant to cook up their best dish. But all does not go well. The show has the most ever chefs this season with 16, and is unwieldy, which makes one member of each team responsible for busing tables. And for one, it is a disaster. The kitchen proves to be worse. The winner gets a executive-chef position with an Atlantic City, hotel.

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s05e02 / 15 Chefs Compete

6th Feb '09 - 2:00am
15 Chefs Compete Summary

Chef Ramsey puts the Red and Blue teams in a new challenge, which causes tempers to flare and will result in the dismissal of one more contestant.

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s05e03 / 14 Chefs Compete

20th Feb '09 - 2:00am
14 Chefs Compete Summary

Chef Ramsey has the remaining 14 chefs make a visit to the meat locker to learn about every cut of beef, then gives them a challenge by declaring the kitchen a steak house for the night.

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s05e04 / 13 Chefs Compete

27th Feb '09 - 2:00am
13 Chefs Compete Summary

50 young football players and cheerleaders will be served breakfast by the 13 remaining chefs. One team runs short on eggs, and 1 more chef is released.

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s05e05 / 12 Chefs Compete

6th Mar '09 - 2:00am
12 Chefs Compete Summary

After sending the chefs to an Asian market, Chef Ramsay challenges them to create three Asian-fusion dishes utilizing poultry, seafood and beef. The teams then present their dishes for judging by Chef Ramsay and Tanya Steel, Editor-in-Chief of Epicurious.com. The following night, the teams go head-to-head at dinner service, and tensions run high as chefs from both teams crack under pressure. Chef Ramsay throws in a last-minute twist before sending the losing chef home.

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s05e06 / 11 Chefs Compete

13th Mar '09 - 2:00am
11 Chefs Compete Summary

The remaining 11 chefs are challenged to cook variations of the three favorite foods of the honoree for his Bar Mitzvah. The dinner service seems to go well, but not for one contestant.

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s05e07 / 10 Chefs Compete

20th Mar '09 - 2:00am
10 Chefs Compete Summary

Chef Ramsay challenges the teams to create delicious tapas style, or small portioned, dishes out of left-overs. At dinner service, one chef's performance nearly takes both teams down and the lack of unity on the Blue Team leaves Chef Ramsay fuming.

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s05e08 / 9 Chefs Compete

27th Mar '09 - 1:00am
9 Chefs Compete Summary

Chef Ramsay challenges the team's palates in a blind taste testing. In a packed dinner service, anxiety is higher than usual when celebrities Eric McCormack and Robert Patrick stop by.

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s05e09 / 8 Chefs Compete

3rd Apr '09 - 1:00am
8 Chefs Compete Summary

Each team member is asked to create a dish using King Crab, but only one dish can be selected to represent them in front of Chef Ramsay. Both teams have a chance to show off the creativity in the kitchen when they get to create their own menus for dinner service, but internal conflicts cause chaos in the kitchens.

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s05e10 / 7 Chefs Compete

10th Apr '09 - 1:00am
7 Chefs Compete Summary

The six remaining chefs are on their own now that Chef Ramsey has dissolved the teams. This week's challenge is for the chefs to use 14 simple ingredients in a dish. Later, the chefs will once again need to work as one for dinner service, but things heat up and one chef finds themselves in need of medical attention.

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s05e11 / 6 Chefs Compete

17th Apr '09 - 1:00am
6 Chefs Compete Summary

Chef Ramsay sends the remaining chefs off to New Jersey to dine in the Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa, where one of them will be running a restaurant. When the chefs return, they are asked to create their signature dish which they would serve in their restaurant should they win.

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s05e12 / 5 Chefs Compete

24th Apr '09 - 1:00am
5 Chefs Compete Summary

The chef's taste buds are put to the test when Chef Ramsay prepares three dishes for them to try. They are then given thirty minutes to prepare just one of the dishes, the fish stew, identifying the ingredients only by taste. The winner enjoys an afternoon with Ramsay, taking an amazing ride in a bi-plane. The losing chefs are punished with polishing crystal and cutlery, cleaning the carpets and prepping for the evening's service. During the dinner service Chef Ramsay tells them they need make it all the way through not only for themselves, but for one of their guests, who plans to propose to girlfriend during the dessert course. Two chefs rise to the challenge, but two struggle throughout the night. One is ultimately eliminated and then Chef Ramsay announces a surprise, to be revealed in the next episode.

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s05e13 / 3 Chefs Compete

1st May '09 - 1:00am
3 Chefs Compete Summary

The remaining three chefs will be cooking up a meal for the 100 top chefs in L.A. The winner will make an appearance on FOX's local morning show, while the losers must clean and iron the Hell's Kitchen's linens and watch the winner on TV. At dinner service, each of the three must "run the pass", a test which only two can pass.

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s05e14 / 2 Chefs Compete

8th May '09 - 12:00am
2 Chefs Compete Summary

The final two chefs prepare for their ultimate challenge. They must design their restaurants as well as create a winning menu. But they won't be there to oversee the renovations- Chef Ramsay flies them back to the Borgata where they compete to wow the Hotel's CEO with their signature dish.

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s05e15 / Winner Announced

15th May '09 - 12:00am
Winner Announced Summary

The season 5 finale finds the remaining two chefs competing in their final dinner service competition. The winner will be named head-chef at a new restaurant at the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa in Atlantic City.

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