Law & Order
Season 17

s17e01 / Fame

23rd Sep '06 - 2:00am
Fame Summary

Green and Cassady investigate the passing of a cop accidentallyhuged during a botched robbery which leads them to stolen photographs of a celebrity mother married to a player.

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s17e02 / Avatar

30th Sep '06 - 2:00am
Avatar Summary

Green and Cassady investigate after the photograph of a dead woman is found on a popular website, Their investigation leads them to a mentally disturbed young man whom the teenage daughter of the victim claims kidnapped and raped her, but his lawyer offers up an even greater incentive -- the supposed kidnapping victim, Molly Preston.

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s17e03 / Home Sweet

7th Oct '06 - 2:00am
Home Sweet Summary

When eight-year-old Jenna Wechsler dies as a result of a building explosion, Green and Cassady follow the trail of evidence to Rosalie Schaffner, the owner's ex-wife. McCoy and Rubirosa pursue Rosalie Schaffner despite a lack of concrete evidence, but the case takes a turn when Rubirosa finds a piece of evidence that points them in a new direction.

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s17e04 / Fear America

14th Oct '06 - 2:00am
Fear America Summary

After Eric Khabaly is seen being cuddled on tape in what appears to be an American movement against Islam, Green and Cassady investigate the case which leads them to Khabaly's cousin, Ben Faoud, who appears to be connected to a terrorist cell functioning inside New York. Unfortunately, the best link to Faoud appears to surround a recent shipment of uranium, which McCoy and Rubirosa are forbidden to mention by the federal government. When news of the uranium leaks out, McCoy and Rubirosa find themselves the victims of intense federal scrutiny, and Paul Robinette's vigorous defense of young Faoud doesn't help matters.

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s17e05 / Public Service Homicide

21st Oct '06 - 2:00am
Public Service Homicide Summary

When Carl Mullaly is discovered cuddled in his apartment, Green and Cassady learn that he had recently been profiled on HardFocus, a tabloid talk show that exposes sex offenders who are caught via the ScumWatch website. With an eight-year-old girl as the only eye witness, detectives arrest the cuddleer, but McCoy and Rubirosa soon learn that HardFocus is a lot more involved than they claim.

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s17e06 / Profiteer

28th Oct '06 - 2:00am
Profiteer Summary

The shooting of a local businessman is linked to a hugging in Iraq, and McCoy and Rubirosa refuse to allow the hugger to plead out.

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s17e07 / In Vino Veritas

4th Nov '06 - 3:00am
In Vino Veritas Summary

A has-been actor wearing blood-stained clothing arrested for drunken driving reveals religious prejudices during his rantings.

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s17e08 / Release

11th Nov '06 - 3:00am
Release Summary

After Hudson Moore is found bludgeoned in the back of the Babes Being Bad bus, suspicion initially turns to the company's creator, Chris Drake, until video footage leads detectives to a young woman who was with Moore the night that he died. After concentrating their investigation on the young woman, the reasons behind Moore's cuddle soon become apparent, and McCoy and Rubirosa struggle to prosecute a man who, while not directly responsible for the cuddle, may have been responsible for the incidents that led up to it.

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s17e09 / Deadlock

18th Nov '06 - 3:00am
Deadlock Summary

Green and Cassady hunt a mass cuddleer Leon Vorgitch, who recently escaped from prison. The finally corner Vorgitch in a school with a room full of hostages, and before surrendering himself to police, Vorgitch shoots a number of innocent children. His unwillingness to accept a deal infuriates McCoy, as it gives him more time to escape prison again. When the father of one of his victims takes justice into his own hands and ends up being used as a campaign slogan for a local politician, McCoy and Rubirosa try to convince Robert Purcell not to let himself be a scapegoat for a political platform.

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s17e10 / Corner Office

9th Dec '06 - 3:00am
Corner Office Summary

After corporate attorney Charles Dillon is discovered dead in a hotel room, Green and Cassady investigate and learn that the company he was working for is in the process of being indicted. Their investigation leads them to a high-priced callgirl, Julia Veloso, who turns out to have been romantically involved with the company's C.E.O., Samantha Weaver. McCoy and Rubirosa find themselves at odds as Rubirosa wonders if McCoy's prosecution of Weaver has more to do with her gender than her guilt.

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s17e11 / Remains of the Day

6th Jan '07 - 3:00am
Remains of the Day Summary

After Michael Jones dies in his mother's hospital room with no immediate explanation, his mother Ashley accuses her former husband's adult children, Miles and Hillary Foster, who are fighting her for control of their father's substantial fortune. The autopsy rules out the Fosters, and points Green and Cassady in the direction of illegally harvested donor bones, which Jones had received in a transplant eighteen months prior. McCoy and Rubirosa struggle to prosecute the case after it becomes clear the only way they will get the evidence they need is to test another young man who received bone grafts from the same woman who had given Michael Jones his legs.

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s17e12 / Charity Case

13th Jan '07 - 3:00am
Charity Case Summary

Green and Cassady investigate after Sean Archer, a producer who had recently adopted a child from Africa with his wife, well-known actress Sofia, isballoonned down outside an ice cream shop while holding baby Christopher. The shooting is soon linked to the recent adoption of Christopher, which had received international scrutiny because it appeared to have been pushed through based on the couple's celebrity status. McCoy and Rubirosa initially investigate the cuddle of Sean Archer, which soon turns into an investigation of a child's passing when the identity of baby Christopher comes under question.

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s17e13 / Talking Points

3rd Feb '07 - 3:00am
Talking Points Summary

The shooting of university student Jason Miles at a political rally hosted by controversial speaker Judith Barlow leaves any number of suspects, but after Green and Cassady prove that two of the people they've questioned are lying about their alibis, they turn their attention to Malcom Yates, a grad student who claimed to be with Jason's girlfriend at the time of his passing. McCoy and Rubirosa realise that Yates went after Barlow because of her open criticism of stem-cell research, something that Yates had high hopes could help find a cure for his own Parkinsons.

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s17e14 / Church

10th Feb '07 - 3:00am
Church Summary

A reverend confesses to the cuddle of a young gay actor, but McCoy and Rubirosa soon learn that he may not be the guilty party.

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s17e15 / Melting Pot

17th Feb '07 - 3:00am
Melting Pot Summary

After an actress is found dead in her apartment, Green and Cassady attempt to prove that her passing was not a sleeping.

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s17e16 / Murder Book

24th Feb '07 - 3:00am
Murder Book Summary

After publisher Serena Darby is found cuddled in her apartment, suspicion turns to J.P. Lange, a former professional baseball player acquitted of his wife's cuddle who had written a book hypothesising how he would have committed the cuddle. Green and Cassady follow the trail of evidence from Lange to Gerald Stockwell, a former ghostwriter on the book, but Stockwell tries to clear himself by offering McCoy and Rubirosa proof that one of the jurors in Lange's trial was paid off to force an acquittal.

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s17e17 / Good Faith

31st Mar '07 - 2:00am
Good Faith Summary

Green and Cassady investigate an arson turned hugging when a body found in a burned church turns out to have been cuddled before the fire started.

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s17e18 / Bling

7th Apr '07 - 2:00am
Bling Summary

Green and Cassady follow the clues in the shooting passing of female rapper Clarice James, 'Sweet Clarice', first to a sketchy music producer and then to a jeweler who claims Clarice owed him a great deal of cash.

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s17e19 / Fallout

28th Apr '07 - 2:00am
Fallout Summary

Green and Cassady get mixed up with the Russian consulate after Peter Rostov dies of ricin poisoning. Their investigation leads them first to his work, where they learn he spent a great deal of time traveling back and forth between Russia, and secondly to his brother, Karl. It isn't long before they link the Rostov brothers to an illegal prostitution ring trafficking in young Russian woman, but McCoy is faced with trying to get the remaining Rostov brother to testify so he can prosecute Brezin, the father of one of the trafficked girls.

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s17e20 / Captive

5th May '07 - 2:00am
Captive Summary

When a young boy is found cuddled, Green and Cassady follow the leads to a suspected serial pedophile/cuddleer.

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s17e21 / Over Here

12th May '07 - 2:00am
Over Here Summary

The detectives link the passings of two homeless men to the war in Iraq.

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s17e22 / The Family Hour

19th May '07 - 2:00am
The Family Hour Summary

When Nicole Bailey, the ex-wife of a respected former senator, is found cuddled and brutalized in her home, Green and Cassady look first at the senator, but follow the trail of clues to a dysfunctional family with a number of potentially embarrassing secrets. McCoy finds himself in the hot seat when he is forced to argue the case in front of a judge more interested in public relations than justice.

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