The Venture Bros.
Season 6

s06e01 / Hostile Makeover

1st Feb '16 - 4:55am
Hostile Makeover

The Ventures are back! And they're movin' on up to a deluxe apartment in the sky. But will mo' money bring mo' problems? And can The Monarch handle the commute?.

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s06e02 / Maybe No Go

8th Feb '16 - 4:55am
Maybe No Go

White and Billy grapple with their archenemy in their old neighborhood; Doc realizes he cannot face his responsibilities alone.

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s06e03 / Faking Miracles

15th Feb '16 - 4:55am
Faking Miracles

Doc uncovers a mysterious invention that could make or break Dean's college aspirations and The Monarch makes a bad first impression on Dr. Mrs. The Monarch's co-workers.

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s06e04 / Rapacity In Blue

22nd Feb '16 - 4:55am
Rapacity In Blue

The Monarch decides to take on his father's legacy and become Blue Morpho so he can take out the villains arching Dr. Venture. However, things go terribly wrong. Meanwhile, Dr. Venture, Billy, and Pete try to develop mind-control gas, and Hank asks Brock for kissing tips.

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s06e05 / Tanks for Nuthin'

29th Feb '16 - 4:55am
Tanks for Nuthin'

A super-widow surfaces and makes Dr. Mrs. The Monarch's job difficult while a criminal genius tries to arch Dr. Venture.

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s06e06 / It Happening One Night

7th Mar '16 - 4:55am
It Happening One Night

Avant-garde supervillains try to arch Dr. Venture while Hank searches for love in a den of ninjas.

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s06e07 / A Party for Tarzan

14th Mar '16 - 3:55am
A Party for Tarzan

Rusty throws a party for Christopher Lambert to celebrate the lunar eclipse, but things go horribly wrong. Meanwhile, Monarch sends Henchman 21 on a mission to convince the Guild that he's not Blue Morpho, while the Guild concludes that Rusty is the vigilante and takes appropriate measures.

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s06e08 / Red Means Stop

21st Mar '16 - 3:55am
Red Means Stop

The Guild decide to team up with O.S.I. and eliminate a common threat using Dr. Venture as bait.

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