Season 6

s06e01 / And This Little Piggy Had Money

4th Jan '10 - 9:00pm
And This Little Piggy Had Money

Albert sets about prepping the next scam once he realises that Emma and Sean really will be helpful to the crew. The latest target is Piggy Richardson who has been in the public eye following his part in taking pension money.

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s06e02 / The Thieving Mistake

11th Jan '10 - 9:00pm
The Thieving Mistake

The crew run into a friend of Ash's who goes by the name of 'Liability' Finch. Despite being given instructions to keep a low profile, Sean decides to help him out anyway.

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s06e03 / Tiger Troubles

18th Jan '10 - 9:00pm
Tiger Troubles

Albert goes to Chinatown to complete a deal with Phil and Czech Charlie, when Phil collapses and dies Albert decides to cut his losses but Charlie wants the cash or else. Mickey and the team need to find a mark and get half a million pounds and quickly. The answer, a wannabe playboy Luke Baincross.

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s06e04 / The Father of Jewels

25th Jan '10 - 9:00pm
The Father of Jewels

During a deal the gang are about to close worth £50,000, Sean becomes distracted by someone who he knows from the past, and they have a score to settle. Sean lets the current mark walk off with the money. When Sean finds out this man is his dad, he wants the gang to con him.

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s06e05 / Conned Out Of Luck

1st Feb '10 - 9:00pm
Conned Out Of Luck

The unthinkable happens when Mickey is conned by Mervyn Lloyd, a cocky business man, who dreams of becoming a successful entrepreneur like 'The Dragons'. As Mickey's luck will be bad now, due to the Grifting Code, the gang set about conning Mervyn without him. Meaning the baton has passed to Ash.

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s06e06 / The Hush Heist

8th Feb '10 - 9:00pm
The Hush Heist

The team have just finished a con when they find out the mark is an undercover police officer. Mickey and the team are locked up and they get forced to do a job for two MI6 officers, who happen to be friends with DCI Britford. The target is the National Bank of Syria and the heist is the unknown contents of a security box - the problem is the vault is like Fort Knox.

780 have watched this episode
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