Season 3

s03e01 / Season 3 Episode 1

10th Mar '06 - 9:00pm
Season 3 Episode 1

Mickey's team is back in London, so the con is on. Just back from Las Vegas, the crew is a little low on funds, so they're eager to get back in the game. Their target? Benny Frazier.

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s03e02 / Season 3 Episode 2

17th Mar '06 - 9:00pm
Season 3 Episode 2

After two seasons of clashes of methods, Mickey and Danny finally put it all on the line. In a head-to-head competition, the two men are dropped naked in the middle of London and must use all of their skills as con men to make it through the day - whomever has acquired the highest monetary value of goods wins. The rub is that if Mickey loses, he declares that he'll hand over the role of leader to Danny. Are big changes a foot? Will Danny's moxie ultimately win him control of the crew?

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s03e03 / Season 3 Episode 3

24th Mar '06 - 9:00pm
Season 3 Episode 3

Fellow con-man James Whittaker Wright III enlists the help of the Hustle crew to avenge his legendary grifter grandfather's treatment by Cornfoots Merchant Bank. Posing as enterpreneurs and investors they try to get back at the bank by a massive con. But have the Hustle crew forgotten just how devious James Whittaker Wright III can be?

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s03e04 / Season 3 Episode 4

31st Mar '06 - 8:00pm
Season 3 Episode 4

One of Albert's long time concierge contacts, Harold, asks Albert to target a man who's caused a lot of suffering in the Asian community - Kulvinda Samar, a greedy sweatshop owner and ardent fan of Bollywood films. The gang agree to use a classic movie-investor con on Samar - given it's Bollywood they'll have a lot to learn, but as ever, they're determined to make it perfect.

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s03e05 / Season 3 Episode 5

7th Apr '06 - 8:00pm
Season 3 Episode 5

After a completely false expos in a newspaper, one of Stacie's friends attempts suicide out of shame the article caused. To help right this wrong, the Hustle crew decide to take down the men responsible - the editor Frances Owen and reporter Tim Millen.

The con? To convince these two muck-rakers that they have the biggest Royal scoop ever and that they'll be making headlines. Of course if Mickey and the gang have their way, their headlines will be a little different than the way they intended.

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s03e06 / Season 3 Episode 6

14th Apr '06 - 8:00pm
Season 3 Episode 6

The Hustle crew find themselves under the thumb of DCI York, an unconventional cop set on catching "The Ghost" - the legendary thief Adam Rice.

DCI York blackmails the gang into helping him, so they make contact with Rice and talk their way into his latest scam. While stealing from a country-house, they try to arrange for Rice to get caught red-handed. Can the Hustle gang escape this dodgy copper, or will York nick them all?

823 have watched this episode
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