My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Season 1

s01e01 / Friendship Is Magic

10th Oct '10 - 1:00pm
Friendship Is Magic

According to an old prophecy, an evil pony wanted to make night last all the time to have all the ponies appreciate the night. She was sealed away within the moon but would return during 'the longest day of the year'. Twilight Sparkle is trying to find out about and preventing the prophecy, but is instead tasked by Princess Celestia with going to Ponyville and make some friends.

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s01e02 / Friendship Is Magic

22nd Oct '10 - 1:00pm
Friendship Is Magic

The evil pony Nightmare Moon has escaped from her imprisonment in the moon, and the eternal night has started. Twilight Sparkle and her new found pony friends must find the six Elements of Harmony to relight Equestria and find their missing Princess Celestia.

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s01e03 / The Ticket Master

29th Oct '10 - 1:00pm
The Ticket Master

Princess Celestia has given two tickets to the Grand Galloping Gala to Twilight Princess, but arguments among her friends start as they all want to be the one to accompany her to the gala, for their own personal reasons. Things get more complicated as they all start to do her personal favors to get on her good side.

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s01e04 / Applebuck Season

5th Nov '10 - 1:00pm
Applebuck Season

When Applejacks brother is hurt, she volunteers to harvest all the apple trees in Ponyville all by herself. But when she doesn't accept any help from any other ponies due to being too prideful and stubborn, she becomes more and more tired throughout the day. Eventually, it starts to cause problems when she promises to help the other ponies with their chores too.

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s01e05 / Griffon the Brush-Off

12th Nov '10 - 2:00pm
Griffon the Brush-Off

Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash bond over playing pranks on the other ponies until Rainbow's old friend Gilda the Griffon shows up for a visit. Pinkie Pie, feeling left out, desperately wants to play with Rainbow again. She soon notices that Gilda doesn't just play pranks, but can be downright mean to the other ponies. Pinkie Pie sets up a party to test who exactly is Rainbow Dash's true friend.

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s01e06 / Boast Busters

19th Nov '10 - 2:00pm
Boast Busters

The new self-proclaimed 'Great and Powerful' unicorn Trixie arrives in Ponyville claiming to be the most talented, magical and powerful pony in all of Equestria. After Trixie challenges Ponyville to present a more powerful pony, Spike wants to show everyone that Twilight is more powerful. But, while worried that she will lose the respect of her friends, she does not want to prove Trixie wrong. Perhaps only in the face of real danger Ponyville will see if Trixie is as great and powerful as she claim to be.

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s01e07 / Dragonshy

26th Nov '10 - 2:00pm

The fate of Equestria is in the hooves of Twilight and her friends when a dragon decides to take a hundred years of sleep in the area, threatening to fill the air with black smoke as he snores. The ponies head to the dragon's lair to convince it to leave, but Fluttershy is not so sure she wants to join in against a giant dragon.

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s01e08 / Look Before You Sleep

3rd Dec '10 - 2:00pm
Look Before You Sleep

After a recent argument, Applejack and Rarity have a hard time getting along with each other. When a thunderstorm arrives, Twilight invites them both over for her first slumber party. But can they reconcile their differences when an accident occurs?

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s01e09 / Bridle Gossip

10th Dec '10 - 2:00pm
Bridle Gossip

Zecora, a mysterious zebra, visits Ponyville which scares the inhabitants. The zebra is rumored to be a witch capable of casting curses. While Twilight refuses to believe in curses, an encounter with Zecora turns out to develop strange symptoms the next day. Now the friends must found out what really happened, while they have to save Apple Bloom, Applejack's little sister, who decides to seek up Zecora on her own.

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s01e10 / Swarm of the Century

17th Dec '10 - 2:00pm
Swarm of the Century

Ponyville is preparing for a visit from Princess Celestia, and especially Twilight Sparkle wants everything to be perfect. However, when a swarm of adorable insects with ravenous appetites, Parasprites, invades the town, trouble is amiss. While everyone tries to drive the Parasprites out of town, Pinkie Pie is instead focusing on gathering various musical instruments, for some reason.

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s01e11 / Winter Wrap Up

24th Dec '10 - 2:00pm
Winter Wrap Up

It is time for the Winter Wrap Up, when Ponyville prepares for spring. Twilight wants to take part as well, but as Ponyville by tradition wraps up winter without magic, Twilight is unsure how she can help. Being able to properly help any of the wrap up teams, she might find a purpose when arguments arise among the teams.

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s01e12 / Call of the Cutie

7th Jan '11 - 2:00pm
Call of the Cutie

A pony is not born with a Cutie Mark, they appear when a pony discovers their purpose in life, or their special hidden talent. Apple Bloom is among the last in her class to get hers though, and feeling left out she does everything she can to earn it before an upcoming party.

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s01e13 / Fall Weather Friends

28th Jan '11 - 2:00pm
Fall Weather Friends

In an argument between Applejack and Rainbow Dash about who's the best athlete, they face off in an Iron Pony competition. But will just the Iron Pony be enough? They both participate in the marathon event known as the Running of the Leaves, but who's the best when only actual running is involved, and can they have a clean race without putting their sportsmanship in question?

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s01e14 / Suited for Success

4th Feb '11 - 2:00pm
Suited for Success

With the upcoming Grand Galloping Gala, Rarity wants to make beautiful party dresses for her friends to wear, which leads to Rarity setting up a fashion show in Ponyville. But when she tries to please veryone and make them as individually perfect as possible, the challenge turns out to be a nightmare. When a representative of the fashion world hears about the show and is coming to visit, can Rarity stand the pressure and meet all their expectations without it turning to a total fashion disaster?

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s01e15 / Feeling Pinkie Keen

11th Feb '11 - 2:00pm
Feeling Pinkie Keen

When Twilight Sparkle learns about Pinkie Pie's 'Pinkie Sense', her unique ability to sense specific happenings in the immediate future, she is not willing to accept that they are anything but mere coincidences. Twilight decides to, scientifically, find out what's behind Pinkie's ability.

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s01e16 / Sonic Rainboom

18th Feb '11 - 2:00pm
Sonic Rainboom

Rainbow Dash prepares for an upcoming contest by trying to pull off an old move she succeeded long ago, to win a contest and a day with the Wonderbolts. To help Fluttershy cheer for Dash, Twilight's magic help them all move to where the contest is held, in the sky. But the wings that Rarity gains are so beautiful that she is tempted to join the same contest as Rainbow Dash. Can she gather the confidence to win, or even compete, or will she be overshadowed by her friend?

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s01e17 / Stare Master

25th Feb '11 - 2:00pm
Stare Master

Fluttershy can take care of all animals, no matter how wild, but when she offers to take care of Apple Bloom and her friends Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle, it's an entirely different story. Will Fluttershy stand up to the challenge, and will she do it with or without 'The Stare'?

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s01e18 / Show Stoppers

4th Mar '11 - 2:00pm
Show Stoppers

The Cutie Mark Crusaders enter a talent show believing they will find their cutie marks doing so, to eventually discover what their purpose and special talents in life will be.

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s01e19 / A Dog and Pony Show

11th Mar '11 - 2:00pm
A Dog and Pony Show

When Rarity and Spike are searching for gems, some Rarity is taken by a group of Diamond Dogs and is forced to find gems for them. Meanwhile, Spike gets back to Ponyville and gather Twilight and the other ponies for a rescue mission.

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s01e20 / Green Isn't Your Color

18th Mar '11 - 1:00pm
Green Isn't Your Color

When Rarity gets a chance to promote her store and work for the famous Photo Finish, she recruits Fluttershy to model the dresses. But will jealousy and becoming a celebrity affect the friendship between Fluttershy and Rarity?

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s01e21 / Over a Barrel

25th Mar '11 - 1:00pm
Over a Barrel

Applejack and the others are heading to Appleloosa to donate one of her trees to the newly settled town. However, during the train ride in, Spike and the tree are kidnapped by a tribe of buffaloes, which turns out to be just a small part in a large scale settlement disagreement between the settlers and the buffaloes.

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s01e22 / A Bird in the Hoof

8th Apr '11 - 1:00pm
A Bird in the Hoof

When Princess Celestia is in Ponyville on a visit, Fluttershy notices her pet bird who seems awfully sick. As the princess almost seem to turn a blind eye to the bird's sickness, Fluttershy borrows the bird so she can heal it back to health.

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s01e23 / The Cutie Mark Chronicles

15th Apr '11 - 1:00pm
The Cutie Mark Chronicles

The Cutie Mark Crusaders want to find out how Rainbow Dash got her cutie mark. On the way to Rainbow Dash, they encounter all her friends and get to hear their stories too.

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s01e24 / Owl's Well That Ends Well

22nd Apr '11 - 1:00pm
Owl's Well That Ends Well

Being Twilight Sparkle's no. 1 assistant makes Spike very tired towards the evenings. When Twilight find an owl to help out when Spike is asleep, Spike get jealous and afraid of being replaced as assistant.

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s01e25 / Party of One

29th Apr '11 - 1:00pm
Party of One

When Pinkie Pie tries to invite all her friends to a second party in as many days, everyone seems to be avoiding her. Unused to having her parties ignored, Pinkie Pie tries to find out why her friends are acting strange.

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s01e26 / The Best Night Ever

6th May '11 - 1:00pm
The Best Night Ever

It's finally time for the Grand Galloping Gala, and everyone has really high expectations of what will happen on this very special night. But the expectations may just be too high..

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