Grand Designs Australia
Season 10

s10e01 / Goobarragandra, NSW

5th May '22 - 12:30pm
Goobarragandra, NSW

Trevor Robinson loves a challenge and there's nothing he likes more than flying his ultralight aircraft over the NSW Snowy Mountains. It's a pastime that's all the more remarkable for the fact that Trevor was paralysed when hit by a car on his motorbike a number of years ago. Now Trevor and wife Jeanette are looking to build a very special home close to nature in which Trevor can move about easily in his wheelchair. When a 15 acre block comes on the market in the Snowy's spectacular Goobarragandra hills they pounce with plans to build a remarkable underground home overlooking their 1.5 kilometre river frontage. With Trevor as project manager the build gets underway, but as the months roll on his health starts to deteriorate not only impacting how much time he can spend onsite, but whether he will be able to move to his underground retreat at all.

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s10e02 / Inverloch, VIC

12th May '22 - 12:30pm
Inverloch, VIC

In 2016, a fire destroyed the much-loved old family homestead on Alistair and Belinda's dairy farm, in Inverloch, Victoria. And while a lifetime of happy memories went up in smoke, the couple were determined to create something new that would reflect the family's farming history, while providing a home to entice their kids to stick around. With Belinda supervising the build, they embark on a bold new project to create a comfortable home that looks like a dairy shed, complete with silos for bedrooms. But trying to recreate an authentic looking 100-year-old barn using both old and new materials is harder than it looks, and it's not long before Belinda feels the pressure to get it right.

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s10e03 / Carlton, VIC

19th May '22 - 12:30pm
Carlton, VIC

Building a big house in inner city Melbourne is a tricky business stymied by heritage overlays, a lack of available space and soaring property prices. But architect Annalise and project manager Kim have a plan to thwart those hurdles and turn their tiny 1850s Carlton terrace into a multi-storied modern home with a large garden and a triple car-stacker. Their secret - to dig down and build up and out - creating a remarkable home that bridges the old and the new, and redefines living in the inner city. The catch - Annalise is based in Dubai with the kids, while Kim is left to project manager this complex and unusual build in the face of border closures, lockdowns and construction delays. As the project drags on with his family on the other side of the world, the pressure tests Kim's resolve and his relationships.

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s10e04 / Coffee Camp, NSW

26th May '22 - 12:30pm
Coffee Camp, NSW

Obstetrician Gary and nurse Clare left the hustle and bustle of Sydney for a more peaceful pace in the lush, rolling hills around Nimbin, NSW. But it wasn't just the rural life they were seeking - Gary had long held plans of building a dome-shaped house, reminiscent of the beautiful vaulted structures he'd seen while travelling through Europe in his younger years.

With plans to trial an experimental construction system for their remarkable spaceship-like home they struggle with every step of the project from collapsing access roads to blocked cement trucks! With money running out and the project running over, Gary and Clare's relationship is strained, and hopes for relaxing country hideaway turn into what seems to be the impossible dream!

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s10e05 / Chain of Lagoons, TAS

2nd Jun '22 - 12:30pm
Chain of Lagoons, TAS

Lynne and Paul have found a beautiful stretch of coastal wilderness with panoramic views over the Tasman Sea. With plans to build a huge modern home, Paul will project manage while living on site.

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s10e06 / Clunes, NSW

9th Jun '22 - 12:30pm
Clunes, NSW

Retirees and childhood sweethearts Liz and Warren have been together for over half a century, but a relaxed lifestyle is the last thing on their minds. They've taken on a hundred-acre Macadamia farm in the Byron Bay hinterland, with grand plans to build an epic five-bedroom Mediterranean style villa-cum-castle. Inspired by their adventures abroad their design is whimsical, unconventional, and extravagant. With no architect their plans embrace spontaneity and change on a whim, add in project managing it themselves and things soon freewheel. Question is, will this fairy tale dream have a happy ending?

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s10e07 / Bullsbrook, WA

16th Jun '22 - 12:30pm
Bullsbrook, WA

Tani Richards has some fascinating pastimes. As well as practising yoga and horse riding, she has a passion for all things medieval, including dressing up like Maid Marion for a bit of horse back archery! After selling her and pilot husband Tim's medieval style family home known as the 'Sand Castle' in Perth's City Beach, she has plans to build an 'earth castle' on their 60 acre property north of Perth. But this is not your standard earth castle! Built into the sides of a man-made dam, there are plans for a drawbridge, turret and even a moate. With underground rooms and tunnels, and gothic features and finishes, the footprint is vast- nearly 2000 square metres in total. But Tani's endless modifications, coupled with fallout from the pandemic take a toll on the budget and the timelines- not to mention many of Tani's dreams for her medieval fortress!

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s10e08 / North Melbourne, VIC

23rd Jun '22 - 12:30pm
North Melbourne, VIC

Soaring property prices have put inner-city living out of the reach of many. But not for architect Ben and artist wife Tania, who decide to think laterally and get creative buying a tiny 64 square metre discarded scrap of land in one of North Melbourne's grittier back lanes. Their plans - to build a three storey, three bedroom, two bathroom home with a large garden - all for the not-so-grand price of 0,000. But their slim budget is in total contrast to their expansive ideas. Ben is working on a revolutionary concreting method using a giant robot that can transform boring concrete walls into soaring works of art. And while it's an interesting idea in theory, using their own family home to test it is high stakes indeed! With the family crammed into rental accommodation while Ben finesses his master work, the pressure mounts while the months drag on. Will his plans to transform concrete buildings into habitable architecture works of art ever become a reality?

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