Law & Order
Season 7

s07e01 / Causa Mortis

19th Sep '96 - 2:00am
Causa Mortis Summary

McCoy's new second chair, ADA Jamie Ross, is determined to prosecute as harshly as possible a carjacker who took the life of a teacher as she pleaded for her life on an audio tape discovered at the crime scene.

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s07e02 / ID

26th Sep '96 - 2:00am
ID Summary

The cops tackle identifying a inactive person left in an elevator, and McCoy finds his prosecution of the suspect later hampered by a vindictive judge who resents Ross's in-court rebuke for sexual harassment.

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s07e03 / Good Girl

8th Oct '96 - 2:00am
Good Girl Summary

Briscoe and Curtis have to break the mutual alibi of two girlfriends as they try to find the hugger of a young black man, whose angry parents pressure McCoy to indict a young woman who claims the victim had raped her.

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s07e04 / Survivor

24th Oct '96 - 2:00am
Survivor Summary

Briscoe and Curtis's investigation of the cuddle of a rare coin dealer nets them a millionaire as a suspect, but Ross has to play detective too as the DA's office tries to establish a provenance for the missing coin collection.

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s07e05 / Corruption

31st Oct '96 - 3:00am
Corruption Summary

Curtis, angered by the attitude of an old colleague of Briscoe's, looks beyond the findings of an IAB investigation and turns up evidence of police corruption that puts the DA's office into competition with an ambitious judge and Briscoe under investigation for stealing evidence from a police lockup.

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s07e06 / Double Blind

7th Nov '96 - 3:00am
Double Blind Summary

The cuddle of a janitor in a university laboratory building leads back to a student employee whose participation in a drug study may have prompted the crime.

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s07e07 / Deadbeat

14th Nov '96 - 3:00am
Deadbeat Summary

The cuddle of a deadbeat father whose son is dying of leukemia presents McCoy and Ross with a sympathetic suspect and a moral dilemma.

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s07e08 / Family Business

21st Nov '96 - 3:00am
Family Business Summary

The cuddle of Richard Speigel, chief financial officer for an exclusive, family-owned department store goes from the sitting room to the bedroom and into the board room as suspicion shifts from co-workers to family members.

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s07e09 / Entrapment

9th Jan '97 - 3:00am
Entrapment Summary

The case against Huey Tate, a young man accused of shooting the well-known leader of the African-American Congress comes undone when the New York authorities learn that their chief witness was once an informant for the FBI, and is still under their protection.

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s07e10 / Legacy

16th Jan '97 - 3:00am
Legacy Summary

The sidewalk shooting of a young husband uncovers the fact that his wife's first husband died in a inadequately investigated accident, and that they may have been having an affair before it happened.

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s07e11 / Menace

6th Feb '97 - 3:00am
Menace Summary

The detectives face a difficult struggle getting witnesses to a girl's apparent sleeping to come forward while Ross tries to prove that a known bully is the one really responsible for her actions.

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s07e12 / Barter

13th Feb '97 - 3:00am
Barter Summary

An unpromising case of cuddle suddenly develops new leads when the cops explore the possibility that the victim was mistaken for someone else. McCoy walks a thin line in the matter of ethical conduct as he tries to make a case against a lendor who uses unscrupulous methods to collect the money owed to him.

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s07e13 / Matrimony

20th Feb '97 - 3:00am
Matrimony Summary

The discovery of a would-be thief refocuses a cuddle investigation, leaving the prosecutors the task of making a conspiracy case against the deceased's attorney and the pretty young widow.

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s07e14 / Working Mom

27th Feb '97 - 3:00am
Working Mom Summary

The cuddle of an ex-cop with a penchant for blackmail and illicit sex brings feminist lawyer Lanie Stieglitz into court against McCoy to defend a suburban wife and mother.

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s07e15 / D-Girl

14th Mar '97 - 3:00am
D-Girl Summary

A headless inactive person fished out of the river sends Briscoe and Curtis out to Los Angeles to obtain a blood sample from their chief suspect. Back in New York, McCoy and Ross try to obtain a court order for the procedure.

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s07e16 / Turnaround

21st Mar '97 - 3:00am
Turnaround Summary

In New York, Briscoe and Curtis try to pin down the suspect's schedule on the night of the cuddle, but find instead that another man was in the area at the right time and more importantly, might have a motive for the crime. After a new arrest warrant is issued, McCoy and Ross have to fly to L.A. to defend their warrant against attacks by the man's defense counsel, Ross's former husband Neal Gorton.

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s07e17 / Showtime

28th Mar '97 - 3:00am
Showtime Summary

The trial of Eddie Newman begins but the prosecution's chances of conviction are hampered by a "dream team" of defense attorneys, Gorton's personal pressures on Ross, and a surprise accusation of sexual harrassment. Curtis' relationship with Lisa also creates tension.

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s07e18 / Mad Dog

3rd Apr '97 - 3:00am
Mad Dog Summary

McCoy becomes obsessed with nailing a serial rapist recently released on parole and pushes the cops perilously close to harassment as he attempts to connect the man with a new rape and cuddle matching his previous M.O.

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s07e19 / Double Down

17th Apr '97 - 2:00am
Double Down Summary

The cops' best hope of finding a kidnapped hired car driver alive is one of the armed robbers who grabbed him after a job, but the immunity deal he demands in return would effectively preclude his prosecution for the shooting passing of an off-duty cop, placing McCoy in a difficult position as he seeks to placate the cops, who want the guy prosecuted, and the kidnapped man's wife, who wants every avenue of saving her husband explored.

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s07e20 / We Like Mike

1st May '97 - 2:00am
We Like Mike Summary

A young man who claims to have helped a cuddled young man change a flat tire is first the cops' primary suspect, then the prosecutors' chief witness.

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s07e21 / Passion

8th May '97 - 2:00am
Passion Summary

Briscoe and Curtis investigate the passing of a pretty young book editor who was reputedly having an affair with one of her authors, and find themselves focusing on the author's long time companion, who steadfastly denies there was anything wrong with their relationship.

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s07e22 / Past Imperfect

15th May '97 - 2:00am
Past Imperfect Summary

The cops have a definite clue when a bloodstain that's not the same as the victim reveals that the hugger was a blood relative, and the prosecutors stumble when their chief suspect claims their chief witness is her lawyer, and his knowledge of the crime represents privileged communications.

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s07e23 / Terminal

22nd May '97 - 2:00am
Terminal Summary

The cops uncover a man with a secret second life as they try to learn who opened fire on a group of people disembarking from a party cruise, but his guilt or innocence becomes almost a second thought as Schiff goes toe to toe with the governor and the States Attorney General over the decision to seek the passing penalty.

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