Season 29

s29e01 / From Sixty to Zero

5th Jun '16 - 12:00am
From Sixty to Zero Summary

A motorcyclist gambles with his life during a high-speed chase. One lawbreaker will say anything to avoid being caught. A recent parolee blames Mom when the cops question him about his past.

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s29e02 / First Time Caller

12th Jun '16 - 12:00am
First Time Caller Summary

A desperate suspect risks his life in an attempt to escape arrest. A father refuses to lie for his unhappy son. A malnourished woman makes a call to report some trespassing ghosts.

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s29e03 / Kicking and Screaming

19th Jun '16 - 12:00am
Kicking and Screaming Summary

A family is divided after a belligerent man lashes out; deputies grow suspicious of two people in the back of a parked car; and a repeat-offender gets caught at a gas station.

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s29e04 / Mixed Emotions

26th Jun '16 - 12:00am
Mixed Emotions Summary

A father and son get caught up in a traffic stop gone awry. When a family fight escalates, body parts go flying. A disoriented driver can't believe his luck when deputies follow him to a gas station.

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s29e05 / Better Safe Than Sorry

10th Jul '16 - 12:00am
Better Safe Than Sorry Summary

A deputy is forced to make a stunning choice when an armed man refuses to comply. A convicted felon tries everything he can think of to escape a trip to jail. Deputies step in when a car begins to roll into oncoming traffic.

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s29e06 / Funny Money

17th Jul '16 - 12:00am
Funny Money Summary

Cops find themselves in a pursuit when they respond to a tip about a bail jumper. A deputy pulls over a surprisingly cooperative lawbreaker. Deputies struggle to remove a unhappy offender from a crime scene.

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s29e07 / Pants Down, Hit the Ground

24th Jul '16 - 12:00am
Pants Down, Hit the Ground Summary

A deputy responds to a neighborhood disturbance where the suspect quickly reveals himself; a man learns a tough lesson about wearing a seatbelt; and police find a sad man with a bizarre story during a traffic stop.

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s29e08 / British Invasion

31st Jul '16 - 12:00am
British Invasion Summary

A desperate trespasser attempts to give the cops the slip. A frightened man tries to get the attention of deputies and takes the wrong approach. Officers show that a little honesty can go a long way.

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s29e09 / One, Two, Three

7th Aug '16 - 12:00am
One, Two, Three Summary

A high-speed pursuit ends suddenly when a suspect takes a wrong turn; officers intervene in a lovers' quarrel; and a nervous man tries to hide his criminal act.

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s29e10 / Wake Up Call

14th Aug '16 - 12:00am
Wake Up Call Summary

A suspicious man takes his chances with a taser; a lawbreaker tries to convince the cops that he's a good guy; deputies smell something during a traffic stop.

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s29e11 / Just Hanging Out

21st Aug '16 - 12:00am
Just Hanging Out Summary

A jumpy bicyclist mistakenly reveals more than he had planned; officers search a darkened building in an attempt to thwart a robbery in progress; a frightened woman just can't keep her cool when stopped by the cops.

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s29e12 / Bail Me Out, Boss

28th Aug '16 - 12:00am
Bail Me Out, Boss Summary

Cops help a distressed woman escape an abusive fiance; a motorist's passenger causes trouble; and authorities encounter an overly friendly man.

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s29e13 / Thanks for Nothing, Mom

25th Sep '16 - 12:00am
Thanks for Nothing, Mom Summary

When a young mother chooses violence, grandma phones the police; cops investigate a suspect about an abused animal; a suspicious group almost gets away without incident but officers spot a curious item that tests positive for drugs; and a wedding event goes south when too much alcohol is involved.

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s29e14 / Clueless

2nd Oct '16 - 12:00am
Clueless Summary

A frightened, young lawbreaker does everything she can to escape jail; an intoxicated woman puts her children at risk by driving a nearly-totaled truck after multiple collisions; and officers discover a crack pipe in the borrowed car of a man suspected of drug use.

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s29e15 / Organized Crime

9th Oct '16 - 12:00am
Organized Crime Summary

Emotions run high during a dispute with alcohol and a beloved pet; a talkative motorist struggles to keep his story straight; deputies investigate a domestic incident and find the aggressor in an awkward spot.

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s29e16 / Out of Sight, Out of Mind

16th Oct '16 - 12:00am
Out of Sight, Out of Mind Summary

A father reports his son to the cops; a lawbreaker tries to blame his actions on family obligations; and officers come across odd items while searching a man's vehicle.

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s29e17 / Two Doors Down

23rd Oct '16 - 12:00am
Two Doors Down Summary

A deputy gets outnumbered by three suspects; a man gets in over his head while trying to help a neighbor; and deputies have to separate a husband and wife to do a search of their vehicle.

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s29e18 / One Headlight

30th Oct '16 - 12:00am
One Headlight Summary

A crafty man tries everything to elude police; Good Samaritans put their lives on hold when they spot a unhappy crime in progress.

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s29e19 / Between a Bush and a Hard Place

6th Nov '16 - 12:00am
Between a Bush and a Hard Place Summary

A car chase switches gears when the driver flees on foot; tempers flare between neighbors after some kids get physical; a nervous driver becomes irate when the police search his passenger.

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s29e20 / Manic Monday

13th Nov '16 - 1:00am
Manic Monday Summary

A felon seeks safe haven and turns to his grandmother; deputies use an old security device from the 1980s; and officers call in animal control after neighbors refuse to return a dog to its owners.

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s29e21 / Gun in the Front, Rifle in the Back

20th Nov '16 - 1:00am
Gun in the Front, Rifle in the Back Summary

Deputies encounter a bad car crash and pull a man from the wreckage; cops question a robbery suspect who claims he was actually the victim; and officers come across a young man who claims he has a disorder that causes him to run away.

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s29e22 / Heat of the Moment

4th Dec '16 - 1:00am
Heat of the Moment Summary

Officers chase a parolee down a dead end street; authorities encounter a jealous boyfriend with inconsistencies to his story; and an officer comes to the aid of frustrated citizens.

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s29e23 / Cookies and Contraband

11th Dec '16 - 1:00am
Cookies and Contraband Summary

A detective gets injured during a chase of a suspected car thief; a young couple get arrested following a bar fight; and a search of a suspect's car yields a variety of items.

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s29e24 / Odd Man Out

18th Dec '16 - 1:00am
Odd Man Out Summary

Cops question an odd trio; a man asks for medical attention after a heart-pounding experience; and a lawbreaker fails to grasp the severity of her situation.

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s29e25 / Bikini Brawl

22nd Jan '17 - 1:00am
Bikini Brawl Summary

A woman's job hunt turns sour and officers intervene when she goes to extremes. Also: deputies confront a nervous man with bad habits and officers come across a suspect who thinks his girlfriend is the reason he was caught.

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s29e26 / A Man Without a Plan

22nd Jan '17 - 1:30am
A Man Without a Plan Summary

A young man receives a wake up call when he's caught breaking the law; a traffic stop turns up a nervous trio with a lot to hide; a board game sparks a family feud.

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s29e27 / The Truth Is Key

29th Jan '17 - 1:00am
The Truth Is Key Summary

A desperate suspect flees from the cops after shots are fired; a father and daughter are caught off guard when they run into a man wielding a screwdriver; the police catch a bunch of women making poor choices.

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s29e28 / Mother Knows Best

5th Feb '17 - 1:00am
Mother Knows Best Summary

A defiant motorist can't believe that his mother sides with the law; deputies discover a man in a strange costume during a traffic stop; officers protect a hardworking mom from a couple of surprise visitors.

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s29e29 / The Naked Truth

12th Feb '17 - 1:00am
The Naked Truth Summary

An evasive driver tells the police that he's the victim; a pregnant woman makes some questionable choices; a robbery suspect finds comfort in coming clean.

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s29e30 / Rock Star

19th Feb '17 - 1:00am
Rock Star Summary

An irate man has trouble accepting the truth when confronted with his actions; officers question a cagey group to confirm suspicions; an argument between parents becomes unhappy.

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s29e31 / Window of Opportunity

19th Feb '17 - 2:00am
Window of Opportunity Summary

Officers come to the rescue when a troubled man hits a low point. The cops are called when a man starts a food fight in a fit of rage. Deputies catch a man off-guard during their search of a parking garage.

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s29e32 / Mommy's Tears

16th Apr '17 - 12:00am
Mommy's Tears Summary

A wanted man complains to deputies about chest pain after he injures a fellow driver. An angry woman calls the cops over a spicy bag of chips. A unhappy man finally learns where his girlfriend draws the line.

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s29e33 / Running Scared

23rd Apr '17 - 12:00am
Running Scared Summary

Suspected jewelry thieves attempt a daring escape during a high-speed pursuit. A feisty man does everything that he can to make his arrest a challenge. A traffic stop leads to a marital spat after it reveals some illegal items.

110 have watched this episode
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