Season 3

s03e01 / Minneapolis, MN 1

16th Sep '90 - 12:00am
Minneapolis, MN 1 Summary

(3:35 PM Officer Assistance Call) A code 3 call comes in. Sgt. Larry Wilens responds to it on 46th street. The suspect is barricaded. Officers tried to serve a warrant to 63 year-old Kenneth Lynn and he shot at police twice through the door, but missed them. (Tactical Team Briefing) Deputy Chief Doug Smith says they asked Ken to come out to talk to him for neighborhood problems - smell and trash. They are trying to make contact with him and find out from neighbors if anyone else lives there since he could have hostages. The teams face is covered, they are inside perimeter, they can use gas on him if necessary. If he has a long rifle he can get them. They have to stay back and use high risk entry tactics. The team has to survey the house, will be close enough where he could hit them with a rock. (Negotiation Team Command Post) Neighbors stated he suffered a head trauma injury in WWII, but has never been to the hospital for mental illness, he has very poor eyesight, cataracts, heavy smoker, emphysema, bronchitis, hasn't drank for 13 years, but if he's drinking again he'll be very hostile and, negative. He just was in detox 2 weeks ago - a good sign he's been drinking again. His personal info is on the board "DOB 8/20/27 or 29, divorced, ex-wife Mildred (lives with Gail) alcoholic who gets hostile when he drinks, has 4 children". One cop knows him, didn't know he was a problem. Sgt. Charles Resch says he's a loner, has 3 or 4 old cars, his mom died 8 years ago, he's kind of weird. The cop who was shot at says it went right between them, splinters of the door hit him. Officer Rick Stanek says he has a 300 rifle, 3-4 shotballoons with ammo, a German Luger, 38 & 45 revolver and a 25 automatic according to his son. Two weeks ago he called in for a report and they took him to detox instead of taking a report so he's mad at the cops. They get a call of an attic. Cops back up with blast shield, they run behind a car, stay low. They hide behind a car, want to get close to shoot gas and others wait next door at 4800. They want to negotiate, get him on the phone, if he won't answer they'll throw in a phone. Anything to talk him out, gas is the last chance, no turning back then. Sgt. Robert Gretton explains about the phone they are throwing in that will go back to the team directly to negotiate with them. The team goes up heavily armed with a shield, one smashes the window with a crowbar and the next tosses the phone in a bag. They call at 4:44 PM that it is in. They beep it from the station and Larry calls for him to pick up. Outside they call in to pick up the phone. Larry wants to help, tells him open it up and pick it up. He picks up. He doesn't blame him, they are both sick of listening to the beeper, what's going on? He can hear him. Then he hangs up. (6:25 PM) He said he's sick of the beeping and cut the line. Officer Dave Mattson is outside in camo gear. They want cold beers, fresh women and a pizza. Larry calls again. Sgt. John Hennessy says to be very authoritative, this is what they want him to do, no more playing around, for his own good. (8:08 PM) Larry tells him he has to talk to him. Ken says he had to tend to his dog's foot and put peroxide on it. What's all the yelling about? They want to talk to him. He says they like to hear themselves talk it's so loud. Larry says it's been an hour and half since he talked to him. People are going to react to him. What is it going to take to get him out? He wants Cordell and Ruben Johnson. He says Cordell is there. He says he's not. That's what they tell him, he can't come on though. He won't trust a cop, it's like trusting Dillinger. Larry says if he puts Cordell on will he come out. He might. If he does something for Ken he has to so something for him. The team outside creeps around to get drinks and come back, knees are hugging them and they are thirsty. They cut his power. He doesn't give a crap, doesn't need it. He needs him to come out, he has people lined up. Are you afraid of getting hurt? He's seen those trigger happy sons of bitches in action. Larry says with all the people and the press around they aren't going to get trigger happy. He has to help him though. He promises if he comes out he'll secure the house and take the keys to his sister. He says he'll consider coming out if he can bring his dog with him. He can't do that. He'll turn him over to his son Dustin though and leave him in the basement. Sgt. Robert Skmora listens. Larry says to put him down and come back. He says for tactical to get set up. It's dark now. (9:39 PM) The plan is for him to come out. He wants to go to the VA. He was in 20 years ago for violence. He wants to see the SOB he talked to last time. Is he still there? He saw his name on the list. He wants to tell him how full of crap he is. If he tells him he'll take him to the VA and they won't accept him then what? That's a different story, he doesn't know, he won't have any power then. They'll talk to the people later. He wants them to talk now, later is crap. What else will it take to get him out? They worry about what they'll do with him in the future. Dr. Steve Geiger, Psychological Consultant says they have to worry about that, can't lie to him. He'll say I listened to him once, he won't again. He has access to lots of weaponry and will in the future. When he comes out they'll place him under arrest and clear the house. Ken asks what does he want him to do. He wants him to walk out with his hands up, stand on the steps and listen to the officers for what to do. They call the tactical team that he is ready. He comes out in a dirty blue street and hat. They tell him to walk to them and turn around, down on his knees, keeps hands up, then lay on his stomach. Two guys go over and cuff him. They are worried about other people inside, but he says there is no one. They take him to the car. He says again he's alone. Officer Riley Gilchrist comes over to Larry and shakes his hand and hugs him, good work. Ken got pissed that they were yelling at him outside and he came to the phone. Inside they show the two bullet holes in the door. There is a 30-30 on the couch. He had a gas mask next to him, he was prepared. He has a semi automatic, lots of riles and ammo there. It would've been a hell of a battle. The place is a mess and there are pill bottles all over the tables. Chief John Laux arrives and tells them it's recorded for posterity and will show they take a backseat to nobody, they are the best they proved it again tonight, nice job. The suspect was charges with second degree assault and released on bail the following day.

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s03e02 / Minneapolis, MN 2 - Rookies

23rd Sep '90 - 12:00am
Minneapolis, MN 2 - Rookies Summary

(Police Academy Survival Training Exercise) Cadet Mike Looney says to get out of the car with his hands in the air. He wanted to be a cop since he was a kid, maybe he's naïve ,but the fact you can help people is a noble position to be in. Officer Wes Edstrom supervises as he gets out of the car at balloonpoint, cuffs and searches a guy. Mike is told to keep the back door open while searching them and put their feet back and head on the trunk to keep them off balance. When you go down to search don't go on your knees or they can kick you. It's looks good. (Practical Exercises Lab) Sgt. Dave Martenz draws on a board about the training, they can film them from all angles. They can see if they have it or not, how they treat people, if they have a bad attitude. He's not looking to scare them or drum them out, he wants it to be a positive experience. They are going to a bar scenario. The actors are real cops using lines they've all heard in the bars. Dave says he's heard it over 12 years while he watching, it's real interesting. The bartender says he's having trouble with drunk customers and wants them out. They try to talk to them and say why do they have to leave. It's their bar, they want them out. One woman fights and they throw them out. Then they find a balloon on one guy and he claims he has a permit and wants to show it. He tries to get him to put the balloon down as his partner holds him at balloonpoint. They hold him back and he fights because he doesn't like to be restrained. He says he can walk out on his own. They say OK and the guy runs out. He comes back in with a balloon and says for the cops to let her go or they'll get shot. They both run out. That's two in a row they screwed up. Dave says if they can't win don't go forward. (Cadet Graduation) They have to swear in and are official housing patrol cops in a large ceremony. Mike kisses his gum-chewing wife. (Roll Call) Sgt. Thomas Kerns reads out the assignment. 510 is Laplant and Zurwas, 520 is Hirsch and Looney. Mike was top man in his class and got the William Perry award - they are goofing on him. Talk to the Sgt about it. (8:40 PM) Officer Mike Looney says it's his first day. (911 Call Street Shooting) A black man in blue jeans, a blue hat with A on it and a black t-shirt is the shooter. Greg is driving him on his first day. Tom says she's all yours. They drive around looking for the guy and finally spot him. Mike holds him at balloonpoint, Greg searches him and says he's sweating like a racehorse. The suspect asks what that means. He's cuffed and says he matches the description of a shooter. Where was he? He was at his girlfriend's, cousin's house. He turned away because he's scared out the police, not going to lie. His cousin lives right there at 206. They go back to the cordoned off scene to ID him. Officer Greg Hirsch says the hat is a Wrigley field diamond which looks like an A (9:10 PM) The ambulance is working on the victim with two balloon shots in him. A witness with long dreadlocks says he saw him when he was sitting in front of his house and ID's him. It was a shooting at a crack house. The suspect was chasing the victim in his car, he hit an innocent car, crashed into a tree and the guy jumped out and shot him three times. He has a bunch of rock on him, might be a drug deal gone bad. The shooter gives him three different stories - he was watching TV with his girlfriend, then can't remember the show, then wasn't watching TV. (10:31 PM) The suspect is brought in. Mike says for the first day it feels good, after the years of college and school, now it starts to pay off. On the first day you want to catch all the bad guys. (4:35 PM Assistance Call) He says all rookies get in a mind set like they are going to change the world. One cop told him you aren't going to change the world, just go out and make your little dent. After 20 years there will be someone behind you to do the same thing. A call of a confused elderly lady at a downtown store comes in. The woman says she missed the bus and was short on taxi fare. She's a government worker, on SSI and gets a check every third work. She's well known and called the police for a ride because she was always told to call a cop when she was in trouble. So they give her a ride. (5:20 PM) She says she works and is a good woman who earns a living. (9:21 PM 911 Call Assault in Progress) They spot a Mike, black guy in a yellow hat with his shirt falling off and put him in the car. The victim has a thick Russian accident. He says the guy attacked his friend, came up to him, was on drugs and took his watch. His friend comes up with a shirt wrapped around his head, his face is bruised, bloody and he needs stitches. He hit him with his fists and they ran to the gas station and found a pipe to defend themselves. Mike says those two guys attacked him and ripped his jacket, he doesn't know why and he hasn't been drinking. Officer Larry Krebsbach puts him in the ambulance. Officer Laurie Janikowski finds a watch in Mike's pocket and asks the victim to describe it. He says it's a cheap gold Rolex and it's broken, because he broke it. It's a match. (10:08 PM) Out there you are dealing with average people, good and bad. Arresting a felon, helping an old lady back home, it's part of the job.

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s03e03 / Minneapolis, MN 3 - Women Cops

30th Sep '90 - 12:00am
Minneapolis, MN 3 - Women Cops Summary

(8:13 PM Domestic Disturbance) Third Precinct - Officer Janee Harteau says the main reason she became a cop because it was challenging, not a controlled environment, you deal with all kinds of people from all races and all levels of poverty from rich to poor. It's different, but everyone's the same. It's easier to talk to people when you are a female. They were brought up to talk first, physical next. Officer Holly Keegal has a blonde short puffy mullet and says originally was going to be a teacher, but took some law courses and really enjoyed it. She took more classes and decided to pursue law. They go into a backyard and there is a dirty white guy with a heavily stained shirt sitting there. He says he lives there, looks drunk and has trouble standing up They lead him around front to search him, find nothing, put him in the car and he flips out. He curses at them and says he didn't break any law and won't fully get in. The woman in the house says he's her brother. He's an alcoholic, one of the nicest guys when sober, but when drinking you stay away from him. They go back to him and he says "take it easy, I don't care who you are, what are you trying to do, why don't you stop- They want him out so they can cuff him. He struggles, goes down, his shirt comes up and he tries to roll away when they go to cuff him. Holly puts her knee on his head. He curses them and says something about them failing training. Janee says it doesn't matter that they are women, they aren't messing around. They aren't getting away with it. On their off time we see Janee playing the drums with black gloves while Holly plays the keyboards in the garage. Holly took piano lessons for a little while, but gave it up to play sports. She can't read music, but plays by ear. She wears short pink shorts and a Guess top. Janee sings, she was in a band, so they got together and thinks they can really do good some day if they pursue it. It's a great stress reliever away from the job. (10:03 PM Theft in Progress) A young black kid was seen running. They pull up and Holly runs out and catches him. She stands on him and cuffs him. He was on a motorcycle and she brings him to the backup unit and puts him in the car. She goes back to the Vespa scooter. Sgt. Tom O'Rourke arrives as their car is making all kinds of noise. Holly explains the screw is off on the air conditioner. There were four of them, but they only caught him. He's a juvenile and will be booked for theft. A full jail is a happy jail. (3:21 AM) 911 Call Residential Robbery - Officer Pam Elius says it's quite a job, not anyone can do it, no other job is like it. She couldn't do anything else and wouldn't want to do anything else. Where else could you work 8 hours a day and have fun? A black man fled a house he robbed with a balloon. They go to the house and the victim is an old woman who is terrified. She was sleeping and the guy came into her room and covered her mouth, she's worried her mouth is swollen. Officer Charles Teneyck writes her story down. Pam gets her water. Her mouth is fat and she tastes blood. He went through her purse, took her keys, told her he needs money because his kids were hungry. She went to get her purse and wouldn't turn the light on, but was afraid he would attack her. He came in the back window, but she only had in there. She didn't hear him, he left out the back door and gave her the keys back. Pam checks the window and the screen is cut. She hopes with the info she gave them and the jewelry he stole they can track down the piece of scum. (4:47 AM Vehicle Fire) They go to a yellow van that is burning up as fire and black smoke are pouring out of it. They find a guy nearby and check him out. She moves the car away in case it blows up. She gets out to talk about blocking traffic and there is an explosion. The Fire Department arrives. Pam hopes there was no one inside, she called but got no answer. The guy says he and his girlfriend live in the van and are homeless, she lit a cigarette and he couldn't get her out. They don't find a body though. The guy has Tylenol 3 that he says it's for his leg. He talks slow and he's out of it. He has chest pains. There's no label on it the pills because he wanted to sell them. Pam says there was no girl there, but he says she was. He wants his pills back, she says to talk to the doctor. He wants to take a leak, she says only if he wants to go to jail.

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s03e04 / Minneapolis, MN 4 - On the Home Front

7th Oct '90 - 12:00am
Minneapolis, MN 4 - On the Home Front Summary

(5:26 PM Sexual Assault Call) Third Precinct - A call comes in from a woman who says her 11 year-old daughter has been raped, it just happened and the suspect has left the scene. Officer Dan McShane and Officer Paul Cottingham go up to the house and say her they don't know where it happened, have no suspect info and will take it as they get it. They walk up to the dirty house and the TV is blaring. Macy the girl says cousin Randy was going to take her to McDonald's and Freddy would pay for it. Freddy told her they would go around the corner, he's someone they know and trust, a friend of her aunt and he's 35-40. He told them to get in the car so she got in the back and he told her to come up front. They went to McDonald's ordered food and he didn't pay for it. He told her to come in his car and sit up there, she said no, she was going to go to McDonald's and he said no, but they went anyway. He wanted to go to the movies, she said they couldn't do that and he started the car, she wanted to go home, he parked and asked her to show him something. She says she didn't have anything. Then he said he would show her something. She said no. Did she know what he was talking about? Yeah, his private parts. He started driving, almost crashed and she yelled. He put his hand on her leg and she started crying. He said you are scared huh? Macy and her mom then cry. It will be molestation and they will turn over to child welfare. They will get back to her, they take it very serious. Avoid contact with Freddy, they'll get back to them, it could be something he does often. She did the right thing by telling her mom, she was very brave, a lot of people don't tell, otherwise it could go on. Stay away from him, it's a bad scene. (Roll Call) Fifth Precinct - Officer Don Bautista says they had an unusual burglary last night, all he did was go through the woman's underwear, sexual in nature. She is a counselor from St. Mary's chemical dependencies. He was discharged on Monday, has called and left her a message on her machine. He works at a Pizzeria, is a 20 year old white male, they'll talk to him tonight and see what his story is. All he did was take her underwear out and did what those type of people do. (7:45 PM Burglary Investigation) They go to Ribizza looking for Ben, he isn't there, but will be back in 15 minutes. He's wearing a white t-shirt and dark shorts. They get him when he pulls up and detain him. He's curious as to what is going on. There was a burglary on 27th & Xerxes last night while he was working to someone he's familiar with. He says Tracy is the only one she knows living there. He has surprised her when she was sunbathing at home and on the beach. He says he said hello to her at the beach and she was expecting him at the house. He's been in her house before with her, with her permission. It's just an interview, so he's let go. He goes to see Tracy. She says she didn't call Ben and didn't make a date with him. He tells her what Ben said that she made advances towards him. He knows this is false. There is no relationship between them. She says "oh, god" about her dating him, he must have quite a record. He says he has no record and checked around the world. She asks if he thinks Ben will do something. He can't guarantee that. When she comes home, open the door, don't go in, wait, listen. Don't go anywhere alone, bring people with you. The guy is a wacko, you've read the papers. They have probable cause to arrest him and goes back to Ribizza to look for him. He goes in and finds him in the back. He is searched, cuffed, taken downtown and mirandized. (7:17 PM Domestic Violence Call) Third Precinct - Officer John Billington says it seems whenever you get alcohol and drugs in the picture it gets worse. Lots more domestics lately, whenever force is used on people living together they have to make an arrest. Officer Steve Setzer is his partner. They get a call from a woman saying her husband is smoking crack in the house and she wants him out. They pull up, she says he's in the bathroom freaking out and has kids inside and a balloon. They don't want to go in and say she should get an order of protection against him. They go in eventually slowly with balloons drawn and head upstairs. They find Quinn up there, but he goes down the hall on him. He says he didn't put his hands on nobody, hasn't done anything. They go to cuff him and he says don't take me please. They are just talking to him. There are two infants laying on the bed. He says when he got back they really started arguing. He's breathing heavy, says he's hot, really scared and not on crack. John changes a diaper on a crying baby. The woman says he spent the whole rent check on crack, he was swinging things around, she was really scared and he was foaming at the mouth. They tried to keep him inside until the ambulance came, but he was slinging them around. Quinn is sweating bullets, says he didn't mean nobody harm, didn't hurt anyone. She says he needs help. She went to Chicago with her mom, came back and he sold everything. All of her furniture was gone, he sold it. They can't find any drugs, so will take him for domestic. He promises not to do anything and will leave. He says she can get a restraining order on him, just don't arrest him. They tell her to go to the county, floor 17 and file a OOP on him. He just wanted to take his car and leave. She says he went out to get pot, he came back, went into the bathroom and she smelled smoke. He came out, threw her and his sister around. It appeared like he was smoking crack. The sad part was he checked the diapers not to see if they were wet, but to see if he shoved the crack in there, he's seen it before. A cop can't expect he can change the world, but he can make it a little better.

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s03e05 / Minneapolis, MN 5

14th Oct '90 - 12:00am
Minneapolis, MN 5 Summary

(2:15 PM Riot Control Briefing) Deputy Chief Doug Smith says the Skinheads, Lawyers Guild and Woman against Military Madness will be in the demonstration at 3:30 PM by the federal building. Expect 300-500 people. They don't have a parade permit, won't disclose it so they'll go in private to discourage and provoke the police. They will provoke by spray painting things. If cops move in they will throw rocks at them. They will ID the leaders and may wait until the end before they arrest people. A female cop goes undercover as a punk goth chick in a black wig with black lipstick. The cops get all their riot gear ready. A speaker says they have no permit, but will march anyway. A hippy leader approaches police who will assist them in any way possible. They will give a police escort, but keep the traffic blockage to a minimum and no vandalism. The guy says they don't want any trouble, want to march, traffic support is OK. Their chant is "We're going to beat back the Bush attack" and "1234 we don't want their bloody war". They put up posters and burn a dummy. Then things get out of hand and one person is arrested. They tell the leader they have painted the building twice, vandalized, enough is enough, time to move along. A couple fights and are arrested. The goal was to wait and surgically remove the leaders. A guy threw paint bombs and two people jumped them, all are arrested. (5:05 PM Debriefing) The leader bit an IDS guard and went to jail. The plain clothes people ID'd him, a job well done. (911 Call Street Fight) Third District - It's at 3309 Clinton Ave, one male down, one might have a balloon and a bunch of people have sticks and bats. They pull up and stop three guys, one has a bar. Officer Steve Setzer is there. A black guy has a huge stick in his pocket. He says a guy broke out his car window and called them niggers. Officer John Billington goes to the victim. He's a white guy with a bunch of cuts and a bloody nose he covers. He says they ran through his yard, didn't see them, but knows their car. Three black guys tried to break into his garage, he confronted them, they beat him and took off. His car also has windows broken out. One of the crooks says he punched him in the face and pulled a knife on them and they took off. He says there were two of them and cuddled their windows. One guy keeps yelling and John tells them to speak English, he's listening, stop the garbage. The guy in a Batman shirt gets loud and says the guy accused him of going through his yard. They ran and thought they caught him. The victim says they came through his yard and they beat him up. The criminals says they left their house, went to their car, the guy yelled at them, smashed their car and they chased him, but didn't catch them. No one knows what happened, both are lying and they can't tell who is telling the truth. They are going to write them up and cut them loose. What about their car? That's what insurance is for. Fourth Precinct Roll Call - Sgt. Frank Dallman reads a report about a young black thief who cuts in windows and steals things, tools and more. Officer Bill Thornberg has been there 15 years, likes the job since he's outside all day and can't stand office work. His car is his office, he's his own boss, other jobs aren't as flexible, the pay isn't great, but it's a good job. Officer Chuck Nathan is his partner. (7:48 PPM Fight Call) A man was hit in the face with a shovel. There is a massive group of people there when they arrive. The victim is on a lawn and is bloody and squirming. A woman and her children are screaming and crying all around. Bill says to move back, give him air, it's hot as hell. The victim's ear is split and he needs to stay down, but keeps trying to move. A crowd stands around, they don't know who he is, but know the guy who did it though. His name is Terry and the victim is George. He's bleeding from his arm and ear. EMS arrives, says he's unconscious, they need to move him fast and holds his head. It's a struggle to move him. A witness says Terry broke a beer bottle and hit him. He pulled out a bunch of his hair, then they started punching and fighting. He was cuddled 4-5 times with bottle, split ear, cut artery in neck, spurting blood. It wasn't a shovel. They caught Terry a few blocks away. George's mother holds a bloody rag and throws it at the suspect. She says, "You hurt my boy, he loved you all this time. He is Indian, American".

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s03e06 / Minneapolis, MN 6

21st Oct '90 - 12:00am
Minneapolis, MN 6 Summary

(3:13 PM Woman with a balloon Call) Officer Greg Hirsch says it's an interesting job, he works with 800 people where if he has a problem with 1 or 2 of them, that goes out the window when you go to back them up. He'll put his life down for those 800 people even if he's never met them before. He gets a call of a white woman with a balloon at 2919 in the rear in a yellow shirt. They get out and run through a parking lot with balloons drawn. There is a group of people in the lot and they tell the woman in yellow to get her hands up and she doesn't listen so someone pushes her forward. She says she doesn't have a balloon, she did, but dropped it behind the car. They find an automatic handballoon back there with no clip. A witness says she's been pointing the balloon around for two hours. The cops came once and she said it was just a fight and they left and she started it again. Greg loves this job, where else can you go the wrong way doing 60mph on a one-way street. (7:05 PM Neighbor Dispute) A woman brings her kid over who says his brother's shirt was thrown on the neighbor's roof and he wanted to get it and the guy told him if he went up there he'd shoot him. She doesn't really know the neighbor. The neighbor says he's had a lot of problems with these kids. They take his stuff and damage his property. He found a kid on his roof, didn't know who was up there and they wouldn't come down so he told them if they didn't come down he said he would go get his balloon. He admits it was the heat of the moment, a dumb thing to say, but he was tired because he had a really bad day and took it out on the kids. Greg says she can follow a criminal complaint on him and goes back and has the guy apologize so it doesn't have to go any further. It's better they try to get along, but next time ask the guy before you climb on his garage. (911 Call Domestic Violence) Officer Bill Thornberg says with domestics you never know what to expect when you get there. The tradition is a man threatening or hitting a woman and he goes off to jail, but you never know. Andrea Jones calls that her boyfriend went off on her, he's on cocaine, she can't control him and she cries. It is nighttime at house 1530. They walk up and hear balloonfire in the distance. The guy inside says he's drunk again. She says he threatened tohug her and 911 heard it. He says it's just a threat thing, he does it all the time, but she denies it. He just came home, accused her of crazy things and threw her down. Police have been there before and she never pressed charges because she loved him. She wants him out, wants him arrested and wants to press charges. All her family is dead except for her sister upstairs and she couldn't get a hold of her. She said she didn't do anything. Officer Chuck Nathan checks him for weapons. She says he's been on coke for months and called her a slut. She was at her sisters, not at bars, found out he was on coke two weeks ago and called the crisis line, but they don't understand. Bill says no, he hasn't been out there before and gives her a card with victims rights and domestic violence info, how to get a restraining order and the number for a battered women's shelter. She says it's her home and if she leaves he'll follow her. They tell her to leave the phone off the hook. She doesn't want them to let him out tonight. Bill says they'll call before they let him out. She says to ask his mom how abusive he is, but only to her. Third Precinct - Officer Steve Setzer says the call is for neighbor trouble, one threatening another. It's pitch black when they walk up to the house and a guy says they are in the back fighting. They walk around and can hear a woman yelling. She said she heard the woman neighbor saying, "I hate those niggers and niggers this". The second woman says they cut her power and has to have all the smoke detectors wired together. She's white and was in her house having a private conversation. The black lady says she could hear it in her kitchen. Officer Cheri Dexter talks to her, she says she has two witnesses. Cheri says there is nothing they can do, how are they going to get along, it's between them and the landlord. A black guy with no shirt appears and says they threw beer at them. She says they threatened to blow up her house. Steve says for them all to go to bed and ignore each other. She says she pays a month and it's a nice place. The white guy is drunk and told the black guy, "?for the niggers to get out of here". They go back around and tell them to cut the crap and stop yelling. The white guy says he told him he would get his balloon and blow his brains out, is that right? Cheri says other neighbors are complaining too. She can't stay there all night, give it up tonight. Steve says it starts to seem like they are the problem, the guy is a drunk and obnoxious. The guy says he hasn't bothered anyone. He says maybe he will go to bed, maybe he won't. How dare he call me a drunk, how do to you know me, you're so tough? Steve says to come on out of his house. He makes noises at him and says he won't come out because then you'll arrest me. Steve says he's an obnoxious jerk, but there is no law allowing them to pull him out of his house and taking him to detox.

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s03e07 / Alaska 1

28th Oct '90 - 12:00am
Alaska 1 Summary

(State Troopers) Nome - Trooper Ike Lorentz & Sgt. Al Schadle check the weather, 1000 foot overcast, visibility 15 miles. They are going 180 miles away, should take an hour. There was an assault and more a couple days ago. They look at the map and go out to top off the gas tank on their small plane. The state is 560,000 square miles, as big as the US. He'll work a 16 hour day and 10 of it is in the air. His beat is 200,000 square miles, if it's not the last frontier nothing is. (Village of Savoonga) There is a bootlegging operation where they make or can buy the alcohol and transport it to a dry village. This causes problems for at least a week until it dries up. Magistrate Abner Golorgergen meets them at the tiny airport. They ride in a truck to the magistrate's office. Once there they talk to an Eskimo who seems high and usually isn't like that. There is a makeshift court in the building and they try the Eskimo man. He shot a rifle outside of a public building and was drunk in the second judicial district. The highest penalty is ,000 and a year in jail. Ike says the man is a danger by the state of his mind and asks that bail be set in the matter. It is set at 00. Abner wears sunglasses and jeans and as soon as he's done he takes the robe off. They have to take the man's possessions, but he doesn't want them to. He wants to take them home. He says they have to do it and he is in their possession until they get him back to Nome. He wanted help, turned himself in and wanted to get out of the village. They take him out to the airport, get on the plane and fly back. (Hit & Run Investigation) Anchorage PD - Officer Mark Hunstiger says people joke about the town. The nice thing about it is you can get to Alaska from there. There are 250,000 people living there, half the state. An island city stuck in a vast wilderness. They've had five hit & runs in the last 10 minutes by a man in an Arizona van. He spots the red van in a parking lot with a brown car under the back end. The guy ran off and witnesses point him across the street. The guy is behind a building where a woman is keeping her eye on him. He searches him and asks if he had any beers. He says three. Mark asks him if he had them all at the same time and he says yes. He admits he only backed over one car because he didn't see it. He didn't hit anyone else. His DOB is 2/31/59. Mark talks to witnesses and suddenly the drunk has left his car. He asks if this an escape and has to go back in the car. He says he will behave if he removes the cuffs. Mark says they don't make deals with drunks. They go to put him back and he fights. Two women help and they have to hobble him. He says to go ahead and arrest him. They agree. They take him back to the station and his BAC is .232. He says the Fiat parked behind him, it wasn't his fault. He skimmed off a car at a bar. Which one? The bar where they found him. He wasn't at a bar, he was at a credit union. He was? Mark says maybe they serve drinks there. The magistrate can't believe the damage he caused and since the guy only has on him he won't make bail which is good because he's so dangerous. He can't believe no one gothuged in his rampage. (State Troopers) Pilot Bob Larson is going to Seward to recover a body from a plane crash that happened three weeks ago. It is at the 3000 foot level in the mountains. The wreckage broke up bad the first time they were there when they found four bodies. The site is often in the clouds and they've been there four times already. Cpl. Jerry Fleetwood is coordinating the search. Hopefully he'll recover the body and the effects, ID it by whatever means, then notify the next of kin and get the remains back to them. A Cessna 207 during an hour flight tour that took people from a cruise ship hit the side of a mountain. They are supposed to meet climbers there. They land the helicopter on a mountain and walk over. Two male climbers are heading down tot he wreckage. Jerry says the best thing about being a trooper is the gratification from getting the job done. The only good thing there will be is to bring the remains back to the family. They find the body, load it up in a bag, move the helicopter and lower a tow rope down to get it. The father of the dead girl was waiting for her, but had to go back to Florida for medical reasons. Back at the base Jerry calls the father and says the body is at the funeral home where is wife is. He hopes that returning her will put it to rest in his mind.

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s03e08 / Alaska 2

4th Nov '90 - 1:00am
Alaska 2 Summary

(9:10 AM Drowning Investigation) Bethel State Troopers - Trooper Terry Asberry and Sgt. Dan Hickman got a call last night that three male youths were joyriding in a boat, took a sharp turn and the two in the back fell out. The driver came back and found one guy, but not the other. It'll take an hour to get there by plane, about 100 miles away. They wheel out a Cessna tri wheel from a hanger. They says the area looks smooth, but there is a lot of turmoil under the water, lots of eddies and drownings. Kotlik - they see nothing from the air. At the airport they meet Safety Officer William Murphy. He says they just gassed up and they've been using poles to drag both side of the river. They get a call that they found the victim and go to the wooden jail for a body bag. They drive a boat out and there are another 10 boats on the scene near where it happened. They have a foot sticking out of a line. They get into a second boat and spread out the body bag and pull the body in. They go to the magistrate to say the kid had no life vest on, if he did he probably would've lived. (4:58 PM Child Assault Call) Anchorage - Officer Marc Woodward says Alaska is a very liberal state. The people's rights are utmost so they have to be extra sharp with constitutional laws so they don't lose a case because of it. A teenager assaulted a small child and EMS is on the scene. They are in a field and the kid is screaming. His friend Brian who is 21 says he fed the kid alcohol because he wanted it. EMS needs to take him to the hospital, the kid says he had a couple of Coronas. He lives on Jewel Lake and has no phone. A witness says he saw the kid crawling away and the Brian picked him up and threw him, then tried to carry him away. He grabbed him and made him put the kid down. They drive Brian to talk to the parents. The kid says he made them drink. Brian says he wanted it. He drank some and didn't want anymore and they said to take it. Marc goes in to talk to the parents. Mom wants tohug Brian and Marc says he might himself. They do have a phone and call Providence Hospital. In the hospital the kid screams like crazy when they put a line in his throat with an IV in. His BAC is .178, would be 7-8 drinks for an adult, less for the kid. They won't charge Brian until they know more. They give him a citation instead of going to jail, but he'll have to go to court. The kid seems like a zombie. Marc says the kid could've died and Brian is stupid. Anytime a kid is in danger it hits closer to home, especially when you are a parent like he is. (9:20 PM Shoplifting Call) Anchorage - Officer Scott Jessen says he's originally from Boise ID and the army sent him up there in January 1979. He likes the country, it's familiar. It's the same as Boise except for the snow and ice. They get a month of decent weather and the rest is snow. A kid stole a book from a comic store. He tells the kid he is under arrest and asks why is he grinning at him. He says his dad's here. Scott says it's not a joke and he can take him to jail even if it's a comic. He says he's never been arrested and never stole before. He then says he didn't steal it. He put it in his bag while he was still shopping. Scott tells him it's concealment. He tells him to sit and he starts crying. The dad says he's never done it before and had enough cash to buy it. There is a TMNT poster on the back door where he's sitting. There is an Archie Comics rack with Super Mario Brothers. Batman and Metallica Harvester of Sorrow shirts are hanging up. He says he was looking at a computer game and wanted to get some other stuff. His dad will take him and he has to go to juvenile court. The next time he will take him to jail, not to his dad. There is concealment and removal, he has to explain to his dad the difference, but both are a crime. The kid has a swatch watch with a swatch guard too. After Scott says he really didn't get through to the kid until he realized he could go to jail. He finally figured it out when he started crying, that's when you know you've made the point. Over the credits is footage with the body bag from the first segment.

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s03e09 / Alaska 3

11th Nov '90 - 1:00am
Alaska 3 Summary

(9:30 PM Attempted Robbery Call) Anchorage - Officer Audie Holloway says the town is getting bigger, up to 230-250,000 people. They have their share of drugs and robberies there. Robert "Jay" Spinach attempted to rob a liquor store and took off. He gets caught and is scared and on crystal meth. He gets cuffed and starts to fight when the K9 is brought in. Kodiak AK (10:08 PM Disturbance Call) A bartender throws out two crazy, drunk Eskimo women from Ship's Bar. They go into another bar and start a fight. One of them gets a glass broken on her face. Lucy starts kicking the police car and screaming "liar" at them. They have to tie her down when she is brought into detox. Anchorage AK (5:14 PM Stolen Property Investigation) A man gets a call that his cell phone was stolen so he files a complaint and the police go to Cellular 1 where the guy with the stolen hone went. They trace him to his gas station and he says he bought it from Willie Earl. They go to Willie's place and he runs. They catch him in the weeds and take him to a magistrate and set bail at 00. He says he paid for the phone from Joe. (10:33 PM Street Patrol) A cop pulls a woman over in a rental car for speeding. She said she didn't realize she was going so fast since she isn't used to the car. He makes her raise her hand and swear she won't do it again.

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s03e10 / Alaska 4

18th Nov '90 - 1:00am
Alaska 4 Summary

(12:15 PM Assault Call) Bethel - Alaska State Troopers - Sgt. Dan Hickman and 1st Sgt. Greg Close go out to a four-seater plane and fly to a shooting call. James shot at tow people and their dogs. They land on a dirt strip and meet a guy on a motorcycle who tells them Jameshuged a dog and his sister ran away because of it and James is hiding out at his green house. They find him squatting outside when they arrive and go over and talk to him and cuff him in the front to be nice since they are now required by law to cuff suspects. Dan says there are lots of shooting and sleepings up there. Five years in jail is the usual sentence. A 12 gauge shotballoon is taken as well as bootlegged whiskey. They takes James back to the plane and fly him back with them. Anchorage 4:30 PM - K-9 Training Officer Keith Corder puts Officer Pam Nelson into the dog training suit because she is the only one who can fit inside. Officer Tom Katkus has the dog and it runs over and takes her down by the arm. (8:30 PM Domestic Disturbance) While patrolling Pam says people usually start partying at 11pm instead of 8pm in the lower 48, lots of weird things go on. She goes to a woman's house who says it is haunted by a crying baby. Pam puts holy water in the closet to capture it. Officer James Conley takes the ?ghost' away in a ghost collector. She says it is easier to pretend with these people because they take it seriously. Anchorage (8:45 PM Assault Call) Officer Marc Woodward says it is always different, never boring. There is a call of a fight with several people in the middle of the road. They are gone when he gets there. He finds the victim, Terry, inside a video store bleeding. He says he was riding his bike, bought a six pack and then some black guys stopped him. A couple others in a car joined in and beat him up, threw glass bottles and his beers at him and stole the rest. He says not worry he'll take care of them himself. (10:20 PM Disturbance Call) Marc finds Bobby on the street crying that his past keeps coming back to haunt him and he wants to die. He says he wants to go to API, but they won't take him. Marc says he'll help and drives him to API himself.

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s03e11 / Las Vegas Special Edition 1 Hour

25th Nov '90 - 1:00am
Las Vegas Special Edition 1 Hour Summary

A cop in a helicopter says people look at Las Vegas as a place you can get rich quick whether through gambling or the rapid growth in the valley and when they get here and don't realize that dream that's where I encounter these people. (Theme song) North East Area Command - Officer Larry Burns says he moved there in 1980 to work construction, but he was also interested in police work since they didn't make a lot of money he didn't take it serious. After he spent his first night in a patrol car he knew that was the job for him, that he loves police work. (7:42 PM 911 Call Fight in Progress)/Drunk And Disorderly Call with Officer Dennis Magill/Strong Arm Robbery and Domestic Violence with Officers Thomas Fletcher and Joe Lombardo/Prostitution Sting with Lieutenant Bill Young and Officer Thomas Monihan (911 Call - Rape) Southeast Area Command - Tom calls in that a woman was raped and the operator asks when it happened. A few minutes ago, the girl is at his apartment, does she need an ambulance? No, he's putting ice packs on her head, she's hysterical. Keep her there. Officer Jack Clark goes to the house and Tom answers. He talks to Kelly, she has her head in lap crying and mumbling. Where did it happen, here? No. She knows the guy, he's in his 40s, 50s. She was trying to sleep and this guy came over and tried to stick his fingers in her. Tom's seen him by the Jacuzzi, talked to him, doesn't really know him. They go around the corner, upstairs to the apartment where the guy lives. There are two guys sitting at the kitchen table under a huge American flag. There's a shirtless bearded man climbing out the window and Jack pulls his balloon and says give me a reason. He comes back in and Jack asks him if he's Phil. He says no, he's sleeping. They pull back the covers and Phil is in bed in his underwear. He doesn't want to get up, wants to know what's wrong so Jack jumps him and puts his knee on his back and cuffs him. He pulls him up and the man says easy. Officer Peter Rubini talks to John Christian. They don't know what's going on. He says Kelly was raped. She's been there for two days and was passed out in the bed stark naked. The old guy went in there and laid down, they had a party, but he didn't rape her. He didn't do anything wrong, then she got up screaming. They take him out and say the problem is when they go to the jury it becomes a moral question instead of a legal question. Did he force himself on her? The evidence shows him that he did. Laughlin, NV (5:4 PM Child Neglect Complaint) Substation - Officer John Sias goes out to his truck and says it is a boomtown. When he arrived 6 years ago there were only 92 people living there, now there are 4500. On New Year's Eve they had 70,000 people there. Their problem is having a lot of transients. It's known as a boomtown so it draws a lot of people. He's going to check on kids living in a trailer in unsanitary conditions. He goes into a casino and asks for Jimbo or Jenny. They aren't sure if they are working. The kids are living in a trailer in the parking lot. The manager tried to look inside, but there's a big dog tied to it. He drives them to the lot and there's tons of trailers. He talks to the guy inside about the complaint and asks if there's anyone else there, he's not the father. John looks around, says it's not safe and is unsanitary. He has to take them to Child Haven. He tells the girl he's taking her there, it's a nice place with toys, she'll have to stay two days and be out Monday. Do you have a special toy you want to bring? Yes, what about your brother Cordell? Can you explain it to him? You are being a big girl, I need your help. He thanks the guy and he says to go before he's not so cooperative. John says he better remain that way. The manager says he wants them out of there by tomorrow. They find out Bobbie, the mother, works in the casino as a dealer and they go to talk to her. She says she's fine. John explains what happened and all she says is really, someone complained? He says it's a mess, no fridge, no food, the bathroom stank and didn't work plus the children weren't clean. She says they hadn't had a bath today. He's taking the kids, they'll be in the kids care, not the detention side. Something has to be done. She'll send them to her mom's house in California. She isn't concerned at all. He understands she's working on it, but he can't leave them there. Las Vegas (6:33 PM Strong Arm Robbery) Northeast Area Command - Officer Joseph Lombardo says downtown has a variety of everything from street pushers, whores, transients, homeless and vagrants. You see them on TV and feel sorry for them, but an old guy is taking purses from old ladies, knocking them down, hurting them. He gives chase after a man was yelling for help. He catches the guy for robbing a blind man. They know Mike, they've arrested him before. Mike says you love me then. He checks him and says to go get the guy with the cane on the corner. He's lying because he must be running for some reason. He cuffs him and he can barely get up. They bring the old man he robbed who says he took a whole lot of money from him, or . Officer Thomas Fletcher gives him the money back and asks what happened. He was walking on Freemont Street and Mike reached in his pocket and took his money. He has polio, couldn't chase him, told him to stop and is always in fear of his life. He'll go to jail as long as he agrees to testify. It's a worse crime, a larceny if he's in fear. Mike specializes in victims, he watches and waits for them, preys on them. They take him to jail, before it was just petty and loitering, now it's a felony, he'll spend time in jail. (11:01 PM Communication Center) a woman takes a 911 call about a runaway car traveling in circles in the Mirage parking lot. They don't know where the driver is. They pull up and someone suggests shooting out the tires. Cops say no. It's an old blue car with a white hard top. People want to jump in, but they say to stay back. They ask for a large semi truck to block it. They talk to the woman owner who agrees they can break the window. Officer Dennis Magill runs over, whacks it with the nightstick on the passenger side and jumps in and stops it. The crowd cheers and he gives high fives. They say it was a wise decision, to replace the window instead of smashing it with the trailer. They are all happy about it and he goes back and helps clean the glass out. He asks her how did it happen? It slipped out of park, she didn't have it all the way in, got out and left it running, it hit the trailer and went around in circles. He doesn't know how it happened, but nobody got hurt.

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s03e12 / Las Vegas, NV 2

2nd Dec '90 - 1:00am
Las Vegas, NV 2 Summary

(LSP Unit Southeast Area Command) Metropolitan PD - Officer Jack Clark calls a suspect with a warrant and tells him he's from Dewercs, Mr. Rathford won a 27" TV set from RCA. It won't cost him anything, he just has to fill out a questionnaire after 30 days. They pay nothing, the company pays them. He'll have to fill out a 150 question form. They have 40 sets, would they like that? They just fill it out, put their name on the list and over the years they could get a VCR, stereo, etc.. Sgt. Sean Donnelly says they are doing a reverse, calling felons to appeal to their greed. They have a callback number to leave their name, number and when they are home so they don't have to waste time looking for them. The guy called him four times over the weekend, he wants the TV real bad. He has drug warrants and priors. (6:20 PM) They arrive at an apartment complex with a 27" RCA TV empty box and haul it over with two guys to make it look good. It is past a swing set where kids are playing. The door is open as they approach. He is anxiously waiting for them and Jack says they had a little misunderstanding, they are police officers and he is under arrest. He says what? His girl can't believe it. He knows he has warrants, says he has nothing on him and "oh, my god". Bad news is he won't get a TV, good news is he'll go to Happyland to play volleyball. They ask him why he didn't pay his warrants, he says he just got a new job. At least he knows his warrant is taken care of now. They joke how heavy the TV with remote is as they load the empty box in the van with him. Jack says, 'By the way, Dewercs is screwed backwards". K-9 Unit - Officer Mike Horn and "Eich". Mike says he enjoys working with dogs and he enjoys police work, so it's the best of both worlds. There is more to it being a unit, get to chase subjects in the valley, escaped prisoners, makes the job more interesting. They got to a dog training field with an officer in a bite suit and go through a routine of pulling a man down. Trainer Len Durden says the man is threatening to use lethal force. The guy runs away and the dog goes after him. They've been together 4 years now, Eich is 2 years old. They work so close together, they start to think alike, they live together, no one feeds or pets the dog except for him. He's his master and the dog would lay down his life for him. (8:30 PM Code 3 Call) A white female escaped on Washington and Mohave and they are called in to look for her. Tom points where they last saw the woman and head that way. Mike talks to one woman outside and the dog indicates she's behind a high wall. Mike tells her to come out or he'll send in the dog. She doesn't and the dog hops right over the 7 foot concrete wall and jumps on her as she sits under a tree. Mike then calls him off. She is wearing a dark green top and no skirt, she's in black underwear. It turns out she is a man dressed as a woman and his penis is hanging out. Mike rewards the dog, calls him a good boy and pets him. Mike says the dog senses a fear smell like a color we can see. He was pulling him along and knew that was the suspect. Bike Patrol Unit - Sgt. Debra Gauthier says last week they issued 104 citations for misdemeanor traffic violations, 33 arrests, took 98 calls, filed 76 reports, 33 misdemeanor citations, 71 traffic citations, 91 car stops, 63 pedestrian stops, 14 FI's, 3 felony arrests, and 30 gross misdemeanor arrests. Keep up the good work, as the holidays approach they'll be more purse snatchers. Officer Rick Grande says when people are blasting stereos in a car they can't hear, but on a bike they can get hear. It's a slow patrol 10-15 mph, where a car is 35pmh, so they can see and hear things a car can't. A couple is sitting on a bench and they ask them for ID Laura says she's 27 in Body Force shirt. The guy has a mullet and a butterfly on him. She says she went to jail for the wrong place at the wrong time. She got out of jail a few months ago for being in a cocaine house. He has attempted burglary and burglary, he is out of state and has to register within 48 hours entering Nevada. The butterfly knife he has is illegal, it's a felony. He has a walkman on while they talk and he is under arrest. They make Laura throw her trash out. People walk back and hang out to see what's going on. He wants his girl to hold his wallet, but only has inside. He wants a cigarette and Debra says no, he struggles about it and she gets him in a choke hold. They tell Laura to take off. The mullet head stops answering questions without a lawyer. They were sitting on top of the bench and saw the knife, he's an ex-felon from Florida, been there three months.

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s03e13 / Las Vegas, NV 3

9th Dec '90 - 1:00am
Las Vegas, NV 3 Summary

(Clark County District Court #4) Metro PD Judge Earle W. White, Jr. meets with Officer Randy Sutton in his chambers. He says the warrant is for a seizure of a bunch of balloons. It started as a burglary of balloons and drugs - legal steroids from Jeff. He found the guy who robbed him and took Randy to the suspect's house in Henderson where he had the stuff. He told him the story how he was put on his knees at balloonpoint and interrogated. He asked him how he came to Jeff's house. He bought steroids from him for four months, he's a big guy, body builder. Randy went to Judge Levitt and got papers. He's a big balloon aficionado. He came to the door with a glock on his hip when they arrested him. He has AK-47, he went to jail, is out now, but they want to go back and get the rest of the balloons. Earle makes him swear that what he says is true and he does and signs it. Randy says outside they aren't arresting him, they are just taking the balloons, but they need warrants to remove the balloons. Whenever you go to seize balloons there is a heightened sense of danger. (4:00 PM Execution of Search Warrant) Randy knocks and tells Jeff to come out. A guy is standing and Randy tells him to get down at balloonpoint because he has a balloon on him and takes it. He asks if Jeff about the balloons and he goes to get the key for the case and he tells him to sit. He says they can take all his balloons and he's not happy about it so they give him the warrant. They make him move away from the balloons and unload the balloon from the guest. They go in the closest and pull out assault rifles. The other guy had a pistol in a holster on his hip when they came in, so it's not CCW. They find a huge box of steroids so Jeff's under arrest again. He says they are the same ones from before. Under the bed are more balloons and they start putting them on the bed and soon the bed is covered. Officer Chuck Pierce Jr. finds Jeff's drug sales book and there are lots of high dollar sales listed including one for ,500. Randy by law has to make a list of all the things he's taking and knows he's going to be there awhile and starts with an Uzi. Chuck makes call to Jeff's relatives that they are arresting him and taking three semis, handballoons, 100 pounds of ammo and 40-50 clips. Randy reads the label on the steroids that says "for vets to administer to horses only" and doesn't think he would take something meant for horses. (10:20 PM Suspicious Person) Northeast Area Command - Officer Thomas Fletcher says he's been fascinated by cops since he was five and grew up watching every cops show he could watch. So he joined the Marine Corps, became a military policeman, got out and has was hired in Vegas. He goes to a hotel at the 2000 block of Freemont and tells Jerry who is drunk to come out of the bushes. He talks to Peggy who was hiding from him and has kids, says they aren't alone because she's paying for a babysitter. How does she afford it? Her boyfriend is in prison. She's been in Vegas for five days, she flushed her license, will show something else for ID. The drunk guy says she was paying 8 a week for a hotel and he was trying to find a cheaper place. She has Colorado ID, is going to dealer school and college? Which is it? She says they are the same. The guy says he sold his ID in 1987. They ask him why he did that. A guy needed it. The girl cries, says she has a 19 month old kid, she knows the guy's a punk and a trouble maker, but she just moved here. The cops know the drunk guy. The cops admit they don't know him and tell her to relax, she says she's not spazzing. She met him at the Ambassador while playing some nickels slots and told him her story. Her mom died two weeks ago, she's from Clinton, IO and thought this place was like Reno. What's Reno like? Nicer. Tom is worried she's out drinking beer in the bushes while her kids are alone. She says they aren't and she has a 5 year old and a 2 year old. They remember seeing Jerry drinking behind the mini mart a few weeks ago. He admits he was there drinking. They tell him to go. He goes to get her bag and she tells him not to. They tell Peggy she can go and not to jump in the bushes with some scrounge she doesn't know. She says where she's from they believe people. She doesn't know anybody here and she holds stuffed animals. They say she knows them know. Give them a call if she needs anything from now on. They see a lot of people like that, they come with their boyfriends and they leave them after a week and they have nothing, no money no job, nowhere to go. (7:00 PM Disturbance Call) Northeast Area Command - Officer Randy Sutton says the honest citizen has rights, to conduct his life free of being molested by burglars, rapists, gang members and other scum of the earth. Their job is to do the best they can to protect them from those leeches. It's like the bullies in school, he never liked them. They take advantage of the weak and it's their job to protect them. He goes to a 7-11 where a drunk man refuses to leave and now he's harassing customers out front. He asks the guy what's the problem. His shirt is open, his fat gut is exposed, he says no and walks away. Randy grabs him, says don't walk away from me and asks him why they got a call. He says his car got stolen, he's not harassing anyone. He tries to show his ID and says he's had a lot to drink. His car was on the corner there. He walks around and tries to smoke, but Randy doesn't want him to smoke. Want me to tell you what the truth is? Yes. He got high, gave money to a guy, thought he was his brother, gave him the keys and he took off. Randy asks what he was smoking. Rock. He gave the dealers his car so they could get more. The car is a 1979 Ford Fairmont. How long has he been smoking? Do you want the truth? Yes. Randy mirandizes him. He says he'll tell him and understands his rights. He doesn't know the license plate number, but it's in his name though. All the paperwork is in the glove compartment. He gave it to them an hour ago and never thought they would take it. He's been getting high with them for three days and knows where they live. He walks over and Randy says not to stand next to him. He wants to tell him. What were the guys' names? He can't tell. Randy arrests him for being under the influence of drugs. He cuffs him easily and puts him in the car. On the way to the station Randy says cocaine isn't good for him. He asks him how much has he spent on dope in his life. He can't tell him, maybe -40,000 and it's not cheap.

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s03e14 / Las Vegas, NV 4

16th Dec '90 - 1:00am
Las Vegas, NV 4 Summary

(Firing Range) Metropolitan PD - Officer Randy Sutton fires two clips. He was involved in a shooting incident using a 9mm. They shot at each other about 5 feet apart. He hit him in the chest, the guy missed him, but the suspect didn't even know he was hit, it didn't make him flinch. He decided it was time to switch to a heavier caliber weapon, a 45. He doesn't know if it'll work better and hopefully won't find out. He then checks the target he was shooting at. (7:40 PM Person with a balloon Call) The man is supposed to be at the 7-11 near the airbase. He pulls up and walks up to a red car at balloonpoint and makes the people inside put their hands up. The female driver comes out and he makes the passenger come out the same door. He asks what's going on and if he has a balloon and he says yes. He makes him get his hands away, go down on his knees with his hands on head and then he cuffs him. He brings him over to his car, calls it in, and takes the balloon. The guy says he's holding it for a friend. She says she didn't know about it. He says he doesn't know if it's loaded, but it is. Backup arrives and searches him. They ask what his friends name is. He thinks about it for a while and says Ricky. He got it from a guy and got in trouble, so he's holding it for him. He's 19, he'll get concealment, and charged with having the serial number filed off. They find a bag of bullets, money and drugs. Everything is his, but the drugs are his friends. (Prostitution Sting) Officer Andrea Burman listens as Lt. Bill Young explains the game plan - a reverse soliciting targeting the Johns. Big problem lately, lots of them. He has Las Vegas Blvd drawn on the board. She'll take them into room 126 at an apartment complex. They'll have control room next door and two cops in the bathroom in her room. (11:40 PM) She walks on the street and guy pulls up. He says he works for the military and asks what pleases her. She says anything. He asks for a BJ and she says and to meet her at apt 126. She tells him she just got there from California, has been there for two days and is getting all wet. She tells him to make himself comfortable and she'll go in the bathroom. Mike and Leon bust him. The guy says 'oh, no. It's embarrassing". They tell him it's worse to get AIDS. There are now 72 whores that have AIDS on the street. He'll get a citation and they don't want to see him again. (12:20 PM) A guy walks over, he has a half-ounce of crack he wants to exchange for sex and brings a friend. One guy smokes and the other has a bag of beers. He asks her if she goes fast. She doesn't understand and the cops jump out. She says the guy offered for a BJ. She doesn't know what go fast is. The other guy wanted to have fun and has no money. The guy says he didn't have any meth, he was lying to her. The bring the hairy hippy guy with the beers says he was just going to sit there and drink beers and watch, he never made a deal. They let him go, then they find meth and needles on him and bring him back. Bill says he doesn't want those people in Vegas, if she wasn't a cop she would've been in trouble, that's the payoff. (11:00 PM Domestic Disturbance Call) Northeast Area Command gets a call and Randy is right there when it comes in. He pulls the woman out and she says she wants him out, doesn't want to live under the same roof, he's a drunk, it will help him. They've been married 30 years, and it's 30 years too long. He drinks all day, abuses her and tears her nerves to pieces. Randy can't remove him since he lives there. She tries to stay away all day so she doesn't have to be with him and can't even relax in her own damn trailer. Officer Russell Peterson backs him up. He has no relatives and if he did they wouldn't take him. Randy goes in and talks to Jack. He has a wound on his arm and says she bit him and he called the cops on her. She says she's on medication and doesn't need it until she's around him. Randy asks her if she knows about the domestic violence law. She doesn't know. He says if violence happens within four hours of them arriving he has to arrest someone. She is under arrest, but she thinks Jack is having her arrested. Randy says Jack doesn't know and he has to do it. She beat him with a broom and wants her purse. They'll get it. She says it's the most humiliating, disturbing thing.

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s03e15 / Las Vegas, NV 5

23rd Dec '90 - 1:00am
Las Vegas, NV 5 Summary

(7:20 PM Runaway Child) Metropolitan Police Dept - Officer Randy Sutton goes to the call of Jessie, an eight year-old boy, who ran away an hour ago after a domestic dispute and hasn't been seen since. He pulls up to #2645, clipboard in hand. The woman says he was beating up on some kids and she got done talking to him and sent him to his room until dinner and he might not get any. She never does that. Then her younger son Ricky told her he ran out the door with his backpack filled with toys. She went to the school, drove around to look for him, but didn't find him. Randy calls Gloria on the phone then there is a knock on the door. The neighbors found Jessie and returned him. Randy calls the kid over and asks why he did it. He says Dave and cries. He says Dave hits him and all that, he's his baby brother's dad. He hits them both. Ricky says he doesn't hit him. Jess says he does. He kicks him in the head in the morning to get him to go to school. He shows a mark on his face from him. He ran away because of Dave and thought his mom would be better off without him. Randy says that's not true and he'll talk to them both if he promises not to run away again. She's holding a baby and says Dave never hit him with a belt, but he's threatened to use it. He's never been punched or slapped, but doesn't know how he got the mark on his face. He doesn't like Dave because he's strict with him, he's the only one who can keep him in line. She told him Dave would take care of him when he got home, that might be why he ran away. Randy sees no signs of abuse and lets him stay there. He leaves and thinks there is a grain of truth to the story, so he's filing a report on it. (10:30 PM Traffic Stop) Southeast Area Command - Officer Dominick Rodriguez says if he can help someone out he'll do it. That's the best thing when you see someone in a tight spot who needs help and you can come through for them it's a good feeling. He spots a small car run through a red light, it's one of his pet peeves because it causes a lot of accidents. Carrie is laughing when he walks up. She says it wasn't red when she went through and doesn't have her license because she left it at home. She doesn't drink, doesn't do nothing. He writes her a ticket. She's never run a red light before. He has her sign the ticket. She says deep inside she fells like he thinks she's really guilty. He says he's doesn't, don't be too upset about it, just don't do it again. She says she's shy and goes to start the car and it won't start. She says it's a bad alternator. She says it's a 4 speed and she's not good at push starting it. He says she has a complex. He'll push her, pop it into second when she gets to the sign and it'll be ready to go. He pushes her with the police car, then pulls up next to her and she says she ran out of gas. He says he'll drive her to the gas station. She says it's really embarrassing. He takes her to a phone and she calls the wrong he number. Then she calls her mom Carol and can't handle it. Dom talks to her, says he needs to give Carrie a ride home. He explains she has a leak and doesn't want to leave her at the 7-11, but he can't drive her across town, she'll be at Flamingo and Eastern. He feels safe leaving her there. Clark County Detention Center - Lt. Patricia Kessel says the first time coming to jail has got to be a horrendous experience, she would be terrified and she's been there 12 years now. If you get someone shouting orders here and there, telling you do this, do that and you don't know what's happening to you, you are not a free person. It's understandable that you are upset. They teach officers IPC - Inter Personal Communication. One of the most vital parts of their training program is to teach folks that when someone comes in and they are angry, calling you every obscene name in the book, clutching at you, grabbing at you or whatever, it's not you they are angry at, it's what you represent. They bring a drunk guy in and take his picture. He's an older guy, says he's got money and drives a Cadillac. They don't want to hear he's someone who knows the sheriff and everyone. Pat says they want a blood sample from him. They don't want to grab them by the hair, it looks really bad, it's a tactic that hurts, but doesn't injure. It gets their attention, you have to get their attention before they'll listen to you. The guy from before hit his face on the wall and bust his nose and mouth. He's bleeding and a nurse cleans him up. Pat begs him to cooperate, they aren't there to fight. He needs to agree to submit. He says he's not fighting with anyone. She says he just needs to do what they ask. He says he's not resisting and agrees to take a breath test, it's that or blood. Officer Jack Clark talks to a woman who is belligerent. She curses him out and wants the cuffs off, but he won't. She says someone needs to. She was caught giving oral sex in the back of a car and her fly is open. The guy from before says Jack hit him, someone hit him. He explains he hit the wall outside. Then he refuses the blood test so they take him off to the drunk tank. They smell alcohol on him. They'll let him calm down and sleep it off. They take blood from another guy who asks why they are doing it. He says he wants them to test it for every kind of disease. The guy from before got all squirrelly in isolation. He got the cuffs off and punched a cop right in the face. They'll have to file a report. They've heard, "I know the sheriff, the governor, I pay your salary". She wants to ask them for a raise then.

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s03e16 / Las Vegas, NV 6

13th Jan '91 - 1:00am
Las Vegas, NV 6 Summary

(1:15 AM Fugitive Call) Metropolitan PD - Officer Mike Horn and K-9 Eich are needed and go to the scene. Sgt. Doug Gillespie tells him 575 wants to know what's going on 44 and 420, ran out the back. Patrol went to a house to get someone on a hugging warrant and the guy took off out the back door. He's armed with a knife and wanted for battery with a deadly weapon. He says the guy hopped over the back wall. Mike goes around back with the dog into a garage and asks an owner if they can go into their backyard to search. He says it's the worst kind of search he can do, he's worried more about getting shot by a resident than a suspect. They think someone is trying to rob them and shoot out their window or let their dogs out. He doesn't find anything and hears cops calling because another K-9 unit found him. He's cuffed on the ground with the dog trying to get him. One dog almost gets him and they yell at him to walk past them. He walks like he has all the time in the world. Mike has to yell to get the dog to stop. The guy says he just pushed her away, he's told he has warrants for attempted assault and attempted sexual battery. Mike trades barbs with the other K-9 officer. He calls him a rookie and he found him first, Mike says his dog was calm enough to cuff him, Doug says he would be calm too since he didn't make the catch. Mike says it's beginners luck, he's still a rookie and can't lie, there is competition, he wanted to make the catch, but Eich thinks he did anyway, so he still thinks he's top dog. (4:00 PM Indecent Exposure Call) Officer Randy Sutton says there are 240 million people in the country and only 500,000 cops. When you put on that uniform it's a lot of responsibility. The courts decided a cop can be sued as well as the department. What he worked so hard to get can be removed from him if the court decides he violated someone's rights. He goes to the call of Tanya who can see a man in his apartment with the drapes open masturbating in the window. The woman is outside when he pulls up and she points to where he is, but can't see him now. He backs up to get out of the way. She says he stands in the window with the curtains up and the window open and he plays with himself, it's embarrassing. She's getting sick of it and he acts like he hides. Tanya will file a crime report on him. Randy knocks on B1 and the guy says he's alone and he's wearing nothing but a small towel around his waist. Randy mirandizes him and asks if he knows why he's here. He says what is he supposed to say, he has a problem with her, but doesn't know her. He has scars on his back, knows what he was doing was wrong, is not going to deny it, but it was a spur of the moment thing. There was something about her, he saw her at the pool, liked the way she looked and thinks she's married. He's done it a couple times in front of her, but just her. He can see her across the way, finds her sexually attractive and there's not much he can really say. Randy tells him to get dressed. He has to go downtown and be charged with open and gross lewdness. If he's never been arrested they'll let him go. Is it necessary for him to be arrested. It's illegal to masturbate in front of women in Nevada. (12:15 AM Disturbance Call) Southeast Area Command - Officer Dominick Rodriguez says he always wanted to become a cop, was raised in this town and knows it sounds corny but he loves his community. He wanted to be a cop since he was a kid and wants to participate in helping the community instead of complaining about it. There are people in the emergency room raising heck and refusing to leave. A woman points to security and says two young guys are drunk and creating a disturbance. Mike cut off the tip of his finger and wanted to be seen first and got obnoxious. He asked him to leave, he wouldn't, they are packed and she wants him out. She will file a trespass on him. They guy is on the phone when Dom goes in. He tells him to get off. He says he's been there 90 minutes, he needs stitches and needs help now. He has a bloody towel on his hand and called 911 and they said they have to help him. Mike says the guard is playing Mr. Hero, won't help him, he's there first. Dom says it's a private hospital and they don't have to take care of him. Mike says his uncle is Chuck Thompson and he'll take care of them all. A guy and a girl come over and start yelling it's a customer service problem. He asks if someone had a balloon in his stomach would they wait? The guy comes back and says he's been bleeding for two hours and Dom says he'll arrest Donald for obstruction. They feel strongly about him leaving, he'll go in and talk to them. He talks to a woman who says it's not an emergency and not life threatening. He needs 2 maybe 3 stitches and he's only been there 30 minutes. The others are a priority, they take them in priority order, people came in by ambulance and he spread the wound apart to make it bleed. Mike says she told him it would be 5 stitches. The waiting process is part of the game. He denies he was there only 30 minutes. Dom sympathizes with them, but they have to play the game and wait, other people have problems too.

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s03e17 / Las Vegas, NV 7

20th Jan '91 - 1:00am
Las Vegas, NV 7 Summary

(7:45 PM Code Red - Officer Emergency) Metropolitan PD Southeast Area Command - Officer Jack Clark says because of the area with the high concentration of bars and casinos they have a DWI problem. People are either walking or driving, then it becomes a much more serious problem to put a thousand pound car in the hands of a drunk. He pulls over a white rental Cadillac with the horn stuck. They pop the hood and he tells them they can pull it and take it back to Budget. Then it suddenly stops. Metrocom Center - a call comes in for an officer down emergency. They radio Jack and he takes off. A cop got run over at Circus Circus, but they don't know if it's a real cop or security. He pulls up and Officer Frank Janise is down on the street with a stream of blood coming from his head. One man keeps him down, another holds his hand. Jack calls for an ETA on EMS. More people arrive and they caught the older male driver who hit him and has no license. EMS cuts Frank's jacket off. A witness says he had to chase the driver down the street. He wasn't sure what the guy was doing, he was trying to make up his mind what to do. He stopped and the man reached in and grabbed his keys. They think he's drunk and give him a field test. There was a DWI accident scene and Frank was there. The drunk ran through the scene and hit him. He's arrested for felony DWI because of the drinking and the injuries. They take Frank to University Medical Center for lacerations to his head, broken ribs and broken wrist. He was investigating a DWI and stopped traffic, the suspect drove through the accident scene, hit Frank and he went to leave. A guard chased him down and made him come back. (Seven Months Later) Officer Frank Janise talks about the accident. He arrived at the accident scene and went to get flares and find out about getting blood drawn for BAC. That's the last thing he remembers. He was told the man came across the Industrial road, went over the double line and hit him. The mirror on the truck hit him in the head and something cut through his shirt, jacket and vest. (5:50 PM Accident Call) He goes to where another cop has a man stopped and thinks he's drunk. Officer David Wagner explains the guy was making a westbound turn on Paradise, then a lady hit the back of the cab, plus there's a second accident. He gives the man a field test. Frank talks to the woman. She says the man sandwiched the guy between the truck and the cab almost hugging him. (8:10 PM Accident Call) He goes to the call of a three car accident where paramedics have already arrived. He pulls up and the scene is full of people. He talks to a blonde woman who says the white car tried to make a left hand turn and the red car didn't yield. The white car's front is smashed in and the red car looks like a tinfoil ball. He can relate to them better because he was never involved in a DWI accident until he was hit. Everyone had seatbelts except for one lady in an 85 Oldsmobile who only got lacerations. The driver was lucky he had his belt on so he survived. The old saying is if you drink, don't drive. (6:40 PM Suspicious Vehicle) Northeast Area Command - Officer Thomas Fletcher has been assigned to the downtown area as a foot patrol officer. They run into a lot of homeless, a lot of robberies, find that a lot of their suspects come from in other cities. Then they find out they are also wanted back home, it's a very transient area. A red car is driving around a parking lot and they ask them what is the woman doing in the trunk of the hatchback and tell him to stop. He pulls over and they ask him why she is there. They were trying to get a room but it was . She has an Australian accent and says she's rode 5000 miles back there, that's why her leg is sore. The driver says he's rode back there. Officer Joseph Lombardo says he wouldn't ride there. Everything she owns is inside there and they laugh about it. (7:10 PM Domestic Disturbance) A woman is supposed to be holding a baby on the street and park rangers have her. They pull up and she is gone. The ranger points to where they went. They are across four lanes of traffic. Joe walks over and there is a man, woman and kid standing there. Cindy is upset, says her husband beat her and the cops let him go again. He's drunk and has a warrant out for his arrest. She's putting tape on a large cardboard box on the ground. Her husband knew she didn't have any money, thinks he went home and left her there. The guy with her is a stranger who gives her some money. He says it won't help much, but she shouldn't be out here like that. Her daughter is two and she told him she was going back to her parents in Phoenix. He was going to take her to get her check and he dropped her off there and left. He wants her to go and he told her so. She has no money, except what the guy gave her. She was going to get 8 from her check and Greyhound bus tickets as . Cops take her box, put it in their trunk and will go to Greyhound, they have some money. They drive her to the huge bus terminal and ask when the next bus is to Phoenix. It's 12:15am. They buy her a ticket and tell her if he shows up again tonight and tries to force her to do anything to tell the front desk and they'll come as fast as they can.

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s03e18 / New Jersey 1

27th Jan '91 - 1:00am
New Jersey 1 Summary

(12:45 AM Shooting Call) Jersey City - Officer Thomas Porter chose the job because his brother was in the department and most people on the block were cops, so he figured he might as well join. He's driving toward the WTC and says there's excellent job security, the money's not bad, the benefits are great and someone has to do it, doesn't mind helping people out once in a while, that's the job. Officer Robert Falconetti is his partner and they go to the call of a man shot in his car on Second and New York Ave. He is put in the ambulance since he's hit in the head. The car is off to the side on the curb with bullet holes in the window and spent shells on the ground so they leave it to the investigators. A call comes in that someone saw the shooter so they drive over to his backyard and eight cops chase down the tall black guy who says he doesn't know what happened. He's the right guy, but they can't find the balloon that fired the 10 shots. (2:30 AM Shooting Call) Another shooting happened down the road, another fun night in the city. Tony is a black guy sitting on some stairs with a wound to the neck. They ask who shot him, he doesn't know, they took his wallet. They tell the ambulance to hurry since he's falling over. Tom tells the guy to go and asks if he stutters. EMS arrives. It's common in the projects, close to the first of the month, today is the fourth, they've had enough time to get their checks and go crazy. They go out on foot and ask the people around if they saw anything, but no one says a thing. There are lots of unhappy crimes and no one wants to rat on their friends. It's the code of silence, if they rat on someone, they'll be next. Hoboken - Sgt. Mike Plunkett asks the officers if they have their helmets and hands out their night sticks. They are short handed with only four of them until 8 o'clock. Have a good night. His great-great grandfather was a cop there in 1876 and his family has lived there since. There's not as many crimes as there used to be. Lots of the bars now cater to the yuppies, instead of the working class when he was a kid, lots more fights back then. (5:15 PM Disturbance Call) He's going to Redheads bar where the owner has a bat on a customer. The guy says a man threatened him over the phone with a bat. Someone broke into his house in Jersey City and has a bat with his name on it. They talk to the owner who says the guy charged 00 on his account for City Paint and Johnny is getting billed for it. The guy says he used him as a reference and they sent the bill here by mistake. He says he bought stuff for the lady and they mistakenly assumed it was for Redheads. They said to bill it to Redheads and he said fine. He's paying it right now. He says Johnny told him his house was robbed. The Sgt. says the guy knew they were charging him and he gets tired of the guy talking and interrupting him. He yells at him to stop and tells Johnny he can file a complaint with the detective, it's a lot of money. He can file right now if he's threatened. Johnny says he didn't say it. The guy keeps saying he can't watch his back and the Sgt. believes Johnny. The guy keeps saying it's against the law to make threats and the account has been settled so he can do what he want. It'll be settled in court, not here. After Mike says people come from all over the world to see the NYC skyline and they see it every day. The shot includes the WTC. Orange PD - Officer Dennis Vega says it's good to know the community you are in. He was born and raised there. Lots of the cops there were born and raised in Orange and are trying to give back to the town. He goes to a block party and shakes hands with people as do other cops. (3:15 PM Domestic Call) A man took his child from the mother so they go to her rundown apartment and talk to the mother. The door is bashed and smashed and has ?Jones' written on it in marker. He won't open the door so they call him on the phone and tell him to open the door. He puts the mom on the phone and she says she wants her baby, he tells her to screw off. Her friend has a shirt that reads 'If you don't like my attitude dial 1-800-eat-sh!t' right in front of her kids. Dennis gets back on the phone and says he wants to make sure the baby is OK and to clear the hall. He finally opens the door and is still on the phone. He surrenders the kid, shakes the guys hand and tells him he can't use their kid to solve their problems. It'll make him look bad, even if he's right. These kind of situations can be explosive. The job has lots of judgment calls. Over the credits the WTC is seen from a distance.

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s03e19 / New Jersey 2

3rd Feb '91 - 1:00am
New Jersey 2 Summary

(Truck Sting Operation Briefing) Jersey City - Captain Bobby Martin says many trucks are getting broken into and getting hit heavy after getting steered off the turnpike down one way streets with no way to turn around. Conrail loaned them a surveillance van used in Boston. Chief Inspector Art Dunn from the Conrail PD shows it off on the inside. Zenith gave them empty VCR, camcorder and TV boxes and they are glued and taped together to look flush. The giant crate on the left side is where the cops hide and it opens up to block the thieves in by wedging against the with a board on the floor. It's set up nice so they'll run inside and grab the equipment. They are in back of the projects. Officer Paul is driving the 18 wheeler Trailvan and pretends he broke down. He gets out, pops the hood and a black guy comes right up to him, then Paul leaves it. Seconds later three black kids come up to break the seal with a stick. (5:15 PM Truck Interior) Officer Andrew Lancellotti explains to the rest how many will come in and then they can open it. There's a bathroom and a long bench to sit inside the large crate. The kid in a white shirt and red shorts goes back to get a broom to break the seal. They are so excited when they get in and run saying "VCRs!!" Police jump them and they are surprised. They say they'll drive it over to Duncan and Sgt. Walter Barrett follows them over. They explain to Paul which way to turn and open the hood so they can see it better then he walks away from the truck. (7:55 PM) A black kid in white shorts works on the lock. He gets it open and excitedly signals his friends to come. When one joins him they jump them, but the second guy gets away. The first guy says they made him do it. When they pull him out of the truck a group of women laugh at him. He says he's 14. It starts to get dark so they call it off. He says they'll meet up and get them out of the back and they are thankful. Tomorrow they'll start earlier. Captain Bobby Martin says they did a good job yesterday and will do it again today. It's a big industry, a billion dollars a year of theft. They are going back to Duncan. We see cops have to enter the crate from a trapdoor in the bottom of the truck. They stop near a park and call the truck. They tell him to turn the nose their way. He pops the hood and fiddles with the engine to make it look good. He goes in and grabs his briefcase and walks away. (3:30 PM) There is a large pack of black men across the street. One of them grabs a screwdriver and heads over as another becomes a lookout. The guy gets the lock off and madly jumps in and is grabbed. The others jump through the door and grab the second guy. It's Christmas in August, they are setting up again. There are only certain streets in the city designated for trucks and people will steer them the wrong way so they can rob them. The move the truck to a new street. (6:15 PM) Four guys appear and one goes in the cab. A Hispanic man in a white hat pops the seal and calls to his buddies "VCRehs!" He grabs one, they jump him and drop out the bottom and grab the others. He says he has no dope on him, his hat comes off on the way out and says he's the only one to blame. He uses a hand pumper as the tool. It took only six minutes for them to park and break in. Captain Bobby Martin says they do a lot of proactive and reactive stuff patrolling hot areas where there are purse snatchings and house entries. Where there is bad crime they will set up and let them do the crime and catch them in the act, they are the witnesses in court. It's not a victim, it's the police as witnesses, so 9 times out of 10 they'll cop a deal. (12:10 AM Suspicious Situation) They spot Rob going in and out of a super market with a bag in the pouring rain. The bag was empty at first, now it's full. They watch him for a while to see where he goes. He goes up 5th and they stop him in the street. They ask if he bought the stuff, but he has no receipts. He threw them away and has no money left. He has 20 packs of cigarettes. Rob looks familiar to them and they ask him if he got busted for breaking into a car. He says he doesn't do that stuff, but they did bust him 2 1/2 weeks ago. They saw him outside the Pathmark for 20-30 minutes and go back to the store to see if he bought them. A manager says he saw Rob there, but he didn't buy anything. Officer Andrew Lancellotti asks if can they ID the stuff. The cigarettes have a 4004 number on them that is the code for the store. He was running around, that why he didn't have a receipt. He stashed a bag by the diner and came back and grabbed more and went back. He was waiting for the rain to let up. He was there since 11 PM. Special thanks to Chief Richard J. Harrison.

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s03e20 / New Jersey 3

10th Feb '91 - 1:00am
New Jersey 3 Summary

(10:45 PM Roll Call) Jersey City - The Sgt. tells officers the Puerto Rican parade goes down to Grundy Park so give it special attention. That's it. One cop says he's on motorcycle 56. Officer Thomas Porter says what he likes most is the people he's with, they are a rare breed, not many people like to work at midnight and sleep all day. His partner is Officer Robert Falconetti who says there is less traffic, it's more informal, a different class of people and is best shift in the city (Saturday 11:56 PM Assault Call) Thomas says there are lots more unhappy crimes, it's not Mayberry. They go up to Daisy who says her boyfriend Ruben Trinidad punched her in the head and scratched her with a knife. He took the keys and dropped the knife. He's riding a bike, in a white t-shirt, black shorts and a blue Morley's hat. They know him and go to a park where he hangs out. He's been arrested before, everyone knows him, not a great guy, every cop and everyone in town knows him. He'll probably come back, he's stupid enough to. There are a bunch of guys sitting at a table who say Ruben left an hour or so ago. They talk to Mike on a corner who says he hasn't seen him all day as a pack of people behind him make noise. They say to call if he sees them and go back to Daisy and her friends to see if he came back. She needs to go to 762 Montgomery St. on Monday to file a complaint unless they catch him first. He'll come back, he's cocky. (Thursday, 9:40 PM Assault Call) They get a call of a female being assaulted right where Daisy was last time. It turns out she is Daisy. A woman says he tried to get her again, busted his eye open and he's out inn the back yard. They go out there and it's totally dark. Ruben is down on the ground by an underground door. He was trying to climb into a window to escape, fell and hit his head. He's Mexican, with a big dorag. He says, "I can't stand up, I'm dizzy yo". Tom is going to cuff him and Ruben says he's tough, he'll show him how tough he is even when he's cuffed. Tom says he's tough too. Ruben says he's a punk, he can't beat him one on one. Daisy says she didn't want to be with him once he got drunk. They were all hanging out together and then it got bad. She is holding ice on her face and doesn't care what they do to him now. They are charging him with assault. He says he doesn't need to be charged with that. He ends everything with yo and curses them out. He says he can curse all he wants and is going to court on Monday for beating up a cop and didn't resist. They have him in a cage and ask him to spell his name and he says to make sure they spell it right, like Trinidad and Tobago. He hangs all over, that's why they can't find him. He's been locked up many times, has an extensive record, no girls like him and they reject him so he beats them up. She signed a complaint on him and the state has the toughest domestic violence laws in the country. Orange, NJ (10:20 PM Street Patrol) Officer Dennis Vega says most of the time he winds up doing what he's taught, not on the job, but when you were younger, how to treat people and how to react in different situations. If you get physical that doesn't solve things it creates new problems. If you fight with everyone you are not going to make it, this is not the job for it. A black guy flags him down and says his cousin has a problem with his sister and his kids. He says there is going to be a fight, but he can't explain it. He wants Dennis to go there, but he won't until he understands. He says the cousin and his ex are fighting over their kid and he'll ride down there on the hood if he wants. It started right there and now they're by the ice cream parlor. He says he's a short bald f - ker. The guy runs down there and Dennis meets him at the corner. A woman says the guy is lying on Bell Street all beat up. A witness says a guy beat him up and left him there. The guy is on his back spread out and mumbling. He indicates he can't breathe and can't move his leg. He starts crying and screaming. Dennis calls an ambulance. The cousin holds him down. The guy starts screaming and moving his legs because he wants him off him. He wants him to shut up. He keeps trying to get up and T holds him down. EMS arrives and T wants them to help, but the victim doesn't want their help, he can do it his own way, so Dennis calls them off. They started fighting on Jefferson St., he got bopped, is probably on the pipe and couldn't fight his way out of a paper bag. There was nothing the police could do about it, just can't let it get out of control and won't solve anything tonight.

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s03e21 / New Jersey 4

17th Feb '91 - 1:00am
New Jersey 4 Summary

(12:47 AM Disturbance Call) Hoboken - Officer Mike Plunkett became an officer for the same reason most people do - to change the world, be somebody's knight in shining armor, rid the city of all crime. It's a good attitude to have when you first come on, you need that, but when you're on the streets a few weeks the reality check is you won't be a knight on shining armor, you can't change the streets and the best you can do is make your world a little better. When you retire you'll have a pretty good career to look back on. If you can survive 25 years you've got it made. It's usually around the time when the bars start closing and there are a lot of problems. They centralize themselves in the areas where the bars are in case of problems. He pulls up to a bunch of guys fighting on a sidewalk. Two groups separate as one man in a blue shirt fights and a cop grabs him. A citizen takes his cuffs and cuffs the guy. His friend wants to take him home. They say too late, he's under arrest. They say some guys threw him around and tossed him out. Ten guys did it, but they didn't get thrown out. Why is getting arrested, they came out and found him? He assaulted a cop. Mike says he listened to him, now he can go home. How can he, that guy is his ride. He doesn't care. Det. Brian Murphy says they went to take him out and he got loud and abusive and didn't want to listen and pushed him around, he didn't get hurt, just winded. Mike talks to the suspect at the station. He says he had his drinks, no problems, was having a good time. Then somebody said something to him, he came back, said something again. Then bing bang boom he hit the guy, but he didn't know he was a cop or he wouldn't have touched him. He should've looked first. He's sure Mike's been in a position like that before. No. You won't admit it. He then realized he was a cop. Maybe you had too much to drink. I did. He can live with that. After Mike asks how could he not know he was a cop, he was in full uniform. It wasn't like he was wearing a Good Humor uniform. He was blind drunk. He'll get a summons, be home in an hour, should spend a weekend in county jail, maybe he'll think twice before whacking a cop again. Jersey City (Narcotics Unit Briefing) Sgt. Brian McDonough says they caught a girl with cocaine and she told them there was a house with two Spanish chicks selling cocaine out of there. They have a warrant and it's the top apartment #129. Sgt. Edwin Gillen says she's an old heavy woman, over 50, maybe 45. Brian explains how they will go up and batter the door, it's the weekend, don't get hurt for it. Det. Dennis DeSefano says they are Medellin and laughs. (11:45 PM Service of Warrant) He says when they see the last man go in, Mike, go down the block and cover the sides of the building in case something comes out the window. They go up, knock, say ?Policia', then ram the door. A woman can be heard. Inside there are babies crying, they grab the woman and make her sit, they find an older woman, a man and three babies they secure. Dennis grabs wads of cash that are in a purse. They also find a welfare bundle of cash. The government is good to them. She laughs. They search her and make the family speak to her in Spanish and tell her to turn over any drugs or weapons. They also find a room of stolen clothes, all still have tags on them, enough for a 100 people. It's like doing inventory for JC Penney. One has a tag for . They rob stores and trade them for drugs. Six suitcases full of kids shoes, a David Benjamin dress, his wife doesn't wear those and pants. The woman in yellow says she likes it, she uses it. Good country, eh? The kids all scream and now they are worried about the kids when they are taking them out for locking up the grandmother. He's worried about the kids while they deal. They see that and hate the cops, he would too if he was a kid. Brian says the grandmother was hiding in the closet with a couple grams of coke, she was the one in charge. They have a little bit of drugs and a lot of money, a lot of jewelry too. The daughter is in the cage yelling. They find an Irish good luck ring are any of them Irish? Did you go to St. Michael's High School in 1972? It's not the families jewelry it's someone else's. Jersey City (11:50 PM) Officer Thomas Porter gets out of his car at a park that overlooks the NYC skyline with the World Trade Center. They park everywhere, but there's a fire pump they block. He has to chase them away to get them to park somewhere else. (12:21 AM Stolen Car Call) He gets in his car and they give chase on the Pulasky Skyway into Newark. Officer Robert Falconetti drives. A cop tells them they are ?crazy Marty'. They stop on a bridge, get out and run. Sirens are heard down the road. They are supposed to be around somewhere. They look over the bridge thinking he went over, but he didn't jump, he was hanging over the side. They ask the guy they caught where do your friends live. On High St. in Jersey City. They go down and look up. They were chased down the ramp and one of the guys is hiding in the weeds somewhere. There was an accident the police were handling and they were trapped with nowhere to go so one guy jumped off the ramp, but who knows. (Street Patrol) Cops go to a lot where kids robbed a truck full of candy. Kids are dumping candy in a lot. The people say there wasn't much before, then they saw them come around and dump some more. They ask what kind of truck it was. They are from the factory back there, it's a white truck. It's a candy caper. Thomas jokes for them to be under arrest and they all do and laugh. They doubt the thief will come back and the kids are having a ball with it, the candy is probably bad, but they'll let them have fun with it. (1:47 AM) They find a car turned on its side. They parked it in front of a gate that reads, "No No No parking Anytime" in white spray paint. They got mad at them so the cops help out and turn the car back over. Over the credits is the mother daughter drug team at the station.

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s03e22 / New Jersey 5

24th Feb '91 - 1:00am
New Jersey 5 Summary

(6:30 PM) Hoboken - Officer Mike Plunkett car 122 says there are good days and bad days. One minute you are locking someone up, the next you are delivering a baby. Every job is different. He gets a call to Sparrow's liquor store where someone tried to pass a counterfeit dollar bill. Officer Gene Drayton is on the scene. The thief, Raymond, took off on 2nd and Washington St in a 4 door Cadillac, wearing a burballoondy shirt, headband and is shirt, fat and white. They find Ray in a bar and bring him back to the scene to ID him. Detective Tom Connor and Detective Karen Dimonde have him. He was also on 6th st at Rocko's Liquor Store and passed a fake there. The cops go there and retrieve it. Ray's friend says it was his bill and he sent him in with the money, they wouldn't take it so they went to another store and threw it down a sewer. Jersey City (11:45 PM Roll Call) Officer Elayne Zadroga says her dad and uncle were cops and her 7 brothers didn't follow in their footsteps. Officer Sal Noto started the job at age 32 and they call him the old rookie. (1:25 AM Disturbance Call) They go to a bar and Anne, an old black woman, was drinking and did nothing and the owner told her to leave and she didn't want to. They ask her to leave and she gets loud and points in Elayne's face. She pushes her finger away and Anne gets belligerent and it takes 3 cops to cuff and get her out. Her shoes fall off and so does her wig. They take her to the drunk tank as people laugh at her. Jersey City - West District - Officer Brian Rabbit says he's been there 3 years and still feels like a rookie. (9:46 PM Entry in Progress) It's in the back of a building on 80th ave. When they arrive the alarm is going off. Officer Jim Keating gets in the back and turns it off. The place is such a mess, including a large dead rat, that they can't tell if it is burglarized. A black man says his brother Warren tried to break in and rob all the people in the apartment. He has papers against him so they can arrest the guy. He is on the corner in a blue shirt, hat and brown jacket. They go and grab him and lock him up for 2 counts of burglary and theft.

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s03e23 / Pittsburgh, PA 1

3rd Mar '91 - 1:00am
Pittsburgh, PA 1 Summary

(8:12 PM Stolen Vehicle Call) Officer Philip Mercurio got his K-9 Louie on 12/22/89 out of a dog pound at the Humane Society. He's a Rottweiler and he trained him for 4 months. The first time he saw the dog go after someone on the street for going after him and it was amazing. You get attached. He's seen two K-9 men lose their dogs. You see grown men crying over a dog and it's strange, but now he understands the attachment. He chases a silver Mercedes Benz on Clarissa St. Traffic gets in way and he yells. It's a personalized plate. They bail out on foot and give chase. He tells Louie "good boy" over and over. They catch a young black guy near a bunch of cars. Phil says if he moves he'll break his head open. The other got away beside the hospital. They make the guy lie down and run out to the street to look for the other guy. He tells a guy to watch him and goes over to the next guy who is caught by a civilian behind the Atlantic. Four guys were in the car and two were caught. The guy had to jump on the car to get away from the dog, he was proud. (11:24 PM Street Patrol) Officer Thomas Harris says the ladies of the evening are out. They are going to disperse them instead of arresting them. The area of the hill is heavy with whores. He spots a girl who tries to hide who would rather be arrested than get a lecture. They run from him hard to avoid lectures. He talks to a woman who says she's waiting for a bus. There were whores around who moved on and she's not working. She's a diabetic and can't use drugs. He knows the prostitutes and hasn't seen her before, if he sees her again he won't buy it. You can fool him once, maybe twice. Tom says two cars just checked her out. Leon pulls up and they don't recognize her. She lives in Liberty, but can't say which street. She does have ID though. He asks where her carfare is. She doesn't understand and says she has a bus pass. She digs around for it and he says he's had checks come faster in the mail. She keeps looking and can't find it. He says she played him and she wants her tissues back. He says he doesn't want her snot rag and will engrain her face into his brain. He would rather she told him the truth and he wouldn't have arrested her, but she danced around him like Ginger Rogers. She says she stays at East Liberty, but was staying with her nieces. She finally admits she came out there to work. His head is spinning, he's insulted. (11:40 PM 911 Call) Officer Joe Arroyo first started working at the jail when there was a full moon and there were lots of sleepings and attempts. On the streets it makes people nuts, usually they are nice. They go crazy, he believes in it. Some people think they are crazy, but ask doctors or nurses in the ER and they'll tell you. It's a full moon tonight, so we'll see. Communications Center - Charles is on the 6th street bridge threatening to jump off. He has a history of alcohol abuse and wants his sister to come to him so they call her. Anthony Novak, a Paramedic from the Pittsburgh Fire Department talks to him. Charles gives them his mom's number in case they can't get the sister. He's way up high on the top of the bridge. He says no one cares so why should Officer Jean White care who is helping. Commander Robert McNeilly arrives. Jean has known him since they were kids. She tells him Mary Lou is on the way down. He wants to see his dad in heaven. They are sending a car for his sister and it takes time. Mary Lou arrives and is hysterical. She tells him please come down, please, talk to her. They tell her it's really wide up there, he didn't jump. There are a lot of birds up there making noise. She tells him she loves him, Carol loves him, Crystal loves him and to come down. Mom loves her. He asks if she wants him to jump. She says no. They won't touch him if he comes down, they'll just take him to get help. He starts coming down, doesn't remember climbing up there, he was drinking and sobered up when he got there and was scared to climb down. He didn't want the fire ladder. She hopes the next time she sees him he'll be happy like he used to be.

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s03e24 / Pittsburgh, PA 2

10th Mar '91 - 1:00am
Pittsburgh, PA 2 Summary

(2:04 AM Domestic Dispute Call) Officer Pat Logan says on the job they've broken his arm, fractured his skull, cuddled him four times, run him over with a stolen car, smashed into him with a stolen car and put him out of commission a couple of time. He's been in four balloon battles and one where he saved an officer's life. He still has nightmares about balloon battles and getting shot at, every once in a while wakes up in a cold sweat. You either live with it or like he does and talks to his buddy who is a psychologist. He says it's not his fault the way the world is. It's good. Or guys who don't believe that wind up chewing on a balloon barrel leaving a family behind who doesn't understand. He doesn't take his problems home. He pulls up to the house and says to put the dog in the basement, that's a grand idea. A black couple is arguing. He says he's got the receipts, pays the rent and phone, she just pays the gas. They went to a bar, were drinking and she has no food. Linda Jackson's tired of him beating her ass and she pays everything. He's got all the receipts, ask the landlord next door. She says she called the police last week and they didn't do anything and he bought the receipt book from a dollar store. She cries and says it's her house, she bought it. Pat says to stop shouting. The landlady says they both rent there. If she wants to leave she'll have to talk to someone because they are leaving. He says she can take the stereo and TV and she had nothing when they moved in. She doesn't stop talking for a second and says everything is hers, the landlady is lying, she sends him to pay the rent and won't do anything unless she is bleeding. They tell her to go to her mother's or go to jail since she is drunk. Tomorrow she can go to a magistrate and get a warrant. She doesn't want him to take anything while she's gone. Put your socks on, go to Hermitage street and go so they can conclude this. She says she's not drunk, knows the steps and won't fall. Outside Pat says he's getting too old for this screaming Mimi stuff, another fun night. (Thursday 7:50 PM) Detective Jack Bauer says there is a trail of blood leading from the doorway south along the building, no witness. There is a dead black man on the ground cuddled in the chest. A couple of suspects come in and they are taking blood samples to make sure it's all the victims. They take pictures of him and his girlfriend says they lived together 3-4 years and have a 2 year old. He lives with his mom since they were having problems. He owed her money and was with Darlene getting money to give her and that was the last she heard. Detective Clifton L. Pugh is on the Homicide Bureau and reads the story. Lee had gotten beaten up, called Snuggles and left him his beeper number. Commander of Investigations Ronald B. Freeman says Lee is the victim. They took 0 worth of drugs and Cornelius said he was going to cap him for ripping people off. A woman told them not tohug him, that's jive. They said they were going to take him out. (Monday 1:15 AM) Communications Center takes the (Vehicle Pursuit Call) A car crashes and there is a bloody woman inside, one of them has a warrant for hugging. Lt. Richard M. Dwyer says the man driving is their suspect. He drove through a red light in Oakland, ran on foot and was caught. He was brought in and gave a statement. In jail he said the cops pulled him over for running a stop sign. He admits he cuddled Lee, but says Lee attacked him, got in his face and he cuddled him. He didn't mean tohug him, he's not no cuddleer. (8:19 PM 911 Call) Officer Thomas Harris has been there 14 years, but his ideals changed. At first it was a career opportunity, steady job, you go through phases, everyone goes to jail, you are going to change the world. Now he chooses prevention. If you can wake someone up before they get in the system, then you've done more than the system can do. It starts raining hard as a man is interfering with a baby. They are outside and the mother gave the baby to the dad who is a drunk with a flat top. He says he drinks, but is not a drunk. She is drunk and mouthing off that she works hard. Thomas is mad, he says the kid should be inside and should be taken to child protective services. The witness says that's why he called. Thomas says forget this and they chase after them to take the kid. The mother flips out, fights, get hysterical and the dad asks can't he take her home? They take the kid to the station and will lock the parents up. Officer Kim Braddock holds the baby. Thomas tells the dad to permit it is the same as doing it. The witness says he tried to get the carriage up over the curb and it fell twice and the kid fell out both times. The original witness is also there and saw them drunk and fighting. They were in a bar drinking with the kid and passed the kid off to some derelict so they could fight. Child Youth Services is advised so a relative can be called. Thomas talks to the mom and says she needs to put the baby's well being ahead of her fun. She says her baby is with her, she takes the baby with her when she goes drinking since she can't get a babysitter. She says if she wants to go out with her man, that's fine. Thomas says she isn't getting it. She says if the kid fell why come she not bruised. Tom says she fell out twice, god was watching them. #324.

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s03e25 / Tampa, FL 1

17th Mar '91 - 1:00am
Tampa, FL 1 Summary

(3:32 PM Quad Squad Briefing) Officer Vickie Thomas is at home getting her gear ready for work. Her job is very exciting, going out dealing with the scum as the mayor would call them. She never knows what to expect, be prepared for anything, likes a good fight, it gets the adrenaline pumping, likes to get in there, roll around, give her a fight any day. She gets in her car and drives to work. Sgt. Jim Diamond says they are going to do a buy/bust operation and they have two women in the car, so take care of them. Vickie is a single mom with a six year old son and likes these busts because they are dangerous and exciting. If she was to die her son would be a very rich little boy because she has lots of insurance. They decide to focus on one area because they are losing light. Vickie stops and asks a young girl for a dime. She asks them if they are vice and only has a small piece because she doesn't know them. She hands it to them and they check it out and wind up buying it. They try to say they've seen her around, she says they don't look like vice and the guys don't want her to sell it. She has a blue skirt and a red doorag on and goes back in the Honky Tonk. They drive over there and catch her. Vickie feels sorry for her, but she's glad to get them off the street because they don't care who they sell too like 8, 9 or 10 year olds. (5:05 PM) They make another stop. There are some guys hanging around and they ask for a dime. They go back and get a guy who comes back with a rock. They give it to them, they taste it and say someone sold them wax on the other side of town. The guy asks her if she wants a boyfriend. She says no, but that he is kinda cute. They ask if they are cops and they say they wouldn't do them like that. She radios it in, they are caught and they find a pill canister filled with pieces. She feels sorry for the girls who are trying to support 4-5 kids, but the guys she has no pity for and will bust them all day every day if she can. (4:43 PM Man with balloon Call) Officer Micki Mashburn has a bad died blond mullet and short spiky hair. She has worked this area for over 5 years. You get to know the area and the people, they know when you are on or off shift and when they can commit crimes. They sell drugs and quit when she comes on duty. There is a suspect standing on Ford and Mitchell, possibly armed. It was called in by someone who knows him. He is walking near a place called Checkers with four guys there. She calls him over, checks him and he has no ID. He is all fidgety and says he doesn't live there and is visiting his grandma, but doesn't know her address. She lives over there. He has a beeper, says the guys are his partners and has no answer why he doesn't carry ID. She puts him in the back of the car and goes over to the wall where they were hanging out and finds drugs behind it. There is a canister of rocks and Quaaludes. The guys are on another corner and she asks if they want to claim it and they say no. The charge is with the guy in the red shirt. Mark arrives as back up and she wants him to search the suspect, especially if he shoved something in his crotch area. (Airport Narcotics Unit) Sgt. Danny Long has information from the FBI and a photo of someone who is supposed to be flying out of Tampa and carrying narcotics, unknown what kind. They have their names and they are on the manifest. Detective James Contento asks if it's in the luggage or on them, but they don't know. They walk over to the Delta check in and are in plain clothes. They spot and follow them to the stairs and check the guy at the bottom. They ask if they can talk to him and if they can search his bag. The woman he is with asks if he's in trouble for flying under a different name. Detective James Quinn searches too. They find a joint which she says she forgot was there. They bring in the dog and then search their clothes. They find a large bag of pot and tell her they'll bring a female officer to search her. She says they just bought the pot to smoke it and are not dealers. She is under arrest, it's a felony possession. They say they can put her husband on another flight, but she says she is staying with him. They find pills on her and she says they are diet pills, but has no prescription and got them from a friend. She says she's overweight, lost 40 pounds and has people ask her if she's pregnant all the time. The husband takes her stuff and leaves. She says it's a chance for him to be a standup boyfriend to come back and get her out of jail.

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s03e26 / Tampa, FL 2

7th Apr '91 - 1:00am
Tampa, FL 2 Summary

(10:52 PM Burglary Call) Officer Michael Anderson says his mom worries, but feels he is safer there instead of Miami. They are proud to have a cop in the family and she is proud to say she has a boy that's an officer. When he was 10 they had an Officer Friendly program in school and he's been interested in it ever sense. He kept clean to make his goal of being a cop and now he wants to be an FBI agent. Two white guys broke into a school and he goes in looking for them. Two other cops are inside and they've caught one guy. Another guy in all black is supposed to be on the roof with a bag of tools with a knife. They look in the gym, but can't find him. There is some sort of leak and water on the floor. They ask the guy how tall his friend is. He says he has a tool on him from work. They ask if his job is a burglar. He says no. They find money on him and he says he wants it back because it's his pay. They broke into the kitchen and trashed the place. The floor is covered with food and stuff they threw - fries, mustard and ketchup sprayed on all the walls. The thief Robert says his buddy is Rick, but he doesn't know his last name of where he lives. Mike says then it will all go on him. If he thinks of anything, let him know. (8:20 PM Domestic Dispute) Hillsborough County Sheriff's Department - Deputy Mike Fields says with any domestic it's difficult to tell the players without a score card. There are usually lots of people involved, with lots of ways they think it's supposed to be and they all think they are right. He says it's in the Suitcase City area where everyone moves around so much. There is another cop there and a Chevy Caprice in the driveway. The call is the husband is harassing her by pulling up and knocking on the door. Deputy Jeff Samberg is there. David says she is 29 and he goes to church and he's trying to get her to come with him and she won't. He doesn't want her to commit adultery again. He calls her and the family hangs up on him. He hangs out in front of the house yelling for her to come out. He wants her to come out and he'll buy her cigarettes and help her out. They are married, but separated. She is obsessive compulsive and he just wants her to come to counseling with him. He loves Debbie, wants to take her to dinner, wants to be with his wife on Saturday night, he'll buy her lobster or shrimp. Mike says he's been there before, knows they have lots of cats and wonders if his strategy has worked before. It sounds weird that he's trying to barter with cigarettes and shrimp. The morbidly obese mother tells him she doesn't want him around anymore. If he comes back he'll be arrested for trespassing. They write it up. Debbie comes out, is taller than David and asks if he has any cigarettes on him. She can't leave because she doesn't trust him, he'll hurt her. He says he'll never hurt her. Robin filed the trespass, not her. He has to pick her up in the street then. She says she'll go with him and talk, she owes him that much. First no one wanted to be around, then they are leaving together. Mike says that's the first time he heard that one work, from now on he'll send people to Red Lobster with a coupon. (9:06 PM) Officer John Hocker says the only calls his squad answers on the radio are fatal accidents or damage to a city vehicle. There are certain times of the year they focus on DUIs like the holidays, around now. He has a mounted camera he can turn on if he sees someone driving erratically - don't drink and drive or he'll get you. Officer Tim Grams wants to do a field sobriety test and he needs John to come there with the camera to record it. Tim demonstrates how he wants him to walk - 9-10 steps heel to toe. Mr. Lee walks 6 steps, almost falls over and says you got me on that one. He is arrested. John spots a car driving all over the road on Independence and Memorial. The guy gets out and he asks him to see his license. He says he doesn't have it with him. He has one, then admits he doesn't have one. He doesn't know why, then he says it's suspended. John says he was weaving. He says his girlfriend is horny, was grabbing on him and he only had 8 beers. The woman says she only had a couple. John takes him to the station to give him a breathalizer test and Officer Lyman D. Graham tests him. He has to blow into a tube hard for about 15 seconds. Impaired is point .10, his first is point .11 and his second is .10 so he's legally impaired. They go to take his picture and arrest him. It will be 0 to bond him out. The guy shakes John's hand and says he wants to thank him for treating him like a gentleman, he appreciates it. John thanks him. He says he was a real nice guy and it makes him feel bad to put him in jail, but nice guys can stillhug people.

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s03e27 / Tucson, AZ 1

14th Apr '91 - 12:00am
Tucson, AZ 1 Summary

(4:07 PM Warrant Briefing) Metropolitan Area Narcotics Trafficking Interdiction Squad - Agent Tom Moorehead says this will be a search warrant on a ranch they were at last year where 2700 pounds of pot were seized. Ernie is the main player, got caught in CA with 100 pounds years ago. They saw a ton, he's moving out and needs to unload it. The squad arms up and most have their faces hidden. A surveillance team checks out the ranch for people or suspicious activity. Tom's biggest fear is the weed is gone. You file your paperwork and hope it's still there. They are in the middle of the desert, the nearest house is 7 miles away and backup is 1 hour away. He calls the team and he spots two men going in and out of a trailer, 6 subjects total no weapons. (5:18 PM Warrant Served) They pour in with assault weapons and tell the guys to go down, but they don't listen. One guy runs and they search a trailer for him. They put bags over the criminals heads. They only find a few hundred pounds of drugs, it's like having a date with Bo Derek and getting Olive Oyl when you show up. One guy says it's not his house and he's mirandized. The guy says Brian offered him a large sum of money to stay in the trailer, doesn't know how much. A UC tells Tom who was going in and out, no one pulled up the whole time. The guy with the 42 shirt was going in and out. There is 155 pounds total. Detective Roy Leblanc finds ledgers showing how many bales he has, hundreds of thousands of dollars worth. (3:22 AM Street Patrol) Officer Gary Lynch has been there 19 years, 5 months and has lived there 30 years. He was a mortician before, has no thought of leaving, can retire in 6 months, but loves the job so much that he wants to stay longer. (4:06 AM Domestic Dispute) A caller said a fight has been going on all night in an apartment, that has now moved out into the parking lot. He talks to Christine, DOB 12/24/45, who says they weren't fighting, just trying to find the keys to the apartment. They are from Phoenix, looking for work, only her, her husband and Dan are in there. The husband says his plans were to feed the snake and put him in the box in his truck. He wanted to keep him warm and he was playing with him on the floor all night. He wants to show Gary. He just did it, milked it, a diamondback with 5 rattles and he has a degree from the University of Hawaii. He opens a box, it's 4 and 1/2 feet long and rattling, but he's not breaking law as long as he keeps it in a box. He asks what's going on. Roy explains if he goes back inside there's no problem. He asks Roy if he wants to see him milk it. Roy doesn't. He says he's a long haul cross-country truck driver who used to own 7 pet shops. It got so lonely it was like doing time, so he got a woman. (4:10 PM Roll Call) Sgt. Pat Walters says there's a note about Xmas open house 12/20, flyers are distributed to 7 retirement homes, 0 was donated for food, they don't need any more money, but if they want to donate food that'll be good. (8:22 PM Burglary Call) Officer Terri O'Rourke goes to a school and a helicopter is overhead. The alarm went off and someone is inside. A SAM unit is going in with a dog starting in the kitchen. The dog jumps up on the stage, then checks rooms and the thief is found under a sink. He says he's not moving, he has medication, is alone and is face down. They wanted the dog to get them. Terri says it was textbook and when they were in the academy they were told people usually hide in the obvious places and there he was. She was glad she got him before the dog, it feels good.

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s03e28 / Tucson, AZ 2

21st Apr '91 - 12:00am
Tucson, AZ 2 Summary

(9:48 PM Shooting Call) Officer Terri O'Rourke says she always wanted to be a cop since 7th 8th grade. They asked her what she wanted to do with her life and they laughed at her because there weren't a lot of female cops. It was always something she was interested in, so she did it. A call of someone who got shot and 3 men left the scene in a yellow car comes in. She pulls up and there is a lot of commotion, lots of cops, Fire Dept and people yelling. A black guy thought they were playing, then they grabbed his neck, put a balloon to his throat and said you wanna shoot? So they shot at them. They come there to visit Bertha at her apartment all the time. They are two brothers and can ID the shooters. The big guy Willie got hit with shrapnel. Willie says he and his brother were coming downstairs and they were approached. A guy was making noise, they were playing, then the woman driving the car started calling them niggers. They drive back to the scene where the three Mexican males are caught. The are juveniles ages 16 & 18. Willie says that's them, but he doesn't know who shot him. There is a pair of balloons on the seat of their car. Willie went in for surgery, but there was no bullet inside of him, it only grazed him. He'll be in the hospital a few days. One is arrested for assault and the rest are pending. (Street Patrol) Officer Gary Lynch says he is very active in his church and feels sorry for a lot of the people he deals with and understands a lot of the problems they have. When he first contacts them his whole rapport is he doesn't have to fight or arrest them. He doesn't want to do it, if he is calm and polite then they'll give him the same respect. (10:12 PM Domestic Dispute) A call of a family fight at a neighbor's house. They hear noises, no other info. They go up to the apartment complex and knock on the door with a Merry Christmas sign on it. The woman is below, says it's her apt. The guy was punching the wall and said he was going tohug her. Her 8 month old baby is in there and she is crying that her kids are freezing. Gary says to drop the kids at a neighbors' until they can get it sorted out. He's been drinking, just got home from a bar, has a knife and told her he wouldhug himself. Gary wants to ask the manager for a key, but she doesn't want him to do that. He told her if she called the cops he would shoot her. Gary says he might not mean that. She says he means it. A neighbor comes to take the kid. She says they have no phone and it's apt 38, so he goes to the manager. The man says he needs his wife. She gives them a key that should work. He goes and tries the key, but it doesn't work. They go to maintenance and get a ladder to climb up on the balcony to get in the sliding glass door. They get in and call for Danny and get no answer. Gary grabs the baby out of the crib while other cops search for him. He hands the baby to the fat mother who is busy smoking and hits the kid with the cigarette. Danny's hand is cut open, he says it's from hitting a glass picture and wants a cigarette. He's under arrest. Paramedics are going to check him out first. She is upset, can't believe he is going along with it. He's been arrested for domestic before and so has she, it's nothing new to her. (8:04 PM Burglary Call) Officer Steve McGuigan says the public perceives them as being different, cold hearted and mean, but they are people too who grew up the same as everyone else. When they get off the job they all do different kinds of things and people perceive them differently. He goes to a park at night and plays basketball with young kids. He hits a shot and says they owe him a dollar and he'll be back for it. Another unit spotted a suspect, doesn't know what for yet and he drives over to assist. The apartment was burgled and they got a good boot print on the door and fingerprints. He's now supposed to be at the Red Dog drinking. They'll have the victim call him at the bar and make sure he is there so they can bust him. The guy says he stole a microwave and some 8 track tapes. The guy says he got all belligerent and he needed to leave. He calls to talk to Richard and says to go out by the phone, he's got his money, he'll be there in 5 minutes. They drive there, but have no probable cause so they will just interview him and see what he says. They find him walking into the bar and he agrees to talk. He's all nice and turns over a pocket knife. He says he worked phone sales for the guy. He checks his boots and says they scuff nice. He says he kicked the door a couple days ago and denies knowing anything about a microwave or 8 track tapes and doesn't know they had that. It's Friday, he kicked the door on Wednesday. He agrees to go over there and talk to the guy. He's not mad about the money. They tell him witnesses say the door was clean yesterday, so he's under arrest, put the cigarette out. He kicked it Wed or Thurs. They find the stolen stuff behind a bush and want to check it for prints first. Forensics arrives to dust for prints and finds good prints on the door and the property. He then admits he stole the stuff at 5-6pm and stashed it. He has no electricity, so he was holding it for ransom until he got the back he owed him.

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s03e29 / Riverside County, CA 1

28th Apr '91 - 12:00am
Riverside County, CA 1 Summary

(6:15 PM Warrant Briefing) Deputy Russ Wilson says the bad guys are either a patch holder for the Hell Angels or into it themselves. They are going to a meth lab is in a house and they don't know the status, if it's going to be bubbling or boxed up. Deputy Steve Peters says it's nerve racking, he gets butterflies, doesn't know if they are going to be home, if there are dogs, balloons or what. They pound on the trailer and tell them to come out and they try to sneak out the back. They catch Sean and Shana out back. He says the guy is a friend of his from high school and he boogied out the back door, so he followed him. Shana says she's 20 and has a pipe on her. They find a plate of meth freshly cut, bags of pot and a M-16 with the serial numbers shaved off. balloons and dope always are together. They catch another group of people including Denise who is crying she came there with her dad. They check a girls' eyes and ask when was the last time she used speed. She denies it and is only 16, so they arrest her for being under the influence. Denise says she didn't do speed, her pupils are huge because she's scared. They say it doesn't work that way, so she says she smoked pot. Mom arrives and tells the 16 year old that she played with a rattlesnake and got bit. She says mom, not now. Mom is pissed and wants them to take her to jail. They aren't going to and she's willing to pay them to do it. She says the guy she's with isn't her boyfriend and shows them a picture of the guy. The girl doesn't think she screwed up and doesn't want to get in the car. She says she just dropped Jeremiah off. Mom doesn't even want her in her car. 35 hours of work on this case is over. (4:30 PM 911 Call) Sheriff's Dept - a man calls in that a woman has been shot in her living room, doesn't know how long she's been there and thinks she is dead. Kathy is crying in the background, it's her mother, no idea who did it. Deputy John Ruffcorn takes the call. Deputy Greg Colyer is on scene, he says there are 2 DOA, no suspects. The daughter and the son in law found them. Deputy Tom Segobia says they came in, found the step mother dead on the floor and the dad face down in the bedroom in a pool of blood. No one else lived there and no one stays with them. She thinks Carlos their neighbor was home, but doesn't know if he saw anything. They came over to borrow a chainsaw from her dad, knocked, no one answer, the door was unlocked, so they went around back and heard the dogs barking. She saw Carla there, couldn't get the phone to work, so she went next door. Tom tells her to hang tough, but she asks about her dad. He doesn't want to say, but admits he was found shot in the bedroom and he's dead. She breaks down. Tom says he hates this, there's no reason they should be dead. (6:52 PM Homicide Investigation) Detective Fred Breitkreuz says the back door was pried open, so that's where they'll start. Detective William Frogue says they'll probably be out there all night long. Inside the woman still has expensive jewelry on and a phone is in her hand. It doesn't look like a robbery since the TV is still there. (4:32 AM) Deputy Coroner Bob Overman is going to take the liver temperature to see how long they've been dead. It's 62 degrees, which means they've been dead 12-18 hours. They find blood on the side of the fridge and possibly balloonpowder. (7:12 AM) They remove the bullet from the man after they've been there 12-14 hours. They come up with a dozen theories to what happened, one may be right, but they'll never know. Moreno Valley, CA (balloon Range) Sheriff's Dept - Deputy Duke Viveros fires at a target, reloads and is told to shoot 12 rounds into the last target line. Every three months they need to go down to the range and shoot a 210 score. If they fail they have to make it up. Not everyone shoots as much as they should and they'll regret it later when they get docked pay. He takes a call and pulls up to Maurice standing outside of his car. He tells him to put his hands up and he had a problem the other night. He says he didn't. Duke opens the trunk and there's a huge speaker inside. Maurice says he talked to her parents, told them he's 18, she's 14, they understood that. They thought he was going to rape her, he says he's not like that. They went to a party, she got drunk and said she was so horny in front of five guys. Deputy Heidi Godfrey says it's illegal for him to have sex with her. He knows, but she insisted saying she was ready. He didn't want to at first, but she assured him no one would find out. He says she wasn't drunk last night and he bought her an expensive ring. She says she loves him a lot, doesn't care if she got pregnant and wants kids. He asked for the ring back after what she did last night. Then she got mad and accused him of rape last night. He has two marks on his neck, she gave him a hickey and he gave one back. He says if it's love age shouldn't matter. They explain it's the law. He's arrested for unlawful intercourse with a minor. He's not thinking about being with an underage girl drinking, getting drunk and having sex.

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s03e30 / Riverside County, CA 2

5th May '91 - 12:00am
Riverside County, CA 2 Summary

(3:32 PM Surveillance Operation) Sheriff's Dept - Detective Steve Brown is outside a helicopter and says they are flying two photo missions. One is in Quail Valley for heroin. Detective Rick Hall says they need pictures for the warrants by Thursday - a complete photo lineup. A man captures prowler; DUI suspect; cache of weapons recovered from drug lab.

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s03e31 / Houston, TX 1

12th May '91 - 12:00am
Houston, TX 1 Summary

(12:09 AM Street Patrol) Deputy James Billinovich talks about people who hate them and Sgt. Eugene Merritt briefs a group. In the car James says he hates thieves, maybe because he had 2 cars stolen in the last 10 years. high speed chase; juveniles steal car; rock throwing attack.

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s03e32 / Houston, TX 2

19th May '91 - 12:00am
Houston, TX 2 Summary

(10:08 PM Disturbance Call) Sheriff's Dept - Deputy Eugene Lancaster works the unicorporated parts of Harris county, in the last few years crime has gotten a lot worse, mostly drugs, especially crack. They're undermanned and always busy. A man is breaking windows with a pipe. Eugene goes up the dark driveway to a rundown house. A woman says her boyfriend done beat the windows in and took off. She saw him throw a ladder through a window and broke three others and the air conditioner. She was over his house and her car died and he left her there. They pushed the car to Circle K and the tow truck driver brought her home. He did it because he was drunk and thinks she's screwing around with the neighbor. They have two kids together and her grandfather lives with her and Eugene explains to her what to do if she wants to file charges. There is a balloon on the table and Eugene holds it as he explains it. They guy isn't there, so he can't arrest him. They'll have to sign a statement saying he did it. Suddenly shots are fired in the yard. He calls for backup 42-40 and then runs out and hunts the guy down. He is in the yard in a red shirt and jeans. He tells him to get down and cuffs him. He says not to move, to shut up and asks him where the balloon is. He says he has no balloon. Eugene searches for it and tells him to shut up. He calls in that the guy is in custody. The woman comes down smoking and wanting the two jackets he's wearing saying they are hers. The man says he drank a 12 pack of beer and a pint of whiskey - that's it. He doesn't care anymore, doesn't smoke crack. As they are driving back to the station a torrential rains starts. He says he was filing a criminal mischief report, got shot at, it scared him to passing and was not a good feeling. He didn't see the guy, made a run for it and caught him. (11:22 PM) They arrive at the station, take the first door on the right and Cpl Jim Haley questions him. The drunk says that his girlfriend got him disappointed and no woman in the world should get you disappointed when you are drinking trying to have a good time. When the car breaks down and they blame you that isn't right. He's not an alcoholic or anything, he doesn't like it, that's the way he is that's the way it's gonna be! That's the way he grew up and that's the way it's gonna be. He gets angry. You don't know where he grew up or where comes from. You don't and nobody else will. It makes him mad. He's worse than Rambo. He doesn't use a balloon. He's the only one who can change it. He doesn't smoke crack. He is an alcoholic, he drinks the cheap whiskey. He is dying anyway of cirrhosis of the liver, but no one believes him. He's been through a stomach staple, he's been through hell, more than Rambo. He can't stop, he can't stop today, why should he? He ain't never tried tohug anyone or hurt anyone, he did break some teenie windows. Whenever he gets out he's not going to stop. As long as she treats him wrong he'll treat her like sh-t. If she treats him right, he'll treat her right. They've been together for 4 years. He has 2 kids - 2 years and 4 months and 8 months. He hopes his kids see this so they'll be worse than him. He knows his one boy will be worse, he hopes he is. A man won't take sh-t from a woman. He doesn't want people messing with him when he has a good time. He says he doesn't drink that much, when someone gets him pissed off he gets pissed off. Jim asks shim if he wants help for his drinking. He says he doesn't need help, he just pissed off, it would be throwing money out the window. He cries and says he loves his kids, he could've got shot. Then he asks if it will cost anything. He says counseling is free and he admits he needs help. (2:52 AM Disturbance Call) Harris County Sheriff's Dept - it's lunchtime. They are stuffing hot dogs down. Deputy Michael Sieck says his partner Deputy Bubba Hinton wears a hat, but his head is too big to fit in the car. Bubba says he's a native Texan and he likes wearing a cowboy hat, it goes natural with him. They take separate cars and hope it'll be a quiet call. Karen says for the guy to tell them. The guy says he rents a room to a friend and they got into a fight over the renter's woman. He has no shirt on and the guy has no pants on. The woman says the owner wants to sleep with her. The renter says the owner hit him in the face. She asks the owner to tell the truth that he came to her house and harassed her. She says not to turn his dad gum back on her. She has a 20 month old son and doesn't want to deal with it. All three of them smoke. Bubba says a tenant has rights and he has a right to have a woman over. The owner doesn't want her there. The renter says he wants her there. Bubba says she has to leave or she can leave with them. Bubba says if Karen doesn't leave he can arrest them all. She goes to leave and curses the owner out. Mike says 'he's fixin to jail her'. She gets so mad because he wants to screw her and she just wants to be friends. Mike says she shouldn't come over there and flaunt it front of him. She says she's not flaunting it. He says it's a figure of speech, she's in front of him. She says she didn't like him because he had no front teeth and was ugly looking.

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s03e33 / Houston, TX 3

26th May '91 - 12:00am
Houston, TX 3 Summary

(Boy Scout Kid on a Fence at Night) Harris Co. Sheriff's Dept. - Cpl. Larry Blacksmith talks the kid, Stephen, down. The kid doesn't want to go to the boy scout meeting because he thinks everyone hates him there. Larry says he doesn't have to go if he doesn't want to and will take him home to his grandma if he wants. He's not in trouble and can climb up there and get him, but it would be easier if he just comes down. The kid thinks he hates him, but Larry assures him he doesn't, so he comes down and Larry takes him home. (10:05 PM Domestic Disturbance) - man loses ear in domestic scuffle; tattooed woman arrested for drug possession.

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s03e34 / Houston, TX 4

2nd Jun '91 - 12:00am
Houston, TX 4 Summary

(12:32 AM Traffic Stop) Sgt. Robert Jackson says he is from Detroit, but Houston is is home. It is more laid back and is great for a big city. A man is found hanging in a garage; truck stop disturbance; driver resists arrest.

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s03e35 / Houston, TX 5

9th Jun '91 - 12:00am
Houston, TX 5 Summary

(2:33 AM Street Patrol) Harris Co. Sheriff's Dept. - Deputy Monty Herron has been around horses his whole life. He's owned one for 15 years to relieve stress. He belongs to the rodeo association of Texas police officers and they travel around the state competing for buckles. He goes to a call of 5 or 6 black males at a burglary in progress. When he gets there it is a shooting. A man is hit in the chest and a woman in the leg. They go into a dark house with a woman blocking the way. The guy says someone tried to break in through the window and he shot them. His wife tried to escape through the front when shotballoon blasts came through their bedroom window and they can see holes in a picture on the wall. There is blood everywhere. Cops say it was really a dope deal gone sour and the victims were hit with 9mm. They secure the scene for Detective Pratt. (11:17 PM Shots Fired Call) Sheriff's Dept. - Cpl. James Billonvich gives a stress test at a basic tactical training course. He tells the woman trainee she's been hit in the arm and has to load and holster with only one arm. He says they ride the females harder to make them better. A female heard several shots and someone screaming for help. While looking for the male shooter they find a guy who was shooting his balloon in the air to celebrate because he's happy the Gulf War in over. James tells him it's illegal, but just gives him a warning. (1:18 AM Theft Call) Deputy Michael Sieck likes the night shift the best. There are too many people out in the day and the night is busier.A guy pumped gas without paying at Wallaceville and Wake Forest. He finally pulls his truck over on the 300 block of Kokomo. They cuff the long haired driver for stealing the worth of gas. The owner followed them and is on the scene. The passenger went in for cigarettes and the driver was supposed to go in and pay, but ran. The driver doesn't know anything about it. They take the driver back to the gas station to get ID'ed by the clerk. Mike says if he tells the truth he'll only get a citation. The driver says he only had , so he pumped and ran away. He gets a 0 fine and is let go until the trial.

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s03e36 / Houston, TX 6

16th Jun '91 - 12:00am
Houston, TX 6 Summary

(Vehicle Fire Call) Cpl James Billinovich is called to help with the search for a fleeing vehicle. A body was found in the burned car in a foggy area and a tow truck is en route.

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s03e37 / London Special Edition

23rd Jun '91 - 12:00am
London Special Edition Summary

(Parade) A marching band parades in front of Buckingham Palace. Cops watch and patrol. Sir Peter Imbert Commissioner says Scotland Yard is the HG of the metro police, it was formed in 1829 by Sir Robert Peel, SY has traditionally been it's HQ.

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s03e38 / Best of Cops #1

30th Jun '91 - 12:00am
Best of Cops #1 Summary

(1:35 AM Shooting Call) Harris Co. Sheriff's Dept. - Deputy Michael Sieck says everything happens at night. When people drink, they get drunk and fight so he has to be the moderator, doctor, referee and psychologist. He wears lots of hats. There's a 217 call at an upstairs hotel room. He finds blood on the doorstep, a guy on the bed with his leg bleeding and a woman freaking out. They say it happened 30 minutes ago. A 5' 4" black man wearing all black weighing 170 pounds came up and just shot him. They got out of the car, the guy was on the stairs and pulled a balloon on them wanting money. They try to get her to calm down and give her water. EMT arrives and says he has a fracture to his leg and will have to be airlifted out. They wrap him in a comforter, take him out, a Hermann Hospital helicopter lands and he is wheeled aboard. Mike says he doesn't think they got the full story, doesn't believe anything he hears and only half of what he sees. This job is always something new, you never get in a rut. You try to help someone and sometimes they blow up in your face, but you keep going. . (2:25 AM Man with a balloon Call) The call is that a woman has been shot and they are walking on Market. He pulls up to the man and woman and when they see him they keep walking. He gets out and checks them. Melinda has a balloon in her pocket. She says they were walking home to her mom's house. The guy threw his balloon over a fence, she went to get it and a guy chased him. It is 2/19, she only met him 5 days ago. He threw the balloon because they had a fight and she wouldn't give it back to him. There were 3 shots fired, but she says it wasn't fired. They can tell that it was fired, so she says she believes them. They pull the guy out of the cop car and he says the woman is his fiancé, the balloon is his, they were arguing and he shot it in the air twice because he was mad and he threw it away. He is upset she is getting arrested. He wants to know how much it will cost. They are both arrested and are crying. He kisses her in the back in the cop of the car. Mike didn't expect her to have the balloon and she could've shot him. (12:21 AM Assistance Call) Deputy Bubba Hinton says his mother and father gave him the nickname Bubba, a real Texas name, no one knows his real name and they all call him Bubba. Deputy Victor Zigmont caught some black males trying to break into cars and apartments. He goes to help out and there are a bunch of officers on the scene. They find a pistol, a shotballoon and a rifle in the thieves car. They saw one guy by an apartment with a screwdriver and caught the other one in a car. One guy says he was hitchhiking, they gave him the car and he's never been to jail. Deputy Ziggy chased the car doing 85mph, but the guy says they didn't run. He says there are others in his crew by the Stop N Go, so they go over there and look. A black guy in a trenchcoat is walking and runs off when he sees them. He runs into the woods and ditches his coat. They catch him a couple blocks later, he asks what he's being arrested for and what did he do? They put him in the car and find there was a path he ran down while they floundered through the deep sticks in the back.

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s03e39 / Las Vegas, NV 8

7th Jul '91 - 12:00am
Las Vegas, NV 8 Summary

(5:45 PM Suspicious Activity) Metropolitan PD Northeast Area Command - Officers Thomas Fletcher says every car that metro has, B/W, have a computer terminal MCTs, they are a tremendous help. By running a plate at random they can determine if the car is stolen from anywhere in the US, if the person has warrants or if the plate is expired. Officer Andrew Legrow. (7:30 PM Disturbance) Officer Joseph Lombardo and the Polite Vampire lady.

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s03e40 / Houston, TX 8

10th Aug '91 - 12:00am
Houston, TX 8 Summary

(9:24 PM Disturbance Call) Harris Co. Sheriff's Dept. - Deputy Ron Leonard says he's in the city police who cover from county line to county line. Sometimes it takes a while for back up to get there so he talks and deals with people differently. Arrest for an elderly guard's beating; sleeping call.

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s03e41 / Las Vegas, NV #8

17th Aug '91 - 12:00am
Las Vegas, NV #8 Summary

Coming Soon...

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s03e42 / Houston, TX #8

1st Sep '91 - 12:00am
Houston, TX #8 Summary

Coming Soon...

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