Storage Wars
Season 12

s12e01 / The Jenny, The Baker, The Prosthetics Maker

8th Nov '18 - 3:00am
The Jenny, The Baker, The Prosthetics Maker

It's Brandi's birthday, so Jarrod brings her to an auction in Menifee; Darrell tries to find another all ten locker, needing a leg up to do so; Rene stands his ground to protect his honor; and Mary brings her pal from Texas in to put her California counterparts in their place.

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s12e02 / Weekend at Barry's

8th Nov '18 - 3:30am
Weekend at Barry's

Kenny is feeling nostalgic in Koreatown, so he brings along an old friend, which may or may not have been a good idea; Brandi and Jarrod sweeten their profit in an unexpected way; and Ivy tolerates the big city in an effort to find some name brand goodies.

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s12e03 / A Sale of Two Cities

15th Nov '18 - 3:00am
A Sale of Two Cities

Emily brings her mother along with her to Walnut, and Darrell wastes no time finding an advantage. Ivy and Ivy Jr. clean up with their locker. Following on to Whittier, Kenny gets some advice from a music legend.

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s12e04 / They Shoe Horses, Don't They?

15th Nov '18 - 3:30am
They Shoe Horses, Don't They?

Out in Hesperia, Mary's transportation troubles lead to teaming up with Kenny and taking him out to pasture. The Vegas Ladies' mid-century style lets them write their own ticket.

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s12e05 / Talking in Cody

22nd Nov '18 - 3:00am
Talking in Cody

It's all in the family in Moreno Valley, as Emily brings along her cowboy husband. Ivy is displeased at Mary's fraternization with the auctioneer, and takes it out on her later. Meanwhile, Kenny looks for anything in his locker that can wash off that storage scent.

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s12e06 / Om Sweet Om

22nd Nov '18 - 3:30am
Om Sweet Om

The Vegas Ladies show up in "Bourgie Brea", and find the place fascinating. Mary decides to deal with her storage stress by introducing a bit of yoga into her routine. Ivy and Dave go head-to-head on a giant pair of sister lockers, but Dave chooses to sit out the rest of the time.

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s12e07 / Grandma's Havoc

29th Nov '18 - 3:00am
Grandma's Havoc

This time in Victorville, Ivy takes it easy, letting Ivy, Jr. run the operation. Kenny feels run down and his lack of focus lands him a locker, though there's a pleasant surprise in the end. Mary, Shana and Edwina just can't seem to make anything stick, so they decide to embrace it, doing what they do best.

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s12e08 / Cloudy with A Chance of Profit

29th Nov '18 - 3:30am
Cloudy with A Chance of Profit

It's a momentous occasion in Van Nuys for Darrell, and he has a completely groovy time with it. Ivy starts his day off with an unwelcome bang. Brandi & Jarrod are left wondering whether their unit will bring clear skies or clouds ahead.

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s12e09 / Let's Give 'Em Something to Tonka About

10th Jan '19 - 3:00am
Let's Give 'Em Something to Tonka About

It's a long way to Murietta, and Dave is counting on his competition being unwilling to buy a big locker they need to move. Justin finds a partner in the crowd and swings a decent locker. Ivy and Ivy, Jr. find their day somewhat therapeutic. Mary finally finds a tiny treasure to take home.

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s12e10 / Fowl Play

10th Jan '19 - 3:30am
Fowl Play

The buyers head to Torrance, where Dave sees his profits grow - amongst other things. Mary finds clothes that don't fit her - which turns out to be a good thing. And Kenny takes a chance at being an early bird - but winds up looking more like a dodo.

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s12e11 / Which Came First: The Chicken or the Auction?

17th Jan '19 - 3:00am
Which Came First: The Chicken or the Auction?

Overwhelmed by the sheer number of units up for auction in Rialto, Mary and Ivy wager that each can better predict final locker prices than the other. Dave's locker closely resembles a chop shop, while Rene and Tatianna catch a stash of vintage sporting goods.

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s12e12 / The Wind Beneath My Bids

17th Jan '19 - 3:30am
The Wind Beneath My Bids

30+mph winds batter Desert Hot Springs, and the buyers do their best to keep standing. Rene and Gunther dust off an old locker. Brandi and Jarrod's unit takes a turn and ends up lapping the competition, while Kenny steps up his game big time.

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s12e13 / Not All That Glitters is Gourd

24th Jan '19 - 3:00am
Not All That Glitters is Gourd

Back in the city of Orange, the Vegas Ladies arrive in vintage style, though not everyone agrees. Casey finds the chutzpah to pick up a good unit. Darrell tries to peddle his wares to Emily, but settles for a decent locker.

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s12e14 / Mistress of the Snark

24th Jan '19 - 3:30am
Mistress of the Snark

Ivy thinks he's a comedian in Stanton but the gizmo in his locker is no joke. Brandi and Jarrod make sure that what they find in their unit doesn't stay there. Kenny's vintage entertainment lands him an excuse to meet a cult TV host.

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s12e15 / Nowhere to Formaldehyde

31st Jan '19 - 3:00am
Nowhere to Formaldehyde

Back in Hawaiian Gardens, Emily's husband Cody misses a bid that stirs up trouble. Brandi and Jarrod put their faith in the cowboy and end up facing their mortality. The Vegas Ladies struggle to be seen before they find their stones and Ivy revisits some of his glory days... in a way.

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s12e16 / Drama in the LBC

31st Jan '19 - 3:30am
Drama in the LBC

North Long Beach doesn't bring out the best in the buyers, although they do manage to make a charitable contribution. Darrell and Dave wager on who got the better sister... locker, that is. Brandi and Jarrod spend way to much but see their treasure soar.

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