Season 7

s07e01 / Adrift (2)

26th Sep '01 - 1:00am
Adrift (2)

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s07e02 / New Gun in Town

3rd Oct '01 - 1:00am
New Gun in Town

Unwilling to face her pain over Mic & Harm, Mac is granted temporary assignment on the carrier USS Guadalcanal (along with Gunny) when the staff JAG there disappears.

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s07e03 / Measure of Men

10th Oct '01 - 1:00am
Measure of Men

**June 20, 2001** Still aboard the USS Guadalcanal, Mac is called upon to prosecute a Major accused of negligent hugging by the ship's Captain.

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s07e04 / Guilt

17th Oct '01 - 1:00am

"AUGUST 7, 2001"

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s07e05 / Mixed Messages

24th Oct '01 - 1:00am
Mixed Messages

**August 15 - 17, 2001**

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s07e06 / Redemption

31st Oct '01 - 2:00am

**October 20, 2001**

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s07e07 / Ambush

7th Nov '01 - 2:00am

**November 2, 2001** Harm defends a Marine who says he was obeying verbal orders when his violation of the rules of engagement led six soldiers to their deaths in a ambush.

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s07e08 / JAGATHON

14th Nov '01 - 2:00am

Personal rivalries surface in the JAG office when Mac assures Harm that she'll beat him to the finish line in the Jagathon for charity.

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s07e09 / Dog Robber (1)

21st Nov '01 - 2:00am
Dog Robber (1)

A Navy P-3 spy plane is rammed by a Chinese MIG and is forced to land at a Chinese Air Base. (The second such incident; the first being the actual incident that occurred early 2001)

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s07e10 / Dog Robber (2)

28th Nov '01 - 2:00am
Dog Robber (2)

Harm defends Lt. Barrett who readily claims he disobeyed orders and destroyed the P-3 spy plane held hostage by the Chinese because he believed it was the right thing to do.

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s07e11 / Answered Prayers

12th Dec '01 - 2:00am
Answered Prayers

When a pretty female petty officer is arrested by the MP's for impersonating a Salvation Army 'bell-ringing' Santa & pocketing the cash, Harm is assigned as her attorney. However, since she has a history of unauthorized absences, she is ordered to be held in custody. But with the holidays, the brig & pre-trial detention center are unavailable, she is estranged from her father, so she must spend the holiday with Harm or with Mac.

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s07e12 / Capital Crime

9th Jan '02 - 2:00am
Capital Crime

Mac's psychic vision talents come into play when a female Naval officer is found with her throat slashed in a local park.

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s07e13 / Code of Conduct

16th Jan '02 - 2:00am
Code of Conduct

Harm defends a Navy SEAL accused of disobeying orders when his return to a hostile area in Afghanistan to retrieve a wounded comrade results in the death of another officer. Complicating the issue is the dead officer's pregnant widow who is determined to have justice served even though the accused man was her husband's best friend. Meanwhile, Admiral Chegwidden is asked to resign when he's charged with slapping a high school student.

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s07e14 / Odd Man Out

23rd Jan '02 - 2:00am
Odd Man Out

Harm faces Mac in court when he defends a Navy medical corpsman accused of murdering a Marine sergeant during a training exercise.

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s07e15 / Head to Toe

6th Feb '02 - 2:00am
Head to Toe

Harm and Mac are sent to Saudi Arabia to defend a female U.S. Naval pilot who refuses to follow the local laws and wear traditional Saudi dress and veils. Lt. Joanne Donato's outspoken refusal to be escorted by males in public and to wear proper attire causes a strain on relations between a U.S. base commander and a local Muslim cleric. It also causes Mac to feel that the lieutenant is simply being a bad soldier and disobeying orders - that is until Mac is forced to abide by the policies herself. Meanwhile, Commander Turner and Rep. Bobbi Latham have a rocky first date, making the possibility of a second seem remote until Harriet and Bud come to the rescue.

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s07e16 / The Mission (1)

27th Feb '02 - 2:00am
The Mission (1)

Harm and Mac return to the aircraft carrier USS Seahawk ("A New Life" & "Crossing the Line", among others) to brief the JAG officers on the new Rules of Engagement, following the escape of Taliban fighters as a result of a JAG officer's hesitation to determine if the target was legitimate.

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s07e17 / Exculpatory Evidence (2)

6th Mar '02 - 2:00am
Exculpatory Evidence (2)

Tensions run high at JAG when charges of negligence are brought against Bud for not defending his last client effectively. As Harm defends Bud, Sturgis prosecutes and Bud fears that Sturgis has damaging evidence against him. Just when Bud thinks things can't get any worse, Sturgis calls a surprise witness - Mac - who reluctantly takes the stand against her colleague.

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s07e18 / Hero Worship

13th Mar '02 - 2:00am
Hero Worship

Adm. Chegwidden agrees to help the White House with an event honoring Medal of Honor recipients, but only if he can investigate the case of a vet who was dropped from the list because of a shoplifting arrest. Meanwhile, Mac and Harm look into a fire aboard a destroyer.

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s07e19 / First Casualty

27th Mar '02 - 2:00am
First Casualty

When Harm and Mac are called in to investigate an aborted SEAL operation in Afghanistan, Harm accuses a television news reporter accompanying the SEALs for disobeying orders and causing the error. Meanwhile, Lt. Roberts receives his orders and, leaving Harriet and A.J. behind, ships out for a six-month deployment aboard the USS Seahawk.

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s07e20 / Port Chicago

10th Apr '02 - 1:00am
Port Chicago

In 1944, in the midst of World War II, a disastrous explosion rocked the U.S. Navy's Port Chicago near San Francisco, killing more than 350 sailors, most of them African-Americans. Following the blast, a group of 50 sailors refused to return to work until changes were made to assure their safety. They were charged with mutiny and court martialed, but later their convictions were reversed. Now, a surviving sailor wants his record and those of all the other "mutineers" cleared. Asked to handle the investigation discreetly, Cmdr. Turner discovers that an injustice was done and goes head-to-head with Lt. Singer in the courtroom. Meanwhile, Harm goes house shopping with Lt. Sims.

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s07e21 / Tribunal

1st May '02 - 1:00am

US Special Forces capture Mustafa Atef, who is believed to be a very high ranking Al-Queda official instrumental in training the hijackers who attacked the World Trade Center & the Pentagon. As a result, the President convenes the first military tribunal in over 50 years. As none of the JAG staff is eager to defend the accused terrorist, Adm. Chegwidden takes it upon himself to defend him, with Cmdr. Turner volunteering to sit second-chair for the Admiral. Harm & Mac are assigned to prosecute.

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s07e22 / Defending His Honor

8th May '02 - 1:00am
Defending His Honor

Harm, Mac & the Admiral return to the office from the USS Seahawk after finishing up with the military tribunal. The office staff is very happy to see the Admiral back in charge, after having to deal with Lt. Singer while he was gone, with Harriet making sure the Admiral knows how "happy" they are.

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s07e23 / In Country (1)

15th May '02 - 1:00am
In Country (1)

Harm and Mac investigate a "collateral damage" incident in Afghanistan when an attack on an Al Queda terrorist kills three innocent civilians. With the help of forensic pathologist Cmdr. Teresa Coulter, Mac and Harm try to find out if any of the remains can be identified as belonging to Al Queda leaders. Meanwhile, when Harm and Mac lose control of their Humvee, they are thrown into a minefield where they're forced to spend the night together figuring out how to extricate themselves from the trap.

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s07e24 / Enemy Below (2)

22nd May '02 - 1:00am
Enemy Below (2)

Admiral Chegwidden, Lt. Singer & Cmdr. Turner move over to the Pentagon War Room to easily coordinate & share intelligence information on Kabir Atef's planned attack on the U.S.

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