South Park
Season 8

s08e01 / Good Times With Weapons

18th Mar '04 - 3:00am
Good Times With Weapons

The boys buy Martial Arts weapons from the county fair, and turn into Ninja warriors (complete with Anime-style animation). However, when one of Kenny's ninja stars gets thrown into Butters' eye, the boys must do the only logical thing possible, dress Butters up as a dog and take him to the vet. Their parents cannot find out that they were playing with weapons.

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s08e02 / Up the Down Steroid

25th Mar '04 - 3:00am
Up the Down Steroid

Jimmy and Timmy are competing in the Special Olympics, but Jimmy is using steroids to gain the edge on the competition.
Once Cartman finds out that the winner will receive a 00 cash prize, he devises a plan to get into the event, thinking he can easily beat all the handicapped kids and win the money.

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s08e03 / The Passion of the Jew

1st Apr '04 - 3:00am
The Passion of the Jew

Kyle finally sees The Passion of the Christ, and is horrified by it. Cartman on the other hand, is organizing Passion fans to get others involved in the film so they can perform a cleansing. Meanwhile, Stan and Kenny see it, and believe that Mel Gibson should give them their money back. So, they set off to find him in Malibu.

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s08e04 / You Got F*cked in the Ass

8th Apr '04 - 2:00am
You Got F*cked in the Ass

The boys find themselves humiliated on the street when a bunch of O.C. kids come up and "serve" the boys by out-dancing them. Stan takes it upon himself to put together a team to get South Park's honor back in the world of competitive dancing.

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s08e05 / AWESOM-O

15th Apr '04 - 2:00am

A special package arrives for Butters from Japan. It's AWESOM-O! His very own personal robot. Butters tells AWESOM-O all his secrets, but also one of Cartman's. Upon realizing that Butters has a tape of him making a fool of himself, Cartman keeps up the AWESOM-O charade in order to find that tape.

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s08e06 / The Jeffersons

22nd Apr '04 - 2:00am
The Jeffersons

There's a new neighbor in South Park, Mr. Jefferson, and he loves children so much, he has all sorts of toys, rides, and food. But is Mr. Jefferson just your average neighbor, or is he hiding a secret?

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s08e07 / Goobacks

29th Apr '04 - 2:00am

The citizens of South Park find themselves in a bad spot when people from the future start traveling back in time to find work. The future is such an overcrowded, desolate place that the only work to be found, lies in the past. How will the townsfolk react when they lose their job to a Gooback?

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s08e08 / Douche and Turd

28th Oct '04 - 2:00am
Douche and Turd

Kyle and Cartman are fighting about who would make a better school mascot, now that the South Park Cows are considered offensive by PETA. Kyle thinks it should be a Giant Douche, while Cartman believes it should be a Turd Sandwich. Stan on the other hand, could care less, and refuses to participate in the vote.

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s08e09 / Something Wall-Mart This Way Comes

4th Nov '04 - 3:00am
Something Wall-Mart This Way Comes

The Mega-store that is Wall-Mart finally opens in South Park. But the store seems to have a strange power over the townsfolk...they can't stop themselves from buying items at Wall-Mart's low, low prices.

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s08e10 / Pre-School

11th Nov '04 - 3:00am

A horrible secret from their days in Pre-School comes back to haunt the boys. Trent Boyett is being released from Juvenile Hall, and he's out for revenge for a crime he didn't commit.

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s08e11 / Quest for Ratings

18th Nov '04 - 3:00am
Quest for Ratings

South Park Elementary has a closed circuit television network. Jimmy and "Rick" Cartman are the anchors for "Super School News." Stan reports on school lunches, Butters covers the celebrity watch, Token does the weather and Kyle covers sports. All is going well until Craig premieres a new show that gets much higher ratings than the boys' news program. So, they set out to get better ratings by finding a great story.

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s08e12 / Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset

2nd Dec '04 - 3:00am
Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset

Paris Hilton has opened a new clothing store at the South Park Mall and Wendy thinks it demeans women. After finding no help in her parents, Wendy turns to one man for help: Mr. Slave.

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s08e13 / Cartman's Incredible Gift

9th Dec '04 - 3:00am
Cartman's Incredible Gift

Cartman suffers a head wound after trying to fly from the top of his roof. When he awakens, he believes he has psychic powers. When a serial hugger comes to South Park, Cartman will use his gift to find him...or will he?

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s08e14 / Woodland Critter Christmas

16th Dec '04 - 3:00am
Woodland Critter Christmas

It's Christmas in South Park once again. This year Stan, the boy with the red poof-ball hat, finds himself helping out a group of adorable critters that live in the forest. They ask him to help protect their pregnant friend, who will give birth to their Lord's son. Everything is going well until Stan learns who these critters worship.

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