Robot Chicken
Season 5

s05e01 / Saving Private Gigli

10th Jan '11 - 4:45am
Saving Private Gigli

Season Five of Robot Chicken opens with a bang on the beaches of Normandy! The creators imagine what the reaction to shows like "Stomp" are. See what Skeletor is forced to do when Snake Mountain is foreclosed on.

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s05e02 / Terms of Endaredevil

17th Jan '11 - 4:45am
Terms of Endaredevil

Discover the secret origins of Mo-Larr, Eternian Dentist! Lara Croft makes a terrifying find in a tomb. He-Man's father King Randor proves that sometimes the apple falls very, very far from the tree. The creators imagine how Gargamel might finally get the best of the Smurfs in "Smurfatar".

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s05e03 / Big Trouble in Little Clerks 2

24th Jan '11 - 4:45am
Big Trouble in Little Clerks 2

The creators imagine what goes on deep in the jungles of Pandora late at night. Major Nelson uses Jeannie to get back at NASA for firing him. Everyone in the G.I. Joe ranks gets an animal sidekick.

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s05e04 / Kramer vs. Showgirls

31st Jan '11 - 4:45am
Kramer vs. Showgirls

NASA's Lego people have a very bad launch day. See how Andy Davis treats his toys after he comes home from college in Toy Story 4. Find out what happened to some our most memorable TV characters from the 90's.

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s05e05 / Malcolm X: Fully Loaded

7th Feb '11 - 4:45am
Malcolm X: Fully Loaded

Find out what crimes your Thanksgiving turkey committed and was then pardoned for. See who earns the title of lamest villain ever.

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s05e06 / Major League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

14th Feb '11 - 4:45am
Major League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

The creators give us the best 60 seconds in TV history! Plus find out how the ice cream sundae was created. Learn what having "Spider-sense" is really like. The Keebler Elves defend their home against their greatest enemy: The Cookie Monster!

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s05e07 / Schindler's Bucket List

21st Feb '11 - 4:45am
Schindler's Bucket List

Baby needs-a-name from "Strawberry Shortcake" gets a name no one will ever forget. A roast for Cobra Commander has a surprise ending. The creators finally reveal the secret of what happened to Skeeter from "Muppet Babies".

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s05e08 / No Country For Old Dogs

28th Feb '11 - 4:45am
No Country For Old Dogs

The creators tackle the question of what was going through Morgan Freeman's mind during his 2008 car crash. Find out what happens when a group of mentally challenged soldiers take on Hitler and the SS.

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s05e09 / Catch Me If You Kangaroo Jack

7th Mar '11 - 4:45am
Catch Me If You Kangaroo Jack

The creators ponder what a Diablo Cody eulogy would be like - home-skillett. The Joker finally gets what coming to him. Find out how the Nerd would fare in the world of "Tron".

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s05e10 / Beastmaster & Commander

24th Oct '11 - 3:30am
Beastmaster & Commander

Potato-chip cops dispense justice; a magical zebra assists a man; Green Lantern finds a new place for his ring; and a bloopers host offers a peek into his life.

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s05e11 / Casablankman

31st Oct '11 - 3:30am

A Rubik\'s Cube has an adventure; kids take part in a new fad; a secret lies behind a small door in a boy\'s room; and a 24-hour gym is explored.

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s05e12 / The Departy Monster

7th Nov '11 - 4:30am
The Departy Monster

Master Chief\'s face is revealed; life for Frankenberry is examined; Princess Toadstool\'s parents meet Mario; and Scarecrow navigates life in prison.

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s05e13 / Some Like It Hitman

14th Nov '11 - 4:30am
Some Like It Hitman

A look at life at Hogwarts, Winnie the Pooh's addiction, Donald Duck's family history and Tommy Tapeworm's latest victim.

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s05e14 / The Core, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover

21st Nov '11 - 4:30am
The Core, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover

Kratos collects blood orbs; Superman tries to escape Lois' nagging; the Velveteen Rabbit has bad luck; and aliens' true motives are revealed.

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s05e15 / Casablankman II

5th Dec '11 - 4:30am
Casablankman II

A Rubik's Cube has an adventure; kids take part in a new fad; a secret lies behind a small door in a boy's room; and a 24-hour gym is explored.

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s05e16 / The Curious Case of the Box

12th Dec '11 - 4:30am
The Curious Case of the Box

Included: musings on death; a new accomplishment for Dora the Explorer; a sticky situation in the Garden of Eden; a clown-car crash.

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s05e17 / Fool's Goldfinger

19th Dec '11 - 4:30am
Fool's Goldfinger

Iron Man dances his way to ballet fame; Morpheus calls Neo; Walt Whitman lands a student in hot water; and a Grand Theft Auto character works on a musical number.

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s05e18 / Casablankman II

9th Jan '12 - 4:30am
Casablankman II

Doc Brown obtains plutonium; Jesus talks to normal humans; and Bella and Edward's life together is examined.

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s05e19 / 100th Episode: Fight Club Paradise

16th Jan '12 - 4:30am
100th Episode: Fight Club Paradise

A guy-friendly "Sex and the City"; Yogi Bear's battle with Power Rangers; an update on Woody Woodpecker.

1036 have watched this episode
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