Season 1

s01e01 / Broward County, FL 1

12th Mar '89 - 1:00am
Broward County, FL 1 Summary

This program was filmed during a one week period with the Broward County Sheriff's Department in Florida. All Suspects are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. (Full theme song) Sheriff Nick Navarro goes with a SWAT team to a crack house where people live in boxes, have a crack altar and use a bucket for a toilet. The entire place is absolutely vile. Then an officer ishuged in the line of duty and Nick goes to the funeral. (District 2) Deputy Jerry Wurms stops a black man in his car at a convenience store and finds a balloon. A man and a woman are seen in a known drug area and are questioned because he is white in an all black area. When he goes to get her wallet out of the car he takes it and runs. Jerry chases him and says, "Stop or I'll shoot you in the back!" He doesn't stop. He is caught and they are both arrested. She goes insane and screams her innocence. (Headquarters - Organized Crime Division) Capt. Ron Cacciatore takes calls and answers questions from Sgt. Dennis Gavalier and Deputy Vickie Cutcliff. He then goes out and talks to an officer and goes to a coke buy at a train station. He and the undercover officer catch a guy with his wife with two kilos of coke and bags of cash. The girl doesn't want to talk and just wants to puke. Drug Task Force Briefing - A map is on the board and the group discusses it. (7:03 PM Field Briefing) During a lightning storm. Ron returns home to watch Superman on TV and his wife heard about the train bust on the news and wants to talk about it. She wants to know the details, but he doesn't want to talk about it. She says she married him because he is a cop and thought their lives would be exciting, but their communication level is zero. He says he just wants to relax and not talk about work. Besides, if he did tell her, he'd have tohug her. (7:15 PM Warrant Served) Their driver is told to slow down and then the cops spill out and slam into a crack house. A giant fat, black man won't surrender and they have to tackle him. Another suspect who makes the drugs is questioned. It is his parents' house and they all will be arrested. The son refuses to talk and he tells him he had his chance. (9:00 AM) Sgt. Richard Scheff goes to work and gets a call about a dead body found floating in a nearby canal. They go there by helicopter as it is pulled out. They found his clothes on the shore inside out. He is nude and his body has not been eaten yet and there is no sign of trauma. (Roll Call District 2) Lt. Bob Rios talks about the guy Jerry chased in the first part. He talks about how it is to be a cop and about his girlfriend. She is Officer Linda Canada whom he works with. We then see her stop a suspected prostitute, then an older woman on the street. (8:45 AM Canada Home) Jerry makes breakfast for her two kids including a two year old and he explains how he is planning on moving in with her. They eat breakfast and read about an officer who just died. (Officer in Court) Airport Interdiction Officer - Vickie goes to the airport and randomly searches people for drugs and most give her a hard time. Then she is at home with her two kids playing in the yard. The next day she and her partner are at the airport searching people again. The second guy is all nervous, then gets angry and says the bag he has isn't is. Then he wants a warrant. Then he admits the bag is his. She arrests him and he goes nuts and starts fighting everyone and she goes down. They take him away and find he had a stolen balloon and six ounces of coke. He then calls his girlfriend and mom to tell them he's going away for a while. Vickie has been doing the same job for ten years. (Crackdown Briefing) On July 8th they are going to arrest 150 people, tow 200 cars and bulldoze houses. Sheriff Nick then goes up in a helicopter and the rest of the team gears up. (8:47 AM Crack House Warrant) The team enters a house and finds a Tech 9, sawed off, pistols and bags of drugs. (11:16 AM Reverse Drug Sting) Jerry and Linda are in a car while a cop makes deals on the street. (1:45 PM Buy Busts). (4:35 PM Street Sweeps) A screaming woman is arrested. Then Richard watches the 10 O'clock news of the days coverage and the airport officer talks about finding kids at drug busts.

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s01e02 / Broward County, FL 2

19th Mar '89 - 1:00am
Broward County, FL 2 Summary

(Victory Celebration) Sheriff Nick Navarro gives a re-election speech while the Rocky Theme plays. He wants to make the county a better place. Trojan Horse Briefing. Cops cut cardboard to make a big box to hide inside the back of an an El Camino. Sgt. Robert Deak says the dogs will jump out and get them, can fill the truck up with drug buys. Dealers learn what the tactics are - never sell to a van or car with two people in it so they have to come up with new ideas. A black guy comes up and sells a rock for and wants to sell another . They jump out of the box and get him. They go to a second stop and grab another black dealer. The driver jokingly wants them to let him know if the box falls off. Sgt. says it's exciting going after dope. One day they get the dealers, the next the users. Different every day. It is now night time. The dealer runs and they chase him, tackle him and cuff him/He thinks it makes you in touch with the community by stopping them from selling crack to kids. Deputy Willie Washington says the biggest lie is someone driving through a drug area saying they are lost. They stop a driver who says just that. He made a wrong turn off the freeway. He says he's heard lots of stories about District 2 - lots of violence and shootings. He didn't want to work there, was scared, but now likes it because of the people, they are great. The Lt. stops a car. The woman says she was looking for the ocean. They find drugs in the car - a cocaine rock. She says it isn't hers, she just wanted to go home. They ask how it got there. She says a guy she stopped for directions must have thrown it in there. Then asks if they planted it. They cuff her and put her in the back of a car. She wants the cuffs off. The Lt. says to calm down. She won't. He says she is going to the station and is going to be booked. If she didn't do it, tell the judge and if he believes it she'll be free. He reads her rights from a card. She can't believe he has a card. At the station they book her. He is really nice to her about it. She says again and again she can't believe there was a rock in the car and is totally embarrassed. Deputy Linda Canada is doing paperwork in a diner with her fiancé Deputy Jerry Wurms. They kiss. (11:31 PM 911 Call) She leaves to a call of a mother Nancy and her daughter who want her boyfriend not to come back. The daughter cries and says she doesn't want him back. There is also a 22 month old running around. He comes back and the daughter screams. She wants to go to a hospital because she doesn't want to stay there since she is scared of him and is only 7 years old. He is arrested and wants the girlfriend to call his mom. Linda talks to the 7 year old and says he got drunk and almost hit her. She wants him to stay in jail first for 2 nights, then 4 nights, 10 nights - forever since she is scared of him. They give him a trespass warning, he can't come back again. She says he is a good man when he isn't on drugs, cocaine or whatever. Linda says she needs to make up her mind, but will take the children if she doesn't provide a safe environment for them. Linda leaves and the girl wants to go with her. She promises to come back tonight and tomorrow. Linda wants to take her out of the house, but most likely he'll be back tomorrow since he is the breadwinner and she is scared to be alone in the bad neighborhood and the girl will want him out again.

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s01e03 / Broward County, FL 3

26th Mar '89 - 1:00am
Broward County, FL 3 Summary

(District 2) Deputy Linda Canada talks to a shirtless man who says his bicycle was stolen, but doesn't want to press charges. A fat white guy nearby in a dirty white shirt says he had nothing to do with it. The shirtless guy won't shut up or listen, so he gets arrested. Linda goes on a boat ride with her fiancé Jerry Wurms, they only have one day a week off together. They picked out an engagement ring, but haven't bought it yet so she goes to visit it. That night he asks her to marry him and has the ring. She says yes and they go to a restaurant. The next day the Sgt. announces their engagement and they goof on her. She goes to a call to search a women under arrest for drugs. She gloves up and makes her take off her shoes. She's on crack and is bruised all over her legs, saying she was beat. Linda asks if she ever tried to get help and she'll put her in a program if she is willing. She can't promise, it's hard, she has no one, is a prostitute, scared of being raped, can't stop. She moves her to another car. (Roll Call) District 2 - Lt. Robert Rios asks how many people check the backseats of their cars. He found a bag of crack in the couch in the lobby that someone stashed there. The Sgt. says they only had 3 DUI arrests so far which isn't acceptable. He wants 3 a day - make a deal. Deputy Willie Washington says he has to work Christmas, New Year's - all the holidays. He goes to a house where a crazy woman is sweeping. He has to grab her and make her sit down. She mouths off and he tells her if he has to come back she'll be arrested. They were fighting. because Candy threw water on the other woman and she came after her with a broom. It's Thanksgiving, so he's trying to be nice. The Lt. arrives and he explains it. He goes back and says one of them has to leave. Candy won't shut up and he yells at her that she is getting on his nerves. The second woman won't leave so he cuffs her. She cries in the back of his car. He goes back to talk to Candy and says if he saw her throw the chair she would go to jail too. The next time he comes he will arrest her as a trouble-maker. (Drug Task Force) Sgt. Bo Deak leads a neighborhood sweep. They hit a dozen people fast. One guy has drugs in his shoe. Another has it in his pocket, but says it is nothing. Another guy is stopped, the only one without coke in the area. A couple is stopped by a church and busted. One guy runs, is caught and still has the dope on him. He said he wasn't dealing anymore. A bunch more people are busted, then they look for drugs on the beach. They stop a guy in a red van with a dog and arrest him with a big bag of coke. (Search Warrant Briefing) Task force. It's a guy they've been to before. Last time he had four balloons on him, but wasn't much trouble. (Warrant Served) They run in, bust him and talk to the girlfriend and ask her whom is he selling it to. She admits her mom sells a little bit of drugs too. He says she should leave. She is working, but doesn't make enough to move out. He asks where her mom usually keeps the crack. She shows her the medicine cabinet. He doesn't want her kids to pick up a crack rock, eat it and die. She cries that she is taking care of him.

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s01e04 / Broward County, FL 4

2nd Apr '89 - 1:00am
Broward County, FL 4 Summary

(District 2) Deputy Willie Washington talks to students at Boyd H. Anderson high school where he used to teach. He says some kids that don't have role models look to those they see with big chains and BMWs. (Street Patrol) He's arrested 3 of his former students and spots another and has him drop and give him 20 pushups. If they are going to be just hanging out they need to exercise. He says to the students not to let him catch them dirty or he'll do what he has to. He drives and spots 3 black guys hanging out and has them get on his car. Backup comes and they check them out. One guy tries to run and is tackled and cuffed. The other two are also cuffed. One holds the dope and the other holds the money. Back in school he says dealers have no longevity, they don't care. 16 year olds dealing shoot people just for looking at them. Be careful where you go or you could get jacked. At night he stops a white guy in a bad area and tells him he could get jumped by 8 or 9 guys. He points him out and says not to come back. In school he says they can see him now or later, but later they will be cuffed. At a basketball game Deputy Linda Canada watches Jerry play, says he's a good father to her kids and can't wait to marry him. They win 61 to 57. Later Linda tries on wedding dresses at the bridal shop. Prostitution Sting Briefing - organized crimes division. The Sgt. tells them to make sure the door is locked, latch it. One officer calls home, she forgot her balloon and someone is coming to get it and she wants them to bring back her fur coat. The signal is when she takes an orange flower out of her hair. They do the stings to get rid of the street crime. Merchants don't want whores in front of their businesses. Linda tries to think about how the girls she busts walks, moves and talks and tries to imitate them. A car stops with 2 guys who want her to do them both at the same time. Linda says he couldn't handle it. The guy replies, "then he'll die trying". She then gets a car, sex for and to meet at her hotel. The guy doesn't want to go to the hotel, he wants to do it right there. She goes around to the door and the cops bust him. Linda says it was fun. She has tight black pants and heels. Some of the guys pull up she wonders why they would do this. They are good looking and have jobs. Sometimes she won't even look at them and tries not to think about what happens to them - if it ruins their life or marriage. They are taken to jail. Some are given NTAs and some have to wait to bond out. At the next car Linda says one or both for . He pulls around to the hotel and asks a couple times where to park and reaches under the seat. She is nervous and has them bust him outside. They find a bag of coke and arrest him. It is a 2nd degree misdemeanor in FL for solicitation. They show the bust from the monitor and Linda laughs and leaves. Cops cut up plywood with a circular saw on a bench for a Trojan horse sting. They attach it across the back of a pickup truck and cover it with palm fronds and tie it down with line leaving the bottom open for them to hide inside. Sgt. Robert Deak says they used to cover foxholes with this stuff when he was a marine in Vietnam. Drug Force Task Briefing - next day. They spray 'Nick's Trash Pik-Up' on the side. They knock on the window to get their attention and a honk is the signal. One black guy sells them drugs and then runs. They catch him. 2nd bust catches two guys. 3rd bust requires them to jump out and pull their balloons on a car who rams the police. They pull him out through the window. 4th bust is an older balding guy, they check his mouth and cuff him. If you are with someone buying crack you can get busted. They cut the passenger loose. Afterwards they go to a restaurant to eat. One guy is leaving the team after a year. He's enjoyed it a lot. They have a toast for his birthday and goof on Deak about wearing the pants in his family. He says he's the boss, then his wife comes up and surprises him.

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s01e05 / Broward County, FL 5

9th Apr '89 - 12:00am
Broward County, FL 5 Summary

(SWAT Team) Agents are working out - jumping jacks, pushups, windmills. Sgt. Steve Caulfield says they like to think they are the elites, but some think they hare hot dogs. They wear camo and run through a course, crawl, run on logs, climb walls. Most search warrants they expect them to be armed, that's why they are there. They do a hostage rescue, smoke grenades, and a live fire exercise with Sheriff Nick Navarro. The 365-KBD plate is checked on a car they are going to buy from. The dealer is wearing a red shirt as they pull up to a strip mall, take him down and arrest him. They take him back to the station - he says he's been using since age 13, did 2 years when he was 17, 3 years at age 22 and crack is the worst drug ever. He was addicted to it 5 seconds after the first time. He's also addicted to coke, heroin, pot 1st, alcohol, anything. He only commits crimes because of drugs, never had a job his whole life, gets money by conning, scamming scheming since he's a scumbag. He's married, she's in Boston, has 2 kids. She left him because of the drugs. The area is real bad, lots of kids on the beach with 14 year olds dealing. He cries because he wants to get his life straight. Deputy Linda Canada is in her car. (District 1 Street Patrol) She feels sorry for the whores sometimes. She stops a girl walking the street who says she is just going home even though she's hanging out in front of a saloon all the time. Linda tells her no flagging down cars or loitering and lets her go. She busts another woman as the husband watches. She flags down cars and says she needs a ride or wants to party. Linda takes her back at the station. She says she didn't deal and has no money. She is 33 years old, been doing it all her life and was born in 1952. They are going to arrest her husband and the 2 other girls. Linda wants her to sign a paper against her husband. She says she won't sign something she didn't do and loses anyway. She says her husband battered her, she has no money and can't get away. She says they are making her sign it and wails and moans. It doesn't matter, she's going to jail anyway. She wants to know why she's getting a 0,000 bond, it's for lying. Linda doesn't feel anything toward these girls, they cry that they will do better, lie to the judge, then go back out and do it again. She stops a girl in a balloons N' Roses cowboy hat with buttons on it for flagging down a car. Michelle is 19 and says she has a real job and doesn't solicit. Linda looks into her purse and asks when the last time she smoked crack was. Linda finds a mirror with coke residue on it. She doesn't have a license, but she cuts her loose. (2:30PM Start of Shift) Deputy Mike Hoffman is at home with his wife and daughter. She gets in the car and makes a siren noise. He says he's going to Nashville and will bring her back a shirt. She wants a green one, only 1 per trip. (5:45 pm Injured Animal) It's a brown dog, but seems to be all right. (6:03 pm Bomb Threat) They go to a restaurant and everyone is outside, it could be a hoax, but you never know. They go inside and check it out. He jokes about an alarm clock there. (8:15) Mike drives to a church and he is supposed to be inside. Two people meet them outside. Mickey goes in the front and Mike and another go in the back. He is a scruffy black man in the last pew. They take him out without incident. He was supposed to have a balloon. They check him and it's a giant hair pick. Leroy is upset, says you don't do that in church. He is pissed off. He says someone saw him go into his jacket. Mike brings a pastor over to talk to him. No one knows him and they were just checking.

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s01e06 / Broward County, FL 6

16th Apr '89 - 12:00am
Broward County, FL 6 Summary

(Pre Super Bowl Prostitution Stings) Capt. Ron Cacciatore goes to a house #601 called 'Cherry's' with all girl staff. He rings the bell and is let in. He finds three scantily clad women and one who covers herself up and when asked what the place is for she says it is her first day and she is a dancer. He asks what the bed in the living room is for and she says it is not a bed it is a sofa where people sit and get dances. He says she knows a lot for someone whose first day it is. She gets all snotty about it. They dump another woman's purse and it is full of Trojan condoms. He asks if that is for safe dancing? She says she is single and likes to be prepared on dates. They find private champagne rooms for two - pick your lady, house champagne included for 1/2 an hour or 9 for an hour. They also find unused tanning beds and massage parlor rooms. 24 year old says she just dances, doesn't know about other girls. They offer body rubs, you get naked and they rub you down, working their way to your private area. (Pre Super Bowl Drug Sting) Kids are out in the street so they have to get them inside to clear the area of 8th avenue and 10th street. A white guy walks up to the undercover dealer and buys, so they take him down. He's a big guy so he fights and won't turn over. They can't find the rock he dropped. A mother says her baby can't sleep at night because so many people go through, one time someone shot through their window. She is glad the cops are there and it's exciting to watch and hopes they'll come back. They ask one old black guy why he's buying crack and he says he's going to get help. They target areas and buy from them to get rid of them. They have to move around and sooner or later they'll go to jail. One black guy says he studied law at Rutgers for 2 years. Ron goofs on him says he can represent the other druggies. (11:37 PM Drug Operation Sting) They bust a woman and a man in a yellow car with their baby Christopher in a bag. They tell the woman they are going to take the kid and she begs to take her to her moms house. She says she was only driving, her husband was buying. HRS takes the baby, takes their pictures and she cries saying she won't do it again. The guy is cuffed and curses and fights, saying they are treating him like a pig. They ask her if they have diapers in the car because the kid is dirty. The car is so full of trash they have trouble even finding the diapers. They say she lives in the car. She says she lives with her cousin on Dixie Hwy. A female cop changes the diaper and the grandmother says she knows her daughter has a crack problem. She takes the baby to HRS. They ask what she wants and who the cameras are. She says a film crew. The manager wants the camera out, so they go outside and film through the door. They say she has to fill out a report. The cop says there is nowhere for him to sleep. She leaves crying at the conditions there. No crib, no blanket, nothing. Super Bowl Sunday (4:30 Domestic Violence Call) Deputy Mike Hoffman talks to a woman who says her guy isn't scared of jail. She has to file to get rid of him, but won't do it. (5:10 PM Possible Gang Fight) Mike says he'll never finish the shift with only 5 cigarettes. They go and arrest a bunch of guys, check their trunk and find 3 baseball bats, spiked armbands and box cutters. Linda backs him up. Mike then plays Double Dragon with a small black kid in a Circle K store. He gets a call and has to go. (7:16 PM Domestic Violence Call) Mike goes back to the girl from before who says Ward came up and attacked her and ripped her clothes. She is a fat white woman and he is a stringy, wiry black man. He calls her a bitch. She told him she doesn't want to be with him anymore, but the judge let him out. He wants to hurt her and tried to choke her. They can't take him to jail for that. They can fill out a report, but she has to press charges. They take pictures. If they cut him loose, they know he'll come back. After Mike is watching the 49ers and Bengals play on a TV in his car.

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s01e07 / Broward County, FL 7

23rd Apr '89 - 12:00am
Broward County, FL 7 Summary

(Roll Call) District 1 - The captain plays a tape of a call from 1/15/89 on the radio where an officer yells out "wahwaaar!" and he tells them he'll castrate the next person who does that, the main offender is not there and it is poor police work. There is also a blood drive on 1/17 and remember you can't get AIDS from giving blood. The 4th annual Pig Bowl is also coming up. (3:05 PM 911 Call) Deputy Linda Canada takes the call of a small black boy who called that he is afraid to go to sleep because he is alone with his little sister. Mom went to the store and he got scared. The neighbors come over and the older brother comes home from school, and can't believe he called. (4:18 PM) Linda stops a whore, Kathleen, with Trojan condoms and tissues on her. What are they for if she's not a whore? She just arrested her on Sunday. The whore asks what's going on and claims she was just walking down the street after eating at Burger King. The tissues are for a cold, Sunday was the first time she was arrested, that's a lie. Kathleen says to check her out. Linda doesn't have to listen to her after she saw her flag down a car. Tony her black pimp comes over and asks what's going on. He says Kath is her girlfriend. He denies she is a whore, Linda saw her and she'll be at jail. (Pig Bowl Annual Charity Event) Sheriff Nick Navarro addresses the children in wheelchairs about the football game. It's professional game at Fort Lauderdale Lockhart Stadium, uniforms, cheerleaders, etc. The Heat in white are the Broward Co. Sheriff's police and they are playing the Legal Eagles in orange - Defense Attorneys (lawyers), like last year. Linda tells a girl to root for The Heat. Highlights are shown including #6 Hicks on the Heat running back the kickoff, Nick coaching, cops cursing, #68 on the Heat injuring his leg, #17 on the Eagles getting hurt, and #6 rushing for a touchdown. The Heat wins 12 to 9 and Coach Nick gets dunked with water by #11 and #54. It's cold and he's shocked. The charities will be as happy as a pig in a poke. (Street Patrol) District 9 - Deputy Jim Fondo stops and calls Kelly over from an ice cream place. Her mom is supposed to be getting out of jail tonight. She got 18 months for cocaine and she does some coke too since there's nothing illegal about getting high. She doesn't prostitute on the streets, she has regular guys who just take pictures. He warned her before and doesn't want to catch her dong anything wrong. (8:20 PM Shoplifting Call) They race to a store where a black couple send in their young brother and sister inside to steal steak. On the way out the manager stopped them and the older brother fought and punched him and he chased him around the back where the car was. The wife left him. The kid says he was told to steal pork chops. He told him to just hold it and walk out. They are told stealing is a bad thing and the manager got hurt The cops let the kids go because they were put up to it. Later Jim finds Kelly on the street again. She's not working, hopes her mom is straight when she gets out, but she isn't straight, if she is it'll help her. She is 16 and has been on the streets since she was 13. She still claims she hasn't broken laws, gets high, doesn't sell drugs done nothing wrong. He says she should be in school. She guesses she grew up different. Jim goes home and is greeted by his wife and kids. He asks a kid what she did at school. She says she colored. Lt. Bob Rios says his unit's job is getting drunks off the street. This month they've gotten 78, 67 other arrests - narcotics or weapons, plus 601 citations. (D.U.I. Task Force) Deputy Chris Wagoneer is looking for signs of DUI's - weaving, going over a curb. (8:45 PM DUI Stop) He is given a field sobriety test. He makes Mr. Crawley do 9 steps forward heel to toe. He counts them out in a British accent, but does 10 steps. He screws up the alphabet test by going "abcdfghijlmopqrstovu? probably xyz". Good enough. When asked to touch his finger to the tip of his nose he gets pissed off, says it's crap, he won't do it and fails that test too. (1:00 AM Hit & Run Investigation) A Datsun 280Z hits a jaywalking crossing the street and takes off. Witnesses get the license plate number. (4:00 AM Hit & Run Suspect) They caught the driver and bring him in. He was DUI and swerved to hit or miss the guy, but couldn't do it. Jim's job is hard when he tells parents their kid washuged in a DWI, but now he works on stopping them before theyhug.

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s01e08 / Broward County, FL 8

30th Apr '89 - 12:00am
Broward County, FL 8 Summary

(Roll Call District 9) The Sgt. says Deputy Cole is filling in. (3:05 PM "Kim") Deputy Jim Fondo talks to a cross dressing black man. Jim says there's lots of crack around, but Kim denies it. Kim says to tell Sharon he stopped by since he promised to look after his house. Kim says he has no crack and wouldn't lie. (7:15 PM Disturbance Call) Officer Glenn Topping finds a woman screaming at two black guys as they push each other in from of an apartment. Glenn gets in the middle. They had an argument inside, came outside, broke windows with a chair, the woman fell over the cement block and hurt his leg. The guy in the red shirt comes over and attacks the older guy in the white shirt and gets arrested. An ambulance takes the woman away. (9:13 PM Domestic Call) A guy says the couple next door fight every night and make noise. The man says the door sticks, that's why he slams it. (9:44 PM Disturbance Call) Glenn stops Tom who's in a woman's wig harassing customers outside a 7-11. He says he wasn't there, he's looking for a job, hasn't been arrested before and is not impersonating anyone. They take his wig off and he's bald and they remove his fake breasts. His DOB is 2/12/51. They drive him to the North city limits to get rid of him and keep him from danger. (10:08 PM "Kim") He's all dressed up on the streets as a prostitute. He was arrested last week and was in jail for 3 days, until the Super Bowl was over. He's going to retire soon. They don't arrest him. (Traffic Stop District 1) Deputy Mike Hoffman stops Laura for driving without headlights. She offers to show her headlights. Mike says his partner looks like Tom Cruise, she says he is cute. She only gets one ticket. (8:28 PM) He goes to a house with a guy who is relieving his stress. Donna and a young white girl & a black guy are hiding in the bathroom. She has no ID. Donna says the girl just started renting from her. The guy was born 3/30. Donna has a warrant and is arrested, but she wants her shoes first. Maria gets them for her and the girl and the guy are arrested too. (10:15 PM) At the station their possessions are counted and they are fingerprinted and photographed. Donna says she makes all her money from sex and ripping off Johns. (9:07 PM Following Night) Back to house 3400. Mike arrests the man for coke, no bond. They put the kids in the car so their dad doesn't have to reveal why he is in trouble. They take them all inside. Mike tells him HR is taking the kids because it isn't a safe environment. They have to go to the mother's house. The daughter flips out and cries. The father gets angry. They tell him not to let his kids see him get arrested, but he fights, they have to get rough and cuff him. The kids flip out even more screaming, running and throwing themselves on the floor. The girl says she wants the police to follow them to her moms and she doesn't want her dad arrested, give him a warrant instead. He says the dad is sick and needs help. The girl says she'll go crazy if they take him to jail. He might get out tomorrow, it's up to the judge. Mike says you never notice kids until you have one. It shouldn't have happened in front of the kids, they don't realize and never will that daddy is a scumbag.

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s01e09 / Broward County, FL 9

7th May '89 - 12:00am
Broward County, FL 9 Summary

(8:15 PM Tuesday) Deputy Jim Fondo asks Kelly where her mother is. She says she's getting out of jail today the 27th, then asks what day is it. It's the 26th, so she's getting out tomorrow. Her mom is 37, she's 16, she lives with her grandma on Johnson street or lives in a hotel. She was arrested for prostitution 2 weeks ago. He asks what is she doing for money now. She says don't ask, she gets it from people she knows. What does she do? They like her company. He tells her if she hangs out on Federal Hwy she's going to jail. You tell them over and over to stop, but they never do, they need to get money. (7:10PM Wednesday) Street Patrol District 9 - Jim talks to Kelly's mom Susan after she gets out. She told Kelly in jail not to do it. She's whoring for the drugs, she'll do anything to get it. She misses her old daughter, she'll sit on the bench and cry her eyes out watching her. She's worried about Kelly, worried about herself, going to jail and it's not fun. (10:00 PM Thursday) Jim stops an old man who picked up Susan in his car. He tries to say he's giving her a ride. He asks him why he's parked there. He says he wasn't, then he says he was going across to the store to get furniture. Susan says she met him last night. He says he stopped and she jumped in the car. She's freaking out, says she has to go to court for CPS for Kelly tomorrow for resisting arrest. He says he can charge her with loitering right now. He tells the man she's probably going to jail, he needs to drive off and go home and not be seen picking up girls. He tells Susan he's got her red handed and she has to go to court for her daughter tomorrow for the same thing as she is. She needs to talk to the judge, get off this and get out of here. She's digging her grave being out there on the street. He doesn't arrest her so she can go to court. (7:30 AM Friday) Broward County Courthouse - Kelly is in front of the judge and Jim is there. He asks what she is going to do about the violation of probation. She wants to plead guilty and go back to the program she was in. She understands if she quits she'll get escape charges and she'll be back. He says she'll be put in a program not nearly as nice as Starry Place and he'll see her in 5 days. He recommends her begging for the program to take her back. (8:30 PM Friday) Jim says to Susan it seems kinda funny with all her talk that she didn't show up in court today. It shows the judge there is nothing there. She claims all the time she's been by Kelly's side and she knows she has no guilty conscience, her conscience is clear. She's done everything she could for Kelly, she's been doing this since she was 12. (Warrant Briefing) Drug Task Force - Sgt. Robert Deak says for everyone to come around. Dave is conducting surveillance, and the suspect is home. He bought a quarter of pot. Does he have coke? He does have 9 pounds of grass and a cigar box of powdered coke. They have a map of his place, he's been ripped off a few times so he's armed. They hit the door with knock and announce. They have to pry the lock off and Kathy inside says OK, she's trying to open it. They get in and make her sit down. They catch John trying to escape out back with no shirt on. He says he isn't John. They search the house and find a scale in the kitchen, a paper with figures and a bag with a pound of weed. They lift up the couch and find another bag of weed. Rob talks to Kathy. He tells her to not answer instead of lying. She says she's not lying. John runs his mouth and tells Kathy not to talk. He claims they smacked him and they tell him he has the right to remain silent, so use it. They tell him Kathy can go down too and take him outside. She's scared to tell him, John is her boyfriend/fiancé, whatever. She doesn't know why she should tell how long he's selling. Her parents are in Florida, they won't be happy about it. Rob says she's nice, but John is an idiot. He's on probation for the same thing. She says she's tried to tell him, but he won't listen. They want the truth and they'll go easier on her. The drugs have got to stop. She says it'll stop now. They take them to jail. She changes into a slinky black top. He is printed, she's put in a holding cell. (9:05 PM Traffic Stop) DUI Task Force - Deputy Chris Wagoner pulls over a guy. They ask if he's having a party in his car. They pull out bottle after bottle of beer and cover the roof with them. They say someone put it there. They also find pot and a bong. All of 3 of the men are under arrest for drinking, delinquency and possession. One guy sticks his tongue out in the back of the car at them. They wouldn't want to light a match within 10 feet of the car. (9:51 PM Accident Investigation) They see an ambulance go by and follow it. They are always amazed that the drunker you are the less hurt you get because your body is relaxed. They load them into the ambulance. The Mexican guy was so drunk he said the traffic light was blue. They hit a guy on a motorcycle who was DOA, every bone was broken. (11:41 PM Traffic Stop) Deputy Baron Philipson says there's no one special thing you look for with DWI. He spots a car weaving and then he hits the curb. He has the driver step out and the passenger pours a drink out. The guy says what drink? Was there alcohol in it? He says it was a drink, he didn't pour it out. He has an empty cup and there are ice cues on the ground. It's not cold enough for them to exist there and it was dry when he pulled him over. He makes the driver do a field sobriety test. He starts with 9 steps forward, 9 steps back. He say heel to toe, no gaps, but he can't do it. He fails and is arrested. At the station he has to take a breath test. The Intoxilyzer 5000 prints out his BAC as .20 (1:38 AM Accident Investigation) Two cars were drag racing the red car was on fire and they hit 2 other cars which are all totaled. One guy has a broken neck. They couldn't find it the crash at first, only had it on North Federal. In the ambulance one guy is shaking. Later they go to the emergency room to see how many victims there were. Under a sheet is a body. A 17 year old white man washuged from the accident. It's the end result of many accidents, it's really a shame.

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s01e10 / Broward County, FL 10

14th May '89 - 12:00am
Broward County, FL 10 Summary

(4:00 PM Drug Operation Briefing) Capt Ron Cacciatore has 0,000 and counts out ,000 for flash money. 4:00 pm Drug operation briefing. They are going to watch the guy, he's driving a red 4x4 and they told him it would take 45 minutes to get there. It is a full moon so they wear their vests. They've been watching him for a couple years, but the only way to get him prosecuted is to put the dope in his hands. The guy painting his place says he's home. Team 1 - Surveillance - they do a drive by to see if he's home. They park and can see the apartment complex, near where a white van is parked. Team 2 Surveillance - they see his brother Pete arrive in a white Nissan. He walks out with a large white man. He passes them and they give chase. They think it's him and have air support. 6:14 pm. They park outside and wait. He gets a blue duffel bag from a white Chevy truck. They go after the white pickup. He drives wild and his partner says to relax or he'll blow it. 6:19 pm they have him. They get out and frisk them. The first guy fights and runs. He threatens to shoot him. The cameraman gets the second guy down, but he runs with one cuff on. 6:25 pm Team 1 - He ran west on 16th. The 2 kilos were taken so they go and look for the buyer. They have to go around a NJ car who doesn't see them. He is moving northbound with a K-9 on him and a chopper. At 7:05 pm he is caught. The dog rips his pants in half. He fights, kicks a cop, they pound and choke him, dog pulls his underwear off. His shirt is ripped off and a dozen people jump him against a picket fence. One guy punches him twice in the face and he doesn't even flinch. He is cuffed to a gurney and brought into the emergency room. Dr. Meyers looks at him, his chest has dirt on it, he is covered with abrasions. They think he's into the martial arts. They need to move him to a suture room and handcuff him to a bed. He is facing two counts of trafficking coke, 0,000 each, multiple counts of battery, two on a police dog, escape, ,000,000 bail. K-9 Max got him, he said he gives up, then they pulled the dog off, he kicked the dog and officers so the dog bit him again. 8:30 am the next day he is arraigned in a court. He is detained on all the charges. At the station they are watching a training tape of a cop who gets shot. Roll Call District 9 - Sgt. Nick Frey says he should've run wide and slow, that's why he got shot, didn't see the perp. He takes a woman and unloads her balloon, then a male officer and does the same. They reholster the balloon and the Sgt. says they are in the center of a park, he grabs the balloon and holds it to the officers head. She says she is going to draw down on him since he'll shoot anyway. All he wants is her to drop the balloon. She says she won't drop the balloon. If he shoots she'll shoot. She is told - Do not drop the balloon, do not back off. If he points the balloon, Deputy Jim Fondo is able to grab his arm and pull it down. 911 Call Possible balloonfire. Jim takes the call. It is dark and they pull a rifle from an older white guy. They want to know where the second balloon is, but he says there isn't one. Jen says they were sitting outside have a family discussion. She cries. They were sticking up for Richie and he didn't like it. Bobby hit her dad, Linda went in to get the balloon. No shots were fired. Cops hear multiple shots fired from two people, but it wasn't them.

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s01e11 / Broward County, FL 11

21st May '89 - 12:00am
Broward County, FL 11 Summary

(4:53 PM 911 Call) District 1 Street Patrol - Deputy Mike Hoffman goes to apt 226 in a complex because the black parents say their one-week old baby girl is vomiting and can't breathe. She is breathing when Mike arrives, but paramedics still come in. They say everything is OK, she just drank too much milk. (8:13 PM Domestic Violence Call) A woman says she was sprayed in the face with Armor All by her boyfriend Danny and wants him out or she'llhug him. Danny gets in the cops faces, won't listen, won't sit down, tells them to hit him and says he'll hit Mike because it is his house and he pays the rent - not Mike. He is drunk and when he gets in the back of the police car he bangs his head against the window a couple of times. They stop him and then he starts all over again banging his head 32 times in a row, so they hog tie him, take him to the station and put him in a van. He then invites them over to his house after work. Mike says he gets all the best offers. 8:30 AM - Sgt. Dennis Gavalier has been following a guy for two days who is supposed to be picking up two kilos of coke. Air Support - Undercover crimes division backs them up. The suspect rents a blue Lincoln every weeks and has spent ,000 in car rentals in the last six months alone. 3:35 PM - The Sgt. briefs the undercover cops and they play baseball in a nearby field to keep watch. It looks like a deal went down at a flea market and they follow the car as it goes to a hotel and at 5:30 PM realize the deal didn't go down. 9:30 AM - The next day. They follow him again John sees a package go into his trunk in a plastic bag. They have a uniform car pull him over on the turnpike at 5:47 PM and bust him. There are three passengers, two are women, they pull them out and read them their rights. The dealer has a bad heart and says he is having a heart attack so paramedics are called in and he is ambulanced off. They find three kilos in an Adidas box in the truck, two balloons in the car so he gets a life sentence. (9:42 PM District 9 Street Patrol) Deputy Russ Budden stops a car in the rain at a business because he let a black shemale prostitute out of his car. The driver says he didn't do anything. She says the guy is a regular and wanted to get a BJ. (10:11 PM Accident Investigation) Steve crashed his work truck into a pole and wrecked it - now in two pieces. He says he only had a little to drink, but his BAC level is .20.

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s01e12 / Broward County, FL 12

28th May '89 - 12:00am
Broward County, FL 12 Summary

(8:07 PM Assault Investigation) District 9 Street Patrol Deputy Russ Budden finds Sean at his car who says a man attacked him with a club. He swung it at him, missed, then grabbed the club and doesn't know who he is. Then he pulled a balloon on him, swung the club again and is, still there. They go back and the guy says he came into his house and didn't know whom he was. He owns a lot of balloons, but doesn't live there. Sean has lived there a couple months according to an old man who lives there. The landlord says he doesn't live there. Sean shows a phone bill from 11/88 to prove he lives there. Landlord says he doesn't rent to anyone. Sean has a mark on him, the landlord doesn't, though he claims he does. An old man comes over and the landlord screams and curses at him and gets arrested. (9:37 PM Domestic Violence) Debbie moved back in with her husband Rick and he wants her out. She says he hit her in the jaw, but she has no sign of injuries. She went to get some change and he hit her. Dawn is her daughter and she comes out and says they were having an argument. She says daddy hit mommy with his hands on her face, but doesn't know how many times and usually leaves the scene before the police arrive. Debbie can't stop him from hitting her after 8 years. He can't believe she is doing this because he gets arrested. Drug Operation Briefing - Organized Crimes Division. (12:01 PM) Sgt. Dennis Cavalier takes the call of a woman who says two men are transporting a U-Haul with a couple pounds of coke and they've done it before, but cops have no record of them ever being in trouble. (5:58 PM) The guys leave their house. (6:08 PM) They pull them over and tear apart the U-Haul. They say they changed the oil, everything they could to get the car ready and the passenger has a bag of pot in the glove compartment. The driver is his cousin Eddie. He says he and his girlfriend are going through a custody battle over their daughter. (6:58 PM) Cops bring a dog in. Eddie knows his ex did this to him by calling it in. Cops are mad about this being a scam and a waste of time. He agrees to record a phone call to his ex-girlfriend Cheryl to catch her. (7:08 PM) He calls Cheryl and asks why she would do that to him. She says she's a dirty f-king person, hates his guts and wants him to die. This is the way she gets even, now he knows she's the one who did it and laughs. She hopes they tied them up for a while and she is going to get him again. They lived together for 5 years. Cops play back the tape and laugh. Miami, Little Havana (4:00 PM Property Theft) Sgt. Ralph Suarez says a man is wheeling a shopping cart full of stolen goods. Backup arrives and the cop jumps out without putting the car in park and has to jump back in and stop it. The guy takes aluminum shutters off houses and sells it. They have to load the shopping cart into the back of a wagon as evidence and are embarrassed about it. (6:41 PM Traffic Accident) On North Miami Ave and 3rd St a couple in a black car hit a white convertible in the front very hard. The white car's hood is up and smoking. The people go out in the street and he has to put them on the sidewalk. The man gets belligerent and is arrested. Backup arrives and takes him away. (8:02 PM Stolen Vehicle Investigation) When they pull up there is a foot pursuit of a Mexican man with a mullet. Another man is also caught and arrested. A third shirtless man is also arrested. The ignition was popped on one car, spare tire stolen from another. That's the fun part - when they catch them, teamwork. He says his partner gets the rookie of the year award for the catch.

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s01e13 / Broward County, FL 13

4th Jun '89 - 12:00am
Broward County, FL 13 Summary

(Trojan Horse Stings) Organized Crimes Division - Sgt. Robert Deak says a Trojan Horse goes back to Roman days, in there case a group of cops hide in the back and wait. Officer Howard Rudolph goes undercover without a shirt, a long black wig and red bandana in a U-Haul truck driving around buying drugs. Rob says the signal will be "It looks real good, I'll be back to buy more". This is in case they can't see him, don't say it until you buy. He pulls up for a dime on the first black dealer and they arrest him. He pulls up on the second guy and he drops the rocks inside making Russ nervous and they quickly jump him. He fights and says 'what I do- He is called Shorty and has been doing this a while, though he is only 16. A lot of people say they are dealing with just the users, but a Trojan horse targets the dealers. Every one off the street saves 50 users. It is now night time, they do another buy and the guy takes off, they chase him for blocks and catch him in a yard and dropped the money early. The white guy is chewing the dope, and they try to choke it out of him, but he says he doesn't have anything. They do another buy and Russ runs after him saying he ripped him off. The guy is chewing the coke, it's on his lips. They've been doing it 14 hours and have to go back and do paperwork. Shorty has been arrested 4 times, starting when he was 13. They call his mom and she yells at him on the phone saying her husband will get a hold of him. They are going to take him to juvenile and he'll get the belt tonight. He takes his wig off and asks which way he looks better. District 1 (3:37 PM Domestic Dispute) Two old sisters live together. The one in the red dress screams, wails and cries saying she is a Christian and won't take it. Deputy Mike Hoffman was there 2 weeks ago. He says she can stay, but is up to the sister. The sister in blue tried to defend herself with a picture frame and the other one attacked her. She says, "as god is her witness she wants her out". He says she can stay, but no more fighting or it is jail. (4:48 PM Homicide Investigation) They go to a house and find a white woman dead in bed and she has marks on her neck and jaw that are strange. There is blood on the car in the parking lot and people drive up and take pictures and video. There's been no movement since Tuesday, no mail, the lights are on all the time and the husband left 15 days ago. Forensics arrive and the. Sgt. Robert Deak is interviewed by a reporter. Neighbors were invited over for dinner, there was no answer, their car was there, the window was open, so they went inside and found her. (9:22 PM Street Patrol) Deputy Mike Hoffman stops at a table where four older black men are playing dominos on a table in the street. A woman is dancing and one guy asks Mike "if he would arrest his momma if she did something wrong". He says no, but he would arrest his, not his own. A big black woman dances and a cop joins her. Mike says he doesn't arrest everyone. Miami - Officer of the Year 1988 celebration where Officer David Magnusson is the winner. (Overtown Street Patrol) Someone asks David for his autograph and he signs his picture in the paper. A guard congratulates him as do people on the street. He stops a guy acting suspicious, hiding his hands in his coat. He is arrested for possession, 3rd degree. (1:37 PM Disoriented Male) Charles F. Anderson is an old man who isn't sure where he is and doesn't know what year it is. He claims he is from Rochester, staying with his sister. He has money as he cashed a check somewhere. Deak calls about the info on his health card and he lives at 160 Hialea. He tries the key in the lock, but can't open it. They ask the neighbor if he has a number of the sister and they take him to crisis intervention. It's a pass the buck attitude, each place won't give them help and play games. They take him from place to place. The manager says to take him to Baker Ave, but they were just there. Someone finally reports him missing. His sister has been looking for him, wants to know where he was. She is thankful they found him.

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s01e14 / Broward County, FL 14

11th Jun '89 - 12:00am
Broward County, FL 14 Summary

(District 1 Street Patrol) Deputy Russ Budden tells three black men on a corner exchanging money not to do that because it makes cops thinks it is a drug deal. (5:57 PM Traffic Stop) He pulls over a pair of rapping black guys. He cuts them loose since they are clean and have a good attitude. One guy does a freestyle rap for the camera "drunk drivershug people every day/they evenhug kids who come out and play/you are sitting all alone at a red light/and a car comes and bangs you with all it's might/now you're 30 yards further and you're laying dead/knocked out cold with glass in your head/life is over obituary read/lying there in a hospital bed/was so drunk don't know what you did/killed an innocent lady and her only kid - drunk drivers". Russ says he's a white man and doesn't listen to that stuff but likes what he just did. (7:25 PM Hit and Run Accident) Deputy Glen Topping goes to where a gray Cadillac hit a woman in the street. The ambulance crew cleans her up and takes her away. A witness gets the plate 648-HUX (8:40 PM Hit and Run Investigation) The plate comes back to someone born in 1910. They find the car at a house and go inside. The old women comes out and they show her the blood stains on the car, but she says it is rust. They also show her the hairs stuck there. They have to tow the car and she doesn't want them to, but it is evidence, it will be impounded and she might get it back. She is arrested. She claims she stopped, but nobody was there, no one stopped her and thought it was her imagination she hit someone then she covers her face. Escort Service Sting Organized Crime Division - Detective Bob Faulkner calls an ad and wants someone young and pretty. 10 minutes later a girl shows up. The cop says you show me yours and I'll show you mine. She takes her top off, he comments on her tattoo and they arrest her. She says it's her first day, her first customer and she's married. They get another woman, she get undressed takes off her jewelry, she has a strip of condoms and Trouble perfume. They make another call for . A woman shows up 30 minutes later. He offers her a drink and asks questions to find out how long she's working there. She wonders about questions because she doesn't want to end up on America's Most Wanted. She takes her shirt off and goes into the bathroom and they run in and grab her. She says her boyfriend is downstairs waiting for her and knows what she is doing. Miami - Little Havana (Homicide Investigation 9:45 PM) The first 24 hours are the most crucial in the investigation. A dead man is found in a Chinese restaurant and Sgt. Diego O'Choa is in charge. He was shot through the window and door. As was a girl was working there, it was her first day. Another one was only working 2 weeks. They measure and photograph the body and take him away. (11:10) They go to an apartment looking for the shooter and get the girlfriend. She says she doesn't know who shot or got shot and doesn't know her boyfriends' last name or how to reach him. They have a guy in Jacksonville they think is the shooter. They pull out a slug that is .25. (11:00 AM Next Day) They measure a balloonshot wound on the body. The bullet went in the chest near the eighth rib. The autopsy doctor explains there wasn't much blood, it was coming out of his nose instead of the wound. The bullet is unusual, they've never seen one like it. It turns out two buddies got into a fight and onehuged the other, then another buddy also washuged.

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s01e15 / Russia 1 Hour Special

18th Jun '89 - 12:00am
Russia 1 Hour Special Summary

The following program was taped over a 16 day period in Leningrad and Moscow by six camera teams - three American, three Russian. Soviet officials allowed the crews unprecedented access to all police operations and permitted all footage to be cleared without censorship or review. There is no Bad Boys Theme/Russian music instead - quick shots of a car pulling away, a woman screaming, a drunk man passed out, a man attacking a cameraman, a dead woman, a fire, a fight, a stalled van, a suspect arrested, a man tied to a chair in a cell, women, children, a man holding his head, a police station, motorcycles, motorcycle cops, police wagons and cops getting ready for work. Tonight, for the first time in history, thanks to the new policy of Glasnost, the world will ride along with the Soviet Militia, Russia's national police force. An international television event, direct from Moscow and Leningrad. This is the reality of the men and women who protect and serve in the Soviet Union. (Soviet Militia Training Academy 6:30 AM) The commander explains what is needed to get in the academy. You have to be highly educated, knowledgeable in many areas, strong, physically prepared and often recruits don't realize how difficult their course is and can't make it through the rigorous training. The alarm goes off, men wake up, go to the bathrooms, wash up, shave and brush their teeth. Outside they run in formation on the grounds, in gray uniforms. (6:55 AM Morning Exercises) They line up in a courtyard and a man at a podium instructs them. (7:30 AM Martial Arts Class) Men spar and are taken down. One man pulls a balloon on another and is grabbed and kicked, another grabs a knife and is taken down. Many try the move with the knife. The instructor shows to punch the man with the balloon in the face, kick his knee and take him down. (8:25 AM Combat Course) Outside men run up ramps, with fires set around them, bullets are fired, sirens wail, they go through sewers, under barbed wire, up walls, through holes, on balance beams, kick targets, take down opponents one at a time, run to a firing range, grab pistols, load them and shot at distant targets. (9:00 AM Dress Inspection) They are in formation as they march in front of a podium. The commander says in his personal opinion only a real man can become a cop. (7:30 PM Leningrad) Alcoholism is a real problem, especially on national holidays when people want to celebrate. (May Day Celebration) They detain people who are drinking in public. In a park men have fallen over on the ground, they are pulled up and taken into a truck. Their alcoholism is a big problem, their role is to get them treatment for the social evil. The most boisterous of them go into the police van. People march in front of large pictures of Marx and hold up pictures of Lenin. (Drunk Tank Central District) The men are loaded into a cell, the sign above reads "For medical services provided the charge is 25 rubles". A man is in his underwater tied to a chair and going crazy. Street Patrol Central District (2:00 PM Burglary Call) Cops go up stairs into a small apartment. A woman speaks in English who says they took her jewelry, including a ring her father gave her when she was 16, now she is 30. It can't be replaced. She wants to buy furniture, what she has is 40 years old. She lifts the mattress to show the bed has holes. She had 800 rubles, they took it all, now she has nothing. There is a small girl playing in the room. The people have nothing and can buy nothing. (7:30 PM Nevsky District) They spot a man wanted by police for smuggling and want to get him outside of his house so he can't warn his friends. They walk over, grab him and lead him a way. A woman nearby starts screaming, wailing and tries to stop them. They quickly drive away. She wants to know what he did and where are they taking him. (8:45 PM Suspects are Detained at Police Station) An old woman hacks, coughs and her eyes water. A young man with bad teeth laughs. It's central dispatch where all emergency is collected. The female dispatcher sends out an APB. Motorcycles head out. Vyvorgsky District (9:50 PM Raid Suspected Drug House) They say to open the door or they'll break in. They ask a little boy who walks up if he lives there, if his dad is there and if he has a key. He says he does, he is, but has no key. One cop starts kicking the door until it's loosened. They file their way inside. The man says why should he open the door for them. He didn't want to, his house is his fortress. They violated his house. He's dressed and ready to go. They search the place and find pills. They crush it and dissolve it in the water. The kid climbs up on top of a cabinet and pulls down a bag and shows them a bottle of drugs. He's known it a long time and has reported it to the police, but they didn't respond and never came. At first he didn't know what his dad was doing. He looked in the slit of the door and say what they were doing. They were injecting drugs. His parents have been divorced 7 years and his dad comes with his friends to turn it into a den of drug addicts. Let him be punished, maybe it is better for him to serve his sentence, maybe it will reform him and after his sentence, maybe he'll speak to him. (Good Friday Mass Leningrad) People in church light many candles and chant. They go to a cuddle scene. The hugging investigator is a woman who says his brotherhuged him. There is nothing unusual about it. He used a knife. The place is a mess. (Interrogation of cuddle Suspect) At the station he says he was drinking with his friends on the street. He was drinking at home with his brother too. A witness to the crime says they fought and the younger brother said, "Now I will stab you to passing". The man says he went into the kitchen, got a knife, came back and cuddled him (Easter Sunday) On holidays domestic disputes can lead to cuddles. A woman cuddled her boyfriend, there is foul play because the body was moved from the scene and put into bed. They talk to the woman who is older. They want her to tell the truth. She says she's very tired of life, just tired, tired of living like this. The man is in bed and they lift him up. She cries and says is she getting arrested. She admits hugging Nicholas. She wanted to take him out. Back at the church the priest is leading a procession and lighting candles. Part 2 (Patrol Shift Begins) Leninksy District - cops are given orders and go out to their cars and bikes as patriotic music plays. A call comes to car 426 to respond to trade school #16. (Knife Fight a School) It's between Russian and Azerbaijanian students. Some boys from the republic were studying in the school and the girls are always the center of the fights. It's the girl or the nationality. A man says they had a dance in their disco and he was responsible for the music. Then he saw a fight, stopped the music, ran over and saw a guy on the right with a cut vein. They are bandaging him up and people crowd the ambulance. One kid says it's his friend and he wants to go with him. They ask the man how come he didn't see who used the knife. He was playing the music and called the ambulance. There were people running all over. They talk to one kid and ask him to calm down and what's wrong with him. Why does he have blood on his hands? He just fell down, right there. His arm is cut with a knife, how did it happen? He goes to show them, then says let me go, I'm innocent. They take him away and go to the hospital to check the victim. The room is all stone, like a prison. (Crack Down on Motorcycle Gangs) People drive fast on bikes at night. One blonde girl poses for the cameras. The bikes are like Honda scooters. A cop says it was a big group who wouldn't stop, so they chased them and forced them to stop at the checkpoint so they could check their IDs. A few didn't have licenses or ID. So their bikes are taken and they are in trouble. Some are drunk and are checked out. The fine is 300 rubles, loss of license for 5 years and 2 years at a correctional labor camp. They ask a man why he ran away from the cops. He felt like it and the cops are full of crap. They check a woman and she says not to touch her. They aren't, they just want to see her ID. One girl has a long tail attached to her helmet. She won't cooperate and they take her away. She had no license plate or ID. At the station they tell her to put her keys down, but she won't. They go to take her to jail and she fights them. She wraps her extending keychain around her arm and refuses to let them have them. She struggles and they say she won't get away and if they have her keys they are guaranteed she won't get away. They have her empty her coat and put her in a cell. (Rooftop Surveillance of Suspicious Cars) Cops climb up stairs and have walkie talkies so they can report down to the street. Other cops go down. Some stay and use binoculars. They check on a car that has been parked for 90 minutes. As they pull up they people put on their lights. They go and ask for their ID. It is a little blue car with a large Bosch sticker on the front, two big cracks on the windshield and a woman driver who won't come out. They lock the doors and won't let them in, it happens often. She drives off and two cops jump on her car until she stops. They ask her what right does she have to drive with two cops on her car. She says don't yell at me, she won't give her keys, you have no right. He says he has every right, she has resisted the police. She is obligated to show her ID to the police when they ask. She won't come out or give up her keys, so one cop gets in and makes her drive to the police station. Then they go to the house of prostitute who picks up men to rob them and serve her a warrant. There is a man there with no shirt in his underwear who says he's been working and takes them to the woman sleeping in the back. They tell her to get up and come with them. She says to film her and thanks them, they are doing lots of things to people, she is talking the truth, they want to steal from her and do what they want, either way she is going to jail, she will tell everything. She is naked and wants to get dressed. The man is proud of a painting he has by Restnatov of a woman and girls at a table. She combs her hair and says this is goodbye for good, how can she trust them, it's not possible, she can't trust anyone. She cries and goes back and gets her jacket and the cops are very patient. He says they are taking her away and will bring her back, not to worry. He's so tired, has no job. On the way down in the elevator she passes out. They say to get her some water, tell her to get on her feet and help her up, she can walk and take her to the station. She admits what she has done was not very nice, it was the first time it happened to her, she is afraid no court will want to hear her case. She had no judgment of her own caution when she visited a house, stole money and is ashamed to have to look into the face of the man she stole from. They put her in a dark stone cell. (2:00 AM Officers Off-Duty) Cops sit and cook huge shishkabobs on an open fire in a field while one of them sits on a log and plays a small acoustic guitar and sings Russian songs. They sing along to the second verse: "We may not drive fancy cars, but you can not get away from us. If you are thinking of committing a crime you better stay out of our way. If you are thinking of committing a crime you better stay out of our way". They keep singing as the credits roll. AKA Former Soviet Union

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