Season 1

s01e01 / The Con Is On

24th Feb '04 - 9:00pm
The Con Is On

Mickey "Bricks" Stone has just been released from prison, having served a sentence for attacking his wife's boyfriend. An expert at the "long con", he assembles his old team of fellow hustlers to pull off one last con before he retires for good.

His team is diverse, ranging from old hand Albert Stroller, to the alluring Stacie Monroe, and the jack-of-all-trades Ashley "3 Socks" Morgan. Their "mark" is a greedy business man and with the con all going to plan, short con player Danny Blue enters the picture to try and join the team and could jeopardize the score.

With the police hot on their trail, will Mickey and his crew be able to pull off the con successfully, or will Danny bring it all crashing down? One thing is for sure - the con is on.

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s01e02 / Faking It

2nd Mar '04 - 9:00pm
Faking It

Danny makes a big mistake and blows a con, which makes Mickey question if Danny is right for his crew. Albert is viciously beaten after cheating in a card game and the team decide to wreak revenge the only way that they know how - by playing the long con.
The stakes are higher than normal with Albert out of the picture. Can they pull off the con, or will the Mark, a ruthless and unhappy person, cause even more harm?

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s01e03 / Picture Perfect

9th Mar '04 - 9:00pm
Picture Perfect

Mickey Bricks and his team of con artists decide to dabble in the world of art this week, when they set up an elaborate scam to swindle a greedy gallery owner, by faking an early Mondrian painting.

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s01e04 / Cops and Robbers

16th Mar '04 - 9:00pm
Cops and Robbers

Mickey crosses paths with Victor Maher, ex-fraud squad officer, now head of security at a bank. Victor blackmails Mickey into doing something he normally wouldn't do.

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s01e05 / A Touch of Class

23rd Mar '04 - 9:00pm
A Touch of Class

Desperate for a lucrative con, the team decides to fleece a bitter, rich divorcee but Mickey's feelings for her begin to cloud the issue.

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s01e06 / The Last Gamble

30th Mar '04 - 8:00pm
The Last Gamble

In the season finale, Mickey and his team attempt one of the oldest, most ambitious cons - 'the wire'.

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