Storage Wars
Season 6

s06e01 / The Emperor of El Monte

12th Nov '14 - 2:00am
The Emperor of El Monte

The buyers welcome Rene and Casey back to the auctions with a healthy dose of badgering and competition. Dave heats things up and finds a piece of board game history. Jarrod and Brandi continue to struggle to get a locker and Darrell and Brandon show their moves outside of the auctions.

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s06e02 / Auction Boogaloo

12th Nov '14 - 2:30am
Auction Boogaloo

The buyers head south to Oceanside, CA. It's Rene's backyard and he intends to make the competition pay for coming to his territory. Darrell and Brandon fight for a unit that has a piece of cinematic history while Jarrod and Brandi discover that friendship can be magic and profitable.

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s06e03 / Locktoberfest!

19th Nov '14 - 2:00am

Darrell and Brandon return to the sight of their biggest score while the other buyers are focused on taking down the self-proclaimed "King of Montebello". Jarrod and Brandi land a locker that leads them to something called a "Herbmeister" and Rene and Casey score a potentially sweet unit.

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s06e04 / The Emperor Of El Monte

19th Nov '14 - 2:30am
The Emperor Of El Monte

The buyers head to El Monte, CA where they take the local competition head on. Darrell and Brandon score some antique loot while Jarrod and Brandi get a rocking' good locker. And Ivy hits a score that may just lead to the mother lode.

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s06e05 / Up the Ante in El Monte

26th Nov '14 - 2:00am
Up the Ante in El Monte

An auction in El Monte, CA has big lockers which means big money. Dave nabs a unit that shows he knows how to party. Rene tries to slice a bit of profit from a chilling find. While Jarrod and Brandi attempt to play the other buyers, but will their strategy backfire before they can score?.

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s06e06 / All Along the Swatchtower

3rd Dec '14 - 2:00am
All Along the Swatchtower

The buyers throw down at an auction in Koreatown. Dave is expecting to score some high end merchandise, while Darrell struggles as he has never been to this area before. Mary fights for a locker despite the high prices and Jarrod's antics may just push Brandi over the line.

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s06e07 / A San Marcos Mitzvah

10th Dec '14 - 2:00am
A San Marcos Mitzvah

An auction in San Marcos brings Darrell and Brandon to their home turf and Mary finds a way to deal with inflated prices. Jarrod and Brandi buy a vintage piece that sends them spinning while Ivy discovers something that puts a song in his heart.

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s06e08 / A Very Miraculous Storage Wars Christmas

17th Dec '14 - 2:00am
A Very Miraculous Storage Wars Christmas

In this special holiday episode, the buyers become givers as they head to Dan and Laura's house for a white elephant gift exchange! Even though the proceeds are going to charity, the buyers can't help but get ultra-competitive. Who will win? Who will lose? And most importantly, who knows the words to Jingle Bells?

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s06e09 / North Hollywood Hustle

7th Jan '15 - 2:00am
North Hollywood Hustle

The competition becomes fierce in North Hollywood and even Dan and Laura can't escape the tension. Dave scores a locker that may be a hit and Rene fights past the local buyers to have some fun. Mary comes across two lockers that would be a perfect fit - if she can get them both.

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s06e10 / Who Let the Daves Out

7th Jan '15 - 2:30am
Who Let the Daves Out

The buyers hit a vault auction in Huntington Beach where Dave decides to bring a few friends to help him out. Mary struggles to win a vault and keep her inexperience under wraps, while Rene gets wrapped up in a different way with a tough discovery.

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s06e11 / Gambler of Thrones

14th Jan '15 - 2:30am
Gambler of Thrones

The buyers head out to Palm Springs for an auction that brings sweet lockers and big money finds. Mary is worried that they area may be too high society for her, while Ivy sets his sights on vintage items. Darrell and Rene battle across the auctions, but only one will win the best of the best in this high stakes showdown.

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s06e12 / Once Upon a Locker in the West

21st Jan '15 - 2:30am
Once Upon a Locker in the West

The buyers head to Santa Ana, CA where dreams of great lockers spice up the auction. Jarrod and Brandi get a locker that leads to the sweet life while Mary tries to get something more collectable. And Darrell comes across a find that may be another huge win for the Gambler.

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s06e13 / Locker Mountain High

28th Jan '15 - 2:30am
Locker Mountain High

The auctions begin in Upland, CA., but Dan and Laura take the buyers on a wild ride to finish out the day. Ivy ends up with an eyeful and Mary buys early in hopes of treasure. Jarrod and Brandi along with Darrell and Brandon are forced to go deep into the high mountains for the hope of staying above water.

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s06e14 / Fontan-o-rama

4th Feb '15 - 2:30am

Fontana, CA becomes FUNtana as Dave explores his lighter side and Mary tries to put a little "Texas" into the auction. Darrell and Brandon have high hopes after scoring here in the past, while Jarrod and Brandi need a good hit to get them out of a bad buy.

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s06e15 / Mr. Nezhoda's Opus

11th Feb '15 - 2:30am
Mr. Nezhoda's Opus

Dan and Laura take the buyers back to Torrance for an auction that has them battling for the best unit of the day. Ivy changes up his game to stunning results and Brandi puts Jarrod on a harsh budget. Dave takes on Rene against every locker, but it remains to be seen who will come out with one of the best lockers in Storage Wars history.

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s06e16 / Leader of the Packed

18th Feb '15 - 2:30am
Leader of the Packed

Bellflower, CA hosts an auction that has high stakes and big money finds. Ivy struggles through a bad buy to find something of value, while Dave tries to find trash among the treasure. Jarrod buys a unit that becomes a horror show for Brandi, who must face her fears to get a score.

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s06e17 / Lock & Roll

25th Feb '15 - 2:30am
Lock & Roll

An auction in Mission Hills brings new challenges as Ivy changes his game and goes for a locker with collectables. Mary just tries to land something that will give her a quick sale as Rene looks to buy big. Local buyers test Darrell, but the Gambler gets some help from a well known friend that may help him end on a high note.

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s06e18 / Too Fast, Too Curious

4th Mar '15 - 2:30am
Too Fast, Too Curious

The auctions return to Riverside where Jarrod has trouble finding his groove. Dave finds something that has him baffled while Ivy attempts an elusive strategy to make a score. Mary holds her own against the veteran buyers and discovers that lockers can lead to romance.

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