The Bachelor
Season 24

s24e01 / Premiere

7th Jan '20 - 1:00am

Airline pilot Peter Weber begins his search for love, meeting 30 accomplished women eager to catch his eye; on the first group date, nine women get flight training; Hannah Brown returns to host the second group date.

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s24e02 / Week 2

14th Jan '20 - 1:00am
Week 2

Peter and Hannah B. pick up where they left off, with a conversation full of unresolved feelings for one another. Will Peter invite Hannah to join the other women? Or will he continue on his new quest to find love? How will he face the nine women who were on the group date, anxiously awaiting his decision?

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s24e03 / Week 3

21st Jan '20 - 1:00am
Week 3

Peter tries to put the drama behind him by focusing on his country line dancing date with Victoria P. A stunning revelation has Peter struggling with his feelings for a controversial woman.

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s24e04 / Week 4: Cleveland, Ohio

28th Jan '20 - 1:00am
Week 4: Cleveland, Ohio

Peter and the 15 remaining bachelorettes leave the Bachelor mansion behind and travel cross-country to continue their search for love in Cleveland, Ohio. Peter flies Victoria F. to their special date destination and a surprise performance by country music star Chase Rice, which leads the bachelorette to make a shocking confession. Cleveland Browns' football legends Josh Cribbs and Hanford Dixon put a group of women through a rigorous workout as they prepare to face off in The Bachelor Bowl. Kelsey is the lucky lady who enjoys a day exploring Cleveland with Peter. However, one controversial woman is the target of rage by the others and prompts a revolt the likes of which Bachelor Nation has never seen.

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s24e05 / Week 5: Costa Rica

4th Feb '20 - 1:00am
Week 5: Costa Rica

The first of a gripping, special two-night "Bachelor" event starts with Peter needing to decide about the controversial Alayah. Should he keep the possibility of a relationship with her alive or risk losing the trust of all the other women? After another dramatic rose ceremony, exotic Costa Rica is the next stop on Peter's search to find his soul mate. Peter gives the women a shock: an unfortunate accident has left a 22-stitch scar on his forehead. A big swimsuit fashion shoot for Cosmopolitan amps up the jealousy as the woman who poses the best will be front and center with Peter in the magazine. One struggling woman decides on a make-or-break scheme to convince the Bachelor to give her a rose. That is only the beginning of the bachelorettes spinning out of control before the next rose ceremony.

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s24e06 / Week 6: Chile

6th Feb '20 - 1:00am
Week 6: Chile

Peter will need to concentrate on his developing relationships in Santiago, the vibrant capital of Chile. His first date raises serious concerns when she reveals she has never been in love before. Can she convince Peter that she is ready to settle down and get married? Another woman is getting a second one-on-one date causing a furor with one devastated bachelorette who hasn't even had one yet.

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s24e07 / Week 7: Peru

11th Feb '20 - 1:00am
Week 7: Peru

The pressure mounts as hometown dates loom, but first Peter and the remaining six women travel to beautiful Lima. After a supportive conversation with his mom, Peter is inspired to pay the women a surprise visit for a serious chat. How will they respond to his wake-up call to focus on their feelings? Madison and Peter come to a make-or-break moment in their relationship after a magical day together. Peter and Natasha spend a whirlwind day shopping, eating and having fun, but will the chemistry be there? Kelsey has a family secret she dares to share with the charming pilot, but will she get a rose and a hometown date? The dreaded three-on-one date pits one confident woman against two panic-stricken bachelorettes. The tough decisions are just beginning for Peter, as four women prepare to take him home to meet their families.

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s24e08 / Week 8: Hometown Dates

18th Feb '20 - 1:00am
Week 8: Hometown Dates

Peter has four fabulous bachelorettes he cares about and who have his confidence: Hannah Ann, Kelsey, Madison and Victoria F. A trip to Hannah Ann's hometown of Knoxville finds Peter challenged by her very protective father, who extracts a promise from him. Kelsey welcomes the handsome pilot to Des Moines and decides to follow her instincts on whether to share her real feelings. Madison has a special surprise in store for Peter-who is a huge sports fan-when she meets him at Auburn University, but her family realizes that their daughter and the Bachelor might not be on the same page. Peter is looking forward to a drama-free day with Victoria F. in Virginia Beach. Instead, a stunning accusation threatens their future together.

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s24e09 / Week 9: Overnight Dates (Australia)

25th Feb '20 - 1:00am
Week 9: Overnight Dates (Australia)

When we last left Peter after the rose ceremony, Madison seizes her last opportunity to talk to him before the fantasy suites and presents him with a dilemma that will impact all his relationships. Where does that leave their relationship and Peter's connections with the other remaining women? For the first time ever, the final three women - Hannah Ann, Madison and Victoria F. - all will be living together in one hotel suite.

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s24e10 / The Women Tell All

3rd Mar '20 - 1:00am
The Women Tell All

Peter must come to grips with Madison turning away from the strong relationship they have developed until the fantasy suites. Then, seventeen of the most unforgettable women from this season will return to confront Peter and each other. Dramatic feuds will be revived and Peter must face the scrutiny of the women he sent home, needing to defend his decisions from the questioning women. The woman sent home from the rose ceremony in Australia has an emotional return and shares her side of her powerful story.

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s24e11 / Week 10: The Final Rose

10th Mar '20 - 12:00am
Week 10: The Final Rose

After the shocking ending to the fantasy suite dates, Peter, Hannah, and Madison travel to Alice Springs, Australia.

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s24e12 / After the Final Rose

11th Mar '20 - 12:00am
After the Final Rose

Peter, Hannah Ann, and Madison appear with Chris Harrison to talk about the tumultuous days in Australia and the roller coaster of events that have happened since.

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