Grand Designs Australia
Season 9

s09e01 / Mystery Bay, NSW

31st Mar '21 - 12:30pm
Mystery Bay, NSW

When Rob and Sally buy land for their new home, they are faced with endless challenges. The build must withstand the elements, celebrate the amazing views and blend effortlessly into the surroundings. Is it possible?

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s09e02 / Hawthorn

7th Apr '21 - 12:30pm

David and Jenny have a dream to live in a super-modern terrace house in a traditional suburb. But their daring plan to create a three-storey home really pushes stress levels and finances to the limit.

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s09e03 / Tamar, Tas

14th Apr '21 - 12:30pm
Tamar, Tas

Matt and Eloise leave Melbourne for Tasmania. But the budget for their build means Matt has to do most of the work himself. An injury, pregnancy and a giant Great Dane puppy all add to the chaos!

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s09e04 / North Perth, WA

21st Apr '21 - 12:30pm
North Perth, WA

Perth couple Angelo and Kasi love the bulky concrete buildings from the 1950s. But when they see the plans for their new family home, there are a few surprises. Will they embrace the unique design?

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s09e05 / Hawkesbury, NSW

28th Apr '21 - 12:30pm
Hawkesbury, NSW

Simon and Lauren want to convert a tiny 150-year-old church into their family home. This means honouring the history of the church while creating a modern house - will they succeed?

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s09e06 / Greenwich, NSW

5th May '21 - 12:30pm
Greenwich, NSW

Dion and Turi have big plans but a limited budget when they build a new, harbourside home. As the daring build, with a lap pool running through it, becomes all-consuming, there are doubts they will finish.

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s09e07 / Ascot

12th May '21 - 12:30pm

Joe and Hayley design high-end homes for others, but this is their chance to build their own. The curved, bold design includes a monumental staircase and a full-sized tennis court - but is it too ambitious?

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s09e08 / Coburg, Vic

19th May '21 - 12:30pm
Coburg, Vic

Marc and Felicity have dreams of building a non-toxic, passive home and after years of work, the unthinkable happens - a fire sweeps through their beloved home just as they are about to move in. Will their dreams be shattered forever?

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