Robot Chicken
Season 6

s06e00 / DC Comics Special

10th Sep '12 - 4:00am
DC Comics Special

First they tantalized you with three Emmy-nominated Robot Chicken Star Wars specials, now Stoopid Buddy Stoodios, in partnership with DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Animation, bring you the awesomeness of the DC Comics universe of characters as only Robot Chicken can, with amazing guest stars and the stop-motion sketch comedy you've come to love after five seasons of the popular Adult Swim series.

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s06e01 / Executed by the State

17th Sep '12 - 3:55am
Executed by the State

The G.I. Joe operatives face a big challenge. Also: a look at vegetarianism; questions about the Starbucks logo; Orville Redenbacher's new role.

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s06e02 / Crushed by a Steamroller on My 53rd Birthday

24th Sep '12 - 3:55am
Crushed by a Steamroller on My 53rd Birthday

Featured: post-concert activities with Alvin and the Chipmunks; Mary Poppins' unusual behavior; the truth behind B.A.Baracus' distaste for flying; G.I. Joe's war experience.

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s06e03 / Punctured Jugular

1st Oct '12 - 3:55am
Punctured Jugular

A look at a "Fast and Furious" sequel; a new role for Wilson from "Cast Away"; Scooby and the gang's newest member.

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s06e04 / Poisoned by Relatives

8th Oct '12 - 3:55am
Poisoned by Relatives

Osama Bin Laden's end; "The Shirt Tales" gang in World War II; King Don's ruling style; overweight toons on a weight-loss show.

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s06e05 / Hurtled from a Helicopter into a Speeding Train

15th Oct '12 - 3:55am
Hurtled from a Helicopter into a Speeding Train

A "Lord of the RIngs" spoof; more adventures with E.T.; a birthday gift for Ben 10; a new mission for Captain Planet.

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s06e06 / Disemboweled by an Orphan

22nd Oct '12 - 3:55am
Disemboweled by an Orphan

Gadget has a surprise in store; Frosty goes through a change; and two Eternia tourists witness a battle between He-Man and Skeletor.

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s06e07 / In Bed Surrounded by Loved Ones

29th Oct '12 - 3:55am
In Bed Surrounded by Loved Ones

Included: a prank on Apache Chief; how the Lego people react to non-conformity; a look at a world without wolves; and the consequences of good times for Captain Kirk.

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s06e08 / Choked on Multi-Colored Scarves

5th Nov '12 - 4:55am
Choked on Multi-Colored Scarves

The creators imagine how Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber live their life; Yin and Yang enter a dodgeball tournament; Greg Heffley tries his luck with a triangle and Huckleberry Hound playing James Bond.

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s06e09 / Hemlock Gin and Juice

12th Nov '12 - 4:55am
Hemlock Gin and Juice

Dora the Explorer turns 15; Wall-E gets creative; the reason behind Angry Birds' rage is revealed; and Thomas the Tank Engine meets an explosive end.

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s06e10 / Collateral Damage in Gang Turf War

19th Nov '12 - 4:55am
Collateral Damage in Gang Turf War

E.T. takes over an ER; Harry Potter lands in a not-so-magical situation; the reason why Black Widow and Hawkeye remain part of the Avengers is revealed; and the characters encounter zombies.

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s06e11 / Eviscerated Post-Coital by a Six Foot Mantis

3rd Dec '12 - 4:55am
Eviscerated Post-Coital by a Six Foot Mantis

A brand new eco-friendly addition to Sesame Street; what happens when Mario from Super Mario Bros. gets rich; and some kind of Pinky & the Brain spoof.

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s06e12 / Butchered in Burbank

10th Dec '12 - 4:55am
Butchered in Burbank

Included: Monopoly in theaters; Dracula's dinner party; "The Little Mermaid" in New York; a new Dr. Seuss character.

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s06e13 / Robot Chicken's ATM Christmas Special

17th Dec '12 - 4:55am
Robot Chicken's ATM Christmas Special

Santa almost misses Christmas; Kano spends the holidays with Mrs. Cage; Justin Bieber releases a new song; and G.I. Joe has a special Christmas.

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s06e14 / Papercut to Aorta

7th Jan '13 - 4:55am
Papercut to Aorta

Spoofed: Rocky and Bullwinkle; Badtz-Maru; "The Hunger Games."

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s06e15 / Caffeine-Induced Aneurysm

14th Jan '13 - 4:55am
Caffeine-Induced Aneurysm

The truth behind "Airwolf"; the final episode of "iCarly"; a "Star Trek" song.

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s06e16 / Eaten by Cats

21st Jan '13 - 4:55am
Eaten by Cats

The Teletubbies new roles as Power Rangers; Doc Brown's struggle with his time machine; 50 Cent's latest collaborator; a Lego person's birth.

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s06e17 / Botched Jewel Heist

28th Jan '13 - 4:55am
Botched Jewel Heist

A meeting between Jason Voorhees and Michael Meyers; a rap for pescatarians; the future of holidays.

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s06e18 / Robot Fight Accident

4th Feb '13 - 4:55am
Robot Fight Accident

The Nerd becomes Little Red Riding Hood; the Avengers take Broadway; Archie stands up for himself; Harry Potter applies for college; and the next "Aliens" film is imagined.

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s06e19 / Chocked On A Bottle Cap

11th Feb '13 - 4:55am
Chocked On A Bottle Cap

Humping Robot attacks the U.S. Navy; an intervention for M.A.D. Cat; The Thundercats learn about estrus; the Animaniacs go off their medications.

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s06e20 / Immortal

18th Feb '13 - 4:55am

In this season finale, Joss Whedon is back from the dead, unlike his many short-lived sci-fi series.

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s06e21 / Born Again Virgin Christmas Special

17th Dec '13 - 4:55am
Born Again Virgin Christmas Special

Robot Chicken takes down Christmas once again! Our writers reveal the origins of the Heat Miser and Cold Miser. Witness Ebenezer Scrooge learn the true TRUE meaning of Christmas. Learn the perils of getting a job at the North Pole. Discover how Santa Claus ruined World War One's greatest day!

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s06e22 / DC Comics Special II: Villains In Paradise

7th Apr '14 - 3:55am
DC Comics Special II: Villains In Paradise

In the follow up to the previous DC special, Lena Luthor runs off with Superboy after her father Lex forces her to spend her Spring Break working at the Legion of Doom coffee shop.

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