The new TV season begin tonight!

Time to get your TV Calendar filter and profile working hard once again. How many shows are you tracking?
There are 8 new and a few returning shows starting today! Lets have a look at the contenders:

'The Big Bang Theory' returns for its 11th year of girls and geeks shenanigans. Still one of the most popular shows on TV and the Calendar...
The Big Bang Theory summary

...which is why it gets its (first?) spin off tonight. 'Young Sheldon' premieres its first episode right after TBBT, but doesn't actually start until early November. A change in tone makes this series more like 'The Wonder Years' than its parent show. Might be worth a watch...
Young Sheldon summary

'The Brave' follows a Spec Ops team around the world, spreading freedom (!) and doing the tough jobs that others can't. 'The Unit' 2.0?
The Brave summary

'The Good Doctor' sees a medical savant struggle with his genius and autism in new environments when he moves from the country to the city to work at a hospital. Greys meets Doogie then...
The Good Doctor summary

'Me, Myself & I' jumps between 3 time-points in a mans life, where decisions he made as a teenager can help or hinder him, all the way into retirement. It's an interesting premise at least...
Me Myself and I summary

Everyones favourite "how is that still on?" show, 'Scorpion' is now on its fourth season. And you know what? I'm still enjoying it. I might need professional help for my TV addiction.
Scorpion summary

Finally, in crazytown news, 'Kevin Can Wait' returns for a 2nd season without the mother of the family. Network execs wanted Leah Remini back together with Kevin James, to recapture the spirit of 'King of Queens', so Erin Hayes was let go, and her character has died between S1 and S2. That's cold son...
Kevin Can Wait summary

Which are on your filter? Which are you most looking forward to? And (even if you don't watch the show) what about that crazy firing story?
It's a busy week, so stay up to date with all the best new shows and all your returning favourites, on The TV Calendar!

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