Season 34

s34e01 / Who Can It Be Now

1st Oct '22 - 2:00am
Who Can It Be Now Summary

A runaway cyclist dips into a house to catch his breath. A deputy tries to cut a man some slack despite his mistakes. The owners of an empty house call the police when they hear someone else inside.

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s34e02 / Dipping and Diving

1st Oct '22 - 2:00am
Dipping and Diving Summary

A pair of suspects on the run pretend they were busy napping. A man reaches for something in his pocket, but denies knowing what it is. A family calls the police after their roommate brandishes a balloon.

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s34e03 / Baby, I Have to Go to Jail

1st Oct '22 - 2:00am
Baby, I Have to Go to Jail Summary

A deputy tries to cut a guy some slack after his relationship troubles got out of hand. A teenager gets a serious lesson in not drinking while underage. A couple is forced to take a raincheck on their wedding day.

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s34e04 / Share the Road

8th Oct '22 - 2:00am
Share the Road Summary

During a traffic stop, a driver drops off his passenger before speeding away. Deputies are amazed when a man offers them an ID that looks nothing like him. Deputies investigate a case of road rage involving a balloon.

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s34e05 / Double Jeopardy

15th Oct '22 - 2:00am
Double Jeopardy Summary

A man with multiple felony warrants gets one last taste of freedom before heading to prison. A speeding driver is arrested for the same thing he was arrested for the day before. A runaway suspect leaves a trail behind him.

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s34e06 / Gloves Off

22nd Oct '22 - 2:00am
Gloves Off Summary

A very cooperative car thief tells deputies all about his good fortune. An argument over business leaves one man on the ground with a bloody mouth. The occupants of a truck are oblivious to what deputies find in the backseat.

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s34e07 / A Family Affair

29th Oct '22 - 2:00am
A Family Affair Summary

A cyclist allegedly mistakes a deputy for a thief and tries to escape into the bushes. Police cut a dad some slack by not towing the family car. Two sisters catch the police's attention when they take their spat to the road.

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s34e08 / Fury Road

5th Nov '22 - 2:00am
Fury Road Summary

An elderly driver sacrifices his own van during his desperate escape attempt. A traffic stop on a suspended driver turns up more than anticipated. Several car occupants learn it's better to tell the truth from the start.

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s34e09 / Fixin' to Stop

12th Nov '22 - 3:00am
Fixin' to Stop Summary

Deputies gradually get to the bottom of a possible stolen vehicle. A woman asks the police to help her make a clean break from bad habits. A single woman tries to plan a date with an online suitor, but the night quickly goes awry.

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s34e10 / Intruder Alert

19th Nov '22 - 3:00am
Intruder Alert Summary

A family gets a huge scare when a fleeing suspect finds his way into their house. Police sort out a chaotic argument between two childhood friends. A woman in a suspicious vehicle plays fast and loose with the truth.

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s34e11 / Pass the Buck

26th Nov '22 - 3:00am
Pass the Buck Summary

The owner of a stolen truck calls officers when he spots it in a nearby alley. A fleeing driver leads officers on a wild chase over a closed bridge. Police track down a suspect who gave a liquor store employee a phony 0 bill.

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s34e12 / Baby on the Way

3rd Dec '22 - 3:00am
Baby on the Way Summary

A father-to-be kicks off a dangerous vehicle pursuit over something trivial. A car that ducked out of a DUI checkpoint attracts attention. Officers respond to a disturbance caused by a local man's erratic behavior.

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s34e13 / Carside Confessions

4th Mar '23 - 3:00am
Carside Confessions Summary

Deputies catch up to a group of teenagers enjoying a night of joyriding. A traffic stop opens the doors to recovery for a very repentant suspect. A suspect insists his car is not stolen because he did his online research.

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s34e14 / Out-of-Towner

11th Mar '23 - 3:00am
Out-of-Towner Summary

Recovery of a stolen vehicle uncovers a weapon and a lengthy criminal history. Detectives cross paths with a car that was stolen in a carjacking. Officers speak with a man who has questionable standards regarding balloon safety.

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s34e15 / PIT Stop

18th Mar '23 - 2:00am
PIT Stop Summary

A man and woman are pulled over while out on a candy run. A simple traffic violation turns into a multi-vehicle police pursuit. Deputies are notified of a stolen car and find the driver in possession of an interesting tool

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s34e16 / No Good, Very Bad Day

25th Mar '23 - 2:00am
No Good, Very Bad Day Summary

A distinctive tattoo reveals a wanted felon's true identity. Deputies talk to a young woman who traded one bad habit for another. A man in possession of a stolen vehicle tells officers how his day went from bad to worse

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s34e17 / Palms are Sweaty

1st Apr '23 - 2:00am
Palms are Sweaty Summary

A man receives an enormous break due to public health concerns. Officers are doubtful when two friends claim they were unaware of each other's actions. Police pull over a car full of people who know very little about themselves.

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