Grand Designs Australia
Season 5

s05e01 / The Graceville Container House

9th Oct '14 - 12:30pm
The Graceville Container House

This feisty and resourceful couple decide to trial a whole new way of building, starting with 10, then 20, then 31 steel shipping containers that carpenter Todd, plans to crane into their suburban block, then somehow weld into a flood proof family home - all for just 0,000.

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s05e02 / Mt Eliza Modern Vic

16th Oct '14 - 12:30pm
Mt Eliza Modern Vic

Georgina has been drawing and designing homes since she was a child, but has never built anything - until now. She and her husband are putting her plans into action building a modernist design.

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s05e03 / Claremont Origame WA

23rd Oct '14 - 12:30pm
Claremont Origame WA

Why would an architect at the pinnacle her career and creative powers ditch the drafting desk, don steel cap boots and take up a blowtorch? Because for Ariane Prevost, that's exactly the antidote to a lifetime of designing houses for other people - 102 in fact.

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s05e04 / Foxground Pavillion NSW

30th Oct '14 - 12:30pm
Foxground Pavillion NSW

After 30 years as a civil engineer, Joe Cato has built more roads than the Romans. But a few years ago he and wife Maura made the active decision to slow everything down - to sell their successful construction business, and spend more time with their three children.

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s05e05 / Port Melbourne Urban Green

6th Nov '14 - 12:30pm
Port Melbourne Urban Green

Ian and Ann are challenging the norms in their suburb to build a modern and sustainable home that is clad in water tanks. It's a game of invention and ingenuity for a .8 million investment.

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s05e06 / Toowoomba English Farmhouse

13th Nov '14 - 12:30pm
Toowoomba English Farmhouse

Sarah and Alistair bring a piece of the English countryside to Sarah's hometown. From the pitched roof to the European interiors, they are committed to authenticity - with a touch of fantasy.

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s05e07 / Williamstown Bluestone Cottage

20th Nov '14 - 12:30pm
Williamstown Bluestone Cottage

When Jason Bretell and Jennifer Pancari first set eyes on a dilapidated old bluestone cottage in the Melbourne bayside suburb of Williamstown, it was love at first sight. The 150 year old derelict structure was left almost frozen in time with decaying tools, utensils, and other remnants amongst the ruins - bits and pieces Jason and Jen hope to salvage as they bring the cottage back to life.

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s05e08 / Brookfield Spotted Gum House

27th Nov '14 - 12:30pm
Brookfield Spotted Gum House

The brief to their architect was simple. A home that not only makes the very best of its location, but is truly unique. In short, as different as possible from the traditional ranch style and Queenslander neighbours.

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s05e09 / Pipers Creek Strawbale House VIC

4th Dec '14 - 12:30pm
Pipers Creek Strawbale House VIC

Like many people, Dean and Sherril Lamb yearn for a simpler existence, for them and their three children. But unlike most people, they're actually going to try and make it happen. They've sold their successful fruit shop and home in Warragul and bought 40acres in Pipers Creek in country Victoria ... .all in the pursuit of total self sufficiency.

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s05e10 / Faraday Aussie Bush House VIC

11th Dec '14 - 12:30pm
Faraday Aussie Bush House VIC

Before Matt McClelland's wife Anne died six years ago, they'd been looking for a rural property to build on - a place to call home for them and for their four adult children to come to visit. So when Matt stumbled across 40 acres in central Victoria with spectacular views to Mt Alexander's granite hill side, he knew he'd found the spot.

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