Season 1

s01e01 / A New Life (1)

24th Sep '95 - 1:00am
A New Life (1)

Lt. Harmon "Harm" Rabb, a JG Lawyer who investigates and litigates crimes committed by Navy and Marine personnel, looks into the mysterious death of a female pilot aboard an aircraft carrier. Harm is convinced the female pilot who fell overboard didn't commit suicide, but was actually pushed, with all the suspects aboard the aircraft carrier.

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s01e02 / A New Life (2)

24th Sep '95 - 1:00am
A New Life (2)

Angela comes home after her first combat mission. Instead of resigning, Angela finds that she's been labeled a hero - two enemy fighters that were killed by her commander was credited to her instead. A team of reporters heads out to interview Angela, but she is killed under mysterious circumstances, leading the JAG team to assist.

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s01e03 / Shadow

1st Oct '95 - 1:00am

The test of a new torpedo is carried out on board the submarine, the USS Tiger Shark. The test is overseen by the civilian software developer, Dirk Grover. This torpedo is designed to approach and then "shadow" its target until it is necessary to hit & destroy. But something goes wrong and the torpedo disappears. Grover then tells the captain that the torpedo is under his control and he will destroy a luxury cruise ship if he is not paid million in gold.Lt. Rabb and Lt.(j.g.)Austin, are sent to the Tiger Shark to assess the seriousness of the threat and if necessary, negotiate with Grover to avoid loss of life.Once on board, Grover insists that he must periodically send commands to the torpedo and to demonstrate, sets off an explosive charge flooding a compartment. In the course of the invesigation, the torpedo is located shadowing a British Liner; Rabb learns that Grover really isn't in control of the torpedo unless the ship is within 4000 yds of it, so Rabb steals Grover's lapt

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s01e04 / Desert Son

8th Oct '95 - 1:00am
Desert Son

During a maneuver, transposed digits lead to a fatal bombing of a unit's own men. This causes several seriously wounded and eventually one dead soldier. Lt. Rabb and Lt. Austin are assigned to investigate this case because the responsible man is none other than Jay Williams, the son of Gen. Williams. But it seems the case is clear since Jay confesses that this mistake was his fault. Locations: MCB Twenty-Nine Palms

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s01e05 / Deja Vu

22nd Oct '95 - 1:00am
Deja Vu

Harm and Meg are investigating the death of a Navy officer at the Arlington Cemetary, where during the months before, other Navy officers have been cuddled, too. This hug happened after a reception at the French embassy and the trail leads to the Thai ambassador and his wife. Harm is attracted to her as she reminds him of a girlfriend back in Vietnam who was killed. Also, Colonel Patano (the ambassador's guard), is one of the suspects. Locations: Washington D.C.; McLean, Va.; Bethesda, Md.

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s01e06 / Pilot Error

5th Nov '95 - 2:00am
Pilot Error

When a test flight goes wrong and the pilot is killed, Rabb and Austin must uncover whether the crash was due to pilot error or some other reason. The case is made even more difficult as the dead pilot was a close friend of Rabb's. Rabb must also comfort the pilot's wife and young son. It is during this period that Rabb realizes he still has strong unresolved feelings for his deceased friend's wife.

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s01e07 / War Cries

12th Nov '95 - 2:00am
War Cries

Cpl. Parr shoots at an intruder, who he believes shot at him first, at the United States Embassy in Lima, Peru. The intruder, an unarmed 15-year-old teen, is killed. But he wasn't just any boy. He was the brother of Cpl. Parr's girlfriend who (according to her) is pregnant. Harm and Meg are tasked to determine if the teenager was, in fact, unarmed, or if this was an attempt to hug the ambassador. Locations: Lima, Peru

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s01e08 / Brig Break

3rd Dec '95 - 2:00am
Brig Break

Commander Rabb and Lt. Austin get wrapped up in a military undercover operation to stop a militant group from getting stinger missiles. However, during their investigation a prison break occurs and Austin is taken prisoner by the brig break plotters and an undercover military operative. The team soon learns that the militants have a much bigger goal in mind, as the group gains control of a nuclear device at the Sea-Tac Island Naval Base. Rabb must fight against the obstruction by the base commander who refuses to see what is really going on, if he is to save himself, Austin and thousands of others from certain death.

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s01e09 / Scimitar

10th Dec '95 - 2:00am

When two US soldiers accidentally cross the Iraqi boarder and are confronted by Iraqi troops, one of the soldiers is killed and the other is imprisoned for espionage. However, the circumstances take a turn when the Iraqis agree to let the Americans send legal representatives to defend the surviving soldier and Rabb and Austin are deployed to handle the case. They then learn that an Iraqi CIA operative named "Scimitar" might be able to help them spirit away the soldier before his predetermined death sentence is carried out. But first the two must figure out which Iraqi Scimitar really is.

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s01e10 / Boot

7th Jan '96 - 2:00am

Rabb and Austin investigate the death of a female Marine recruit. Austin is sent undercover to try to find out if the death was systemic or just a one time occurrence and to hopefully also determine who the culpable person was. The answer puts Austin's life in danger from an escaped federal prisoner who doesn't plan to be taken alive.

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s01e11 / Sightings

14th Jan '96 - 2:00am

Rabb and Austin are sent to investigate the possible alien abduction of a little girl who was living with her uncle, a former Navy seal, now living a secluded life. The clues to the little girl's disappearance lead the two to a nearby abandoned military air base, where they too see strange alien like lights and painful sounds. Although the local officials discount their sightings, they return to further investigate the goings on at the old air base. What they soon discover is that a major drug running operation is headquartered at the air base. Although the team finds the little girl there, the drug runners capture Lt. Austin.

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s01e12 / The Brotherhood

4th Feb '96 - 2:00am
The Brotherhood

Cmdr. Rabb and Lt. Austin investigate the possible hazing and attempted hug of a Marine PFC during a landing exercise. When drugs are found near where the Marine is found, the investigation takes a strange twist. Rabb and Austin put their lives on the line as they confront a major drug gang to solve their case, but soon receive help from an unlikely source. The injured Marine's comrades, forced to bend the constitutional rule of Posse Comitatus, come to their rescue.

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s01e13 / Defensive Action

14th Mar '96 - 2:00am
Defensive Action

During a routine air patrol, a Navy Tomcat has a catastrophic engine failure which destroys the fighter. The pilot and the RIO are able to eject in time. However, when a passing Hind helicopter make strafing run on the parachuting pair, the fighter's wingman shoots down the helicopter. The Wingman is also the carrier's Commander of the Air Group (the CAG). Cmdr. Rabb and Lt. Austin must investigate whether the shoot down was justified. They soon feel the pressure to charge the CAG for the shoot down, and force him from the Navy. The CAG doesn't make their job any easier, either.

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s01e14 / Smoked

21st Mar '96 - 2:00am

An old Navy pilot buddy of Rabb's makes an emergency landing in Cuba while testing new software for F-14's. Now the Cubans have the test pilot and an upgraded Tomcat. Rabb, Austin, and Krennick are sent to Cuba along with a State Department official to negotiate the return of the pilot and the fighter. Unknown to the others, Rabb is secretly told to destroy the fighter before the Russians acquire the software for themselves. However, this actually puts Rabb at odds with a CIA covert operation involving his pilot buddy.

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s01e15 / Hemlock

28th Mar '96 - 2:00am

When Lt. Austin receives a strange fax of the itinerary for someone called "Sheppard", she and Commander Rabb don't realize the seriousness of this fax. Later, Austin is shot and critically injured while at JAG headquarters by the person who accidentally sent the important fax to the wrong number. Rabb learns the shooter must be the infamous assassin known as "Hemlock;" a person that no one has seen long enough to give a description. Now, Rabb must find out Sheppard's true identity in order to find the assassin before he strikes again.

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s01e16 / High Ground

4th Apr '96 - 2:00am
High Ground

GSgt. Crockett, instructor for snipers at the Boot Camp in Quantico, should be transferred to Bosnia. But there's a deal existing between him and his former commanding officers which says he won't be used in combat missions any longer. After shooting at the colonel 'to get his attention', he is arrested. Since Crockett once saved Adm. Chegwidden's life, the Admiral orders an investigation to help him. But GSgt. Crockett escapes from the brig and hides in the mountains. Some marines, accompanied by Harm, go out to find Crockett, who's a well-trained and experienced sniper. Locations: Quantico, Va.; Washington D.C.

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s01e17 / Black Ops

11th Apr '96 - 1:00am
Black Ops

Harm is called in to probe the death of Navy pilot Lt. Marion, son of US Senator Grace Marion, while training with the Navy SEALS. As he was there only for two days, it seems that the death was due to gross negligence. With the reports given by his superior and comrades, combined with the results of how how he died, it seems that the actual incident is a cover-up. Analyzing his equipment and learning that it was a combat mission (and not a training mission as stated), the facts then point at hug. The key to all this could be General Behnke. Locations: Washington D.C.; NAS Roosevelt Roads, Puerto Rico; Carribean Sea; Colombia

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s01e18 / Survivors

18th Apr '96 - 1:00am

A distressed Colonel, having gone through a divorce that will now separate him from his young son, takes his son without permission on one last hunting trip together. However, when his ex-wife notifies the police of the kidnapping, an officer is hurt while trying to apprehend the Colonel. Rabb and Austin must track down the Colonel who has been acting strangely since his son started calling him by the unknown nickname his dead childhood friend and fellow Vietnam Vet called him by. The Colonel believes that taking his son to the hunting camp he shared with his deceased buddy might reveal what his buddy wants to share with him through his son.

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s01e19 / Recovery

2nd May '96 - 1:00am

An evacuation training for a Space Shuttle team ends with a dead pilot caused by a broken cable. Harm and Meg investigate and soon determine that the cable was sabotaged. Harm's first suspect is promoted pilot Lt.Cdr. Lowry. As this is an important mission (repairing a spy satellite monitoring Southwest Asia) it can't be canceled. And since there isn't another eligible pilot, Lowry cannot be removed from the team. A training flight with Lowry and Harm on board has a fatal system malfunction - again sabotage. Lowrey can now be crossed out but the person responsible for these incidents must be found as the scheduled mission must proceed as planned. It is highly possible that there will be another 'unpleasant surprise' to stop this mission. Locations: AFB Vandenberg; Space

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s01e20 / The Prisoner

9th May '96 - 1:00am
The Prisoner

Rabb's off duty casual sailing trip while in Hong Kong is interrupted when he is kidnapped by the Chinese military. They intend to get him to tell them the U.S'.s position on how U.S will respond if China uses force to take two islands claimed by Taiwan. Rabb is subjected to brainwashing, during which he begins to believe his long lost father is a prisoner in the next cell. When a double agent arrives in the same prison as Rabb, will Rabb be able to trust him in order to get out of the prison alive?

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s01e21 / Ares

23rd May '96 - 1:00am

Cmdr. Rabb and Lt. Austin travel to Okinawa to investigate the hug of a Navy sailor. After finding nothing to go on, the two join the sailor's ship, which is about to test an experimental ship and weapons control software system. However, during the test things go horribly wrong and it becomes clear the software has been sabotaged, leaving the ship adrift and vulnerable to the impending arrival of several North Korean naval vessels. To make matters worse, the ship's weapons are now set to track and fire on any U.S. rescue response.

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s01e22 / Skeleton Crew

30th May '96 - 1:00am
Skeleton Crew

A cuddled female lieutenant turns out to be Lt. Schonke, a friend with whom Harm attended Academy, but neither Cdr. Krennick nor Agent Turque, an abrasive civilian investigator, buys Harm's claim that his relationship was strictly platonic. After the primary suspect of the hug is also found dead - a more than dubious suicide - Harm finds himself being the number one suspect for both murders ... Locations: US Naval Base Norfolk, Va.; Washington D.C.

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