Puss in Boots
Season 1

s01e01 / Hidden

17th Jan '15 - 4:59am

Puss stumbles upon the legendary hidden city of San Lorenzo, and soon finds himself forced to protect it from thieves.

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s01e02 / Sphinx

18th Jan '15 - 4:59am

Puss accidentally gives the orphans a magic substance that will ultimately make them explode. The only cure is guarded by a Sphinx who challenges Puss with riddles - and contrary to his own belief, Puss is not good at riddles.

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s01e03 / Brothers

19th Jan '15 - 4:59am

Puss is Toby's new BFFAEAE and it's driving Puss crazy, but when Toby is kidnapped by his ninja brothers, Puss realizes how much he misses the big oaf. Unfortunately, the brothers use Toby to steal a powerful gauntlet from the treasure house, which they plan to use for "mad evil, bro".

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s01e04 / Duchess

20th Jan '15 - 4:59am

The Duchess seeks Artephius' soul for her spell collection, and it's up to Puss to protect him. It turns out that The Duchess and Artephius have a complicated relationship.

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s01e05 / Adventure

21st Jan '15 - 4:59am

Puss misses the old days adventuring with his buddy Jack Sprat. Fearful he will leave San Lorenzo, Dulcinea concocts a super special adventure surprise with the orphans. But Jack Sprat shows up with the promise of a damsel in distress... who turns out to be a super scary monster.

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s01e06 / Fountains

9th May '15 - 3:59am

In an effort to save Puss's old mentor, El Guante Blanco, Puss and Dulcinea embark on an adventure to find the Fountain of Youth.

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s01e07 / Bravery

10th May '15 - 3:59am

Puss tries to convince the Mayor that he is really a hero - but being "brave" quickly goes to the Mayor's head.

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s01e08 / Golem

11th May '15 - 3:59am

The Golem, a giant clay enemy Puss has been outrunning for years, comes to San Lorenzo. With the help of Artephius, Puss may finally defeat his foe.

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s01e09 / Boots

12th May '15 - 3:59am

By stealing enchanted boots from the Treasure House, Jack Sprat sets off a dangerous Devil Wind that threatens to consume all of the town's treasure.

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s01e10 / Sword

13th May '15 - 3:59am

Dulcinea becomes enchanted with heroic powers when she pulls a magical sword from a stone, and Puss must help her learn how to control her strength.

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s01e11 / Mouse

29th Sep '15 - 3:59am

Puss is obsessed with catching an adorable mouse, but when strange things happen in town, he fears the rodent may be more than a delicious meal.

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s01e12 / Goblin

30th Sep '15 - 3:59am

When a young goblin arrives in town, Puss tries to convince the orphans that she is more than just a scaly troublemaker.

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s01e13 / Star

1st Oct '15 - 3:59am

Dulcinea secretly discovers a wishing star and while trying to make things better through wishes, actually makes things a lot worse.

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s01e14 / Pigs

2nd Oct '15 - 3:59am

Toby's dim-bulb of a brother, Brandt, returns to San Lorenzo and begs Puss to help him reunite with his band of ninja brothers.

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s01e15 / Luck

3rd Oct '15 - 3:59am

Puss learns that black is the new orange when a curse transforms him into an unlucky black cat. Cast out of town, he must learn how to break the spell.

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