The Venture Bros.
Season 4

s04e01 / Blood of the Father, Heart of Steel

18th Oct '09 - 4:00pm
Blood of the Father, Heart of Steel

Team Venture must continue on without Brock, as they acquire a new bodyguard and Dr. Venture becomes involved in a plan to clone Hitler. Meanwhile, Brock must seek out his own destiny and get revenge against Hunter Gathers and Molotov Cocktease.

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s04e02 / Handsome Ransom

25th Oct '09 - 4:00pm
Handsome Ransom

The Monarch kidnaps Hank and Dean, and demands a million ransom from Dr. Venture for the return of his boys. However, the heroic Captain Sunshine saves Hank and takes him to his Sanctum Solarium, where he has plans to bring the boy along as his new partner, Wonder Boy.

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s04e03 / Perchance to Dean

1st Nov '09 - 5:00pm
Perchance to Dean

Rusty decides it's time to bring Dean along as a scientist, and exposes him to progressive rock music as an inspiration. Meanwhile, a rogue Dean clone is at large in the compound, and Dermott and a grounded Hank decided to have some fun.

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s04e04 / Return to Malice

8th Nov '09 - 5:00pm
Return to Malice

Henchman 21 vows to find the hugger(s) of Henchman 24... and starts with the Venture Brothers. Meanwhile, the Monarch has an allergic reaction and Sgt. Hatred visits his old home.

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s04e05 / The Revenge Society

15th Nov '09 - 5:00pm
The Revenge Society

The Phantom Limb takes on a new identity and attacks the Guild, while Sgt. Hatred and Hank bond over during their efforts to defend the Venture Compound.

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s04e06 / Self-Medication

22nd Nov '09 - 5:00pm

Sgt. Hatred takes the boys to the movies, only to have a relapse after he discovers himself surrounded by young boys and out of his medication. Meanwhile, Dr. Venture goes into therapy with other former boy adventurers, but they soon have a crime to solve when their psychiatrist is cuddled.

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s04e07 / The Better Man

6th Dec '09 - 5:00pm
The Better Man

The Order of the Triad must track down the Outrider, Dr. Orpheus' former apprentice who abducted the good doctor's wife. Meanwhile, Triana finds the portal in her bedroom, and Hank gives Dean dating tips.

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s04e08 / Pinstripes & Poltergeists

13th Dec '09 - 5:00pm
Pinstripes & Poltergeists

While the Monarch schemes to dispose of Dr. Venture once and for all, Henchman 21 seeks revenge on Brock for the death of 24.

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s04e09 / The Diving Bell vs. The Butterglider

13th Sep '10 - 3:30am
The Diving Bell vs. The Butterglider

Brock, Hank, and Dean must go on a fantastic voyage into Rusty's brain to find out why he's in a coma. Meanwhile, Henchman 21 demands new henchsuits, but the Monarch is too busy obsessing with his latest purchase, a butter-glider.

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s04e10 / Pomp & Circuitry

20th Sep '10 - 3:30am
Pomp & Circuitry

Hank and Dean "graduate" from their learning beds, and wonder what to do with their lives. Meanwhile, Phantom Limb escapes the Guild and goes to Professor Impossible in the hopes of recreating the accident that gave him his phantom powers.

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s04e11 / Every Which Way But Zeus

27th Sep '10 - 3:30am
Every Which Way But Zeus

Someone is capturing heroes and villains and taking them to a super death camp. The forces of good and evil must join forces to stop their mysterious captor.

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s04e12 / Everybody Comes to Hank's

4th Oct '10 - 3:30am
Everybody Comes to Hank's

Hank opens a detective agency and enters a dark world of sinister crime and shady women.

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s04e13 / Bright Lights, Dean City

11th Oct '10 - 3:30am
Bright Lights, Dean City

Dean ends up interning with Professor Impossible, and discovers that his new employer is a member of the Revenge Society.

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s04e14 / Assisted Suicide

18th Oct '10 - 3:30am
Assisted Suicide

Dr. Venture is contemplating suicide, but Dr. Orpheus realizes that he's possessed.

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s04e15 / The Silent Partners

25th Oct '10 - 3:30am
The Silent Partners

The mysterious Investors come to make their claim on Billy's soul. Meanwhile, Pete White convinces SPHINX to look for his friend and then takes refuge at the Venture safe room.

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s04e16 / Operation: P.R.O.M.

22nd Nov '10 - 4:30am
Operation: P.R.O.M.

It's prom night for the Ventures when Rusty has his friends hold a home-school celebration. However, Henchman 21, the Monarch, and Molotov Cocktease are crashing the party.

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