Season 7

s07e01 / What You Seed is What You Get

11th Sep '04 - 11:00am
What You Seed is What You Get

The gang begins on a journey to Fallabor Town, so May can compete in another Contest. In a field on rare Watmel Berries, Ash battles with the protector of the Watmels to strengthen his Treeko and make it learn new abilities.

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s07e02 / Love at First Flight

11th Sep '04 - 11:30am
Love at First Flight

Lake May sees the sight of many Volbeat and Illumise gathering for the May Festival.

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s07e03 / Let Bagons Be Bagons

18th Sep '04 - 11:00am
Let Bagons Be Bagons

The group come across a Bagon who dreams of flying but can't until it evolves into Salamence.

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s07e04 / The Princess and the Togepi

25th Sep '04 - 11:00am
The Princess and the Togepi

A Togepi convention is taking place as Misty arrives in Hoenn with her Togepi.

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s07e05 / A Togepi Mirage!

2nd Oct '04 - 11:00am
A Togepi Mirage!

Cornered by Colonel Hanson and Team Rocket, the gang are amazed when they see Togepi's amazing power in defending them. After escaping, Togepi takes the gang to a dimension populated by unhappy Togepi which has caused the land to grow weak. However when Misty's Togepi is captured by Hanson in order for him to rule the Mirage Island, it leads to a confrontation during which Togepi undergoes the ultimate transformation...

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s07e06 / Candid Camerupt!

9th Oct '04 - 11:00am
Candid Camerupt!

Heading for Ash's next gym battle, the gang encounter the Winstrate Family who challenges them to a battle.

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s07e07 / I Feel Skitty!

23rd Oct '04 - 11:00am
I Feel Skitty!

The gang encounter a Skitty that May wants to capture but Jessie also has her sights on catching it.

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s07e08 / ZigZag Zangoose!

23rd Oct '04 - 11:00am
ZigZag Zangoose!

The gang encounter Nicholai again but rivalry erupts between Jessie's Seviper and his new Zangoose.

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s07e09 / Maxxed Out!

30th Oct '04 - 11:00am
Maxxed Out!

The gang encounter a boy who looks and sounds like Max but is older and taller.

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s07e10 / Pros and Con Artists

30th Oct '04 - 11:00am
Pros and Con Artists

May trains with her Beautifly in preparation for the Fallarbor Town contest but Drew turns up.

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s07e11 / Come What May!

6th Nov '04 - 12:00pm
Come What May!

May enters the Fallarbor Town in the hope of winning her first ribbon.

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s07e12 / Cheer Pressure

6th Nov '04 - 12:30pm
Cheer Pressure

With the Contest in Fallabor Town over, the gang are now headed to Lavaridge Town so Ash can battle for his next Gym Badge. However they soon re-encounter Kazuchi, who taught his Plusle and Minun the Helping Hand attack and as a result was invited to join a group of cheerleaders. Soon the gang are in the company of said cheerleaders and their leader, but it seems this group aren't fair when it comes to Pokemon battles...

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s07e13 / Game Winning Assist

13th Nov '04 - 12:00pm
Game Winning Assist

May trains with her Skitty in preparation for the next contest when Skitty starts to learn Assist.

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s07e14 / Fight for the Meteorite

13th Nov '04 - 12:30pm
Fight for the Meteorite

Needing to pass Mt. Chimney to reach Lavaridge Town, Ash and friends begin their journey over the mountain in a cable car. However Team Magma arrive in order to steal a meteorite that recently landed there from the local Professor. When Team Aqua also arrive to get the meteorite and disable the in-transit cable car, Ash manages to escape and decides to try and save the meteorite from the dueling rivals.

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s07e15 / Poetry Commotion!

20th Nov '04 - 12:00pm
Poetry Commotion!

Ash arrives to challenge Flannery for his fourth badge but the new gym leader isn't properly organised.

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s07e16 / Going, Going, Yawn

20th Nov '04 - 12:30pm
Going, Going, Yawn

Ash challenges Flannery to a gym battle and goes up against her powerful Torkoal.

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s07e17 / Going for a Spinda

27th Nov '04 - 12:00pm
Going for a Spinda

Ash decides to re-challenge Norman in order to prove himself as a worthy trainer.

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s07e18 / All Torkoal, No Play

27th Nov '04 - 12:30pm
All Torkoal, No Play

In the Valley of Steel, Ash rescues a Torkoal.

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s07e19 / Manectric Charge

4th Dec '04 - 12:00pm
Manectric Charge

Wattson's Electrike evolves and becomes a Manectric.

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s07e20 / Delcatty Got Your Tongue

4th Dec '04 - 12:30pm
Delcatty Got Your Tongue

Folowing a run in with Team Rocket, May's Skitty becomes unwell and the team must find someone who can help.

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s07e21 / Disaster of Disguise

11th Dec '04 - 12:00pm
Disaster of Disguise

Ash, May, Brock and Max team up to help get a boy some pokemon training.

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s07e22 / Disguise Da Limit

11th Dec '04 - 12:30pm
Disguise Da Limit

Both Timmy and May compete in the Pokemon contest at Verdanturf.

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s07e23 / Take the Lombre Home

29th Jan '05 - 12:00pm
Take the Lombre Home

The team travel to a drought stricken village where Brock's Lombre is considered a saviour.

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s07e24 / True Blue Swablu

5th Feb '05 - 12:00pm
True Blue Swablu

The team find an injured Swablu trapped under some debris in a forest.

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s07e25 / Gulpin it Down

12th Feb '05 - 12:00pm
Gulpin it Down

A state of emergency is declared as a swarm of Gulpin descend on the city.

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s07e26 / Exploud and Clear

19th Feb '05 - 12:00pm
Exploud and Clear

The gang run into another pokemon trainer with a disobedient Treecko.

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s07e27 / Go Go Ludicolo!

26th Feb '05 - 12:00pm
Go Go Ludicolo!

Ash introduces his newly evolved Grovyle to the rest of his pokémon team.

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s07e28 / A Double Dilemma

5th Mar '05 - 12:00pm
A Double Dilemma

When the team find themselves back in Petalburg city the find that May and Max's father has become a celebrity.

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s07e29 / Love, Petalburg Style!

12th Mar '05 - 12:00pm
Love, Petalburg Style!

Ash arrives to challenge Norman to an official gym battle but something is wrong between him and Caroline.

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s07e30 / Balance of Power

19th Mar '05 - 12:00pm
Balance of Power

Ash battles Norman for his fifth badge but Max doesn't want to see his dad lose.

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s07e31 / A Six Pack Attack!

26th Mar '05 - 12:00pm
A Six Pack Attack!

Fortree City is the location of the next Gym, so this is the gang's destination, however they soon meet up with Professor Birch, who is on his way to Littleroot Town's harbour where he is to pick up Professor Oak who is visiting Hoenn. Ash and Brock decide to join him while May and Max go to Birch's lab. At the lab May and Max meet up with Birch's assistant who shows them a new batch of starters, and then Professor Oak (who has made his own way to the lab) turns up. Max is overjoyed to meet his idol, and Oak lets him meet a Bulbasaur, Charamnder and Squirtle. However soon Team Rocket turn up and nab all six starters and take them to their Secret Base. With Ash, Brock and Birch still waiting at the harbour, it's up to May, Max and Oak to rescue them!

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s07e32 / The Bicker the Better

2nd Apr '05 - 12:00pm
The Bicker the Better

Ash and May team up to take part in a double battle but they aren't good at working together as a team.

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s07e33 / Grass Hysteria!

9th Apr '05 - 11:00am
Grass Hysteria!

While walking through a dark forest, a Skarmory attacks the gang. When Skitty pops out it's Pokeball, May rushes to save it and ends up being carried off by the Steel Bird Pokemon, carrying her over a huge fence and dropping her off in a grassy area. While there, May encounters a Bulbasaur and becomes friends with it, but is soon attacked by other Grass Pokemon whom are extremely distrustful of humans. Meanwhile Ash, Brock and Max appeal to the Forest's protectors to allow them entry to rescue May, and when they are disallowed, the three decide to sneak in and save their friend...

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s07e34 / Hokey Pokéballs

16th Apr '05 - 11:00am
Hokey Pokéballs

May's new Bulbasaur is trying to adjust to life with the gang so Ash calls his Bulbasaur over but Team Rocket has hatched a plan.

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s07e35 / Whiscash and Ash

23rd Apr '05 - 11:00am
Whiscash and Ash

A fisherman is seeking to catch the legendary Whiscash Nero with his Master Ball and asks the gang to help.

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s07e36 / Me, Myself and Time

30th Apr '05 - 11:00am
Me, Myself and Time

Lost in the fog, Ash becomes separated from the gang and meets an archaeologist and her Baltoy.

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s07e37 / A Fan with a Plan

7th May '05 - 11:00am
A Fan with a Plan

May prepares to enter the Rubello Town Contest and learns the rules are different as she comes across a group of fans.

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s07e38 / Cruisin' For a Losin'

14th May '05 - 11:00am
Cruisin' For a Losin'

May enters the Rubello Town Contest with Bulbasaur and Beautifly and attempts to win her next ribbon.

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s07e39 / Pearls are a Spoink's Best Friend

21st May '05 - 11:00am
Pearls are a Spoink's Best Friend

The gang come across a Spoink who ends up losing the pearl on the top of its head and help to find it.

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s07e40 / That's Just Swellow

28th May '05 - 11:00am
That's Just Swellow

Ash, James and May take part in a PokéRinger competition where James proves to be quite the expert.

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s07e41 / Take This House and Shuppet

4th Jun '05 - 11:00am
Take This House and Shuppet

Alas, it is just another day in the life of Team Rocket, as they make a landing following a recent blast off, except this time they all have Afro-Hairstyles courtesy of Pikachu's Thunderbolt! Whilst arguing amongst themselves whose fault their latest trip through the skies was, they notice a huge mansion... so naturally they decide to rob the joint. Meanwhile Ash and the gang have their own Afro's, but while they continue the road to Fortree City, a rainstorm starts up, and while it puts their hair back to normal, they have to find shelter, and come across the same mansion. After entering May and Max have yet another argument, but when Max goes missing May and the others need to find him, not realising he's made friends with one of the mansion's inhabitants, a friendly Shuppet!

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s07e42 / A Shroomish Skirmish

11th Jun '05 - 11:00am
A Shroomish Skirmish

An attack by Team Rocket leaves the gang separated but trouble brews between Corphish and Torchic as wild Breloom cause trouble.

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s07e43 / Unfair-Weather Friends

18th Jun '05 - 11:00am
Unfair-Weather Friends

The gang take shelter from the snow in the Weather Institute but Team Aqua are there after Castform.

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s07e44 / Who's Flying Now?

25th Jun '05 - 11:00am
Who's Flying Now?

The gang have reached Fortree City, and Ash is determined to finally challenge the local Gym Leader. Heading straight for the Gym, Ash is disappointed to learn that Winona, the Gym Leader, is away for the day at Fortree's Feather Carnival, a celebration of Flying Pokemon (which is the type Winona specializes in). Proceeding to the main part of the city, the gang notice the inhabitants unique way of living in tree houses, and also find Winona giving kids rides on her giant Skarmory, and May decides she wants a go too. Meanwhile, Team Rocket encounter the Magikarp Salesman again, where he offers James a chance to buy a Chmiecho, a very unique Pokemon which has soothing tones. James, obviously having forgotten the million other times he's been swindled by this guy, happily accepts, until it turns out to be a Hoppip dressed as a Chimecho (surprise surprise!). However James anger quickly fades when he encounters a genuine Chimecho and makes it his own. With a new Pokemon in their squad, Team Rocket plan to use Chimecho's Heal Bell attack to capture Pikachu...

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s07e45 / Sky High Gym Battle!

9th Jul '05 - 11:00am
Sky High Gym Battle!

Ash has his gym battle against Winona using Grovyle, Pikachu and Swellow against her flying types.

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s07e46 / Lights, Camerupt, Action!

16th Jul '05 - 11:00am
Lights, Camerupt, Action!

Ash is admiring his newly acquired Feather Badge that just recently won and they find out the next gym is in Mossdeep City but decide to stop at Lilycove City on the way. On their way they see a man struggling with a Camerupt that has equipment on it's back Ash and Co. manage to get the Camerupt out of the water and they find out from the man that Camerupt was carrying film equipment for movies.Meanwhile in the bushes Team Rocket plans to steal the movies and the Camerupt and give them to Giovanni...

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s07e47 / Crazy as a Lunatone

20th Aug '05 - 11:00am
Crazy as a Lunatone

The gang encounter the PMC once again and this time, they are after a Lunatone.

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s07e48 / The Garden of Eatin'

27th Aug '05 - 11:00am
The Garden of Eatin'

The gang stop by the Banana Slakoth Garden but a Snorlax is causing trouble by eating all the fruit.

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s07e49 / A Scare to Remember

3rd Sep '05 - 11:00am
A Scare to Remember

An attack by Team Rocket leaves Pikachu suffering from amnesia which Meowth uses to their advantage.

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s07e50 / Pokeblock, Stock, and Berry

3rd Sep '05 - 11:00am
Pokeblock, Stock, and Berry

The gang arrive in Lilycove City where a contest is taking place where May learns about the use of Pokéblocks.

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s07e51 / Lessons In Lilycove

10th Sep '05 - 11:00am
Lessons In Lilycove

As May takes part in the Lilycove contest, Ash decides to teach his Swellow how to use Aerial Ace.

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s07e52 / Judgement Day!

10th Sep '05 - 11:00am
Judgement Day!

Arriving on Bomba Island by mistake, the gang encounter a trainer who is studying to become a battle judge.

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