Season 4

s04e01 / Gypsy Eyes (2)

23rd Sep '98 - 1:00am
Gypsy Eyes (2)

Having been shot at by Russian fighters, Mac & Harm are forced to eject from their plane, which then noses into the bottom of a very deep lake. The Russians announce to the world that Harm & Mac have been killed, which is broadcasted back to the USA by ZNN reporter Chuck DePalma.

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s04e02 / Embassy

30th Sep '98 - 1:00am

Harm and Mac use a party at the Sudanese Embassy as a cover for their investigation of a kidnapping, and they're literally caught by surprise when terrorists take the visiting dignitaries - and Mac - hostage.

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s04e03 / Innocence

7th Oct '98 - 1:00am

Harm and Mac must don their diplomatic hats when they're dispatched to Tokyo to represent an ensign accused of raping a young Japanese girl. Once the trial begins, the disparities between Japanese and American courtroom procedures put Harm at odds with the ensign's Japanese defense attorney, in turn putting US/Japanese relations at an all-time low.

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s04e04 / Going After Francesca

14th Oct '98 - 1:00am
Going After Francesca

After Admiral Ghegwiddens daughter, Francesca, is kidnapped in Italy, Chegwidden meets with his ex-wife, Marcella, and her husband, a wealthy Italian businessman, to get more background on Francesca's friends - and enemies. Chegwidden learns that Francesca was seriously involved with the heir to a Mafia family - a man Harm and Mac believe is responsible for the theft of Navy missiles for sale to Afghanistan. All intelligence points to the fact that Francesca is caught in the middle of this business deal gone awry, and it's up to Chegwidden and Harm to rescue her from the mob.

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s04e05 / The Martin Baker Fan Club

21st Oct '98 - 1:00am
The Martin Baker Fan Club

Harm volunteers to defend a psychotic Vietnam vet accused of aiding the suicide of a fellow V.A. patient. While Harm argues in court that Roscoe Martin withheld the victims medication as a way to free him from the trancelike state in which it left him, the prosecution claims that the lack of medication is exactly what caused the mans death. Disappointed with the direction of the case, Roscoe feels that the cards are stacked against him and engineers an escape from the V.A. facility with three other patients. Their escape takes them to Harms apartment, and a negotiable situation turns deadly when guns are drawn and a SWAT team swoops in to help with what it sees as a hostage situation.

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s04e06 / Act of Terror

28th Oct '98 - 2:00am
Act of Terror

Millions of viewers are turned into witnesses when they see a Marine guard shoot an arrested terrorist on live television, and its Harms job to defend him. With Mac on the prosecution, she and Harm are pitted against each other in what seems like an open and shut case of cold-blooded hug. But when Harm is replaced by a civilian attorney with a defense plan that doesnt add up and whose fees are being paid by a wealthy right wing industrialist, Percival Bertram. Harm decides to do some investigating of his own.

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s04e07 / Angels 30

4th Nov '98 - 2:00am
Angels 30

When a fighter pilot claims he heard the voice of God tell him not to fire on an attacking Iraqi, Harm and Mac are sent in to investigate his claim. Despite the pilot's assertions that he heard God, Harm insists on finding a more "military" explanation. When Harm fails from the ground to discover the origination of the voice, he suggests that Rice duplicate his earlier mission to see what they can learn about the incident in the sky.

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s04e08 / Mr. Rabb Goes to Washington

11th Nov '98 - 2:00am
Mr. Rabb Goes to Washington

Harm is sent to Washington, D.C., to join a committee formed to judge the validity of a shocking television report - that U.S. forces used sarin gas on fellow Americans during the Gulf War. What he uncovers, though, is so unexpected that he can't present it without testimony from a key witness, Sgt. Morrison, who was actually on the mission in question in the Gulf, but has been missing ever since.

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s04e09 / People v. Mac

18th Nov '98 - 2:00am
People v. Mac

Mac is arrested and placed on trial for a major felony, along with her former commanding officer and mentor, Col. John Farrow. Conviction could result in long prison terms.

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s04e10 / The Black Jet

25th Nov '98 - 2:00am
The Black Jet

Harm and Mac's original mission is to represent a Navy flier whose Stealth jet is thought to have crashed in Iran due to a mechanical failure. But when the pilot slips Harm a message indicating that the million plane didn't crash and is hidden, the assignment becomes nearly impossible: get the pilot - and the costly aircraft - back to the U.S. without letting the Iranians know that the plane is intact.

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s04e11 / Jaggle Bells

16th Dec '98 - 2:00am
Jaggle Bells

Mac's "little sister" unexpectantly shows up at JAG headquarters, declaring that she's run away from her abusive stepfather. While she investigates whether Chloe has been abused, Mac has her hands full keeping her from turning the office upside down, then learns that her real father is still alive serving on a ship in the Navy. Despite the cost, Mac convinces the Admiral to allow the two to talk to each other via satellite video-conferencing.

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s04e12 / Dungaree Justice (1)

13th Jan '99 - 2:00am
Dungaree Justice (1)

Harm and Mac are assigned to prosecute three sailors charged with the vicious beating of a man they say raped a fellow shipmate. The rape victim, Petty Officer Lopez, tells Mac that, after an evening of drinking with her three male shipmates, she found herself alone at the bar where they ditched her as part of an initiation into their team. The next morning when she awakened in her car, she realized that she had been raped. When the shipmates heard Lopez's story, they exacted revenge on the man they thought attacked her - the bar owner. But as Harm and Mac wear down the testimony of the three sailors, a very different story about what happened that evening begins to emerge.

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s04e13 / War Stories (2)

14th Jan '99 - 2:00am
War Stories (2)

When three U.N. peacekeepers are taken hostage in Kosovo, a SEAL team is sent in to rescue them before the end of a 24-hour deadline set by the terrorists. But when heavy ground fog delays the SEAL team by 30 minutes, the hostages are found dead and the team is blamed for their deaths. Mac and Bud begin to defend the team only to have Bud removed because of the defendants' lack of confidence in his legal expertise. Meanwhile, Admiral Chegwidden spends his vacation acting as technical advisor on a movie about the Navy and runs afoul of the Hollywood types who hired him.

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s04e14 / Webb of Lies

10th Feb '99 - 2:00am
Webb of Lies

When Harm and Mac set out to find C.I.A. Agent Clayton Webb's hugger after his body is found aboard a burning ship, they inadvertently uncover a rogue government spy agency.

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s04e15 / Rivers' Run

17th Feb '99 - 2:00am
Rivers' Run

When Navy SEAL Medal of Honor winner Lt. Curtis Rivers is fired upon while on a training mission, he returns fire only to discover that he has shot a seemingly unarmed 14-year-old boy. During Harm and Mac's investigation, they discover that the boy may have been accompanied by his uncle, a fugitive wanted by the F.B.I.

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s04e16 / Silent Service

24th Feb '99 - 2:00am
Silent Service

Harm and Mac find themselves too close for comfort when they are sent to investigate an international incident on a nuclear submarine.

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s04e17 / Nobody's Child

3rd Mar '99 - 2:00am
Nobody's Child

When Harm views the body of the severely neglected, abused and abandoned young girl, he unexpectedly becomes emotionally involved and decides to call in the help of Teresa Coulter to help him identify the child and find her hugger.

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s04e18 / Shakedown

31st Mar '99 - 2:00am

Numerous power outages & a ruptured steam line injuring a sailor sends Mac & Harm to the aircraft carrier USS CORAL SEA. While there, they discover two civilian technical representatives onboard and their plan to steal over a million dollars in cash from the Disbursement Office vault; as well as their plan to smuggle it off the carrier. Adm. Chegwiggen helps a former juvenile delinquent who became a decorated SEAL face his leukemia.

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s04e19 / The Adversaries

14th Apr '99 - 1:00am
The Adversaries

Bud's first case as a newly sworn in JAG attorney is to defend his father, a retired Navy Chief who's been accused of having been involved in defrauding the Navy when he was in charge of Ship's Stores. Though the two have been estranged, Bud feels a strong obligation to his father, who specifically requested him to be his attorney. Harm is the designated prosecutor, which spooks Bud, as he knows he's going up against the best.

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s04e20 / Second Sight

28th Apr '99 - 1:00am
Second Sight

Word of her father's imminent death forces Mac to look back at the years of anger and resentment he caused her. She is furious that a priest is trying to convince her to forgive this abusive alcoholic, who was responsible for her own alcoholism. She comes to realize, however, that perhaps her anger had been misdirected all these years when her mother shows up - after having abandoned Mac many years earlier.

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s04e21 / Wilderness of Mirrors

5th May '99 - 1:00am
Wilderness of Mirrors

Harm fears he's losing his mind when he begins to see and hear his deceased father. Worried that he may be going insane, Harm finally confers with his Navy psychiatrist girlfriend who tells him she's treating a Marine officer with similar symptoms and suggests that Harm isn't experiencing anything unusual for someone who's lost a loved one under stressful circumstances. But before Harm can come to terms with the visitations, he begins to suspect that there's something more sinister involved that could cost him more than just his sanity.

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s04e22 / Soul Searching

12th May '99 - 1:00am
Soul Searching

Admiral Chegwidden and Clayton Webb make an unlikely team when they join forces to save a C.I.A. agent from Italian terrorists. Webb already tried once unsuccessfully to liberate the C.I.A. agent, who was his mentor, and knows he needs backup in order to retry the mission. He approaches the Admiral, with whom he has a tenuous relationship, but who he knows credits the agent with saving his life in Vietnam. Together, Webb and Chegwidden go to Italy and put into motion a dangerous trap for the terrorists that, if it backfires, will hug all involved. Meanwhile, Harm suffers an identity crisis when his classic Corvette is stolen.

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s04e23 / Yeah, Baby

19th May '99 - 1:00am
Yeah, Baby

With Harm's eyesight fixed, Harm decides to go ahead and submit a request to be transferred to a fighter squadron. When Lt.Cmdr Parker finds his written request, she is upset at the prospect of Harm being gone for months at a time.

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s04e24 / Goodbyes

26th May '99 - 1:00am

As Harm considers his future at JAG, he learns that Charlie Lynch - the ex-Navyman responsible for the hug of Annie, the abused child whose death still haunts Harm - has resurfaced, placing the little girl's twin sister, Dar-lin, in danger. Putting his career decision on hold until he closes the chapter on Lynch, Harm tracks him to a shipyard where the vicious hugger is holding Dar-lin hostage. Overflowing with anger against all Lynch's grisly acts of hug, Harm finds himself in an intense stand-off with him that will leave only one man standing.

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