Grand Designs Australia
Season 4

s04e01 / Inverloch Sand Dune House Vic.

10th Oct '13 - 12:30pm
Inverloch Sand Dune House Vic.

After eight years of planning, Melbourne couple Glenn and Kate Morris are finally making a start on their striking, sustainable ?sand dune' house near Inverloch on Victoria's Gippsland coastline.

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s04e02 / South Melbourne Brick

17th Oct '13 - 12:30pm
South Melbourne Brick

Greg, a former bricklayer is passionate about two things - his family (partner Emma & their 4 yr old son Archie), and... bricks. As a testament to his love for both, he's building (literally with his own hands) a tri-level, solid brick contemporary terrace house with a cantilevered pool on the top floor.

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s04e03 / Torrens Park Hotel South Australia

24th Oct '13 - 12:30pm
Torrens Park Hotel South Australia

Hoteliers Richard and Denise have knocked down the family home in the Adelaide Hills and are re-building an even bigger version, despite the fact their kids are grown.

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s04e04 / Hornsby Heights Adobe NSW

31st Oct '13 - 12:30pm
Hornsby Heights Adobe NSW

Ardent collectors Kerry and Judy have a passion for Sante-fe style, mud houses even though they live on a sloping bush block on Sydney's north shore.

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s04e05 / Richmond Inner City Vic

7th Nov '13 - 12:30pm
Richmond Inner City Vic

Darren and Ruth Rogers have almost polar opposite views about what their new house should be. Darren wants all the bells and whistles - home cinema, wine cellar, even a lift. Ruth wants chickens, a vegetable garden and a hills hoist. Finding a design that will satisfy both of them and their young son Raymond, is their shared aim.

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s04e06 / Forest Lodge Eco House

14th Nov '13 - 12:30pm
Forest Lodge Eco House

Chris and wife Belinda bought the small ?car park' of land next door to their existing house, just 3.9 metres wide: literally a tiny gap in a long row of heritage listed cottages in Sydney's inner west Forest Lodge. Their plan is to squeeze every centimeter of land into a uniquely sustainable house.

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s04e07 / Ilford Sheep Station

21st Nov '13 - 12:30pm
Ilford Sheep Station

Thirteen years ago Meredith and Matt Bayfield needed an escape from their busy lives as doctors in Sydney so they purchased a working sheep property at Ilford in the central table lands of NSW.

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s04e08 / Hunters Hill Textural

28th Nov '13 - 12:30pm
Hunters Hill Textural

Daniela Turrin, Niran Peiris and their son Calum are doing something no-one in their historic street in the prestigious Sydney suburb of Hunters Hill has done before. They're knocking down their old house to build a smaller one. But these are people who believe that the family that spends time together stays together - a premise that forms the core of the design of their new home.

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s04e09 / King Island Whale Tail House Tas

5th Dec '13 - 12:30pm
King Island Whale Tail House Tas

Anchored in the middle of Bass Strait and subject to the ferocious winds of the Roaring Forties, King Island is about as far from the tropics as you can get in Australia. Yet artists Di and Andrew Blake have decided to build a house there after almost twenty years of living in far East Arnhem Land... .2 locations literally at either end of the country.

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s04e10 / Dynnyrne Curved House Tas

12th Dec '13 - 12:30pm
Dynnyrne Curved House Tas

Self confessed hippies Cole and Jane Bradshaw bought a thin sliver of land on an exceptionally steep site only a landscaper could love, in the hilly suburb of Dynnyrne in Hobart ... ... a place they chose as much for the tight knit community it sits in, as for the location itself.

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