Scot Squad
Season 4

s04e01 / Series 4, Episode 1

15th Nov '17 - 10:00pm
Series 4, Episode 1

The cops get an unwanted eyeful, a surprising faceful and a stupefying skinful. This episode introduces some new recruits - Megan Squire and Andrea McGill - plain-talking plain-clothes detectives - cops fully cognisant of the word on the street. Meanwhile, the series starts with a bang when Bobby fidgets with something explosive that officer Karen told him to keep his paws off.

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s04e02 / Series 4, Episode 2

22nd Nov '17 - 10:00pm
Series 4, Episode 2

The traffic cops tackle a dodgy driver, the detectives smash a smuggling operation, and the Chief bravely faces up to encountering his ex-wife. We learn more about SPF special ops as a very important dignitary requires a level of protection that's way beyond the call of duty. And PC Jack McLaren steps in to help out using what could only be described as extreme piggy-backing.

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s04e03 / Series 4, Episode 3

29th Nov '17 - 10:00pm
Series 4, Episode 3

The Scottish Police Force are used to expecting the unexpected and every day contains the familiar element of surprise. This spoof 'blue light' documentary tails the Scot Squad as they check out what's inside a smoking van, unearth some potentially explosive evidence and learn how to go to the toilet with two broken arms. Newly promoted actual PC Ken Beattie now finds himself called upon to provide a character reference. Knights of the road Singh and McKirdy gallantly help out a hen do, and the Chief attempts international diplomacy by shouting loudly at a laptop.

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s04e04 / Series 4, Episode 4

6th Dec '17 - 10:00pm
Series 4, Episode 4

Another shift at the coalface of crime-fighting for the lads and lassies of the Scottish Police Force. Showing no fear whatsoever, they jump in an elevator to battle claustrophobia, compare myth v reality to address vigilantism and rake about a hedge to rescue some very public pornography. Plus magic happens at the traffic lights when road cops Singh and McKirdy pull over a couple of Scotland's most celebrated children's entertainers. Comedy fly-on-the-wall documentary starring Jack Docherty, M L Stone and James Allenby-Kirk. With special guest stars Artie and Cilla from the Singing Kettle.

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s04e05 / Series 4, Episode 5

13th Dec '17 - 10:00pm
Series 4, Episode 5

Canine courage is officially recognised by the force when PC Leanne Hunter is summoned to meet the Chief so that her partner PD Bonzo can receive a medal. Meanwhile, officer Karen dips her pinky toe into the choppy waters of online dating. And covert cop Archie Pepper proves invaluable to Chief Miekelson in a 'hypothetical' catfish scenario.

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s04e06 / Series 4, Episode 6

20th Dec '17 - 10:00pm
Series 4, Episode 6

It might be the final episode of the series, but the Scottish Police Force never stop doing the right thing as they courageously curtail criminality. This spoof 'blue light' documentary sees the bold band of Braveheart bam-busters catch a break in a break-in case, net some fish thieves in a robbery and deal with an expensive drop of whisky. Meanwhile, the Chief does a genuine gesture for charity by sporting a fine fake head of hair. And PCs Fletcher and McLaren go that extra mile to assist a top TV meteorologist.

30 have watched this episode
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