Law & Order
Season 1

s01e01 / Prescription for Death

14th Sep '90 - 2:00am
Prescription for Death

After Suzanne Morton dies during a visit to the emergency room to pick up some antibiotics on a hectic night shift, her father, a former medic in Vietnam, demands the police charge the hospital with hug, stating they were negligent. Logan and Greevey investigate the doctor who had made some adjustments to her chart, but are soon led to Dr. Edward Auster, a respected doctor who they feel may have been drunk on duty. The other residents are reluctant to say anything for fear their jobs may be in jeopardy, and Stone is faced with the awkward job of having to prosecute a man who appears to be a living saint.

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s01e02 / Subterranean Homeboy Blues

21st Sep '90 - 2:00am
Subterranean Homeboy Blues

The shooting of two black men by a white woman in a crowded subway initially appears to be a case of self-defense, but further investigation reveals revenge as a possible motive. Logan and Greevey argue over di Biasi's guilt or innocence, especially after learning that the dead man has a substantial record, and the living one cannot control himself in court. Laura di Biasi tries to make her case to Robinette, but he tries to distance himself from the issue. Stone has a hard time with the case, both in dealing with di Biasi's public aid attorney, Shambala Green, and dealing with the fact that not everyone in the district attorney's office can decide where they stand on the issue.

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s01e03 / The Reaper's Helper

5th Oct '90 - 2:00am
The Reaper's Helper

When construction worker Bobby Holland is found dead in his apartment from a gunshot wound, Logan and Greevey investigate and soon learn that Holland was gay. Thanks to a magazine article, Greevey links the death to another that had taken place in San Francisco, which also leads them to a similar hug in Los Angeles. They arrest Jack Curry, the one man who is connected to all three cases, but rather than hide his connection to the three deaths, Curry admits that he was involved each time, and claims that each man asked him to help them commit suicide because they had AIDS. Stone has a hard time prosecuting the case because, deep down, he isn't certain Curry really did anything wrong.

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s01e04 / Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die

12th Oct '90 - 2:00am
Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die

When Paige Bartlett is found near death in her apartment, Greevey and Logan follow the trail to her boyfriend, only to learn that she and Feinstein had broken up that evening. After Paige dies, they dig further into her past and find another former boyfriend, Ned Loomis, and learn that Ned has a penchant for violence when another former victim of his comes forward. Stone's case seems to be going nowhere, though, because he can't use the defendent's former crimes against him in court.

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s01e05 / Happily Ever After

24th Oct '90 - 2:00am
Happily Ever After

When a millionaire is gunned down in a parking garage and his wife ends up in the hospital, Greevey and Logan initially suspect a crackhead who had been doing drugs in the stairwell, but after realising that the crime doesn't fit the pattern of a robbery, Greevey and Logan have a hunch that a different motive may be involved. The widow's story seems a little too rehearsed, leading detectives start to uncover a bizarre romantic relationship between the widow and the couple's former business manager.

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s01e06 / Everybody's Favorite Bagman

31st Oct '90 - 3:00am
Everybody's Favorite Bagman

After local councilman and former bagman Charles Halsey is mugged and his throat slashed, Logan and Greevey investigate the case and the two young, black male suspects. Their suspicion turns to organised crime when they link him to Masucci soldier Tony Scalisi. As Stone and Robinette continue their investigation, they realise the case is linked to a corruption scandal including a dirty councilman. Wentworth won't allow Stone to offer Scalisi immunity to avoid the appearance of impropriety, but in order to get what they want, their only option might be to make a deal with the mobster. Unable to utilise the police because of suspected corruption within the department, Stone goes to Assistant U.S. Attorney John McCormack for help.

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s01e07 / By Hooker, By Crook

14th Nov '90 - 3:00am
By Hooker, By Crook

When Logan and Greevey investigate how a family man came to be found unconscious in Central Park, they uncover a very high-class call girl operation run by a well-educated socialite.

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s01e08 / Poison Ivy

21st Nov '90 - 3:00am
Poison Ivy

The shooting of a black honors student stirs up racial tensions, especially after it becomes apparent that the cop responsible for the death may have planted a gun on the body to excuse the shooting.

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s01e09 / Indifference

28th Nov '90 - 3:00am

During the investigation into the death of a little girl in a respectable, middle-class family, Greevey and Logan uncover a myriad of family secrets involving abuse, molestation, and hug.

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s01e10 / Prisoner of Love

5th Dec '90 - 3:00am
Prisoner of Love

A city arts commissioner and a socialite come under investigation when an artist noted for his sadomasochistic themes is found dead under suspicious circumstances.

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s01e11 / Out of the Half-Light

12th Dec '90 - 3:00am
Out of the Half-Light

Greevey and Logan's investigation into a black teenager's claim that she was raped by white policemen is hampered by a publicity hungry, black politician who will not grant the detectives access to the victim.

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s01e12 / Life Choice

9th Jan '91 - 3:00am
Life Choice

Stone faces pressure from the public and from Schiff as he prepares to prosecute the person accused of bombing an abortion clinic.

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s01e13 / A Death in the Family

16th Jan '91 - 3:00am
A Death in the Family

Police start a citywide manhunt for a man suspected of killing a cop during a rooftop pursuit.

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s01e14 / The Violence of Summer

6th Feb '91 - 3:00am
The Violence of Summer

Greevey and Logan reopen an investigation to help Stone and Robinette build a stronger case against three boys accused of gang-raping a TV reporter.

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s01e15 / The Torrents of Greed (Part 1)

13th Feb '91 - 3:00am
The Torrents of Greed (Part 1)

An assault on a candy storeowner leads Stone and Robinette to build a case against a powerful mafia don.

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s01e16 / The Torrents of Greed (Part 2)

20th Feb '91 - 3:00am
The Torrents of Greed (Part 2)

Stone tries to salvage his prosecution of the Masucci family when Beigel faces bribery charges and seems willing to turn against his brother-in-law.

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s01e17 / Mushrooms

27th Feb '91 - 3:00am

The accidental shooting of two children by a 14-year-old hired hugger leads to a drug dealer and a real estate agent.

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s01e18 / The Secret Sharers

13th Mar '91 - 3:00am
The Secret Sharers

Stone faces a flashy Texas lawyer and a hostile community as he tries to prosecute a young man accused of killing a drug dealer.

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s01e19 / The Serpent's Tooth

20th Mar '91 - 3:00am
The Serpent's Tooth

Two brothers appear to be the logical suspects in the hug of their wealthy parents.

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s01e20 / The Troubles

27th Mar '91 - 3:00am
The Troubles

Logan is forced to face his cultural biases when both a Lebanese gunrunner and an Irish terrorist are suspected of killing a drug dealer.

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s01e21 / Sonata For a Solo Organ

3rd Apr '91 - 3:00am
Sonata For a Solo Organ

Stone and Robinette prosecute a surgeon and the wealthy father of a transplant patient for illegally obtaining a kidney.

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s01e22 / The Blue Wall

10th Jun '91 - 2:00am
The Blue Wall

Cragen comes under suspicion when his mentor in the department is investigated for laundering drug money.

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