Scot Squad
Season 3

s03e01 / Series 3, Episode 1

4th Jan '17 - 10:00pm
Series 3, Episode 1

Street cops PC Jack McLaren and PC Sarah Fletcher make a revealing discovery when they respond to a pair of convivial naturists, hopeful that the evidence will reveal as much as the victims. Elsewhere, Volunteer Officer Ken Beattie once again proves he has a naked ambition to serve his community when he answers an unlikely distress call, leading to a stint of cleaning, washing and ironing.

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s03e02 / Series 3, Episode 2

11th Jan '17 - 10:00pm
Series 3, Episode 2

The Chief furthers his dream of becoming a bestselling tartan noir crimewriter.

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s03e03 / Series 3, Episode 3

18th Jan '17 - 10:00pm
Series 3, Episode 3

All access to all departments - flashing the spotlight on the good guys banging up the baddies. Knights of the road Singh and McKirdy turn firefighters to extinguish a dangerous inferno and sample some delicious sausages. City cops McLaren and Fletcher rush to the open grass in pursuit of a miscreant on a roll inside a giant hamster ball. The Chief furthers his dream of becoming a
bestselling tartan noir crime-writer as he rubs shoulders with one of Scotland's greatest novelists. And local man Bobby does what he believes to be the right thing when he hands in a bag of dangerous-looking weapons to officer Karen. Mirth-inducing mockumentary manoeuvres starring Jack Docherty, Manjot Sumal, Grado, Jordan Young, Sally Reid, Darren Connell, Karen Bartke and special guest Ian Rankin.

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s03e04 / Series 3, Episode 4

25th Jan '17 - 10:00pm
Series 3, Episode 4

The Chief discovers a new world of insults when he samples online gaming.

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s03e05 / Series 3, Episode 5

1st Feb '17 - 10:00pm
Series 3, Episode 5

The Chief pushes his professional productivity to the max.

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