The Boondocks
Season 2

s02e01 /  Or Die Trying

9th Oct '07 - 3:30am
 Or Die Trying

Granddad, Huey, Riley and Jazmine must avoid guards after they sneak in to a cinema to watch Soul Plane 2: The Blackjacking.

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s02e02 / Tom, Sarah and Usher

16th Oct '07 - 3:30am
Tom, Sarah and Usher

Sarah Dubois meets Usher while on a date with Tom. She becomes obsessed with the singer, causing Tom to think she's cheating on him. Tom asks for help from A Pimp Named Slickback to sort out the problem.

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s02e03 / Thank You for Not Snitching

23rd Oct '07 - 3:30am
Thank You for Not Snitching

Two men are invading homes, and Riley and Granddad are refusing to speak to the police. It gets worse when Granddad's car, Dorothy, gets stolen by the robbers. If Riley and Granddad still refuse, worse things may be in store.

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s02e04 / Stinkmeaner Strikes Back

30th Oct '07 - 3:30am
Stinkmeaner Strikes Back

Huey has a dream of Stinkmeaner and Granddad says that he was a menace and he sent him to hell like he deserves. Stinkmeaner's spirit later inhabits Tom Dubois' body and goes looking for revenge against Granddad. Huey must stop him from killing Granddad.

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s02e05 / The Story of Thugnificent

6th Nov '07 - 4:30am
The Story of Thugnificent

The infamous rapper Thugnificent moves to the neighbourhood with his friends Macktastic and Flonominal, eventually leading to Granddad becoming annoyed with his new neighbours. Their feud inspires Thugnificent to create a diss-track called "Eff Granddad".

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s02e06 / Attack of the Killer Kung-Fu Wolf Bitch

20th Nov '07 - 4:30am
Attack of the Killer Kung-Fu Wolf Bitch

After many failed attempts at online dating, Granddad finally meets a beautiful woman named Luna...who just happens to be a psycho.

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s02e07 / Shinin'

27th Nov '07 - 4:30am

Riley joins Thugnificent's Lethal Injection crew. Meanwhile, a local bully steals Riley's prized chain.

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s02e08 / Ballin'

4th Dec '07 - 4:30am

Riley learns a lesson in good sportsmanship after he joins Tom's basketball team.

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s02e09 / Invasion of the Katrinians

11th Dec '07 - 4:30am
Invasion of the Katrinians

Jericho Freeman, Granddad's cousin, and his family, who were displaced by Hurricane Katrina, arrive at the Freeman's home looking for a place to stay. Granddad reluctantly allows the family to stay, but is soon trying to get rid of them.

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s02e10 / Home Alone

18th Dec '07 - 4:30am
Home Alone

Granddad takes a vacation, leaving the boys alone with Uncle Ruckus, but just who is in charge?

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s02e11 / The S Word

22nd Jan '08 - 4:30am
The S Word

A teacher calls Riley a "nigga" in class, causing Robert to decide that he wants to sue for restitution.

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s02e12 / The Story of Catcher Freeman

29th Jan '08 - 4:30am
The Story of Catcher Freeman

Huey and Riley listen to two very different perspectives on the story of their ancestor Catcher Freeeman.

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s02e13 / The Story of Gangstalicious Part 2

5th Feb '08 - 4:30am
The Story of Gangstalicious Part 2

Granddad worries about Riley's sexuality when he notices that he begins to dress and act like "in-the-closet" rapper, Gangstalicious.

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s02e14 / The Huey Freeman Hunger Strike

17th Mar '08 - 2:30am
The Huey Freeman Hunger Strike

Huey goes on a hunger strike in a boycott of BET, and receives some high-profile support.

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s02e15 / The Uncle Ruckus Reality Show

24th Mar '08 - 2:30am
The Uncle Ruckus Reality Show

Uncle Ruckus is given his own reality show by BET.

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