The Bachelor
Season 8

s08e01 / Week One (S8)

10th Jan '06 - 1:00am
Week One (S8)

The season eight opener kicks off in the City of Light, Paris, France. Meet the bachelor, Dr. Travis Stork, and the 25 women who will compete for his affections.

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s08e02 / Week Two (S8)

17th Jan '06 - 1:00am
Week Two (S8)

The competition starts for Travis\' first kiss, as the bachelorettes draw the battle lines while seeing romantic Paris, on \"The Bachelor: Paris\".

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s08e03 / Week Three (S8)

24th Jan '06 - 1:00am
Week Three (S8)

The doctor takes some of the women around the city, but his plans for a romantic dinner at the top of L\'Arc de Triomphe are cancelled because of rain.

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s08e04 / Week Four (S8)

31st Jan '06 - 1:00am
Week Four (S8)

Two eliminated bachelorettes seek revenge on the remaining women when they return to pick Travis\' individual dates.

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s08e05 / Week Five (S8)

7th Feb '06 - 1:00am
Week Five (S8)

Travis visits the final four women\'s hometowns, as their families put him on the hot seat in a special two-hour edition of ABC\'s \"The Bachelor: Paris\"

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s08e06 / Week Six (S8)

14th Feb '06 - 1:00am
Week Six (S8)

Travis and the remaining three women take Europe by storm, as he sweeps them away for romantic overnight dates, on ABC\'s \"The Bachelor: Paris\". Also, past \"Bachelor\" Cast Members, Including Aaron Buerge and Andrew Firestone, Reflect on Their Favorite Overnight Date Moments and The Latest News from \"The Bachelor\'s\" Happy Couples, Trista & Ryan, Byron & Mary and Charlie & Sarah.

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s08e07 / The Women Tell All (S8)

28th Feb '06 - 1:00am
The Women Tell All (S8)

Travis faces the rejected women and the claws come out, as jealousy takes center stage on The Bachelor: Paris: The Women Tell All;.

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s08e08 / Week Seven (S8)

28th Feb '06 - 2:00am
Week Seven (S8)

It\'s one of the most dramatic and romantic nights ever on ABC with a special two-hour finale of \"The Bachelor: Paris,\" as we come down to two very different women.

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