Undercover Boss
Season 11

s11e01 / College HUNKS

8th Jan '22 - 1:00am
College HUNKS

Omar Soliman and Nick Friedman, who co-founded College HUNKS Hauling Junk & Moving over 15 years ago, go on separate missions to make certain that the foundation of their company is strong enough to withstand exponential growth in the next couple of years. Will they need to do any heavy lifting within their company after seeing what's happening on the front lines? Will they (or any items in their care) crack under pressure while undercover?

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s11e02 / Fremont Street Experience

15th Jan '22 - 1:00am
Fremont Street Experience

Andrew Simon, president and CEO, Fremont Street Experience, who began his job at this hugely popular Las Vegas attraction at the start of the pandemic, goes undercover to discover and address problems that may be sparking the labor shortage causing significant lost profits. Will the boss "see the light" while perched 100 feet off the ground to help change light panels on its enormous million canopy? How does he handle the sticky situation of scraping gobs of gum from the mall floor for hours at a time? Does he leave anyone hanging during a physically demanding shift at the Slotzilla zip line?

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s11e03 / The Vitamin Shoppe

22nd Jan '22 - 1:00am
The Vitamin Shoppe

The Vitamin Shoppe's CEO, Sharon M. Leite, goes undercover to learn new ways to achieve added growth for her brand and to experience how her new operational changes and innovations are impacting the front lines.

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s11e04 / Rita's Ice

29th Jan '22 - 1:00am
Rita's Ice

The CEO of Rita's Italian Ice & Frozen Custard goes under cover to see how her new initiatives are working and to help franchisees become more profitable.

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s11e05 / Round Table Pizza

26th Feb '22 - 1:00am
Round Table Pizza

Paul Damico, the former president and CEO, Round Table Pizza goes undercover to glean effective ways to expand the longstanding West Coast pizza franchise eastward and attract a younger clientele. Damico credits the valuable brand insights he garnered on UNDERCOVER BOSS in 2013 when he was president of Moe's Southwest Grill as motivation to return undercover. Will he be able to take the heat in the kitchen when tasked with preparing piles of pizzas under tight time constraints? Can he withstand a hot slice of reality when front-line employees reveal where improvements could be made?

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s11e06 / UScellular

5th Mar '22 - 1:00am

Laurent "LT" Therivel, a proud Marine veteran who started as president and CEO of UScellular less than a year before his undercover mission, is intent on seeing how his new endeavors for brand growth are operating. Will he be all charged up while making customer calls offering the latest company deals? Will he connect well with staff sales associates and network engineers when learning about their day-to-day duties and challenges? Does he learn there's work to do to get their stores to have 'high-speed' customer service?

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s11e07 / Restoration 1

12th Mar '22 - 1:00am
Restoration 1

Gary Findley, CEO of Restoration 1, a self-described "Redneck CEO" from Texas, goes undercover to ensure that there are no flaws in the "playbook" of the company that would negatively impact all the franchises. Will he have the stomach to handle a job involving biohazard remediation? Will he find that cracks are starting to show as the business grows? How will he tackle navigating through a tight basement crawlspace in a hazmat suit?

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s11e08 / Mayor of Fontana

2nd Apr '22 - 12:00am
Mayor of Fontana

Acquanetta Warren, mayor of Fontana, Calif., the fastest-growing city in Southern California, is on a mission to secure its future after the devastating impacts of the pandemic. Is the mayor willing to roll up her sleeves and get her hands dirty maintaining the city's sewers and cleaning the trash-littered parks?

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s11e09 / Coco's Bakery

9th Apr '22 - 12:00am
Coco's Bakery

Coming Soon...

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