Scot Squad
Season 7

s07e01 / Series 7, Episode 1

6th Jan '22 - 10:00pm
Series 7, Episode 1

The Chief uses all of his faculties to reinvent himself as the most woke Miekelson he could possibly be. Meanwhile, Jane MacKay and Charlie McIntosh have split up and are adjusting to new partners

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s07e02 / Series 7, Episode 2

13th Jan '22 - 10:00pm
Series 7, Episode 2

Traffic officer Hugh McKirdy gleefully shares his expertise on all things deep-fried as a fast food vlogger records her next online episode.

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s07e03 / Series 7, Episode 3

20th Jan '22 - 10:00pm
Series 7, Episode 3

City police Fletcher and McLaren uncover a crafty criminal at a Murder Mystery Party. Mindful of their duties, they bring in the bad guy without killing anyone's evening.

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s07e04 / Series 7, Episode 4

27th Jan '22 - 10:00pm
Series 7, Episode 4

PC Charlie MacIntosh has a decision to make. Offered an exciting opportunity away from the Police, will he run for the hills?

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s07e05 / Series 7, Episode 5

3rd Feb '22 - 10:00pm
Series 7, Episode 5

Squire and McGill are on a lengthy stakeout, poised to pounce on their perpetrator. But, without sustenance, can they handle the hunger long enough to capture their prey?

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