Season 10

s10e01 / Following A Maiden's Voyage!

20th Apr '07 - 11:00am
Following A Maiden's Voyage!

In the far-off region of Sinnoh, a girl named Dawn has reached her 10th birthday and has set out from her hometown of Twinleaf to meet Professor Rowan in Sandgem Town to receive her Starter Pokémon. Her dream is to take part in Super Contests positioned throughout the land. On her way, however, she gets lost. When she manages to reach the Lab, the three Starters, Turtwig, Piplup, and Chimchar, are fighting and manage to escape the building. Now it's up to Dawn to get them all back so she can begin her journey.

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s10e02 / Two Degrees of Separation!

20th Apr '07 - 11:30am
Two Degrees of Separation!

Dawn and Piplup begin their journey together as Trainer and Pokemon, and also enter their first Pokémon battle with a Buneary! And low and behold they run into Pikachu and like the other two female leads, Pikachu fired Dawn's bike to a crisp. Not only dat, but Dawn runs into Team Rocket. And her and piplup defend pikachu and with pikachu they sent them blasting off again. And Dawn takes it to a Pokemon center. Ash heads off to catch up with Dawn and ends up running into Brock. And Ash catches his first Sinnoh Pokémon, a Starly!

B-story: Team Rocket find their way to one of his family's Summer homes and ends up that Cheeves calls up his family and Jessabelle

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s10e03 / When Pokémon Worlds Collide!

20th Apr '07 - 12:00pm
When Pokémon Worlds Collide!

Ash and Brock, whom are back together, end up running into a new trainer whose stuck up. And end up getting the brush off from him. Then Ash and Brock finally catch up Dawn, and just in the nick of time, to help save Pikachu! And sends Team Rocket blasts off! And then the gang heads back to Rowan's lab, and gets a package from his Mom with his new look. Dawn joins the team, and Ash, Brock, and Dawn end up running into that snobby trainer, and his name is Paul, so Ash ends up battling Paul, in a 3 on 3 battle and ends up at a draw! Is Paul a new rival?

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s10e04 / Dawn Of A New Era!

7th Jun '07 - 11:00am
Dawn Of A New Era!

Dawn and Ash argue over the best technique for catching a Pokémon. Meanwhile, Dawn fights a battle with a bard named Nando.

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s10e05 / Gettin' Twiggy With It!

11th Jun '07 - 11:00am
Gettin' Twiggy With It!

On the way to Jubilife City, Team Rocket captures Pikachu and flies off. After Starly pops the balloon, a wild Turtwig sends Team Rocket blasting off before running into the woods with the injured Pikachu. Ash, Brock, and Dawn meet Clara who lives on the lake and she explains that Turtwig helps injured pokémon and tires to keep peace in the forest. Ash, Brock, and Dawn go into the woods to find Pikachu and Turtwig, and Team Rocket is planning on stealing both.

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s10e06 / Different Strokes for Different Blokes!

12th Jun '07 - 11:00am
Different Strokes for Different Blokes!

Paul and Ash display their differences as they do battle with each other.

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s10e07 / Like It or Lup It!

13th Jun '07 - 11:00am
Like It or Lup It!

Piplup helps Pokémon in trouble and perfects a move for Dawn's first contest.

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s10e08 / Gymbaliar!

14th Jun '07 - 11:00am

The gang discovers a Team Rocket gym that is designed to steal Pokémon.

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s10e09 / Setting the World on its Buneary!

18th Jun '07 - 11:00am
Setting the World on its Buneary!

Dawn can't be swayed from her quest of catching a Buneary she encounters in the forest.

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s10e10 / Not on MY Watch Ya Don't!

19th Jun '07 - 11:00am
Not on MY Watch Ya Don't!

Imitation Poketches are discovered in Jubelife City.

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s10e11 / Mounting a Coordinator Assault!

20th Jun '07 - 11:00am
Mounting a Coordinator Assault!

Dawn's first Pokémon contest gets underway with Ash deciding to compete as well; Dawn meets a new trainer named Zoey.

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s10e12 / Arrival of a Rival!

21st Jun '07 - 11:00am
Arrival of a Rival!

The Jubilife City contest continues as Zoey battles Ash, Dawn and Jessie.

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s10e13 / A Staravia Is Born!

25th Jun '07 - 11:00am
A Staravia Is Born!

Ash and friends investigate the reduction in the Bird Pokémon population.

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s10e14 / Leave It To Brocko!

26th Jun '07 - 11:00am
Leave It To Brocko!

Brocko heals an injured Nuzleaf and is captured by Team Rocket.

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s10e15 / Shapes of Things to Come!

27th Jun '07 - 11:00am
Shapes of Things to Come!

Ash watches Paul's battle with Roark as he waits for his turn to compete.

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s10e16 / A Gruff Act to Follow!

28th Jun '07 - 11:00am
A Gruff Act to Follow!

Ash finally battles Roark and his Rock Pokémon.

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s10e17 / Wild in the Streets!

2nd Jul '07 - 11:00am
Wild in the Streets!

Team Rocket resurrects Ancient Pokémon who causes trouble in Oreburgh City.

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s10e18 / O're the Rampardos We Watched!

3rd Jul '07 - 11:00am
O're the Rampardos We Watched!

Ash and Roark have a rematch at the Oreburgh gym.

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s10e19 / Twice Smitten, Once Shy

5th Jul '07 - 11:00am
Twice Smitten, Once Shy

Dawn meets a new Pokémon and sets it free, but later decides she wants it back.

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s10e20 / Mutiny in the Bountiny

9th Jul '07 - 11:00am
Mutiny in the Bountiny

The gang works with Team Rocket to catch Pikachu and Meowth from J, a Pokémon hunter.

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s10e21 / Ya See We Want An Evolution!

10th Jul '07 - 11:00am
Ya See We Want An Evolution!

Ash and the others return to Jubilife City, needing to go through the town to get to Floaroma Town. The end up at the headquarters of the B Button League, a group of people who want to get their pokémon to be strong and beautiful without evolving them, as well as their leaders, Haley and Oralie. Meanwhile, the Magikarp salesman once again swindles Team Rocket. This time he gets them to buy a machine that will force Pokemon to evolve. Ash decides to battle Oralie, and she will be using her Magikarp. Despite being at an advantage with Pikachu, the Magikarp still beats both Pikachu and Piplup! After seeing Magikarp's power, Team Rocket decides to steal Magikarp and Feebas and force them to evolve, giving them a powerful Gyarados and a beautiful Milotic, not to mention they also steal Pikachu and plan to evolve it into Raichu. Now, Ash and the others must get their Pokemon back before Team Rocket makes them evolve, and ruins all their hard work.

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s10e22 / Borrowing on Bad Faith

11th Jul '07 - 11:00am
Borrowing on Bad Faith

Ash lends Aipom to Jessie for her battle with Dawn after Team Rocket saved the Pokémon.

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s10e23 / Faced with Steelix Determination!

12th Jul '07 - 11:00am
Faced with Steelix Determination!

Team Rocket angers a Steelix that procedes to wreck havoc on a Bidoof colony.

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s10e24 / Cooking Up a Sweet Story!

16th Jul '07 - 11:00am
Cooking Up a Sweet Story!

Ash loans Pikachu to a woman who lost her Pikachu.

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s10e25 / Oh Do You Know The Poffin Plan!

1st Sep '07 - 11:00am
Oh Do You Know The Poffin Plan!

Poffins are popular in the Sinnoh region as the group come across a lady who makes them.

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s10e26 / Getting the Pre-Contest Titters

1st Sep '07 - 11:00am
Getting the Pre-Contest Titters

Dawn prepares to enter the Floaroma contest with Pachirisu but her old friend Kenny is entering.

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s10e27 / Settling a Not-So-Old Score

8th Sep '07 - 11:00am
Settling a Not-So-Old Score

Dawn makes it past the Appeal rounds as Kenny and Jessie make it through as well.

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s10e28 / Dirfloon on the Wind

15th Sep '07 - 11:00am
Dirfloon on the Wind

A family working near a power plant are using Drifloon to get about but the weather gets windy.

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s10e29 / The Champ Twins

22nd Sep '07 - 11:00am
The Champ Twins

Ash teams up with Dawn for a tag battle against a pair of trainers known for beating others.

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s10e30 / Some Enchanted Sweetening

29th Sep '07 - 11:00am
Some Enchanted Sweetening

Treasure Hunter Cheryl is on the hunt for some rich honey and needs a Mothim.

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s10e31 / Grass Type is Always Greener

6th Oct '07 - 11:00am
Grass Type is Always Greener

Continuing the quest to find the honey, the group meet Gardenia who is fascinated by Grass types.

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s10e32 / An Angry Combee-Nation!

13th Oct '07 - 11:00am
An Angry Combee-Nation!

Closer to finding the honey, the group find that a Vespiquen and a lot of Combee are guarding it.

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s10e33 / All Dressed Up With Somewhere To Go

20th Oct '07 - 11:00am
All Dressed Up With Somewhere To Go

A cosplay compettion is taking place with the winner receiving a Pokémon egg as the group enter.

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s10e34 / Buizel Your Way Out of This!

27th Oct '07 - 11:00am
Buizel Your Way Out of This!

While heading for Eterna City, Ash and the others come across a trainer and his defeated Zigzagoon. He tells them that he was attacked by a wild Buziel that is incredibly strong. They decide to go after it so that one of them can capture them. At the river they encounter Zoey, who is looking for a Water-Type. They finally encounter the Buizel, but one by one, Piplup, Glameow, and Pikachu are all defeated. They then follow Buizel to its training ground and try the same training. At the same time they must also defeat Team Rocket, who want Buizel to themselves.

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s10e35 / An Elite Meet and Greet

3rd Nov '07 - 11:00am
An Elite Meet and Greet

The gang meet Lucian of the Elite Four and Buizel wants to battle but isn't listening to Dawn.

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s10e36 / A Secret Sphere of Influence

10th Nov '07 - 12:00pm
A Secret Sphere of Influence

Team Rocket have stolen the Adamant Orb but Officer Jenny suspects Nando of stealing it.

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s10e37 / A Grass Menagerie

17th Nov '07 - 12:00pm
A Grass Menagerie

Ash challenges Gardenia to a gym battle so he can win his second Sinnoh league badge.

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s10e38 / One Big Happiny Family

24th Nov '07 - 12:00pm
One Big Happiny Family

Brock's egg is close to hatching but the nearest Center is rundown through lack of use.

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s10e39 / Steamboat Willies!

1st Dec '07 - 12:00pm
Steamboat Willies!

Boarding a Steam Boat, the gang let their Pokémon relax whilst they do some shopping as mischief occurs.

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s10e40 / Top

8th Dec '07 - 12:00pm

The group meet Sinnoh league Champion Cynthia who is challenged to a battle by Paul.

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s10e41 / A Stand-Up Sit-Down!

15th Dec '07 - 12:00pm
A Stand-Up Sit-Down!

The group come across Zoey who has hurt her ankle as Dawn learns about double performances.

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s10e42 / The Electrike Company!

22nd Dec '07 - 12:00pm
The Electrike Company!

On the way to Hearthome City, Ash, Dawn, and Brock stop by a scenic lake to relax and let their Pokémon out. While relaxing, an Electrike comes running by and accidentally attack them, and shocking Ash. Electrike's trainer, Jaco, comes over to apologizes. Jaco tells them that he is a breeder. They a man comes over to Jaco and tells Ash and the others of the Training Center for electric Pokémon that is nearby. While there, Jaco confesses that he would rather breed flying-types, but he is stuck in the center raising an Electrike that he does not have faith in. However, Brock does convince him to let him help take care of Electrike for a little while. Meanwhile, Team Rocket see the dedication that Electrike is putting forth, which inspires James and Meowth to help, while Jessie decides to capture it.

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s10e43 / Malice in Wonderland!

29th Dec '07 - 12:00pm
Malice in Wonderland!

The group encounter a strange illusion when sheltering from the rain as their dreams come true.

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s10e44 / Mass Hip-Po-sis!

5th Jan '08 - 12:00pm
Mass Hip-Po-sis!

Continuing the journey to Hearthome City, Ash, Dawn, and Brock stop to eat lunch. After eating Turtwig brings them to a cliff where a Hippopotas is stuck on the cliff. After helping it, the Sinnoh Now staff shows up and tells them they were filming it and it accidentally got lost from its family. They decide to help the Pokémon get back to its family, and must do it before Team Rocket captures the easily tricked Pokémon.

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s10e45 / III-Will Hunting

12th Jan '08 - 12:00pm
III-Will Hunting

Ash, Brock and Dawn meet Gary who is trying to protect a group of Shieldon from Hunter J.

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s10e46 / A Maze-ing Race!

19th Jan '08 - 12:00pm
A Maze-ing Race!

Following a Team Rocket trap, Ash, Brock and Dawn along with their Pokémon are seperated in a maze.

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s10e47 / Sandshrew's Locker

26th Jan '08 - 12:00pm
Sandshrew's Locker

Myra offers to help the group but needs their help in retrieving a PokéBall.

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s10e48 / Dawn's Early Night

26th Jan '08 - 12:30pm
Dawn's Early Night

Coming Soon...Ash heads for the Hearthome Gym for his battle, only to find out that the gym is closed. Nando then tells them about the Hearthome Tag Battle Tournament, which they decide to compete in. Before that happens, Dawn must compete in the pokemon contest. The contest won't be as easy as she thinks, not only must she pull off a double performance, but do so while competing with Jessie, Zoey, and Nando. All four of them pull off great opening appeals, but when the Final 8 are selected, Dawn is not one of them. She is crushed at the loss and leaves to be alone. The final round then comes down to Zoey and Nando, but who will achieve victory?

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s10e49 / Tag! We're It... !

1st Feb '08 - 12:00pm
Tag! We're It... !

Ash, Brock and Dawn enter the Hearthome tag battle where Ash is paired up with Paul.

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s10e50 / Glory Blazed!

1st Feb '08 - 12:30pm
Glory Blazed!

The tag battle continues but Paul is pushing Chimchar to its limit.

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s10e51 / Smells Like Team Spirit!

1st Feb '08 - 1:00pm
Smells Like Team Spirit!

Following Paul releasing Chimchar, Ash offers it to join his team. Delighted, Chimchar joins Ash. The next day the final rounds of the Tag Battle Tournament begin. Dawn and Conway beat their opponents, while Brock and Holly go up against Ash and Paul. Paul refuses to work properly with Ash and quickly ends the battle, even at the risk of knocking Ash's Staravia out. The final round then begins, with Ash choosing to use his new Chimchar. Despite their lack of cooperation, Ash and Paul manage to barely work together in the battle between Dawn and Conway. With Chimchar under a new trainer, and Ash facing a team that has the advantage, who will win the tournament?

270 have watched this episode
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